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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 19, 2016 2:30am-4:00am CDT

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breaking news hthis morning on "world news now," investigators trying to find who is responsible for the explosion in new york city this weekend. the fbi stopped what they called a vehicle of interest as they look into similarities between the new york bomb and one in new day. we are live with the latest. >> that massive investigation underway as the president a arrives in new york for several days of meetings, and a week before the first presidential debate. so how's it reverberating on the campaign trail? we'll tell you. also, how everyone walked away from a fiery plane crash. >> erupting into a ball of fire before crashing into a home. what we are finding out about the plane's pilot and the two people inside the house at the time of the crash.
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moments, and the big surprises, and some from the red carpet. that's all ahead in the skinny on this monday, september 19th. from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. just after midnight, another device exploded in new jersey a bomb squad was trying to disarm five devices found in a backpack when one of them went off. a amtrak service temporary suspended overnight, and the fbi working to disconnect the other four devices. investigators detained five after they were pulled over. no one has been charge pd. >> saturday, the pipe bomb going
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shore, during a marine charity event. no one was hurt. that same day, a suspect shot dead after nine people were stabbed inside a minnesota mall. >> back to the new york bombing, brian ross has the latest on efforts to make an arrest in this case, and a lot of new developments here. >> reporter: as authorities hunt for a bomber on the loose, the most important clue could be the device that did not explode, a pressure cooker wires and a cell phone discovered four blocks from the first blast site in a white plastic bag. authorities believe it's similar to the device that did detonate, apparently triggered by a cell phone. >> word is both devices are pressure cookers, that they were certainly similar in construct. >> reporter: the new york police bomb squad used a robot to gingerly remove the unexploded device and took it to a lab to be examined for dna, finger
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registration numbers of the cell phone. >> we'll do so intelligently and move forward. right now, best evidence for us could be crucial to the case. >> reporter: as technicians spent the day marking each tiny pooes of post-blast debris on new york's 23rd street, officials had determined the explosive used in the boem was a commercially available substance. online videos offer instructions how to make it and how to set it off. police and federal agents a doing a slow motion analysis of the surveillance video of the scene to see whether the bomber could be among the pedestrians walking the sidewalks before the blast. >> we want to see who was on that street prior. >> reporter: and afterwards, on the chance the bomber used the chaos of the moment to cloak his getaway. no terror group claimed responsibility for the attack, but a pressure cooker have been used by terrorists around the world. most recently, in the two bombs
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three and a half years ago. whoever set off the bomb in new york for whatever motivation is certainly terrorizing the people of new york. brian ross, abc news, new york. and you can tell definitely tense moments throughout the entire country throughout the weekend. of course, the incident in minnesota we talked about, the stabbing that isis claimed responsibility for. and then all that's happened here in new york in the last couple days. >> a lot of luck involved in the midst of all o >> yeah. >> you don't think about that often when you see events like this, but the fact all the victims in minnesota are expected to be okay, all the victims in new york are expected to be okay, and biggest of all, new jersey, no one was injured, and what the investigators are saying is that had the bomb gone off when the race was passing, which appears to be the plan, that many people actually would have been injured, but turned out the race was delayed, so the runners were not passing, but
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via timer, set to go off when the runners were passing. >> and you see these bombs in the pressure cooker bomb you saw in manhattan, and they look like relatively small devices, but many authorities in law enforcement say they do have the potential to injury, if not kill people, and so that's why they are taking this very seriously, and they are all talking together, folks in new jersey as well as authorities in new york trying to figure out if it is the same person or persons that mave there's a key component that's a similarity between the seaside, new jersey incident, one on saturday, a flip phone used in both cases. >> it's a strange element to add into the mix because you have people in new jersey, for example, a woman who said she had just thrown something away in the same trash can where the pipe bomb went offexplosion, ana woman thought she passed a kid's science expeerm, called the
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>> all of this couldn't be at a worse time as far as new york city goes with security. the u.n. general assembly taking place this week. every year it is a nightmare for security forces, and this just adds to it. our maggie rulli is joining us from the city right now. maggie, security is a concern right now. >> reporter: hey, guys, yeah. as you said, you know, every year for the u.n. general assembly, it's always a mess here, gridlock in downtown manhattan, but this year will be worse. we'rxp ranking officials, top world leaders descending on the city this week for the assembly. president barak obama in town tonight for a function downtown. all of this happening in the middle of the explosions. both secret service and police are very concerned and worried, although, the governor said today that there's no specific threat against new york city. they are taking precautions. about a thousand extra national guards deployed throughout the city, specifically on subways and busses ensures people are safe.
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against the city. they are just precautions. >> maggie, one of the big questions when we heard this happened, is this connected to new jersey, and it sounds like invest gapters are looking into that possibility. what do we know so far on that front? >> reporter: officials are cautious to make any direct link, but they are saying that the type of cell phone used between the bombing that happened here as well as explosion that happened in seaside park are similar in what cell phone was used, so that's the only link made so far, but, again, they are cautious tow >> all right. understandably so. maggie rulli live in new york city, maggie, thank you. we head overseas now where it appears the cease fire in syria is unraveling. there's been air attacks on rebel-held areas in the city of aleppo following an air raid by the u.s. led coalition killing dozens of syria soldiers and led to criticism from russia.
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humanitarian assistance going. president obama's holding a series of high level meetings here in new york as he attends his final u.n. general assembly before leaving office. the president meets one-on-one today with the premier of china before sitting down with the iraqi prime minister, and tomorrow, he'll host a summit on the global refugee crisis. the president arrived in new york yesterday to headline a democratic fundraiser in manhattan. he slammed donald trump saying he has no interest in gaining the knowledge required to be president. congressional black caucus if african-americans want to give him a good sendoff, they must vote for hillary clinton. >> i will consider it a personal insult, an insult to my legacy if this community lets down its guard and fails to activate itself in this election. >> the president laughed off the fact that trump timely acknowledged he has born in the united states saying there's an extra spring in his step now that the whole birther thing is
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florida today while clinton campaigns in philadelphia, but at some point, they'll be in new york meeting with world leaders gathered for the u.n. general assembly. they are sitting down separately with the egyptian president, and clinton is also meeting with the president of ukraine and the japanese prime minister. there's now a lawsuit over an exploding smart phone. the florida man claims he suffered second degree burns when the note 7 ignite in his pocket. it's believed to be the first such lawsuit in this country. the man says hours after the from samsung warning of the phone's battery problem. samsung recalled the note 7 last week. in the wake of the problem, owners of the new iphone 7 can be forbegin if we are nervous when the devices hiss. the sound starts when there's a heavy workload for the processers like games. >> it doesn't happen with all the phones. meanwhile, the lines outside apple stores for friday's release were not as long as in
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sold out through preorders, though. and -- >> i was one of the preorders. >> you. is yours hissing? >> it's not. if it does, it's a general destain salespeople have when t get close to me. >> we don't have to worry about strange sounds from your iphone? >> exactly. >> i'll stick with my old one for a while. i would have the nokia brick phone if they let me. com survived their plane e resulting into a fire ball and then crashed into a house. what we found out about the pilot and people inside the home. television's biggest night of the year, biggest award winners, funniest moments, and stunning fashions ahead in the skinny, but first, today's forecast. still hot out there in hollywood. "world news now" weather, brought to you by american
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? ? it's not every day you hear surviving not only the plane erupting into a fire ball, and crashing into a home. >> more incredible, the people inside the home escaped uninjured. >> reporter: a fire ball illuminating the night sky as a plane crashes into a home, exploding into massive flames. >> look for a possible plane down. >> reporter: just before impact, witnesses in arizona capturing this video. >> there's a plane on fire. >> reporter: police and fire crews responding.
2:45 am
down. >> saw just this ball of flame, just, like, it was going straight, and then it went straight dou. >> reporter: four sky divers on the small cessna set to jump at a festival, all escape without a scratch, and the pilot jumped a half mile away suffering burns and injuries. >> the pilot had no choice, once the plane's on fire, can't put it out, he can't stay with it and fly it at night to a safe landing spot. all he could do rec recovering. amazingly, the two people inside the home escape uninjured, and now the ntsb is investigating. abc news, los angeles. big winners and moments in last night's prime time emmy awards. >> latest feather in lady gaga's hat. the skinny is next.
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? ? we have a lot to get to in today's skinny. let's start with last night's 68th annual prime time emmy awards, a big night. >> a big night for nerds and political junkies. game of thrones took home the trophy for best drama series as well as best writing and directing for a drama series.
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for best comedy series and she managed to squeeze in jokes as well as a long list of thank yous and one in particular. >> lastly, i'd like to dedicate this to my father, willie, who passed away on friday, and i'm so glad that he like me because his opinion was the one that really mattered. >> winning best actor in a comedy series for transformative role for amazon's "transparent,". >> and people versus o.j. simpson took home best minny series or movie and writing for a mini series or movie. >> i say nerds because i was watching, paying attention. >> evening loaded with hysterical moments as well. >> one of our favorites was the
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matt damon who couldn't help needle jimmy about not winning an emmy. >> this is so humiliating. i'm sorry, i mean, you lost, and now you got to stand out here for the rest of the night in front of everybody. [ laughter ] oh, it's really -- no, i mean, when you probably just want to go home and curl up and cry. [ laughter ] hey, can we cheer jimmy up? he's a big loser! big round of applause. >> i love their rivalry. here's the thing, though, kimmel will always be a winner to his mom at least. backstage making thousands of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches her son passed out to the audience. >> based on the tweets we see, the pbjs apparently were hitting the spot, and with the personal touch only a mom can provide, including a note written on napkins, have fun tonight, win or lose, your mom will always
2:50 am
don't get drunk. kisses and hugs, jimmy's mom. it was the kids from "stranger things" handing out the sandwiches. >> that's great. up next, more important than statues and peanut butter is the red carpet fashion. >> scandal star took maternity to a new level in a beautiful black strapless gown, expecting baby two very soon. >> last night's standout was saur ra paulson, to some, winning best role in the people versus o.j. simpson in a full length sequin green gown with a neckline of some sort. >> she looks beautiful. >> yeah. >> the real buzz, though, was who was the mystery man sitting next to kevin spacey. >> twitter went crazy over this, who this guy was, rocking a hat. >> huh. now the mystery apparently has been solved by the eagle eye
2:51 am
his escort was his manager, evan, and it's common for stars to bring managers as their plus-ones to the emmys. >> but the manager? that's like half his age, interesting. next, other headlines, lady gaga's big, big show in february. >> a source confirmed that lady gaga is headlining the 2017 super bowl halftime show. >> you may recall her awesome performance this year kicking powerful rendition of the national anthem. >> and speaking of performances, actor bill murray tried out a new role this weekend of his own. >> funny. the legendary comedian stepped behind the bar at his son's new hot spot in brooklyn and finding out that he knocked down four shots of tequila within the first five minutes. >> and that's the beauty of bill bar tending, only pours shots of tequila and while patrons packed
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could fly, but he actually achieved it. at least for a few seconds. >> in the process, pulling off a jump than the legendary evil kanevil failed to clear in 1974. here's abc's nick watt. >> reporter: yep, eddie jumped over snake river canyon, idaho in a rocket. >> i would never do this again. it just sucked. it hurt. it was hot. it was uncomfortable. >> reporter: nailing an audacious leap that another failed over 40 years ago. why, oh, why? >> i met him as a small child, and he inspired me so much when i met him. >> really? this much? >> i mean this was a man with a cape. come on. >> reporter: hollywood stunt man
2:57 am
and now this. 2,000 feet in the air, 400 miles per hour, holy smokes, he's only gone and down it. >> now the emotions can sink in, but right now, you know what? we did it. listen, i got to go get a job tomorrow because i just blew $1.6 million on a rocket. >> yeah. >> awesome. >> i like how he immediately again. >> because it hurt. looking up the lyrics for "i believe i can fly" because once you get it -- >> still on that, huh? >> it just stays with you. >> are you going to give us a serenade? >> no. ? every night and day ? >> oh, yeah. ? spread my wings and fly away ? >> what dance move is that?
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good monday morning. i'm good monday morning. here's the top headlines we're following for you this morning on "world news now," a possible break in the new york city bombing, five people now in custody. picked up in a traffic stop. no one is under arrest, but the fbi is now questioning them, and we are ahead. isis claiming responsibility for a mass knife attack in a minnesota mall. nine people stabbed over the weekend. all are expected to recover. the suspect was shot and killed by an offduty police officer. >> reporter: investigators trying to figure out why a plane crashed into the phoenix area home. everyone on the plane was able to jump out before impact, and no one in the house was hurt. >> what a night in hollywood. best and brightest of tv honored
3:01 am
game of thrones and veep taking top honors. more on that in this half hour and later on the show on this monday, september 19th. ? ? from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everyone. a lot of new developments to talk about here in new york city and that bombing investigation. >> first, at least five people have now been questioned by the fbi. sources tell abc news they were picked up >> we're seeing new video of the moment the bomb went off. listen and watch. this is from a security camera inside a restaurant, just a few hundred feet from the scene. >> still, no suspects in the incident began this string of attacks, device that exploded in a marine event in seaside park, new jersey. live to the scene in chelsea in a moment, but linzie looks at what was a frightening weekend in and around new york city.
3:02 am
responsible for this terrifying scene. >> we know there was a bombing. that much we do know. >> reporter: surveillance images capturing the moment the powerful blast strikes just past 8:30 in chelsea, people strolling, suddenly running for cover. debris everywhere. billing alarms blaring. within moments, law enforcement descending on 23rd street. >> units said there was an explosion from a garbage pail. have unites stay off the block. >> reporter: exploding windows from buildings and cars, and shards of glass and shrapnel flying like missiles. first responders leading injured into ambulances. investigators begin sifting through the debris. the bomb placed next to the dumpster now a heap of twisted metal. >> this was an intentional act. >> reporter: then word that a second suspicious device had
3:03 am
north. two former new york state troopers patrolling on foot fining this pressure cooker as authorities said they have not found a link to international terrorism. >> was it a political motivation, a personal motivation? what was it? we do not know that yet. >> reporter: i spoke with the fire commissioner earlier today, and he told me most of the injuries were shrapnel, glass, and also people falling in the chaos. most of the 29 people injured were taken to hospital. they have all now been released. there. live to the scene now with maggie rulli. there was a suspicious backpack found in new jersey, what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: happened around 9:00 p.m. tonight where in elizabeth, new jersey, miles from here, two men found a does sishs looking backpack. they looked inside, and there was pipe and wires. police found five devices inside the backpack, and we know one of the devices exploded when they
3:04 am
no word yet if anyone was injured, but it's not believe the that anyone was injured in that explosion, but authorities are still keeping a close eye on what exactly that backpack was doing there. in addition, amtrak in the area was shut down as well as new jersey transit. >> tense times around new york and northern new jersey as you appointmented out. it's a hectic day for police and security pushes. why is that? >> reporter: well, we know just a few hours from now, later this week, the u.n. general happens here in new york city. we're going to have hundreds of top world leaders, high ranking officials coming to new york city. president barack touched down hours ago for a fundraiser in the city tonight. any of the events in and of themselves causes security to be ratcheted up a notch, but add bombings, so secret service and police on incredibly high alert. the governor came out saying there's no threat against new
3:05 am
deploying a thousand additional national guard and police officers to ensure people are safe. again, no specific threat. the street behind me, as you can see, opened again. it was closed earlier today, but it's opened up to get back to normal especially before monday morning rush hour, guys. >> think of the magnitude, 14,000 security passes just for the u.n. general assembly alone issued. >> quite an event. >> quite an event, a security nightmare. maggie, thank you. and in response to the atta twitter overnight to rail against president obama and hillary clinton. >> trump said under their leadership, americans have experienced more attacks at home than victories abroad. clip ton reclosed a statement condemning what she referred to as apparent terrorist attacks. it's your voice, your vote. here's abc's mary bruce. >> reporter: overnight, donald trump quick to respond to the explosion in manhattan, speaking out after initial reports. >> just before i got off the plane, a bomb went off in new
3:06 am
what's going on, but, boy, we are living in a time, we better get very tough, folks. >> reporter: describing it as a bomb even before the cause was confirm. two hours later after landing back home in new york, clinton took a more cautious approach. >> we have to let this investigation unfollow. i'll have more to say about it it when we know the facts. >> reporter: and she took a swing at trump. >> i think it's always wiser to wait before making conclusions. >> reporter: both candidates ka criticized by robert gates for lacking national security plans, but in the "wall street journal" gates writes trump is beyond repair and unfit to be commander in chief. >> he's a nasty guy. >> reporter: trump hitting back. >> when they leave office, they criticize everybody. i don't like critics. i don't like critics. i like the people that get it
3:07 am
news, washington. we should mention both candidates will be in new york meeting with world leaders as well today. moving on now to a new warning for parents about the dangerouses of codeine in children's medications. the powerful drug should be avoided when possible because of deaths and dangerous side effects associated with it. studies suggest it is still commonly prescribed by doctors and dentists despite risks and lack of evidence that it works to relieve hot, dry weather is a threat in california. authorities said nearly 160 people were treated for heat-related illnesses during the los angeles rams' first regular home season game. downtown san francisco hit 86 degrees, second warmest day so far this year, and a fire burned more than 2,000 acres on the air force base in central california. >> the rio paralympics are now over the the flame distinguished
3:08 am
>> u.s. finished fourth in the count with 115 medals, china first, and 107 golds followed by britain and ukraine. >> while they were winding down, so were the first ever rio dog olympics. yeah. competition open to all dogs regardless of their level of expe expertise. took place mostly in a private dog club's swimming pool. >> a doug club's swimming po >> wow. >> events included diving, jumping, swimming, and running. >> well, those dogs look good at this game. >> they do. there was no samba. >> no? no high jump? >> no high jump. could look at this all day long. >> i could. can he get it before the other one does? trying to steal it. oh, they are playing nicely. oh, look at the winners. is that a gold -- >> what's that mean?
3:09 am
all right. coming up, the olympics of television, so to speak, headed backstage at the emmys for a look at what you didn't see on the big show. >> and it is one of the must-win states for both donald trump and hillary clinton, but a growing number of voters in ohio appear to be disillusioned with both candidates. the uphill battle both cap candidates are facing in the buckeye state, but first, here's a look at today's high temperatures. "world news now" weather
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k-y touch. ? ? new beats? oh, it's emmy music. okay. it was prime time television's night to shine last night in tinsel town. >> jimmy kimmel hosted an awards
3:13 am
tributes, and laughter, of course. in a moment, we go backstage, but first, three hours condensed down into a minute and a half. >> if your show doesn't have a dragon or white bronco in it, go home now. [ laughter ] >> julia, veep. >> i'd like to dedicate this to my father who passed away on friday. >> sarah paulson who played marsha clark and actually brought hit are you rooting for o.j. to win this time? [ laughter ] >> kate. >> all right. oh, that's -- okay. i'm really crying. i'm not making that up. >> i know these shows are long and a lot of you have not eaten since labor day, so my mother made 7,000 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. bring in the kids from "stranger things" to pass them out.
3:14 am
>> there's no best actor. all right? >> it's our job to tabulate emmy results with security and reliability. >> since you good at keeping things safe. i have a job for you. my twitter account! >> game of thrones. >> oh! >> we're standing up here because of the greatest, hardest working, craziest crew in show business that in a few about to go back to work in belfast, northern ireland. >> thank you, belfast. >> well, we did it, finished before the election came. good night, everybody! >> definitely some incredible moments last night. let's get insight now from jason nate nathanson. he's backstage. jay sop, a big night for game of throwns. >> caller: it was. it was a historic night for
3:15 am
any scripted drama or comedy. they have 38. that beats "frasier" by one, and next one in the sights would be "snl" with 48. they have two seasons left, won 12 tonight, they could easily surpass "sat night live" in the next year or so. easily. >> good to know the show we love gets love from hollywood itself. what were some of your favorite moments? for me, in particular, of course, that moment with julia getting up t o after her dad died, but it was also a follunny speech. >> caller: it was. for her fifth win, that puts her in some, like, really high level emmy company there. other things that were great for "people versus omg simpson," three won from there, they had great speeches, but paulson bringing clark as her date, and apologized to her on behalf of all of us for basically saying,
3:16 am
we made fun of your hair, really mean to you, and you did not deserve that. she apologized on behalf of every. >> classy and touching moment. >> powerful moment at that. jason any surprises of the night? >> caller: you know, it was pretty predictable in the big categories with "game of thrones" and "people people versus o.j.," there was some surprises. underdog, should have got nominated, and department, and for years should have won, but didn't, but she won tonight, and that's a breakthrough. that was a big surprise. also in the drama acting category for male actor, mr. robot winning, so two kind of shows that not a whole lot of people watch, but are critically acclaimed, both of those won. >> of course, it being hollywood and we're in a political season, there were a little bit of politics. >> caller: there was -- yes.
3:17 am
you saw, and definitely jimmy kimmel, the host, you know, poked fun of donald trump, making comments there, spent a good amount of time on that, but backstage, man, it got -- it was really bad. jill, the creator of "transparent" compared donald trump to hitler and went off on a long tan jept on that. >> wow. >> the guy who is running veep right now, had nasty things to say about donald trump, and, i mean, on him. >> all right. put passionate people together, you get a lot of strong opinions. >> exactly. >> jason nate pson in l.a. for us, thank you so much. >> stay with us. world news now.
3:18 am
3:19 am
>> just presidential election, they are in a dead heat in key battleground states. >> as we traveled across the must-win state of ohio, many voters there disillusioned with both candidates. >> reporter: warming up for the friday night lights at national trail high school in rural new paris, ohio. this is john and january barnes. have you always voted republican? >> yes. >> yeah.
3:20 am
don't like about trump? >> his arrogance and his condescending attitude towards people. >> reporter: what about hillary clinton? >> i don't trust her. i haven't decided if i'm going to vote. >> reporter: in columbus, a democratic stronghold, i met nathan humes, also undecide. have you ever voted republican? >> no, i have not. >> reporter: is there something you can say you like about hillary clinton? >> oh, again i -- wow. >> reporter: when we think about undecided voters, we tend to think about true independence, who go back and forth each election. the undecideds we talked to on friday were party faithful, who might not vote at all. worry about turnout is rising among party activists, and nan is mayor of the democratic leaning city of dayton.
3:21 am
go to the polls. >> reporter: chad mitchell voted obama and is leaning clinton. is there a chance you won't vote? >> yeah. yeah. strong possibility. a lot of people i talk to feel the same way, may not vote. >> reporter: back in rural new paris, mark teaches 7th grade social studies. >> the way we have checks and balances. >> reporter: he's voting, and yet -- >> i don't trust either one of them. it's a sad state of politics in the united states when you don't know who too just keeps talking about where obama was -- what makes a difference? i mean, the man -- it's over. the man's not going to be president anymore. >> reporter: fumble again and again. 50 days to go. anyone's guess who will pick up the ball. abc news, washington. >> and, of course, a critical test will come one week from tonight when the debates are held the first presidential debates held here on long
3:22 am
candidates. >> people watching to see how they do, especially with the polls close. >> absolutely. coming up? 70-year-old baseball fan, a trip back in time. comfy lubrication before and after. and also cooling. oooh... got goosebumps. gillette proshield chill. with lubrication before and after the blades. shields and cools while you shave. proshield chill from gillette. the best a man can get. available with or without chill. (?) (?) when you are suffering from chest congestion try mucinex 12-hour. mucinex is absorbed 60 percent faster than store brands. and lasts a full 12 hours.
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won't walk in on you... forever. let's be clear. clearasil works fast. >> ? ? ? ? you don't often hear a consumer brand sticking to its word, promoting prizes awarded years ago. >> what about decades ago? we have the story of a baseball fan who won his prize even after submitting his entry 59 years late. >> now it's game time.
3:26 am
yankees lost the series to milwaukee in seven, and the year bazooka bubble gum slipped a contest card in the gum wrappers, missed by a kid, named darwin, now 59 years later, a tour guide where the texans play, found it clearing out clutter. >> you had to write in the scores of two baseball games. >> reporter: a score of two games played july 19th, 1957, so was it? >> the deadline didn't have a year on it. so i thought if i wrote the scores in and sent it in by that date, it would be a joke for somebody. >> i got this very mysterious letter. >> reporter: addressed to tony jacobs, contained -- >> an old bazooka promotional card i'd never seen before. >> reporter: too late? well, yeah, why let rules get in the way? >> i wanted to do something for him to make the situation even
3:27 am
>> reporter: jacobs had an assistant place the card to darwin. >> saying i won. >> reporter: the prize? a mint, like what he owned before his own son died years back, and he put his glove in the boy's casket to stay with him forever, so not a joke after all, how the past circles back in the game that's always been about going home. >> and here's hank aaron. >> reporter: abc news. >> that's good to know they'll still honor that. >> which reminds me, i have few old lottery tickets, and maybe even some bazooka bubble gum prizes to look for now. >> yeah. >> i always forget to cash those things in. >> never know, could be sitting on gold. >> yeah. or a mint. >> that's the news for this half hour.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
breaking must this morning on "world news now." a possible break in the new york city bombing case. >> learning overnight, a handful of people stopped in connection with the explosion that rocked the city this past weekend. the possible link between an earlier explosion in new jersey. we have live team coverage with the latest. isis claiming responsibility for a 22-year-old stabbing spree. what we're learning about the suspect and his connection to a terrorist network. then the 45-foot wide toxic sinkhole that opened up in central florida spewing nuclear waste into clean water for millions of people in the state. what we're finding out about the source of the waste, and how long will it take to clean up
3:31 am
small screen come together for the emmys last night, surprise winners and political statements from biggest names. how did your favorite shows do? we'll head out live to hollywood on this monday to find out. it's monday, september 19. from abc news, this is "world news now." we begin this half hour with fast-moving developments we're following in new york and new jersey. another device has now exploded there's a busy train station in the northern town of elizabeth close to new york city. this is the video of that decision. a bomb squad was attempting to disarm devices found in a backpack when one of them went off. >> the fbi has been working to disarm the other four devices. amtrak has temporarily disabled
3:32 am
>> and you hear that there. this is new video that was released. security video. you hear the explosion. it captures the motion of that explosion in manhattan. just a few hundred yards away from the scene. >> abc's maggie is there. good morning. >> yeah. authorities continue to investigate exactly what happened. questions about what motivated the bombing remain. a massive manhunt for whoever is responsible for this terrifying scene. >> a bomb york. >> you heard the shutter of the windows and everything else and everything just stopped. >> i'm holding you, okay? come with me. you okay. nothing is going to happen. >> the explosion so powerful that authorities are shocked no one was killed and that all 29 people injured have already been released from area hospitals. police found what they believe
3:33 am
toolbox, now a pile of twisted metal. authorities are hoping another device found a few miles away have answers. >> the thought is both devices were pressure cookers and they were similar in construct. >> an unexploded pressure cooker is currently on its way to a fbi laboratory for more investigation. >> this was an intentional act. >> as new york city prepares to welcome hundreds of people for the. govern insisted new york is ready. >> we will find who planted these explosives and they will be punished. >> multiple law enforcement officials are now telling abc news that there is potential that this explosion and the one in seaside park, new jersey, could potentially be linked to the same bomb er or bombers on what appears to be a similar type of cell phone use. although they insist these probes remain straight by
3:34 am
what are you hearing about security efforts? you make a good point. president obama just touched down in new york city a couple hours ago. we're expecting hundreds of world leaders and high ranking officials here in the city this week for the u.n. general assembly. any of those events alone would be a skoourt huge security concern, but add on top of that these explosions and people are very, very worried. although authorities and the govern insists there's no specific threat against new york city, but as a brought about a thousand state troopers out here through tomorrow and the week to add extra security. the street behind me is now opened. it was shut down all day. but now 23rd street is back open. >> maggie, thank you. so the new york city bomb blast was one of a number of high profile incidents across the country this weekend. >> isis is now claiming responsibility after nine people were stabbed at a minnesota mall on saturday.
3:35 am
2-year-old former college student born in somalia. he was shot and killed by an off duty police officer. the victims in that case are expected to be okay. also saturday, a pipe bomb exploded in seaside park, new jersey, just before a marine corps charity run. investigators are exploring the possibilities the explosions in new york and new jersey might be linked. >> former fbi special agent in charge and an abc contributor steve gomez joins us now on the steve, what's the number one gore foal investigators right now? >> so the key that they are dealing with right now, the new york city bombing and the new jersey bomb sg whether these are all linked. it's pretty plausible that the two devices found in new york city are connected, but it's a question of whether those are connected to the new jersey bombing. it looks fairley likely just based on some of the evidence found on scenes, but that's one of the first things. if they are connected, it's a
3:36 am
complex investigation and they have to pursue every angle in both locationlocations. >> steve, what's the profile of the person or persons that would do this had sort of thing, whether it's one in seaside new jersey or in new york city? >> the profile is definitely somebody who was willing to plan and to basically develop these dooips types of bombs. the more we're learn background these devices, the more we are seeing that there is some sophistication. it would require some kind of research, some planning, and there's definitely a lot of information online and throughout the internet and al qaeda and isis has put a lot of that on the internet to where people that are here in the u.s. could research and try to develop the devices themselves. you no, in this indicates, we saw new york city, there was one that went off, one that did not. new jersey, that one went off. so that's typical of the kinds of people that are just trying to do it themselves.
3:37 am
to the middle east or some place to get the kind of training that some other people have done. so they're probably people that are trying to do it on their own using the internet to research and then develop the devices. >> and, steve, here in new york, we're constantly hearing and saying if you see something, if you hear something, say something. what kind of message do you give to people in terms of what to look out for and how to know when i authorities? >> well, in this case, you probably -- what a citizen would have seen was somebody taking a large object, when it's a toolbox or whether it was a pressure cooker, just something that they had to carry, and they left it somewhere and then they walked away. now, that usually is the red flag right there. so in this case -- and the same thing occurred with the boston bombings when they basically placed those pressure cookers in
3:38 am
so that's something that the public has to be mindful of and it really doesn't matter where you are, whether you're at an airport, whether you are in the middle of the street, restaurants,.shoppers and so on. you have to be mindful. why is somebody dropping something and walking away? that doesn't make any sense. they have to be alert to that. >> that, indeed. the woman who found the pressure cooker thought waits a child's science experiment but said, i'm still going to call this thank you for joining us. >> thank you. donald trump tweeting overnight that he will make america safe again. he's blaming what he calls the failed policies of president obama and hillary clinton for not protecting the country. >> after the blast went off in new york, trump immediately called it a bomb, but clinton said she would wait for the takts. she later condemned the incident as apparent terrorist attacks. >> president obama ripped into trump last night at a new york
3:39 am
he called trump unqualified to be president and uninterested in getting up to speed for the job. police in tulsa, oklahoma, are expected to release video of the fatal shooting of a driver today. police say tarrant crutcher was shot by officers when he refused orders to put up his hands and reached into his suv. a minister who saw the video said crutcher had his hands in the air when he was shot and no weapon eviden you can see the plane as this bright light descending from the sky. everyone on board, the pilot and four skydivers were able to bail out before that crash. the pilot had minor burns. no one in the house was injured. and investigators are looking into whether bad tires may have led to a deadly bus crash in new york city. two college athletes, the driver and an 8-year-old boy were killed in the accident. the front left tire of the bus blew out, causing the driver to
3:40 am
support column. the ride hailing service lift is moving towards self-driving cars just days after fellow competitor uber began picking up passengers in self-driving cars. lyft is doing the same thing. it was almost the perfect crime. it was shown on surveillance video. the thief at the through the roof and took money from the cash register. >> but just one problem. he landed in the child development center so the cash register was a toy and so was the money inside. police say there may be a reward for anyone who helps catch the crook. we're guessing that will be real money. >> mind you, it was dark in the room so he couldn't really tell. >> and the thing is, obviously,
3:41 am
what police are thinking is this may be someone who has done this before, could do it again, so if they do catch this thief, they may actually be able to crack other cases of real theft. coming up next, we are heading live to hollywood. >> and we've got all the big moments from last night's prime time emmy awards, history made for one of the world's most popular tv series. and a heart stopping moment on the racetrack. cars come around the track, somebody apparent does not get the heads up. >> find us on facebook, and twiss, @abcwnn. ? yeah, so mom's got this cold. hashtag "stuffy nose." hashtag "no sleep." i got it.
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introducing new k-y touch gel cr?me. for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes.
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? it was a big night for television last night at the 68th annual prime time emmy awards broadcast here on abc. >> there, obvious, big wins for favorites and newcomers. lauren is ring side seat next to it all, and now downtown los angeles looking fantastic in her outfit. good morning. >> reporter: you're making me blush. hey, so, yeah, beef and game of
3:46 am
drama respectively for the second year in a row, but first time winners scored in the lead acting and drama series categories, and emmy favorites winning in the comedy series. now, it was hollywood's big night, but let me tell you, politics making a number of cameos. the 68th annual emmy awards kicked off the celebration of television with some of the year's most celebrated tv characters. host jimmy kimmel flying in on a dragon and setting the stage for game of thrones facing off with the people versus o.j. simpson, the two series with the most mom nations with 23 and 22 respectively. >> if your show doesn't have a dragon or white bronco in it, go home now. >> reporter: politics and commander in chief winning lead actress in a comedy series, her 8th emmy. >> the show started as political satire, but now it feels like a
3:47 am
plays clinton -- >> thank you, hillary clinton. >> reporter: there was a jeb bush cameo, and kimmel. >> who is to blame donald trump -- >> -- picking on the celebrity apprentice. >> we don't have to watch reality shows anymore, because we're living in one. >> reporter: the tv world lost this year, and some of the show's other big acting awards going to -- >> please give transgender talent a chance. >> please tell me you're seeing this too. >> i feel so lucky to be on a show that puts women at the center. >> reporter: winning outstanding limited series? >> "the people versus o.j. simpson." >> reporter: and it was "the people versus o.j. simpson" that
3:48 am
if you look at all the emmys given out this year, "game of thrones" still takes the cake, and now they are tearing down the emmy red carpet. do not be fooled. the party continues. hollywood just moved on from the awards to the after parties. >> no doubt. >> and, what were emotional moments? i know sarah paulson brought marsha clark and apologized to her. what was standouts for you? >> reporter: absolutely. jeffrey, won for the role in "transparent," won last year, too, a favorite in the show, won a writing award too, and both stars really talking about the telling and of having to be the last to -- straight and not transgender actor to play a transgender character. we had emotional moments from the cast of o.j. simpson, talking about the impact that story had on them, that show doing well throughout the awards and first time winners, always interesting moments. julia getting emotional revealing her father recently
3:49 am
that was emotional too for her 8th emmy award win. and sara paulson apologizing to marsh clshg for all of us. thank you, we'll be right back. "world news now" continues after this from our abc
3:50 am
a toxic situation unfolding in florida, 200 million gallons of contaminated waste water from a fertilizer plant leaked into the main source of drinking water. here's the latest. >> reporter: growing concern over this leak that spewed toxic waste into a water supply source for millions of floridians. the leak, a problem for more than three weeks, and an employee of the fertilizer problem, discovered this massive sink hole 45 feet wide in diameter, and 215 million gallons of slightly radio active
3:51 am
claiming local drinking water is safe. the company says we did not notify residents because there's been no offsite impact and no impact on residents, but not everyone is convinced. >> first word that comes to your mind with radio active is cancer. >> reporter: they immediately notified the dea and removed tainted water, but the recovery process could take months. abc news, washington. overseas now, over to a close call at the singapore grand pre. a race official dodged oncoming cars, a quick restart of the race after a crash caught everyone by surprise. >> he was out on the track picking up a piece of of debris from the accident. race control had said it was safe to go out there, but, obviously not. r facial hair according to gth science. 8-year-old skate boarding
3:52 am
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introducing megared advanced 4in1... just one softgel delivers mega support. it is time now for the mix, and we start with what is the perfect amount of facial hair? this is according to science now. >> yeah. scientific. >> there's a new study out, and the research shows that women judge men with full beards as more likely to commit to a relationship. long term. >> huh. >> stubble is more attractive for short term relationships, overall, light and stubble faces for attractive than full beards or clean shaven. >> do i like like the type that commits to a long term relationship? >> no. >> no. and you are clean shaven, so that goes with the study. brian is short term
3:56 am
on it, ladies and gentlemen. >> that's how many week's growth? >> five. >> five week's growth? you've been in a relationship for how long? >> about two years. >> there we go. >> yeah. >> the test works. >> single. single. >> science, ladies. by, gents, thank you. >> thank you, brian. >> they love when we pull them . >> thank you, brian. >> they love when we pull them in the show up expectedly. >> first time ever touching that scruff. there's an 8-year-old who's a complete and utter prodigy, who can shred the better than some of the best skaters out there. she's from japan and she became the youngest girl to skate in the van's u.s. open pro series, competing against people twice her age and twice her size. take a look at some of her moves. >> unbelievable. >> that's a little tony hawk and then some.
3:57 am
i'm a girl or that i'm small, my heart is big and strong, and i can be as good or better than the boys or big people. >> clearly, it's working for her. whatever you're doing, keep doing it. lastly, a cute story for homecoming. you think of the queen, a beautiful dress, ball gown thing, and, well, sarah mcdonald from colorado springs, liberty high, went another route for homecoming. >> woah. >> showing up in this inflatable t-rex costume, and guess what? she won. sash over her t-rex arms. this photo has been retweeted over 500 times, liked 1.3 thousand times, i'm guessing. >> just imagine, though, what the homecoming king looked like then if that's the queen. >> she's tall. >> she is tall. >> amazing. brian is quick. he's already upstairs giving us our wrap. >> you didn't have to take a break to shave.
3:58 am
>> not wasting any time. >> that's the news for this half
3:59 am
4:00 am
breaking news in america this morning -- another explosion in the new york city area has the nation's largest metropolis on edge. authorities working to find out if that new blast is connected to the others that rattled nerves i >> those explosions come as world leaders are converging on new york for the start of the annual united nations general assembly. security concerns are much higher than usual for that event right now. security also high at the emmy awards. emotions running high for tv's biggest night. the winners, surprises, and the show's top moments ahead. and a close call for a race official. he thought no cars were coming.


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