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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  September 20, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm CDT

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joyce: we continue to follow breaking news in charlotte, north carolina. protests have broken out after a fatal police shooting this afternoon. police fired tear gas when demonstrators started to target police vehicles. one officer was hurt. kathy: earlier this afternoon, police shot and killed a man who got out of a car with a gun. his family says he was only holding a book. both the man and the officer are african-american. >> to be inhabited again until it's clean and sanitary. >> i agree with them. i agree. i wouldn't want to live in it myself as it is. kathy: he owns what some call a hoarder house. it caught fire over the weekend. now the city of milwaukee is taking steps to tear it down. joyce: only on wisn 12 news, the homeowner tells kent wainscott why he fills it with piles of stuff. >> you've got a lot of stuff in that house. >> i do, and i know that. that stuff is the collection of
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sanitation worker. for 25 years, he's collected piles of things and stacked them so full in his home they blocked doors and windows. >> do you consider yourself a hoarder? >> no, i don't hoard it purposely. i wanted to bestow it. >> he stashed it, he says, in hopes of someday giving it all away, but couldn't find anyone who would take it. then over the weekend, his plans literally went up in smoke. the fire started where? >> the fire the kitchen. >> in the middle of the night, hettwer was able to crawl to safety, but the floor-to-ceiling mass of materials posed a hazard to firefighters. they couldn't get in the front door. correct. >> >> firefighters say those correct. >> firefighters say those stacks of stuff put their safety at risk, while hettwer believes they may have saved his life. >> the only way i was able to feel my way out was because i had a pathway to go down. because i had boxes on either side of me to be able to feel my way out. >> what's the lesson learned
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>> now hettwer realizes most of the stuff he stored will land back in the trash. >> i wanted it to go to some usefulness. what is it useful, now hurts because it means i spent a lot , of time doing it for nothing. >> in milwaukee, i'm kent wainscott, wisn 12 news. joyce: the city of milwaukee has issued a demolition order, but hettwer can still save the home if the city agrees to his plan to clean it up and repair it. kathy: tomorrow morning is looking questionable for commuters. liy: about any cold weather gear. it will be raining quite a bit, so make sure you have the umbrellas and take it slow during the heavy downpours. temperatures in the mid-60's. make sure the kids at the bus stop have the rain boots. as we look at the noon hour,
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thunderstorms on and off throughout the day. for the evening commuters, isolated storms. a lot of activity to the south and west. this is because of that weather system right there, already conjuring up storms in southern minnesota. i will be tracking these tonight and into the morning, so don't forget to get the weatherwatch 12 weather app so you can track them. joyce: thank you. the man accused in bombings in new york and new jersey now officially faces fedal charges. investigators continue to search for answers. as abc's elizabeth hur reports, there's one piece of evidence providing major clues about the suspect. >> new charges filed reveal he planned and plotted his attacks for months. they also allege he planted explosives in a suitcase and backpack, let fingerprints on
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the power of the blast a strong enough to shatter windows 400 feet away more than three stories high. it alleges a journal was found on the suspect following the shootout with police, which prosecutors say include anti-american rants. these allegations come on the same day the fbi confirmed they had been warned about the suspect. >> what did you tell them? >> warning from the suspect's father in 2014, who later recanted his statement, though his son was never questioned by the fbi then. >> they found there was not enough to continue the investigation. >> the fbi stopped and interviewed his wife at an airport. she had come into the u.s. may 2014, then left the united
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bottom line, investigators are now looking to determine who knew what and when, adding while they are not actively searching for another suspect, they are not ruling anything out. joyce: he is still an a hospital in newark after being injured in that shootout. investigators say he planted to bonds in manhattan. one of them did not go off. kathy: president barack obama is callin embrace open societies. in his final speech to the united nations' general assembly the president talked about , whether nations should work together or deal with their own affairs. in calling for nations being more open, he also took an apparent swipe at republican presidential nominee donald trump's plan to build a wall along the mexican border. >> today a nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself. so the answer cannot be a simple
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kathy: the president also addressed pressing world issues such as the civil war in syria. joyce: the head of the company that makes epi-pens plans to defend the skyrocketing cost of the emergency allergy drug tomorrow on capitol hill. a house committee has released the prepared remarks from mylan ceo heather bresch. the company has come under fire since the cost of epipens sword, rising from $100 in 2009 to $600 today. bresch has said the price rose as the company made the drug available to families, not just have called for ways to increase competition to drive prices down. kathy: of view from space shows what is happening with three wildfires raging in california. the soberanes fire is burning near monterey. its current size is over 113,000 acres. the rey fire burning in the los padres national forest is nearly contained. the third, the owens river fire, started on september 17. it's estimated at 6,000 acres.
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training mission in northern california. the crash happened this morning, setting off a grass fire at the scene. the air force says two pilots ejected from the plane with parachutes moments before the crash. one of them died. the other was seriously hurt. investigators are still looking into what caused the crash. joyce: a painkiller eight times more potent than morphine has been outlawed in wisconsin. the state's controlled substances board today banned a synthetic opioid known as u-47700. the move came at the request of wisconsin district attorneys. the drug was first developed in the mid-1970's. it has been linked to at least 50 deaths nationwide. the ban in wisconsin will officially take effect next month. kathy: transportation officials are pushing for i.d. cards used solely for voting. state law requires the dot to give people free photo ids for voting but the agency is , requesting those ids be stamped voting purposes only. here's why.
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can get the ideas, they can currently be used for anything for free. that means fewer people are paying the usual $28 fee which , means less money coming in to build and maintain roads. joyce: wisconsin is investing $1 million in grants to help put milwaukee residents to work. marquette law school is set to release results of its latest poll. kathy: the state of the presidential race in wisconsin just weeks seven ahead of the election. we'll have those results tomorrow night on wisn 12 news. joyce: also tomorrow, we'll learn specifics about the milwaukee air and water show returning to the lakefront next summer. the show took a year off because of scheduling conflicts with summerfest and financial struggles. the 2017 air and water show is scheduled for july 15 and 16th. the u.s. navy's blue angels will headline. organizers plan to reveal more information tomorrow. kathy: and the milwaukee film
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this year's festival features documentaries, shorts and full length features from around the world. you can still get tickets. we have a link to the schedule and pricing on our website, just click on the on tv section. joyce: still ahead, taking technology too far? kathy: the new device researchers say is able to read your emotions and how it could someday be used in your home. joyce: while most and nine-year-olds are learning about geometry, one child prodigy is heading to college.
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joyce: chicago is trying out a new weapon in its attack on rats. a new pilot program is underway where crews put dry ice directly into a burrow and cover the hole. as the dry ice melts and turns into carbon dioxide, the rodents suffocate. just how bad is the city's rat problem? this summer, there were more than 6700 complaints about rodents. one of the most common things doctors encourage you cut from your diet is extra sugar, so are americans listening? kathy: get this. government data shows, yes. the amount is down 15% from its peak in 1999. a big reason for the decline is the drop in soda consumption, which is sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup. it's important to note the numbers are only estimates but , industry experts say the data does indicate progress. self-driving cars are getting
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released guidelines for the testing and use of those cars. it includes how the vehicles should perform and physical safety, as well as cyber security. >> there has never been a moment like this. a moment where we can build a culture of safety as a new transportation technology emerges. kathy: self driving cars are also getting the green light from the obama administration. federal auto safety regulators saying the nation's highways driven by computers and not by people. >> you need to put the phone down. >> what's going on? joyce: big news going on. tomorrow night, the highly anticipated drama "designated survivor" premieres right here on wisn 12. it is one of the most talked-about new tv shows this fall, starring actor kiefer sutherland. abc's elizabeth hur takes us behind-the-scenes. >> kiefer sutherland returning
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the "designated survivor." >> you are now the president of the united states. >> the designated survivor is actually a true thing. >> so what happens if we have, god for bid a massive terrorist , attack at the state of the union who runs the government. >> the political leadership in the nation's capitol wiped out leaving the head of housing and , urban development running the entire country. you thinking this sounds like just another political drama -- >> action. >> the cast and the creator of the show say, think again. >> it's sort of equal parts, family drama, a political drama and conspiracy thriller. >> and where we're going with the conspiracy is, it's really mind blowing. >> calling the plot intriguing and thought-provoking.
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corrupt people ascend to power or does power corrupt, and so here's this very good person and what is going to become of him over the long haul. >> mr. president, you are live. >> my fellow americans -- joyce: see the action-packed series premiere tomorrow night at 9:00 right here on wisn 12. kathy: actor and academy award winner jared leto is working on a new proj on pop art icon andy warhol. leto won the oscar for dallas buyers club in 2014, -- in 2014. he most recently appeared in the film "suicide squad" as the joker. warhol died in 1987 at the age of 58. no word when the film will be released. joyce: not your typical college kid. this nine-year-old is a full-time student at a community college in pittsburgh. his father says he was speaking sentences at seven months, adding at a year and a half, multiplying at two, and by five, he was counting in chinese. he graduated from high school this year.
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>> it's statistically impossible for there to be no life on any other planet in the universe. the reason that the universe is expanding is not because dark energy overpowered gravity, but because of gravity. joyce: but of course. carnegie mellon university has accepted him for next september. kathy: what if your computer or smartphone could tell how you're feeling? new on wisn a new device can 12, detect a person's emotions using wireless signals reflecting off a person's body to measure human behavior. researchers from m.i.t. say their eq-radio device is 87% accurate. they say it could one day be used by film studios and advertising agencies to gauge audience reaction or in homes to adjust temperature based on
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keep them away from me. joyce: in sports, which team made the biggest jump in the new operation football poll? kathy: plus, jordy nelson prepares to play in his first game at lambeau field since 2014. stephen watson has our exclusive one-on-one with the packers star receiver. joyce: and, injuries threaten to derail the badgers' running game for saturday's big 10 opener. dan needles returns for big 12
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. dan: the packers offense is in a funk. green bay ranks 29th in total yards through two games and 31st in passing yards despite having aaron rodgers at quarterback maybe a change of venue will help.
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one-on-one with jordy nelson. here's stephen watson. stephanie: next four games for you guys are at lambeau field. how important is that for getting back on track? >> it will be big. it will be fun to be back home. that will put you in a situation to be right there to make the playoffs. stephanie: two full games to test that knee, how is it holding up? >> wonderful. the knee is not a problem at all. stephanie: will be for you to return to lambeau field? >> i think i got over that in jacksonville. for me, football is football once i am out there. it will be a different excitement level. like you said, it will be noisy when i run out, but i think i have gotten over that, especially with the first two weeks. stephen: it will be 657 days for a touchdown at lambeau field if you were to get one. what would that mean to you?
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an opportunity we were able to connect and make a play. you want to score as much as you can. you want to help make place for offense and our team and put them in a situation to win. there were not honestly be anything special. the big one was in jacksonville. that is the first one since being out for a year. i think all of the sentimental stuff is gone and we are back to playing football. dan: thank you stephen. , according to several reports, rushed for more than 1200 yards with the bills in 2012, was in green bay today for a workout. the packers do have a roster spot open after cutting running back jhurell pressley last week. a slight shakeup in the operation football poll as pewaukee's win over greendale moved the pirates up to number five behind catholic memorial, homestead, brookfield central, and marquette. oconomowoc rounds out the top six. franklin's win over oak creek vaulted the sabers to seventh, followed by whitefish bay, wilmot, arrowhead, greenfield, and greendale.
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quarterback this week at michigan state, and it appears to be alex hornibrook, but the greater concern is at running back. three of wisconsin's top four running backs are listed as questionable on this week's injury report, including corey clement, who missed saturday's win over georgia state. that leaves dare ogunbowale as the only healthy running back. if clement, taiwan deal, and bradrick shaw don't show signs of improvement soon, u.w. might have to move fullback alec ingold to running back to complement ogunbowale against the eighth-ranked spartans. game expecting what will happen on saturday. we just have to do our job. things like that will take care of itself. dan: alex warner broke let it
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russ feingold: i'm russ feingold narrator: listen to ron johnson on social security: johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme. narrator: as senator, johnson's been working to turn it into one. he wants to privatize social security putting benefits at risk. and he attacks medicare -- would turn it into a voucher program, costing seniors thousands out-of-pocket. don't let ron johnson turn social security into a johnson: ponzi scheme. narrator: senator johnson. not for seniors.
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joyce: getting ready for some rain tomorrow. lindsey: have the rain gear and keep it with you at all times.
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kathy: our next news is at 4:30
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