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tv   WISN 12 News at 10PM  ABC  September 17, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm CDT

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explosion went off in a dumpster. it was strong enough to shatter nearby windows. here's a live picture. the fbi and homeland security agents are on the scene. just moments ago, new york mayor said right now it looks like the explosion was intentional, but he is not calling it terrorism. we'll bring you new information as it comes in here on 12 news,, and our mobile platforms. the new york explosion comes just hours after a pipe bomb went off near a 5-k race in new jersey. the race benefitted the marines. the bomb was in a plastic garbage can. nobody was hurt because the race started late and runners had not reached that area. the fbi is leading the investigation. in other news locally h panicked moments near sherman , park in milwaukee as someone steals a car with two babies in the backseat. a frantic search followed for the 10-month-old twins. they were found safe a short time later. the car disappeared from 49th and concordia, and someone found it blocks away at 40th and north. wisn 12 news kent wainscott has the story, new tonight. >> police investigators were back on the scene tonight hours after the abduction searching for clues. it all played out here in the
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neighbors say the woman was visiting a family member's home and left her car near the back of the house and stepped inside the home for just a brief time leaving the car running with her , 10-year-old twins, a boy and a girl, inside. >> like just this quick, the car was gone and her kids were with the car. >> jasmine duck lives nearby. she ran to help that panicked mom and called police. >> she was like freaking out and falling on the ground and stuff. >> authorities issued an amber er when the twins were found safe about an hour later inside the stolen car which was abandoned , in an alley nearly two miles away. police say the children were unharmed but taken to a local , hospital as a precaution. >> it was a blessing. it was a relief. it could have just been so bad. it could have been so bad. >> so, the search for the suspect continues, but police say those 10-month-old twins are doing just fine. near 49th and concordia, i'm
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firefighters struggle to battle a southside blaze. the house at 60th and morgan so full of stuff they could barely get inside. they tried to get in through the front door but couldn't. , it was completely blocked off. the one person in the home made it out safely, but only after trying to extinguish the kitchen fire, and then also getting trapped briefly by all of the materials. the firefighters forced their way in through the back door to finally get at that blaze. fire officials tell us this is a scenario that they try to prepare for. >> it's what some refer to as a hoarder house. we like to call it a content -rich environment, or heavy-content environment. you're looking at maze-like conditions. a lot of debris, a lot of stuff, a lot of things that haven't been thrown out over a long period of time, and it makes firefighting extremely difficult very dangerous for both the , occupants and the firefighters. >> quite the challenge. they had to remove the hinges
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safely. the badgers are celebrating a victory over georgia state tonight. the game was a lot closer than expected. 12 sports director dan needles joins us now. dan: ninth ranked wisconsin was favored by 34 points against georgia state but they needed a , second half comeback, sparked by a freshman quarterback, to avoid a humiliating upset. were the badgers looking ahead to the big 10 opener next week? it's possible. on the geo s bradrick shaw fumbled, wisconsin led just 6-0 at the half. the plucky panthers actually led in the fourth quarter after this nine-yard touchdown run by kyler neal. but redshirt freshman quarterback alex hornibrook came off the bench to engineer three scoring drives in the second half. that touchdown pass to kyle penniston turned out to be the difference as wisconsin escapes with a 23-17 win. afterwards, paul chryst was asked who will start at quarterback next week at michigan state, hornibrook or bart houston?
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i was impressed with what he did come us are planning anything right now other than appreciating this win. dan: that quarterback derby will be the major storyline all week. later in sports, we will hear from the two quarterbacks. >> also in sports a special , night for some brett favre fans. the hall of famer answered questions at miller park tonight for the thanks for the memories event. moderator wayne larrivee asked about favre's hall of fame speech. >> not follow it. i can never follow a script. [laughter] >> so i didn't, so there were some notes that were on a teleprompter, but i never looked. >> the dinner celebrated number four and his career with the packers. new tonight caledonia police are , looking for a bank robbery suspect. you see the picture here from surveillance. the man in the packers cap held up the u.s. bank on northwestern avenue just before noon today.
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now if you recognize this person, please call the police right away. in a developing story leaders , say a u.s. led airstrike against isis may have hit syrian troops instead. russia is reporting that dozens of soldiers are dead and called an emergency session of the united nations security council tonight. the u.s. ambassador expressed regret for any loss of life. officials worry that the strike could harm syria's fragile cease-fire. moving to commitment 2016 president. both candidates in the spotlight today as they battle for every vote in this tight election. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton is in washington, d.c. she spoke to the congrssional black caucus foundation, receiving the organization's trailblazer award. earlier today, republican presidential nominee donald trump made a campaign appearance in houston. family members of people killed by illegal immigrants joined him and once again trump called for , a wall on the mexican border.
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will help trump's running mate prepare for his first debate. republican vice presidential nominee mike pence takes on democratic nominee tim kaine, october 4. walker is standing in for kaine during pence's debate preps. a john doe investigation involving governor walker's recall election is making headlines. this after someone leaked hundreds of documents to a british newspaper. now one of the state's top republicans says a special prosecutor should look into it. assembly speaker robin vos is mike gousha's guest this sunday on upfront. >> why do we need a special prosecutor? >> well whether or not you , support the john doe law, whoever leaked those documents committed really the only crime that occurred during much of this john doe investigation. we know it was shut down by every single court because it was found to be unconstitutional. the simple release of the documents had prejudicial value, which is why the judge had said don't allow it to happen. >> tomorrow on upfront, vos
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received an email that suggested , republicans spread messages of widespread voter fraud. upfront airs sunday morning at 9:00, right here on wisn 12. the race for u.s. senate heads to sherman park. former senator russ feingold hosted a community barbeque this afternoon to talk about healing following last month's unrest in the neighborhood. his campaign says it's part of larger listening tour aimed at finding out about the issues facing people in wisconsin. >> we have to make sure we get community policing so trust can increase. we need to make sure people can get along without discrimination. these are problems that have existed too long. and this is my way and my campaign's way of signalling our commitment to sherman park and its role in the community. >> feingold is challenging incumbent u.s. senator ron johnson in the november election. as part of our commitment to bring you important political coverage, wisn 12, in partnership with marquette university law school, is hosting a u.s. senate debate.
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moderate. you can watch it live tuesday, october 18, only right here on wisn 12. we've had a beautiful day this final saturday of summer. i can't believe it. >> it was a gorgeous start to your weekend. why you may want to get some errands done tomorrow. more on our rain chances ahead in weatherwatch 12. >> also i had -- also a head the , future of the u.s. military as a wisconsin-build combat ship hits the water for the first time. and the sweet effort to show appreciation for local police officers. announcer: get important local news wherever you are with wisn
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announcer: leading the way with important local coverage, you are watching wisn 12 news at 10:00 which sheldon dutes has, adrian patterson, weatherwatch 12 meteorologist lindsey slater, and stephanie sutton with big 12 sports. wisn 12 news at 10:00 continues. >> we're following breaking news tonight. a strong explosion in the chelsea neighborhood of manhattan. more than two dozen people are hurt. the explosion happened on 23rd street. some reports say it happened in a dumpster. others say it came from a tool box. new york's mayor says that right now investigators are not calling this a terrorist act. you can check for updates throughout the night on our website, as well as our mobile platforms. some state-of-the-art fighter jets are grounded this weekend.
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the fuel tank cooling lines. the 10 planes that are already in service will be fixed, while dozens more will be altered on the assembly line. the f-35 program is the most expensive weapons system in history with a price tag of $400 billion. new tonight, a wisconsin-built combat ship is a step closer to service. the uss wichita was christened today in marinette. it will still have to be outfitted and tested before going into service next year. with this kind of ship, but one wisconsin congressman says the real problem is the training. >> there's a technology gap there, and so they're getting their sailors up to speed, make sure that they don't have problems with these ships, because it's not in the ship, it's in the operation. >> this is the country's 13th littoral combat ship, and it is the third u.s. navy vessel to have the name uss wichita. a chance to show our thanks to the men and women in blue. it's national thank a police
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groups passed out gift bags and donuts to local police districts this morning. students also wrote thank you notes. spouses and significant others of local officers put on the event each year. >> we have a support group, just a place to go to when you're having a rough time with the hours or questions. we just came together as a support system and then one day , a year we do something nice for our officers. truth project started national thank a police officer day in 2012. and, there they go. more than 15,000 runners and walkers make their way to the summerfest grounds for the briggs and al's run and walk. families say the annual fundraiser for children's hospital of wisconsin makes a big difference to them and their children who need medical care. organizers tell us they raised more than a million dollars today.
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they've raised more than $19 million over all. a sneak peek insdie 175 area landmarks, including this the , wisn 12 studios. the annual doors open milwaukee is going on all weekend. we had several tours come through the station today. you might recognize that face. more are scheduled for tomorrow, but they are already sold out. sorry. always something to celebrate in milwaukee. the bay view bash street festival raises money to support projects in the neighborhood. the annualve since 2004. music without the mess. the annual rock the green festival focused on sustainability. the goal was to limit each guest to producing only one ounce of waste. food was served on recyclables and scraps went to compost bins. and lindsey, it was just a great day to be outside. that is for sure. lindsey: it was. we don't have many more weekends
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tomorrow, a repeat performance. enjoy it while we have it. monday, i'm giving you that whether heads up, rain returning late. i'm talking most likely after 8:00, so monday overall will be a decent day, but that is when the rain comes back. mid 80's again on monday. it seems like summer wants to hang on. we have five more days for it to officially continue. tuesda tropics, still watching that one tropical depression that is julia hanging out near the carolinas. there is another tropical system that is now a tropical storm, eventually turning in a hurricane -- into a hurricane in the bahamas. those systems will not impact is here. if you have friends or family on the east coast, make sure they
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headed in that direction. our next weather system is in north and south dakota. we will get the warm front first. that is why monday is much warmer. on tuesday, we get that cold front, helping to increase showers and thunderstorms. for now, there is nothing here. it is fantastic. some clouds near green bay, but that is about it. my latest future cast does highlight a little bit of fog tomorrow morning. it takes it up right the lakefront, but that burns off real fast. here is 7:00 p.m., you notice this feature right here, clouds, that is our cold front trying to take shape. it does not do a whole lot. that's our warm front rather, then we get the cold front. monday, good to go. mr. cold front stalls a little
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spot as storms pop up. this is 7:00 p.m. on monday. it will stay to the north for a while. i will be monitoring this. some of the areas have some energy. we could get some strong storms, but again, timing as it has been all summer, will be an issue, because the time this front gets here, the sun will go down, therefore all the energy is gone. some of these storms could be on the strong side monday tuesday. you might want to mow the lawn tomorrow or during the day on monday, because by tuesday, we will have showers and storms and it will be a little too wet to mow. i live look at mequon, nice and clear and dry. temperatures overnight dipping into the 50's. you can see right there, 57 port washington. 59 sheboygan. good sleeping weather. here is 3:00 p.m. tomorrow.
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as we take a look at your weatherwatch 12 week ahead, that is the game day forecast. i forgot about it. tomorrow, if you going to minnesota, not too bad. there is your full seven-day forecast. the next day and a half, we are good to go. next week, it is not a washout. every day i have a chance of storms, but it is a certain part of the day, morning, those deals. >> so maybe just have the umbrella handy with you. lindsey: keep it in the car and check the mobile app. you are good to go. >> thanks. hollywood is gearing up for the primetime emmy awards. the television academy hosted a party for nominees last night part of a weekend of celebrations. , the awards will be handed out tomorrow night. you can watch it all live right here on wisn 12. the red carpet arrivals begin at 6:00 followed by the emmys
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in sports, a big day for ryan braun in chicago. plus, which packer won't be able to play against the vikings tomorrow. and, a change at quarterback helps the badgers avoid a major upset. dan needles is in next with big 12 sports. but first, here are tonight's winning lottery numbers.
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards.
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in college football, but you can bet the badgers will drop in the polls after today's less-than-inspiring comeback win over georgia state, a 34-point underdog. and we might have a quarterback controversy brewing heading into the big 10 opener next saturday. bart houston started, but was yanked after guiding the badgers to just six points, although you can't blame houston for this. reshman bradrick shaw lost a fumble on the georgia state one yard line. redshirt freshman alex hornibrook entered the game late in the third quarter, and the lefty immediately sparked the lefty immediately sparked the offense, completing that pass to jazz peavy. corey clement didn't play, and taiwan deal left with an injury, so the running game was left up to dare ogunbowale, who scored the first touchdown of the game there. georgia state did not show any fear. connor manning passed for 269 yards, 13 yards to robert davis . after an interception by hornibrook, the panthers took their first lead on this touchdown run by kyler neal. but hornibrook shook off the interception, finding kyle penniston for the winning score. the badgers hold on for a 23-17 win. paul chryst tried to focus on
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>> i told them that i appreciated what they did and it was good to find a way to win. it is hard to win. i appreciate that, and certainly there are areas where we can get better. >> i wanted to get us out of that jam we were in and win the game for all the guys. it was not what we expected. >> we dan: up next for the badgers a , trip to east lansing to face 12th ranked michigan state, and wisconsin will be the underdog. tonight in south bend, they did barely hold on to beat 18th ranked notre dame. tyler o'connor to donnie corley on the bomb. former beaver dam star r.j. shelton scores here on the reverse. michigan state beats notre dame 36-28. here's some advice for barry alvarez, do not schedule north dakota state. the bison, an fcs school, went
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ranked iowa today for their sixth straight win over an fbs school. m.j. stumpf with the interception return for six. then as time expired, cam pederson booted a 37-yard field goal to give north dakota state a 23-21 upset win over iowa. fifth ranked clemson pulverized south carolina state, but one of their touchdowns was a freebie. watch this. ahmad harris catches the kickoff in the end zone, then flips the ball to the ref. one problem, harris forgot to take a knee. it clemson pounced on it for a touchdown. the tigers went on to win 59-0. two defensive starters for the vikings, shariff floyd and xavier rhodes, will not play against the packers tomorrow, but sam shields has officially been ruled out for the packers. green bay's top corner is still in concussion protocol following the fifth documented head trauma of his nfl career. shields missed more than a month last year after his last concussion.
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on our team. if he is not out there, the next man in. the coach preaches that all the time. a young guy steps in and we are all there to help him out. we will get him lined up. dan: the vikings offense never found the end zone in their season-opening win over teannessee, and as always, shutting down adrian peterso will be the key for the packers. peterson was held to just 31 yards on 19 carries last sunday. >> i am just ampped up to feel the energy per that's what i'm looking for to the most, feeling the energy. dan: and home run derby at , wrigley field today as the brewers pounded the cubs. ryan braun was the main bomber. his two-run homer off jake arrieta in the sixth gave the brewers a 4-3 lead.
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another two run homer. that's 30 for the season for braun, who drove in five runs today. but the brewers were just warming up. later in the eighth domingo , santana crushes a solo homer that ended up clearing the bleachers and landed on waveland avenue. and in the ninth, chris carter hit a bomb off the scoreboard for a grand slam. it was estimated at 438 feet, . that is not long enough. the brewers beat the cubs 11-3. tomorrow. >> you know what i'm still thinking about? dan: adrian peterson place for the vikings. >> lindsay will be here to update the forecast when we come back.
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