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tv   12 News This Morning at 530  ABC  September 22, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CDT

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>> right now we are on weatherwatch 12. we have flooding in some of the areas and we are monitoring the conditions across the state. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm melinda davenport. >> and i'm ben wagner. it's 530 on this thursday,5 september 22nd. we're in the weather center with meteorologist sally severson. >> summer went out with a bang. western parts of wisconsin, that is where the rain is this morning, it is all focussed along the stationary front. the atmosphere is loaded with moisture. it is no surprise a little mist and fog going on. 66 degrees for the airport.
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we are looking at a lot of low clouds, mist, drizzle and showers off and on. there is still dry time. going up to 78 degrees. a few showers linger on friday as well. cooler on friday to around 73 degrees. take a look at the rainfall estimates from the western part of the state. jeremy is live in waukesha along the river and talking about the flooding in the western part of the >> sal, the rain we saw yesterday in southeast wisconsin was beneficial rain, not the case central, western, parts of the badger state, way too much rain in that direction. you were showing three inches and up to eight inches. we have flood alerts across the state and across the region. some of the areas are outlined in green or filled in, those are flood warnings and we are
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county. if you have travelled in that area, it is very beautiful in that part of the state, but they had buckets of rain, some measurements are over eight inches and these are some of the scenes. the flash flooding. the flooded roadways. at one point this morning, the county was reporting 60 roadways reporting flooding conditions. you are seeing the there. we'll see once daylight pops up what the scenes are across the western and central part of the state. it is still raining in some of the parts there. the water is rushing along the fox river but no flooding here. >> thank you, jeremy. >> on to traffic watch 12. matt? >> ben, right now, it is quiet
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fog. highway 83 no problems right now. no complaints on the system. travel times throw the construction zone looking good. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. >> breaking news this morning in charlotte, north carolina where a state of emergency has been declared. violent protests. the unrest comes after a deadly officer-involved shooting. the protests have left several people hurt. we want to get right to wisn 12 news' tim elliott with the latest on the situation in charlotte. tim? >> one person is on life support this morning after being shot during last night's protests. police say the person was shot by another civilian not by officers. several other people have been hurt including four police
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the protests started tuesday night after an officer shot and killed keith lamont scott. police say he was armed with a gun. his family says he was holding a book. a prayer vigil was held last night, but it quickly turned into a clash between police and demonstrators. you can see protesters throwing bottles at police and cars, some businesses were looted. gh deployed in the city of charlotte. ben, back to you. z >> we'll continue to follow the latest from charlotte on "wisn 12 news this morning" and starting at 7:00 a.m. "good morning america" will have in-depth coverage of the protests. >> looking ahead, milwaukee in the national spotlight. milwaukee's police chief is talking about race and policing on today's episode of "steve harvey." mike anderson is live this
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headquarters for a look ahead. good morning, mike. >> good morning, ben. the police chief is taking part in a town hall discussion and the audience is filled with police officers and victims of shootings and citizens. he says in milwaukee african-americans are 18 times more likely to be shot than anybody else. >> as a w 14 per one thousand. 850 for african-americans. now that is crazy. and the challenge is tackics are proven to be effective at reducing the violence generate racial disparities among noncriminally involved people that are stopped and questioned. >> trust between the police and
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milwaukee. you will hear the ideas for solutions today on steve harvey at 3:00 on wisn 12. reporting live this morning, mike anderson "wisn 12 news this morning." >> mike, thank you. >> this morning, a nine-year-old boy is recovering at the hospital after being shot. it happened inside this home near 20th and hadley yesterday afternoon. police sources say the boy's younger brother accidentally shot him in the back. now, they're looking at how the boy got his hands on the gun in the first place. the victim underwent surgery last night at children's hospital. it's unclear if any arrests have been made. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:36. >> wisconsin state leaders are cracking down on a dangerous drug known on the street as pinky. it's a synthetic opioid that can be bought legally. but that's about to change. lawmakers recently voted to ban the drug in an effort to save lives. at least 50 people across the country, including two just in racine county, have overdosed from the opiate this year.
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starting november 7th. >> the milwaukee county medical examiner's office says it's on pace to record 320 drug deaths this year. that's a 25 percent jump from last year. later today, mayor tom barrett along with governor scott walker will launch an initiative to combat overdoses. a new safe medication disposal kiosk will be installed at the walgreens at 35th and wisconsin avenue. it's just one of 18 new locations in wisconsin. >> looking ahead, tonight is opening night he this year's festival features documentaries, shorts and full length features from around the world. you can still get tickets. we have a link to the schedule and pricing on our website, just click on the "on tv" section. 5:37. >> he's a six year veteran of the tulsa police department. melinda: now he's responding to the anger following the actions of a fellow officer. the emotional facebook post he's sharing in the wake of the shooting death of terrence
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may soon get better for drivers on the east coast. the issues being resolved later today that could solve a major gas shortage. >> but first, let's take a live outside. not too much rain here, but foggy in the area. some storms have moved through
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>> as we get a live look at the weatherwatch 12 camera network. still a lot of low clouds around and still dealing with visibility most locations fiv lots of moisture in the atmosphere. showers today and tomorrow are scattered and lighter overall. the north to northeast winds. we are dry a good chunk of the weekend. the wet is focussed to the north. the forecast for today, rain is
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misty and drizzle here. highs reach up to the upper 70s. >> thank you, sal. >> new on wisn 12, an explosion at a school in chicago. >> this morning the fbi is trying to figure out who's responsible. the blast happened while 200 students were inside. no one was hurt, but you can see it left behind a large hole in the roof. police say fireworks are to blame. now they're looking for whoever may have been involved. >> this morning, there's a big mess in the ocean just north of san francisco. >> an oil spill happened yesterday in san pablo bay, california. officials say the smell caused from the spill may have made dozens of people in the area sick. some were hospitalized. investigators say the spill came from a tanker carrying crude oil to a nearby refinery. wisn 12 news time now is 5:42. >> let's get right to tim elliott in the newsroom. >> he's following some of today's top stories. tim? >> i'm following breaking news out of north carolina. a second night of violent protests in charlotte.
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this morning. the latest on the situation unfolding overnight. plus, wanted by the fbi. the search this morning for two men who could have information
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>> welcome back to "wisn 12 news this morning." this morning we are taking a live look at the radar. lots of yesterday. yes, today we are looking at the heaviest of the rain. green lake, marquette county, iowa, richland county hammered with the rain in the last 36 hours and still raining there. here in the east and south, we are pretty much dry. the moch atmosphere is loaded
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we could get a stray storm. the temperatures reaching 78. tonight then a few widely scattered showers are continuing. the lows in the 60s. tomorrow is 70s for high. more sunshine by saturday. matt? >> visibility three quarters of a mile and 200 foot cloud deck keeping the chopper marked. things are looking freeways. at this point, just starting to see the delay on the bypass. oklahoma up past national. adding just a couple of extra minutes. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. >> and we're continuing to follow breaking news this morning out of charlotte. i'm here with tim elliott at the breaking news desk, and tim, the governor is declaring a state of emergency?
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violent for a second night following the officer involved shooting death of keith lamont scott. overnight police fired tear gas to try to disperse crowds. that's after crowds threw rocks at cars, vandalized businesses, and blocked traffic. one person was critically injured after being shot by a civilian. several other people were hurt, including four officers. the protesters even targeted reporters at the scene, one cnn reporter was knocked down. right now the white house is getting updates on the situation in charlotte. president obama reached out to the mayor yesterday, as well as the mayor of tulsa following the officer-involved shooting there. ben, back over to you. >> protests have been peaceful in tulsa, oklahoma. that's where terrence crutcher, an unarmed black man, was shot and killed by police last friday. a vigil was held last night. crutcher's family is demanding charges be brought against the officer involved in that shooting.
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is on paid administrative leave. >> a six year veteran of the tulsa police department is responding this morning to the anger over crutcher's death. officer popsey floyd posted a heartfelt message on facebook calling for positive change. >> i understand that people aren't mad at me personally. i understand that. you know, it's not a personal deal, it's as a whole, you know, but it's still kinda hard, you know, because you still have to go to work and outside of what's going on in the world, outside of what makes the news, there's still all these other calls. >> the officer's post has since gone viral. officer floyd says he encourages anyone who wants to see a change to apply for a position in the department. >> new this morning, it looks like drivers facing gas shortages across the southeast will soon get relief. gas is flowing again at the colonial pipeline site in alabama. last week, the line ruptured
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the company says repairs have been made and the pipeline has been restarted. today, crews will be cleaning up the spill and monitoring water and soil levels. >> take a look at this, out of this worldw thunderstorms. the international space station snapped this 250 miles above earth. the pops are lightning flashing inside of the clouds. >> it is cool to see the clouds from above. >> a much more fun perspective, they are not rained on. yes, it is harder for them to
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it. you can get outside certainly for today. there is still rain in the forecast, but the showers are scatter and lighter. we could get a stray storm going in the afternoon. at the bus stop for the kids, drizzling and misting. going up to the upper 70s today. this boundary and the rain is and southeast minnesota and south and central sections of wisconsin. here in the east, we are dry. i came in on the wet pave wment the mist and the drizzle, and that continues for us. the temperatures this morning in the 60s and with the moisture in the atmosphere, visibility in low. time to peek at the weekend. we have some early clouds on
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and should be clearing out. 75 on saturday. sunday dry. right now, 66. winds are calm. dew points 64. lots of moisture in the atmosphere. the showers and thundershowers for the most part are staying to the north. this boundary is sagging to the south. by 11:00 tonight, we are looking at mostly cloudy skies and could be getting, 3:00 in th couple of showers, maybe a thundershower. i don't anticipate severe weather. the showers continue for us overnight as well. now we move into friday, the winds are shifting as the boundary is sagging to the south. the clouds around for friday. the dryer air is working in and starting to see the forecast improve nicely in time for saturday. today 77, 78. scattered light showers.
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afternoon. 73 tomorrow. we slowly dry out. much better for saturday. >> thank you, two men are wanted for questioning in the new york city bombing. >> right now, the fbi wants to speak with these two men seen here in a surveillance picture taken over the weekend. the luggage. the police are say tlag the men are witnesses. the man charged in the bombing is still in the hospital after a shoot out with the police. according to a federal indctment, ahmad khan rahami had been planning the attacks for months. >> tim, thank you. this morning a teacher is defending his decision to stand on the american flag saying it
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student took this photo of the north carolina history teacher who says he didn't mean to offend anyone but illustrating free speech. he asked the students for a lighter or scissors and then stood on it. >> tonight, a night of season premiers. >> it is starting at 7:00 with grey's anatomy... dvr will be full. >> news time 5:54. a major block buster is in a show. it is coming to milwaukee, we have a preview of what is rolling into town. >> a strange green substance dumped into a river.
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live look outside right now. we check back with sally and
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>> welcome back. move over facebook, google now has a messengering app. >> it is now available to download. you can add photos to the
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for you to say. it can learn to mimic your speech style. i don't know about that. the app is available for download. >> bloomberg television coverage of the presidential debates is extending to twitter, you can watch them in real time through the app and including live streaming of and pre, and post debate shows. >> nike's new back to the future shoes going on sale november 28th. they are self-lacing, sort of. >> what, no? >> yes. the shoes light up and the
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tightens up the shoe. the laces that you are looking at with for decoration. self-driving cars, self-tying shoes. >> oh, look at who is wearing them. there you go. >> he makes the shoe look cooler. hello. >> save up your black friday money. >> the news continues right now. >> good morning, welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> i'm melinda davenport, it is 6:00 on thursday, september 22nd. we are on weatherwatch 12. here is a live look at radar. we have live team coverage. jeremy and matt is joining us in a moment. first here is sally severson. sal? >> we are watching the radar
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showers continue to fire, especially up in south and central western wisconsin. you are seeing on the network, there is a stationary front and that is the focus of the rain today. we stand a chance for light showers here. mist and drizzle. but the rain is heavier no the north and west. we get up to the 70s this afternoon. a rumble of two of thunder later in the afternoon, but overall the rain is much right now, at the airport, 66. a little fog going on. we are going to look at the temperatures that hold upper 70s today. but still, keep the rain gear around. we have been talking about the heavy rain in the west central part of the state. >> sally, good morning. a half inch to an inch of rain in southeast wisconsin yesterday


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