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tv   12 News This Morning at 530  ABC  September 23, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CDT

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protestors in charlotte meet with hundreds of police officers. how an overnight curfew impacted the third night of demonstration. ben: here at home, cashing in on the city's offer to help with home repairs. the program for milwaukee homeowners to keep your home safe and up to city standards. melinda: first a live look outside. a less humid day in store on this friday. we are tracking conditions as you head out for work and school. ben: good morning and welcome to wisn 12 news this morning. i'm ben wagner. davenport. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist jeremy nelson is in the weather center. jeremy: a little less humid today and cooler temperatures. i think we see generally the dry weather with just a slight chance of isolated shower passing by. we have one shower slipping through walworth county. let's take a closer look and this may contain a quick hitting
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make its way near salem within the next 20-30 minutes. 63 degrees in the city of milwaukee. your forecast is shaping up like this, maybe a stray shower from time to time. we see highs in the upper 60's with a lot of clouds around. a touch less humid and i think you will feel that when you step outside this morning. we will talk about forecast coming up. matt: if you are getting ready to throw the vehicle in drive we are looking pretty good. i-94 -- the only spot you may see what pavement is the alcorn area. from silver spring in you are looking at an average speed of
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need your help to find a missing woman. a silver alert has been issued for 69-year-old ruthie edwards. the picture is up on your screen. police say she was last seen walking in the area of north and cambridge yesterday afternoon around 4:00. she was last seen wearing a black short sleeve shirt with black and blue flowered patterned and black pants. if you've seen her, you're asked to call police at 414-935-7401. news time is 5:32 and your fami h repairs on your house. this is all in an effort to keep homes around the city safe and up to code. wisn 12 news' mike anderson is live in milwaukee with more on how the program works. mike: it's called the city's compliance loan program or cpl. here's what it does. it helps homeowners pay for repairs to satisfy code
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fines, and create safer healthier homes. clp serves as one component of the strong neighborhoods plan and is featured in the mayor's 2017 proposed budget that he will deliver to the milwaukee common council on monday. today at noon the mayor will visit a local resident to discuss in detail the benefits of the program. reporting live this morning, mike anderson, wisn 12 news. ben: the mayor also just announced his plan to use $11 million next year to guard against lead eur that money would go toward removing lead in homes and in the pipes delivering water to 70,000 milwaukee homes. and yesterday, milwaukee county passed a plan to provide grants and loans to homeowners with leadpipe laterals, the service homes they go into your house and also lead-based paint. melinda: new information about the two-month old girl shot on i-43 in glendale in an apparent road rage incident. the girl's mom tells wisn 12 news that her daughter is recovering much better than expected.
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side and exited just before hitting her spine. the parents are hesitant to do an interview because no suspects have yet been arrested. ben: happening right now, a state of emergency remains in place for 13 counties in the western part of wisconsin. tim, you're keeping an eye on the cleanup efforts from heavy floods. tim: you can see the damage behind me. right now at least half a dozen state highways are closed because the roads are washed out, covern let's take a look at the warnings from the department of transportation. you see many of these highways are near the border with iowa. torrential rains over the last few days triggered mudslides and flash flooding. one man in vernon county died when his home collapsed on him because of a mudslide. also, crews are working to clean up oil that spilled into the mississippi river. a tanker train derailed in crawford county because the tracks were washed out. no one was hurt.
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western counties. melinda: keeping your family safe on the roads. today brown deer police will conduct high visibility patrols near sherman boulevard and teutonia avenue near bradley road. that stretch of road has seen -- has had serious crashes this year. officers will be out this morning from 10:30 until noon reminding drivers to watch their speed and wear their seatbelts. an overnight curfew in charlotte, north carolina ended about half an hour ago. the city remained mostly peul tim elliot is learning more about the situation there. tim: protesters did take to the streets overnight, but the demonstrations were peaceful, there were no reports of major damage or fires. let's show you the scene from last night as people continued a third night of protests. this follows the deadly police involved shooting of 43-year-old keith lamont scott. protestors want the dash cam and body camera video released.
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footage and they say he was not holding a gun, as police claim. charlotte's police chief says he has no plans to release the video to the public. we are told two officers were treated after being sprayed by protesters, but for the most part there were no major arrests or injuries overnight. melinda: 12 news time 5:36. a stay at home mom sent to prison for murder. ben: she is speaking out about spending more than a decade in prison. the new documentary following her case. melinda: plus, a frightfully fun time. that spook-taculaur family friendly events you will find as six flags celebrates halloween. but first, let's take a live look outside as we head to break. the lights are shining bright and if you have a long sleeve shirt, a sweater, maybe a jacket. it is fall.
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ll. i love that.
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we're coming up on 5:40. a lot of cloud cover above metro milwaukee. let's talk about one location seeing showers down little bit closer to the western part of kenosha county, racine county couple of showers near burlington and it will slip down to the southeast. the heavier rain will stay well out of our area. humid. dew point in the upper 50's with north breezes up between 10-20 miles per hour. if you are headed out to operation football -- high school football games may be a sprinkle or passing shower. temperatures a little more comfortable in the mid-60's as we go into friday evening. ben: a new documentary is coming to pbs.
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of a wisconsin mother accused of killing one of the babies at her daycare. >> nobody is a winner. an innocent woman went to prison for 11 years and a family lost their baby. melinda: that is audrey edmunds, who was convicted her of shaking a baby to death in 1995. the wisconsin innocence project was able to show the baby didn't have neck damage consistent with being shaken, and edmunds' conviction was thrown out. her case is one of seven featured in the new documentary called "the innocent convicts." country to find stories of prisoners who were wrongfully convicted and later exonerated. >> our goal isn't just to make a film that makes you outraged and sad. it's also one to have takeaways so you understand what were the reasons hind each one of these convictions. melinda: the series is expected to be released sometime next year. it has a current deal to run on all pbs stations. millions of families in the dark in puerto rico.
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now to try to get the lights back on. tim is following some other national headlines in the wisn 12 newsroom. tim: we are keeping a close eye on the police scanners and talking about a pharmaceutical company accused of profiting from the heroin epidemic. we will tell you why the state of wisconsin and other states are going after a major drug maker. plus, a factory in tennessee evacuated when a gunman shows up at the plant.
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announcer: leading the way with important local coverage, you are watching "wisn 12 news" this morning with melissa ben wagner, and tim elliot from the breaking news desk. ben: -->> we are taking a live look at the lake and that is south shore. friday, september 23 and you can hear the waves crashing against the shoreline. milwaukee we are dry, but other parts of the area have a little bit of rain. >> one little tiny shower out
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now. burlington, it is moving southeast so salem could have rain shortly and it will zip through kenosha county and we will be mainly dry this morning. one little shower down to the south and dry in milwaukee at the moment. i will talk about rain chances for the rest of the day and talk about your weekend forecast and i will let you know when you want to plan youtd matt: if you are about to throw the vehicle in drive nothing to shabby. you can see the dry pavement and light volume on the parkway. we are nice and quiet, things are in green and that means full freeway speed. seven mile road 16 minutes with an average speed of 64 miles per hour and from layton in an
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35 states are now suing a british drug company over how they marketed a drug used to treat heroin overdoses. tim, you can learning more about the case. tim: abc news on their website they have an in-depth article. wisconsin is one of those states, along with the district of columbia. yesterday a lawsuit was filed against the that british drugmaker, indivior. the company sells a drug called sub-oxone. it is used to treat people hooked on heroin and other painkillers. company in new jersey of making small changes to sub-oxone so that other companies couldn't sell a cheaper more generic form. california's attorney general said in a statement that the two companies manipulated the marketplace to maximize profits and put patient's lives at risk. so far, representatives of the two companies -- the one in the uk and in new jersey have not addressed allegations.
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signed a bipartisan task force to study and combat opioid abuse in wisconsin. lieutenant governor rebecca kleefisch and state representative john nygren will lead the task force. nygren's daughter has struggled with drug abuse. some eye-opening numbers from the milwaukee county medical examiner's office. milwaukee county projected to certify 320 drug deaths this year. that is a 114% increase from 10 years ago and a 25% increase from last year. the governor also laid out the plans for that task force while also highlighting a new partnership with walgreen's. the drug store chain will set up medication disposal kiosks at 18 stores around the state. you can use the kiosks to drop off unused or expired prescription drugs and controlled substances. according to the attorney general, 88% of heroin users first became addicted to prescription pain killers. melinda: you are invited to raise a glass and celebrate oktoberfest in greendale this weekend.
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celebration. there is live music from 5:00 until 8:00 tonight, along with hay rides, german food and drinks inside the beer garden. it is all happening along broad street and greendale and admission is free. another seasonal favorite is back. fright fest starts tomorrow at six flags great america in gurnee, illinois. the theme park will be open on weekends through halloween. saturdays and sundays are family p.m. and after that the spookier stuff happens at night. there are some new activities this year, including two new haunted houses. ben: i like bugs bunny in the dracula costume. melinda: today, you are being encouraged to stick it to hunger. ben: klement's sausage is raising money for local food banks. for every new like on their facebook page, klement's will donate a dollar to area food banks up to $30,000. we have put a link up at
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today national snack stick day. they even sent along some samples of their to-go size smoked sausages. we have some rock your -- siracha and these are the regular brand beef sticks. do you want one? melinda: toss it. >> do not get too close to me because i are ready had one. >> a great time. ben: why not? jeremy: you will notice it is cooler out there and a lot more comfortable. we finally have 60's in the forecast, july 1 was the last day we had a day start in the 60's. monday and tuesday next week we may have a start in the 60's.
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september. thunderstorms though. it looks like it could get bumpy by sunday afternoon or evening. here is the radar network not much going on this morning. one area i want to point out from walworth into western racine and kenosha county there is a batch of showers and maybe a brief five-minute downpour with the heaviest shower and otherwise some later rain expected. dry in milwaukee cloudy skies, 64 50's and that is why it feels more comfortable outside this morning. the same case for our friends in sheboygan. dew point in the upper 50's and we gradually see drier air over the next 24 hours. cooler and more comfortable to the north. mid 50's and holding onto 60's in southern wisconsin and the forecast upper 60's and around 70 degrees for a high.
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forecast. 8:00 a.m. this morning may be a hit or miss shower. not much rain once we get around mid day, possibly a sprinkle or isolated shower. chances are the leader we get in the day the less you would use the umbrella, a lot of people probably leave it at home this morning. stray shower is about it for today. saturday is the pic day or sunday morning. the first o dry. rain chances ramp up and some of those may spill into monday and we look for drier and more comfortable weather tuesday through thursday. 60's to low 70's. ben: this morning, police in tennessee are working to learn the identities of the two people killed by a coworker at a plant in tennessee. tim, you are learning more about this shooting. tim: that co-worker is also dead
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this happened yesterday in athens, tennessee, about an hour away from chattanooga. witnesses told police there was an attempted shooting in the factory's front office, but then the gunman moved to the north side of the plant. while workers fled the plant, officers searched the building and found three people who were dead. one of them was in a bathroom with a self inflicted gunshot. police believe that man was the shooter, but his identity and the identity of the two victims have not yet been released. police say they don't know what motivated this attack. ben: working to restore power for more families in puerto rico. the lights are back on for about 390,000 people. a fire at a power plant on wednesday afternoon put the entire island in the dark. with a population of three and a half million people, many homes and businesses are still without power this morning. new this morning, a local designer is out on project runway. melinda: they did not make it
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they create custom handbags. the challenge last night was to create an outfit to flatter all body types, but her urban kimono did not wow the judges. that sounds impressive. ben: would you wear an urban kimono? melinda: i would totally rock and urban komodo. ben: she is very talented so i am sure she will be just fine. a favorite returning to the -- state fair park. melinda: the artist fair continues -- harvest fair. ben: where you can go to get your questions about the zika court -- zika virus i know you! [laughs] welcome! hi! we're your neighbors.
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they say a lot of things about rain.
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we've got a saying about rain too: when it roars. the all-wheel-drive charger. domestic. not domesticated. now get 20 percent off msrp cash allowance for an average of $8,000 in savings on select 2016 charger r/t models in dealer stock. ben: yahoo is investigating a data breach involving millions of email accounts. melinda: the company says hackers stole personal information from half a billion customers. the hackers got usernames, email addresses, passwords, and even the security questions and answers to verify an account holder's identity. yahoo recommends that users change their passwords if they haven't done so since 2014. ben: i think i have a really old yahoo! account floating somewhere. melinda: change the password.
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in the u.s. have already been returned. the phone was recalled due to batteries overheating and at times catching fire while charging. an updated version of the phone hit the u.s. market on wednesday. that's when the company says returns started picking up. melinda: and now that fall is here, people have started planning for halloween. look at all of the pumpkins. a new poll from the national retail federation finds the average american will spend about $83 this holiday. most of the money will be spent on costumes and candy. ben: hopefully more on candy. melinda: right now. announcer: now on "wisn 12 news ." jeremy: great to have you with us this morning --ben: great to have you with us. i am ben wagner. melinda: and i am mulligan -- melinda davenport. right now, we're tracking new developments in charlotte, north carolina overnight. after two nights of chaos and destruction, the mayor ordered a
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ben: the aftermath of torrential downpour in wisconsin and what is being done to help. jeremy: good friday morning everyone. if you are about to step out the door, should i bring an umbrella, should i not? let's look at the radar network and you can make that decision. they are isolated, they are slipping down to the southeast. we are likely dry through the morning commute and after that we could catch a stray shower. temperatures are little cooler and more comfortable lower to mid 60's. 64 downtown. the humidity dips slightly overnight and you will notice a
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the day and we will be just shy of 70 by midafternoon and picking up more of a north-northeast brees. we will take a sneak peek of the weekend forecast coming up. matt: you can see the clouds touching the top of the antenna. you can see the pavement is a dry on i-94, no trouble moving through construction. a five minute trip on the bypass north from the hale interchange to the zoo interchange. ben: 6:00 on the dot and we are tracking new developments in charlotte, north carolina overnight. after two nights of chaos and destruction, the mayor ordered a mandatory midnight curfew. wisn 12 news' tim elliott is in the newsroom, with the latest. tim: things were quieter in


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