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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  September 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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before driving away. milwaukee police confirming that car was stolen at gunpoint september 10 from milwaukee's riverwest neighborhood. >> if there are other incidents like this, we can connect them to this individual or the vehicle. >> it's unknown how many suspects could be involved but , if anyone comes across the car -- >> you should consider the suspects armed. man in the surveillance video, you're asked to call mequon p.d. coming up at 6:00 one reason why , police believe this gas station was targeted. in mequon, ben hutchison. wisn , wisn 12 news. >> milwaukee police are looking
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this is surveillance video from the subway at 107th and heather. you see the man put a gun to the cashier's face. a customer holds his hands up and then hides. the suspect jumps over the counter to steal cash from the register and runs off. police say this happened one week ago today. if you recognize the suspect, call police. >> new tonight, milwaukee police are investigating a homicide. officers tell 12 news the man's body was found in a van in an alley near 24th place and hope just north of capitol drive. he had been shot. you can see the driver side door is open while police gather evidence. it happened just after noon. no suspects are in custody. there have been 96 homicides this year, compared to 111 this time last year. a hit and run driver sends two people to a hospital. the victims were walking along pleasant this morning when they were struck. as wisn 12 news thema ponton reports, an unusual set of circumstances is making it difficult for police to catch the driver. >> mount pleasant police responded for reports of a shooting. they learned it looked like something else. police spent several hours early tuesday morning looking for clues.
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we got our preliminary call around for gunshot victim on the road here. >> police found two men. one with a leg injury, the other with an injury to his face. >> it turns out they are not gunshot wounds. it appears to be more of a hit and run accident. >> they believe the car kept going. but they can't get any information from the victims. >> they are extremely intoxicated, under the influence of alcohol or drugs or both, so now it is difficult to talk with them. >> police say they will talk to the victims again once they're sober. >> we have a lot of skid marks and shattered glass, so that part is pretty sure. >> uncertainty that's likely to remain unless someone can give police reliable information about exactly what happened along this highway. in mount pleasant, thema ponton, wisn 12 news.
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three men on the highway, but only two had to go to the hospital. >> new tonight a plane makes an , emergency landing on a road in washington county. it happened just after 10:00 this morning on county highway h in the town of farmington. that's near kewaskum. the pilot tells wisn 12 news he just bought the plane yesterday in door county. he was flying to joliet, illinois and was scheduled to refuel at the west bend airport. the pilot says he lost power and knew he had to bring the aircraft down. >> i knew i was not going to make it, so i had to put it do two or three other cars on the road, so i thought this is it. there was really no decision to make. >> the plane was towed to the west bend airport for repairs. beecroft says he'll eventually fly the plane back to his home in jacksonville, florida. he says he's been flying for 66 years. the body of a 21-year-old college student from brookfield is found in an iowa river. bjorn norderhaug disappeared early saturday morning while out with friends. he was a student at luther college in iowa. crews discovered his body sunday
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there's no word yet on what happened. while he was a graduate of brookfield academy, his family has since relocated to minnesota. toya: we are learning more tonight about the man accused ie tonight about the man accused in the new york and new jersey bombings. the fbi had contact with ahmad khan rahami two years ago. his father says he called them after his son started to "interact with bad people." investigators are scouring through rahami's journal. they say his writings include references to an al-qaeda cleric. the fbi alsoke travels in 2013 to pakistan. rahami claimed he was visiting his wife and family. the fbi concluded there was no evidence of radicalization. >> the question is also, what was the radicalization process? is the telling the truth as to where he went? did he go to turkey or syria? and obviously, these trips are going to be the foundation for much more in-depth investigations. toya: investigators say he is
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rahami was arrested yesterday after a shootout with police in new jersey. there were a total of four bombs discovered, two had detonated. the first went off saturday morning before hundreds were about to take part in a charity race in new jersey. no win in that case was hurt. the second went off later that night in new york's chelsea neighborhood. 29 people in that circumstance were injured. joyce: a fatal officer-involved shooting of an unarmed black man in tulsa is under investigation tonight. terence crutcher walking towards his broken down suv with his hands in the air. investigators say officer betty shelby thought he reached for a weapon and opened fire. another officer fired a taser. >> and his left hand goes into window. officer turnbough also saw it. both of them reacted simultaneously. >> there were several officers on the scene. none of the other officers felt the need to fire their weapons
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night. officer shelby is on paid administrative leave while investigators sort through what happened. world news has continuing coverage of both the tulsa officer-involved shooting and the bombing suspect arrest. you can watch their reports tonight at 5:30. that's right after this newscast. toya: sobleman's at marquette is back in business again. milwaukee alderman fully restored the restaurant's license this morning. it was put on hold earlier this month after dave sobelman and his wife failed to appear at a hearing to have their license renewed. often renewals are done without , restaurants entrance in june prompted a hearing. sobleman says he's happy to have the licensing issue behind him. a new multi-million dollar entertainment complex is in the works for the city of franklin. joyce: as wisn 12 news' tim elliott shows us, the new development will be a massive addition to an already popular attraction. >> the rock complex in franklin is a popular spot for athletes and thrill-seekers year-round. >> so it's really great place
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, franklin doesn't really have anything like this. >> and ceo mike zimmerman has big plans to expand. he's calling it ballpark commons, a $100 million project on more than 200 acres of land. >> there's a lot of components to this package that makes it an attractive entertainment >> destination. >> the project cleared a big hurdle last week after the city's common council approved a $27 million special taxing district. it has been a test of patience. but i think the city has asked the right questions. >> now the new complex will be built just to the east of the rocket complex. you can see this empty space right here behind me. there will be a new 4,000 seat minor league baseball stadium right there. the new facility will also feature an indoor sports complex, as well as apartments and shops. >> it is multi-phased and there's a lot of different elements to the package. >> zimmerman hopes to break
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opening slated for sometime in 2018. in franklin, tim elliott, wisn 12 news. joyce: big plans. zimmerman plans to bring a new minor league baseball franchise to franklin. the team would play in an independent league and would not be affiliated with major league baseball. toya: another sign the holidays are just around the corner. macy's announced it plans to hire 83,000 seasonal workers. the retail company's first national hiring day is a week from friday, september 30. candidates should apply in advance at we've put a link on our website, kohls announced yesterday it plans to hire 69,000 seasonal workers. joyce: it may be a joke, but parents in suamico wisconsin aren't laughing. an ad on craigslist offered 'students for sale at forest glen elementary'. the ad went on to say 'hundreds of kids to choose from. male or female, ages five to nine.' as a precaution, the school required all students who normally walk or bike home to be picked up or escorted home by an
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like think about that. >> it appears to be something that is not so serious and somebody wants to play a joke, but sometimes you just know what they are looking at. your goal is to keep the children safe. joyce: the sheriff's office is investigating. not funny. there will be no homecoming king and queen at a green bay high school this year. west high is getting rid of its homeco c students. the student council approved the decision. the wildcats homecoming dance is this weekend. today's weather, a perfect 10. toya: lindsey, that's high marks when it comes to the joyce-ometer. unfortunately we won't see she is picky. unfortunately we won't see another 10 tomorrow. lindsey: it will probably be at a four. we do have storms returning, flash flood watch is in effect. all coming up in weatherwatch 12.
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the reason the pitt-jolie blockbuster couple is busting up. toya: and, you might be getting a failing grade when it comes to filling up your tank. coming up how americans are , wasting billions at the gas pump. good evening everyone. i'm melinda davenport. >> and i'm ben wagner. getting kids excited to take the bus. >> tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning what riders can get for , just for climbing on board. free this weekend just for
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everyone loves a great story. he ones handed down through history. but what about the comeback stories. where what's new meets what's next, and why meets why not. let's dive into the latest chapter of detroit. and the unmistakable vibe of pure michigan.
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joyce: a hollywood divorce bombshell. angelina jolie and brad pitt calling it quits. the internet went crazy this morning when news of the brangelina split broke. toya: the couple has six children. abc's lauren lyster has the response released late ts >> one of hollywood's most prominent power couples splitting up going from , brangelina back to brad and angelina. court documents reveal court documents reveal angelina jolie pitt has filed for divorce from brad pitt, her husband of two years and partner for over a decade. jolie pitt citing irreconcilable differences, petitioning for physical custody of their six children, ranging in ages from eight to 15, and requesting brad get visitation. news of the split taking
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spoke so lovingly of each other and praised each other so much for being such good parents that this was such a shock. >> brad pitt saying in a statement today, " i am very saddened by this, but what matters most now is the wellbeing of our kids. i kindly ask the press to give them the space they deserve during this challenging time." >> fans of the couple, saddened, too. >> i don't think they should get . it is so sad. they're such a beautiful couple. >> the couple started dating after meeting on the set of the 2005 movie mr. and mrs. smith. they both adopted and had bioligical children together before ever marrying. jolie pitt talking to abc three months before they wed. >> i think the important thing is that whatever we do, it's the kids have a great time and we all take seriously the love and the connection between all of us. >>
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telling abc news the decision to divorce was made for the health of the family, saying jolie is asking for privacy during this difficult time. lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. toya: your brangelina coverage continues on entertainment tonight. they'll follow the big hollywood split tonight at 6:30. that's right after 12 news at 6:00. joyce: new tonight on wisn 12 news at 6:00, a story you'll see only on 12. >> do you consider yourself a hoarder? joyce: firefighters fo through piles of boxes and other things to pull this man from his burning home. tonight, he tells 12 news why he believes his massive piles of stuff saved his life. also only on caught on camera, 12, how police say this man stole thousands of dollars in perfume from a local department store, plus what they say he did with all those stolen bottles. that's coming up all new tonight at 6:00. toya: new research tonight parents of children with allergies will want to hear. researchers with the medical journal food allergy research and education say feeding infants a tiny bit of peanuts and eggs reduced their risk of developing allergies. they reviewed more than 70 years
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introduced to peanuts before their first birthday had only about a 30% chance of developing a peanut allergy. children introduced to eggs were only half as likely to develop an egg allergy. so researchers say start when they're small with just a tiny amount of peanut butter or eggs. talk to your doctor before you do any of that. premium, the name alone makes you think it must be better for my car. that might be the case, but it's not better for you wallet. aaa says americans wasted mo than last year putting in top $2 billion grade gas into vehicles that don't really need it. 70% of cars on the road require only regular yet 16.5 million , drivers used premium at least once last year. joyce: were you one of the millions who picked up the new i-phone this week? if so, is it making a strange hissing noise? apple users are complaining online that there is a hissing or buzzing noise.
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your phone, like gaming apps. or when the device seems to be under stress. it's unclear how widespread the issue is. apple has not yet responded. stress. my phone is under stress. lindsey: this is upsetting. we are going to see some rain. it kicks off in a big way tomorrow. these are the current watches we have in effect. this shows you what is the con. we are talking multiple rounds of showers and thunderstorms, and this is that situation, we call this training storms, meaning one round up to the next after the next hitting the same
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fond du lac in sheboygan? they kept getting the same storms over and over again? that is what is going to happen to areas in the south and central parts of the state in western wisconsin because the way the weather is setting up is that there is going to be a front sitting right about here, and it is not going anywhere. there is nothing to move it forward, so as far as we are concerned, we get this first round, and it goes pretty quick, but are rain chances will continue for the rest of this week. we obviously. the biggest concern will be flooding and this active pattern will continue at least through saturday. here is the weather system that is causing the area of low pressure. we will get the warm front overnight tonight here that will flare up showers and thunderstorms. then the front is going to stall right about here, and that is one i we have the same weather pattern for at least 2-3 days. let's track this for you. this evening, no worries,
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will be downright soggy. there is 4:30 a.m., you can see just getting into portions of dodge county and getting close to madison. that is a pretty big line of storms. this is a a lot of heavy downpours. that is a lot of heavy rain. the good news is that it is moving quick, so it does not stick over the same area for a long time, so i'm not too worried about flooding here. i'm worried about it for folks into sheboygan, west bend, johnson creek, then by 6:30 a.m. as you are driving to work in the morning, very soggy. this will be one of the situations where you might have to pull over and wait for this to clear because it is going to becoming down in buckets. again, the good news is that it is not severe. it is just a lot of rain. that is 6:30 a.m.
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, racine, kenosha, lake geneva, so that could obviously mean quite a bit of rain. by 9:00 a.m., we get a little break. this is from about 4:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., so know that i'm breathless will be needed. there's going to be a lot of rain here. the rest of wednesday, keep your eyes to the west. not a lot of this will make it to s. that front just sits there, so it just brings the same type of rain over and over and over throughout the day on wednesday. it just that there and does not move anywhere. this is 10:00 p.m., areas north of madison have been getting rain all day long. as far as the severe weather threat is concerned, very much up to the west. the reason why that is highlighted is because of flooding, some lightning, and downpours, and i don't really like to use the rain map a lot because i really think it over
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at the different colors, ok? this is the next couple of days. you can see why there are flash flood watches. some areas could easily get for-five inches of rain, and then in some isolated pockets, some errors might get up to seven inches of rain. that is not good. something to keep in mind. your outdoor forecast tomorrow morning, soggy, look at that break it man :00 a.m., then after that we are looking at a very active pattern. less check out the full weatherwatch 12 thursday, scattered storms, friday, chance of storms, we may get a break on saturday, then they come back late sunday and much of next week. so, soggy. joyce: the temperatures are still ok. lindsey: the temperatures are still good. joyce: silver lining. coming up all new tonight at 10:00, we're following new developments in a kenosha transgender student's fight to use the restroom of his choosing. what a new court ruling says. plus, one store's coupon turns out to be a lot better than it intended. the mistake that's given lots of people free stuff they weren't supposed to get.
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toya: coming up, you could call it the perfect match. joyce: the two apps teaming up and bringing something new to the online dating game. toya: then, ryan lohte's new gig. the new endorsement deal for the olympic swimmer after his rio controversy. announcer: like, comment, and share with the news team you trust. like wisn 12 news on facebook
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joyce: talk about a turnaround. from "dancing with the stars" to a new endorsement deal things , are looking up for olympic swimmer ryan lochte. toya: lochte scored a new endorsement and marketing deal with, a personal finance solution company that have the theme when life happens. lochte made headlines during the 2016 olympics after lying about being robbed in rio. he's now competing on dancing with the stars. you can find out how lochte and his partner cheryl burke did after their dances last night. it's the results show tonight. right now, gymnast laurie hernandez is on top. governor rick perry is in last place. you can watch "dancing with the stars" at 7:00 tonight right here on wisn 12. that's followed by "marvel's agents of shield."
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there are a lot of words there. there's a new match tonight between a dating app and a music streaming service. joyce: you catch her breath now. i got this. tinder and spotify have joined forces. tinder users can pick their favorite song to display on their profile. you don't need a spotify account to listen to the song a potential mate has picked. announcer: right now on wisn 12 news. joyce: if you do have an account, you can choose to sync them together. that allows users to add their favorite artists on their taste in tunes. toya: we are going to go to break. announcer: don't let a pile up ruin your morning plans, find an alternative.
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joyce: did you get the purple memo? toya: i did not. i was even at the packers-vikings game.
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tonight, breaking news. new surveillance of the bombing suspect, pulling a suitcase, carrying a backpack. authorities say, about to place the bombs in new york city and new jersey. and tonight here, we have now learned, the fbi is questioning someone else. his wife. beca was and what his own father said about his own son before. also developing, the outrage tonight. the father of four, his suv breaks down, then shot dead by police. tonight, for the first time, the officer's defense. the deadly plane crash. the spy plane crashing down over america. flash point. the syrian refugees coming to the u.s. our year-long investigation. and tonight, donald trump's son comparing refugees to poisonous skittles, asking, would you take


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