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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  September 23, 2016 12:32am-1:03am CDT

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experience for them. >> what we know tonight and why the fbi could be involved. and with allegations this serious, can the actor recover? pitt's next move as the actress some accuse brad of cheating with breaks her silence with a pregnancy announcement. >> it is something huge. plus, some crazy attack of a supermodel in the streets. and dancing's most adorable star. only we are inside front-runner lauri's new rehearsal. >> they just keep going. it's unbelievable. >> what has britney spears shrieking in terror? ?? ? now for september 22, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight". brad and angeeina's divorce takesa i shocking turn with a bombshell allegation. >> it's a new twist and it could explain why angelina is fighting for full, physical custody of their six children. >> one of hollywood's most respected actors is facing
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"people" magazine is reporting that brad pitt is investigated for child abuse after he got verbally abusive and physical with one of his children. it happened on the couple's private jet last wednesday while some of the other children were present. the magazine also claims pitt was inebriated. >> if these claims are true as far as we know because the alleged incident happened while they were in a private plane in the air therefore it wouldn't fall under the jurisdiction of lapd, but under the juriidiction of the fbi. we confirm brad and angie's jet did make a landing that day in minnesota. people claimed that the l.a. department of children and family services is conducting the investigation. the agency told us, quote, we have very strict confidentiality laws and the laws do not allow us to confirm or deny the subjects of our investigations. >> if child services is indeed investigating, what would likely happen to the children, they
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caseworkers and the parents would be interviewed by caseworkers. it's likely the kiss workers would visit their house and see what kind of environment they were living in. >> the magazine cites another source that says pitt is denying the abuse claims. the timeline is interesting. before the alleged incident, brad and angelina seemed like a solid couple and they looked happy in mid-july visiting a drugstore and they were captured on surveillance cameras getting cozy inside a jamba juice. the apparently took place september 14. in her divorce filing, angelina claims the next day, september 15th as the day of separation. brad always lit up on the red carpet when we asked about his kids. >> we want to make it a family affair and have the kids running in and out of set. >> we were playing with the kids and trying to get red. >> a 16-year-old and two twins
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caseworkers interview the children this could be a traumatic experience for them. >> could brad be facing a p.r. nightmare? pitt is shopping for a new york-based strategy firm to handle the crisis. >> if brad pitt was my client i would say he needs to talk to the media and tell his side. >> it seems like angelina came out ready for war. from the beginning, accusations from unknown sources claimed brad has anger issues or had an we are told brad's side has said nothing negative about angelina. >> with the allegations, brad is still hirable, but there will be a wait and see. women, if they find out he is involved in child abuse his reputation will be splattered into movie star bits. >> other headlines include rumors of marijuana. brad himself has tried to hide his pot-smoking past. >> i remember being at a new year's eve party with you many
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>> you rolled these perfect joints. and now you gave it up, why did you do that? >> i'm a dad now. you want to be alert. >> back in 2004, brad told us how hard it was for him to just stop smoking cigarettes. >> i think i was homicidal for three or four days. i was homicidal, and fortunately, no one got hurt, and i made it through that, but -- well, now i'm smoking again, so. sorry, guys. i'll get off of course, another person pulled into this mess is the alleged other woman. brad's co-star marion cotillard. in her own pr move, she said she is pregnant and not with brad's baby as tabloid reports have speculated. i met the man of our life, father of the son and of the baby we are expecting. he is my love, my best friend and the only one that i need. she went on to wish brad and
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>> just who is marion cotillard. >> i really love american movies. >> not only does the french actress look like angelina, she's also an oscar winner and a mom. soon to be raising two kids with her longtime partner. they got together in 2007 and like brad and angie they met on a movie set when he was still married to actress diane kruger. marion is an award-show vet. >> i am very happy. >> in 20 cotillard won for la vie enrose. >> to have a nomination among the amazing actresses, it is something huge. >> then she took home the oscar. >> in 2009 the academy awards when brad and angelina were both nominated, marion was there and she presented angie's best actress category. cotillard has always been
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a-list. she won alongside nicole kidman and penelope cruz in "nine." she played leo's wife in inception and owen wilson's love interest in "midnight in paris," besides acting, cotillard is a face in fashion for the campaign of lady dior, and she's also an activist like jolie. marion has been a longtime spokesperson for greenpeace. >> i'm not modest. i just try my b i'm glad we can finally put that rumor to rest for good. michael strahan is breaking his silence about his departure from "live from kelly and michael" as kelly continues her search for his replacement. >> literally anything can happen. >> anything can happen and it did. last night on "the tonight show" jimmy fallon decided to throw his hat in the ring and auditioned for the co-hosting gig. >> this is so much nicer than
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there's yours. kelly and jimmy. >> i like it! >> here's mine right here. >> live's 29th season premiere earlier this month saw a drop in ratings for the morning show. she had a string of guest hosts for the week just like she's had since michael strahan's contentious exit in may. kelly has chris pratt coming in tomorrow and jerry o'connell returns next week and fred savage who has co-hosted multiple times is considered the front run tore fill the seat permanently "e.t." she's leaning toward making an announcement during the all-important november sweeps period. >> it is your final day on the show. we all came today to celebrate you. >> that's what we saw on michael's last day on "live," lots of love and he made news this week talking to "people" magazine talking about the aftermath of the exit. >> i was there long enough to
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>> he went on to say that off-camera, he and kell didn't communicate much toward the end and at one point, i think we were friends and i don't know what happened at the end. >> i was the guy that delivered the news to her which i didn't have to do, but i chose to do. i felt it was my obligation after four years and as an honorable person to be the one to deliver that news, and it was no abandonment. >> very revealing. >> i mean, i would love to see those two sitting in a room >> by the way, the emmys got awards season under way and priyanka chopra, at the getty center right here in l.a. >> lots of big names. coming up next, this big name, a supermodel man handled in milan. how gigi hadid fought off her attacker. plus -- >> this is my body, love it or leave it. >> jada, jada, jada, you tell
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with us. wait until you see what her son gifted her. britney spears real-life horror movie moment and it was caught on camera. and tom brady like you've never seen him before. his proud papa moment, and you won't believe the one thing this nfl star has never done. >> hold on. >> i know. >> but first, we are grilling mark wahlberg about his celebrity doppelganger. >> when was the last time someone mistook you for matt damon. >> now people just do it my chops. if it happens i don't try to correct people. >> i loved you in "bourne". >> and you're, like, thank you. >> he transforms into mike williams, an oil rig worker 2010. >> how does mark get into the character like mine. this man can do a lot of amazing things. >> amazing things like doing his own stunt making a 07-foot jump
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there's a pet store down the street. cool... i think she said "bmo harris app". yeah, that makes more sense. when your phone is your debit card. that's the bmo effect. and now gigi hadid attacked in italy. >> check out gigi fighting off a man after he grabs her in milan. the guy runs off holds her back. [ bleep ] you! [ bleep ]. >> we've seen this man before unleashing his antics on celebrities at awards shows. he's been labelled a prankster, but we're definitely not laughing. gigi and her sister bella had just worked a fashion show and are seen here taking selfies with fans as they leave and that man who gets suspiciously close is the same man who assaults gigi just moments later. bella was stunned after the
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angry as she tore the car door open. gigi later tweeted, quote, how dare that idiot think he has the right to man handle a stranger. >> do not mess with gigi. jada pinkett smith, this has been a big week for jada. return for season three and celebrating a birthday. >> there was a time when i was the youngest in the room and now i'm not, but with age comes a lot of now than i've ever been. >> as if the red-hot career, handsome hubby and two children weren't enough, son jaden gifted her with a gold grill. >> think as you get older you get to the point where you just don't care anymore what people think. my skin, this is my face, this - is my body, love it or leave it. >> she's loving being back on gotham as fishmooney.
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army so i can have this city really at my feet. >> getting back into character was so easy. once you put that wig on and put those nails on she's just back. >> drop the gun. >> and those fierce fishmooney looks are inspiring her everyday fashion. >> i will definitely put some leth or, some black leather real quick and a motorcycle jacket. you're done. >> i love her -- >> i'm going to do this to you. >> that is one family that really sticks that's what i love about them. >> still ahead, olympian lauri hernandez reveals the best thing about dancing. >> plus, doting celebrity dads. those two kids wear me out. >> tom braid oat daughter who can tackle him any time she wants and michael buble with his 3-year-old son following in his foot steps. >> and did britney spears' kids
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out of mom. closed captioning provided
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letting out her son's name after letting out a terrifying scream. >> britney posted a caption my damn kids. and an adorable giggle. >> you know she's a little angry there. >> i would have fainted, though. >> i loved it. cameron joins us right now, sean johnson was the first olympic gymnast to win an stars." the big question is lauri hernandez is next? >> if i was a betting man, i would tell you, they have the whole package including highest scores and they're working hard to keep it that way. >> that's how you do the first two weeks of "dancing with the stars." you guys rocked it. >> absolutely. >> they can't stop. they just keep going. it's unbelievable. can we just bottle up the
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this and let's not forget, she is just 16 years old, and loving the dancing perks. >> how are you enjoying that aspect and the heels, the glitter, the show, the audience, all of that? >> i'm enjoying all of it. it's a lot. it's so cool though. >> why are you laughing? >> she loves it. >> for the olympics we did our own makeup and that was something we looked forward makeup and do all your hair and get you fitted for the awesome outfits. >> they get you coffee in the morning. >> what? you know you made it when someone is getting your coffee in the morning. >> she's bonded with her fellow competitors and comforted ryan lochte when he and cheryl was in jeopardy. >> how is he feeling? >> he's really excited to move on and show another week's worth of dance. >> yeah? >> did you give him words of
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>> i gave him a hug. >> ttat helps. >> now lauri and val are perfecting their tango hoping to hang on to that top spot. >> and they'll be using that tango monday night and that's when two couples dance at the same time against each other. lauri and val will be against marilu henner and derek hough. >> i like the idea of competition. tom brady fo the most important ring is with the world's top supermodel. >> the left-hand jewelry. tom gave me a glimpse into his and gisele's fun family life. >> i love the picture that gisele posted on fathhr's day of you guys just playing in the sand. >> those two kids weaa me out. that little girl owns -- they own my life. oh, my god. >> 3-year-old vivian has him
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anything. she just -- whatever she tells her dad to do, that's what i do. >> i love that. >> that's just the way it goes. >> his two sons, jack and ben are his two mini mes. jack showed he's got skillses. >> who knows if they'll play sports. if they do i think it's great because i can really help them out, but if they don't, you know, that's up to them. >> tom's also a huge celebrity away from the football field with a supermodel wife who coaches him with those public >> does gisele say okay, baby, let me give you a lesson before you go out and do it. do you get lessons at home? >> i would say instruction. not necessarily lesson, but she definitely helps me out. >> and you probably heard about the brady bundchen diet, no tomatoes, eggplant or mushrooms and tom is not a big fan of fruit. >> i've never had a strawberry in my life. imagine that?
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them, but i don't know. >> what do you have against the strawberries? >> i don't know. i don't know. i think it was something growing up. >> tom is really making the most of the suspension. >> that's the most i've seen him in a long time. he only has one more week of his suspension before he can rejoin the patriots and tonight it is the pats taking on the houston texans on cbs. >> tom is not the only one opening up about his family, grammy winner michael buble is giving us an exclusive look at what life is like on the road with kids. ?? ? ?? ?? ? i just haven't met you yet ? >> you haven't met michael like this, backstage at his tour. ?? ?? >> his 3-year-old son noah dancing and chilling with the crew. >> you're filming right now? >> the four-time grammy winner and father of two puts it all out there for fans in a one-night only new concert film.
12:55 am
?? >> sharing never before seen footage of his family. wife lucianna gave birth to their second son elias in january. ?? ?? >> and with all that time spent on tour it's no wonder noah is following in his father's footsteps. [ indiscernible ] >> it's such a beautiful thing. can take your kid wsz you everywhere you go? buble has a new album on the way and his fiist in three years and it's called nobody, but me and it will drop october 21st. >> his son has a future. we'll be right back. he sounds good.
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tomorrow is flashback friday and we have a good one for you because we're celebrating the 25th anniversary of "home improvement". >> whatever happened to tim allen's tv sons? we're going to tell you. >> thank you, america. >> tim reveals which of his home improvement sons may have given up acting for good. >> it scares me. >> really? >> he's great at it, too. >> behind the scenes with cool j giving up "ncis" secrets before the season premiere. >> all bets are off.
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dr. oz: what is really in your pet food. when we get this it's really made up of this. the real question is if it's a problem or not. the guy "people" magazine calls the sexiest beast charmer breaks it all down. plus naya rivera from "glee."
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