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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  September 21, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CDT

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protestor angry about a police shooting in charlotte, north carolina. good morning, thanks for waking up with us on "wisn 12 news this morning." >> it is 5:00, wednesday, september 21st. we are on weather and traffic watch. rain is moving. sal? >> we have downpours pivoting into southern wisconsin early situated just to the south. this arc of storms the stretching from fond du lac back. we are headed to the north, fond and dodge county getting the rainfall now. nosing into washington county. washington, sheboygan you are up in the next hour. we are pivoting to the south.
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and west between madison and milwaukee over the next 90 minutes. the storms are showing a little weakening tendency and what we are concerning about is the downpours. we are were concerned about the heavy rains. 71 # at the airport this morning. strong storms, downpours and gusty winds this mid-morning the heavy rain is taking a break and a few spotty storms continuing and putting together many dry hours. matt? >> right now, it is quiet across the freeway system. we are 41, 45 at capital. the pavement is dry here. not much time left for that. light to moderate volume. that is what we are seeing across the system right now no.
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green. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. >> breaking news from overnight, protests turning violent in north carolina. it comes hours after a fatal police shooting. crowds are blocking roads and facing the crowds in the riot gear. tim? >> ben, right now 12 police officers recovering from injuries after the protestor turned violent overnight. that officer shot and killed a man that got out of a car with a gun. the man was mistaken for a wanted criminal. the family is outraged over the death and say he was unarmed. within hours of the shooting, the protesting erupted in the streets of charlotte. demonstrators are targeting the police vehicles and smashing the
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interstate here. some seen looting items from the back of the tractor trailers and setting the cargo on fire. we'll continue to monitor the situation. we haven't heard of arrests on the social media there. back to you. >> tim, thank you. >> abc news has a team of reporters covering the unrest in charlotte. look for the updates on >> the da in milwaukee is considering charges for an officer that shot and killed smith last month. last friday, the state department of justice released the findings on the investigation and handed over the report to the d.a. no word on when the d.a. is expected to announce their decision. smith's death lead to two nights of violence.
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donte hamilton's mother is marching for peace. tonight's rally is at 5:30. >> flight for life is called into a motorcycle crash in kenosha. it was near 85th and 39th. it appears that the crash involved a motorcycle and one other police tell wisn 12 news that a person was seriously hurt. >> police in mequon still on the hunt this morning for a man wanted for an armed robbery. this is surveillance video of a man walking into a gas station and got away with money and merchandise before driving away
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143-vsc. >> the november election is less than two months away and later today we'll get a snapshot of where the wisconsin voters are standing in the major races. we have a preview of the market law school poll. good morning, thema. >> good morning, melinda. this poll is focussing on the u.s. senate races. now the poll will show where presidential and u. races stand 7 weeks before the election and what the voters think about the candidates and are the voters leaning in one direction. the polls showed a tie between donald trump and hillary clinton. back live outside of the law school, if you would like to come here and hear the poll results for yourself, you have
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for now live in milwaukee "wisn 12 news this morning." >> thema, thank you. 5:05. a new tool for cancer treatment from an area hospital is making history. this is a time lapse of the newly completed installation of the mr linec. it is a scanner that delivers doses of radiation to moving tumors that helps to increase the patients with cancer. it is the second of its kind in the u.s. >> later today we learn more about the milwaukee air and water show returning next summer. it took a year off because of financial problems and scheduling conflicts. the 2017 show is july 15, '16. the blue angels are going to head line. more information will be coming
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>> get your umbrellas, rain boats and raincoats. >> allow extra time for the travel the morning. torrential rain is moving through northern wisconsin this morning. a lot of the development depends on what happens this morning. the line of thunderstorms, du lac back. north sheboygan, washington, up next. we are getting reports heavy rain in fond du lac county as well. scott is saying it is sprinkling in plymouth. there is torrential rain associated with this and winds and hail. north and south of 94 in jefferson you are going to get the rain as well.
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the boundary situated to the south. flood watches for sheboygan, fond du lac and dodge through thursday. the concerns are locally heavy rainfall. >> right now, dry pavement out there. you are seeing at 83 and 94 still dry. so right now, we are on the other side of town, at 13 minutes. travel times... no crashes reported on the system right now. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. new details about the suspect in the new york and nnl new jersey bombings. he's charged with a number of offenses, including the use of
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>> court documents show he was planning the attack for quite some time and purchased the bomb ingredients on ebay and kept a journal. the writings reference a late american travels with a trip to pakistan and achg and want to know whether he acted alone. his wife left the u.s. before the bombings. she isn't accused of anything but currently cooperateing with the u.s. before returning to the u.s. later in the week. rahami is still in the hospital and recovering after the shooting with the police.
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allergy medicine is causing outrage. >> now the families could hear from the head of the company that makes the epi pen. she has served hundreds of kids lunch every day, and now, a cafeteria worker is calling hey, what are you doing? getting the coats. for a half hour? bob just got time warner cable. he's getting more. more what?
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>> a line of very strong in eastern and southern wisconsin at this time. impacting the morning commute with the rainfall and winds and hail. allow extra time for the travelling today. in warnings with the storms. we are going to keep the storm threat index at a 6. heavy rain and flooding is possible. showers and storms taking a break midday and redeveloping
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not much time to ride on the dry pavement. things are moving along all right. really no reason to rush on the wet pavement. for now, the travel times are looking great, ten minutes southbound. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> 5:14. ahead of the company that makes the the costs. >> she's testifying before the congress today and defending the position to increase the price. mylan has come under fire with the increase in the cost. now lawmakers are looking to hear the company's reasoning for
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the house committee released the prepared remarks ahead of the testimony. the price of the drug went up when the medication is made available to families, not just the schools. the testimony is calling for democrats and republicans. >> a former school cafeteria worker in pennsylvania quit her job over what she calls lunch shaming. the school denies hot lunches to students whose parents have overdrawn accounts. instead of a hot meal they are given a cheese sandwich. >> i didn't say anything. i just put the cheese sandwich on the tray and he looked and his eyes welled up. >> the parents were notified
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>> opening night at the milwaukee film festival, it taxpayers and shorts and features. you can get tickets. we have a link to the schedule and the pricing at >> it is an out of this world experience at the milwaukee public museum. >> the dome theatre and plan planetarium is debuting. >> this is awesome. we are at the milwaukee public museum with the director here, bob, good morning. >> good morning. we new technology to talk about. tell us what is new at the museum. >> we have updated the system.
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and take you there in real time and it is just amazing and the images are spectacular. >> you can invite hundreds of your friends with you. >> oh, definitely. come o the the public show or book a private show. we are thankful and proud to show it. >> this is a celebration of the national park adventure and celebrating the hundredth anniversary of the national parks, it follows three adventurers and it is amazing, here is the hoover dam, it is cool stuff, very cool. >> where can people find out about the show times?
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>> excellent. we are at the milwaukee public museum and brand new technology, first of its kind in the world for a planetarium. >> that looks like so much fun. >> we want to catch the next showing. >> the cameras are not doing that justice. >> jeremy may be relaxing there, but he's and report on the weather as well. we have strong storms pivoting through southern wisconsin. these have had very heavy rainfall associated with them. it is a kind of rainfall you need to slow the car down because the wipers can't keep up. we go north, fond du lac and dodge county, the worst is over for you. moving to washington county.
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county, this area of rain is pivoting acrosswalk sha and milwaukee county over the next hour or so. the leading edge is the worst of it. we are still looking at rain in the back of this system overall. it is not nearly as heavy as the initial round. flash flood watches in effect for some of the counties now through thursday. we have a number of rounds of heavy rain leading to flooding. it looks like the north counties in on the heavy rains. 50s and 60s. now we are going to watch this round of rain moving through. we get to 9:00, 10:00, we look at the smaller areas of rain and many people putting together a few dry hours. we see the thunderstorms with a little heat, and redeveloping later this amp and for tonight.
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efficient rainers overall. i still think we have rain in the forecast for tomorrow morning. spotty showers as we look at dryer air moving into later thursday. today and tonight and tomorrow on weather watch. rain and storms slow the morning commute. the storms redeveloping in the afternoon. we see lows don't down to 64. periods of rain this evening. 77 tomorrow. showers linger for now, i will keep the weekend dry. but our forecast model is in great disagreement about the weekend's forecast. >> 77 for the first day of fall. >> i know. we have to welcome fall tomorrow morning at 9:21. >> thank you, sal. >> 5:20. one of the most talked about new tv shows this fall and premiering tonight.
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designated survivor. >> what do you want me to do general, declare war. >> why not. >> we have just been attacked. the world thinks it can test us right now and a show of force is the only way to show our flag is flying strong tonight. >> i think there are divent ways to show force. >> you have to understand it, the action. this is not a consumer group waiting for a photo op with a figure head. >> oh, wow. i wanted to watch more. >> we have to talk now, don't we. >> yes, okay. it is premiering tonight with keifer suterland.
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>> there may be a new wedding trend this fall. meet the bride that invite add few extra guests to the wedding day photo shoot. >> cute. plus the instruments are made out of garbage but creating sweet music.
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>> thank you class for the great wednesday morning school out. wisn 12 news is stopping by classes across southeast wisconsin. >> if you are interested in getting in a visit, go to and click on the school shout out logo. >> 5:25. you might be seeing more of that at weddings. the bridal party traded the bouquets for puppies. >> i love this.
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organizations and they have foster dogs of their own. they said it was fate. >> love them. i love their little faces. >> what a great idea too. this is unique. >> he's homeless and jobless and now considered a hero. >> still ahead, the discovery a man made that may have prevented another bombing on the east coast. leapt protests in charlotte, north carolina.
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>> breaking overnight, protesters clash with police in north carolina after a fatal officer-involved shooting. the situation still unfolding this morning hours after the unrest started. >> but first, weather watch 12 as we take a live look at doppler 12 radar. lots of color on the screen. rain is falling across parts of wisconsin this morning. we're tracking how it will impact your day. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm melinda davenport. >> and i'm ben wagner. it's 5:30 on this wednesday,
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we're in the weather center with meteorologist sally severson. sal, we are looking at the radar, it is just about here, the rain that we have been talking about this morning. >> getting reports from fond du lac and heavy rain a lot of lightning and thunder. scott is reporting in plymouth, the action is picking up as well. so we are keeping a close eye on this initial round of rain and storms. this is where the heavy rain is rainfall and lightning and gusty winds. we are quieting down just a little bit in fond du lac and dodge counties. as we move to south just a little bit. we are able to see the light anyoning on the tower cams. allow extra time for the morning


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