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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  September 23, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CDT

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emergency across parts of wisconsin. melinda: first we want to get a check of year weather forecast and traffic. jeremy: setting up mainly dry across southeast wisconsin. let's focus on the location that is seen a handful of showers. a couple of showers from rock county into walworth county and this may impact areas it just moved through or is about to move through the sugar creek area and lake geneva would be next. in milwaukee we are dry and we have been throughout the night. 63 degrees currently on the dew point is in the upper 50's. a pretty refreshing breeze about 10-20 miles per hour this morning. 60's for the kids and the ride
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slight chance of a shower today. matt: everyone is pretty quiet on the roads right now. here we are in calhoun at i-94 and you can see just a couple of cars. systemwide everything is green and no trouble through the construction area at this point and no crashes on the freeway system. 13 minutes 4145 southbound highway 2 ben: right now, we're tracking new developments in charlotte, north carolina overnight. after two nights of chaos and destruction, the mayor ordered a mandatory midnight curfew. wisn 12 news' tim elliott is in in the newsroom with the latest. tim: things were slightly calmer last night across charlotte. now, many are demanding police release video from the deadly officer-involved shooting that sparked the unrest.
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washington with the latest. nikole: police in charlotte say two officers were treated after being sprayed by protesters but for the most part there were no major arrests or injuries. overnight protesters remained in the streets even after a midnight curfew. the demonstrations largely peaceful as the national guard took up posts around the city. >> thank you for your service. nikole: some thanking them for their presence. >> tonight is more peaceful than last night. we appreciate the fact that we have national guardsmen here, who e nikole: it was the third night of protests as many demonstrators demanded police release video of the shooting death of 43-year-old keith lamont scott. >> you see mr. scott step out of the vehicle, his hands are down by his side. he is acting calm. nikole: scott's family, who viewed the footage claims he was not holding a gun, as police claim. >> i don't have any visual definitive evidence that i can show, that i can see him
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gun at an officer. nikole: charlotte's chief stands by the initial account and he says he has no plan to release the tape for now. ben: the city of charlotte is still under a state of emergency due to the unrest, the mayor says she also expects the city will remain under a curfew for the next several days. in milwaukee county there are pending investigations into fatal officer involved shootings here. today marks three months since j anderson junior was killed in a parking lot by a police officer. mike anderson's live with the latest. mike: the district attorney office still has not made a
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case. he was shot and killed by a police officer in june. the family has viewed a 22nd clip of a squad car video that shows what led up to the shooting. they say it does not show much information and his parents say he was sleeping in his car at madison park when he was shot. they acknowledge he had a gun on scene, but was never holding i . police would only say the car was suspicious and the officer fired because he feared for his life. anderson's mother says she still struggles with his death. >> i feel robbed. i feel that they are giving us the run around with my son's case. mike: the da's office says they
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parents they are trying to enhance the squad car video to improve the quality so if i'm a decision can be made. ben: it is now five minutes after 5:00 and president obama talks about the unrest after the latest police shooting. in an exclusive interview he discusses ways to bridge the divide. president obama: change the system requires us to be able to reach out and engage the broader american community and that requires being peaceful . that requires being thoughtful about what are the specific reforms you are looking for. ben: you can see more of that this morning on "good morning america" starting at 7:00 a.m.
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police say what -- she was seen walking in the area around north and cambridge around 4:00. waukesha police are on the lookout for a man they say tried to entice a teenager into his car. it happened at south high school wednesday night. the athlete had finished practice and was waiting for his mom to pick him up and that is when police say a up. a man in his 50's tried to get the boy inside and it could be a late model white toyota camry. ben: you can learn more about the zika virus. there have been now 45 documented cases of zika in wisconsin and all have been linked to people who traveled outside of the u.s. they will offer an update on the spread of the virus and the panel of experts will look at
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implications for infant health. this weekend hundreds will come together to fight against breast cancer. it is the susan g. komen race for the cure. you have time to register for that race. >> i was say right now is perfect running weather. melinda: it is a lot less humid. jeremy: temperatures mid 60's across the area. i just got a report down in walworth county on our facebook page and tammy reported a quick moving downpour moving through. heavier rain staying well off to the west and temperatures pretty uniform with clouds out there. 62 in sheboygan. even though we are expecting a
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in the upper 60's and i think you can leave the jacket at home and if you want to take the umbrella there is a slight chance of a shower into milwaukee today. 70 degrees during the afternoon with a high of six -- we peak at the weekend forecast coming up. it looks like the rain so far is in walworth county. matt: we are pretty much dry across the freeway system. here at n dry. the travel time from the hale interchange to the zoo interchange has an average speed of 55 miles per hour no crashes on the system right now. melinda: right now parts of wisconsin are under a state of emergency after torrential rain caused widespread flooding.
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mudslides. tim: this was the scene in vernon county wisconsin and that is where we saw that a man was killed when his home collapsed on himself during a mudslide. numerous roads have been closed and crews are trying to restore power and clear debris from numerous communities. governor scott walker has declared a state of emergency for 13 different counties yesterday. he says he is watching the situation to see if it asking president obama for federal disaster aid. ben: flooded lakes and rivers are also causing problems in places like jackson county. you can see rising water knocking this boat out of the dock and into the black river, carrying it down the river. it ended up falling over the dam and in crawford county washed out railroad tracks derail the train. this crew was not injured, but
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and spilled about 1000 gallons of diesel, some into the mississippi river. about 15 people who lived nearby were evacuated as a precaution. a girl riding her bike gets pepper sprayed by police. melinda: the mixed reaction by community members and why some say the officer went too far. ben: celebrating african-american culture and history, the never before seen in that will be a permanent fixture in the ec this weekend.
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wisconsin saw heavy rain and we have flash flood warnings and the green shaded areas are will to the west and that is where it will stay the focus for heavy rain will transition out of the upper midwest. we have a couple of showers mainly slipping through walworth county early this morning and we may catch a quick hitting downpour closer to lake geneva and this will cause fanfare. maybe have the umbrella on matt: so far so good on the commute and things are looking good on the freeways. nice and light as far as volume is concerned and that is what we see across the entire system. if you will be traveling along 94 east, 16 into the mic -- no crashes are being reported on the system right now.
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video now of the maryland police officer pepper spraying a teenager sparking controversy this morning. police arrested a 15-year-old after officers say she crashed her bike into the side of a car. they are looking at body cam footage and witnesses say sheet resisted arrest and cursed that officers and was screaming and that is when an officer fired pepper spray into the car. some use officers used excessive force. melinda: an elderly couple in california is heartbroken after they say they were scammed out of their own home by their own grandson and they are being evicted from the home they have lived in for nearly six decades. they signed the deed to their home to their grandson to handle financial affairs and he allegedly mortgaged the property and sold the house without their knowledge. a police are working to launch a criminal investigation against the grandson.
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morning charges have been fired against the tulsa, oklahoma police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man. a few years ago betty shelby turned herself in. tim elliot is in the newsroom at the latest. tim: she is charged with felony manslaughter. exactly one week ago officer shelby shot and killed terence crutcher. his family says his suv stalled t he needed help and video shows him walking away with his hands in the air and shall be fired the fatal shot when she says he reached inside the car. prosecutors say officer shelby acted unreasonably -- "officer shelby acted unreasonably by escalating the situation." his family says they are happy the charges have been brought
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if she is convicted shelby could face up to four years in prison. ben: thank you for the update. commitment 2016 coverage we are just days away from the first presidential debate between donald trump and hillary clinton . the candidates are taking different strategies before their face-off on monday. donald trump is on the campaign trail. yesterday he stopped in pennsylvania and tomorrow he heads to virginia. meanwhile hillary clinton is taking a few days off to get ready for the debate. the first debate is monday at 8:00 p.m. at hofstra university in new york. melinda: the long-awaited natural museum of african american history and culture opens to the public this weekend. they will celebrate some of the most influential african-american leaders. there are nearly 4000 artifacts.
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dedication ceremony tomorrow. ben: new this morning, harvest fair kicks off. it runs through sunday and there is food, music, shopping, pumpkin bowling. seasonal activities all across including pumpkin bowling and scarecrow making. >> for 10 tickets you can make your own scarecrow and take it home with you and if you do not wanto ben: it is free to get into harvest fair and once you are on the grounds you can buy food and drinks and tickets for individual activities. parking is six dollars and you can catch the packers game on the tvs set up by the pumped in bowling. >> i was out there a few years ago and did pumpkin bowling.
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than you think. >> sometimes pumpkins don't always roll true. >> and did -- and they do not have the bumpers so you get a pumpkin in the gutter. our forecast looks better, rain will move out of the area and we get cooler temperatures. this long streak of consecutive days 70's or warmer may be coming to it and end. how do you feel about that? 60's and 70's. jeremy: we are talking fall weather. i did not think the record is in depth -- in jeopardy of two days in a row 70 or warmer. we have a couple of showers in walworth county, so far in milwaukee county and across the
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sprinkles or in isolated -- or an isolated shower today. the dew point dropped a little bit overnight on the refreshing north wind sustained at 16 miles per hour. the cold front that to the south we keep north-northeast wind around. we may see a little shower and future cast shows may be a hit or miss today. otherwise just a lot of clouds. by late afternoon into the evening i think we will be mainly dry across the area and a lot of clouds. a different story if you are planning outdoor time. sunday afternoon could be a washout at times. a very good chance of showers and thunderstorms. here's slow look -- here's a look your week ahead.
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that hang around into monday and cooler temperatures. highs in the mid 60 on tuesday. ben: it is officially fall and that means things are starting to get a little more spooky. melinda: coming up, we'll take you inside the gates of six flags great america's fright fest. ben: but first here's wes and elizabeth from 99.1 the mix with your weekend picks. >> goodness it is friday. >> milwaukee film festival going on now, you can find all of the show and films around the milwaukee area. >> quick films, too, my attention span is short so i like that. >> what? >> exactly, like that. this is an event where you can
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>> hi, i'm mrs. santos. >> and i'm mrs. ponce and this is the second grade of notre
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and they want to say -- >> good morning, milwaukee. buenos dias, milwaukee. ben: good morning everyone in milwaukee. thanks for this great friday morning shout out. melinda: they are so cute, look at their you -- look at their little uniforms. wisn 12 is stopping by classes all across southeast wisconsin. if you're interested in getting a visit just head to and click the school shout out logo. we'll try stop by. news time is 5:25 and we made it to friday. ben: here with your weekend picks are elizabeth from 99.1 the mix. elizabeth: petfest is back so you can bring your dog and your cat.
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squabbles -- to see if any squabbles go on. elizabeth: don't you think cats would be hysterical to watch at petfest? >> you have to be careful because they steal your soul. elizabeth: they are not as needy . that is what i like about cat and a dog person. i do not think you agree. melinda: i am a dog person. ben: it's a story of a wisconsin woman wrongfully convicted of murder more than 20 years ago. melinda: still ahead, the brand new documentary that's featuring one mother's fight to prove her innocence. ben: plus, the latest on the investigation into a shooting at
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announcer: now on "wisn 12 news ."
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protestors in charlotte meet with hundreds of police officers. how an overnight curfew impacted the third night of demonstration. ben: here at home, cashing in on the city's offer to help with home repairs. the program for milwaukee homeowners to keep your home safe and up to city standards. melinda: first a live look outside. a less humid day in store on this friday. we are tracking conditions as you head out for work and school. ben: good morning and welcome to wisn 12 news this morning. i'm ben wagner. davenport. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist jeremy nelson is in the weather center. jeremy: a little less humid today and cooler temperatures. i think we see generally the dry weather with just a slight chance of isolated shower passing by. we have one shower slipping through walworth county. let's take a closer look and this may contain a quick hitting


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