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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  September 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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you do it, keith, don't you do it. did you shoot him? did you shoot him? did you shoot him? he better not be -- dead. he better not be -- dead. i know that much. he better not be dead. patrick: while the family has released its video charlotte , police still won't release theirs. abc's heather waliga has all of the new developments in tonight's big story. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. >> this dramatic cell phone video capturing the moments just before and after the shooting death of keith lamont scott by police in charlotte, north carolina. the person who shot the video and whose voice you hear is that of scott's wife, pleading with officers not to shoot her husband. then, this gunfire. ,>> did you shoot him? did you shoot him? >> the charlotte mayor and police say they have body cam and dash cam video of the shooting, but say they won't release the videos until the
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and release it in a package so it can be consumed and fully understood. >> chief putney says scott had a gun and that the object seen by , his feet in this still photo is that weapon, but in the video released by the family, that object is not seen. keith scott's family has seen some of the police videos and are calling on them to be released to the public. demonstrators agree, and filled the streets of charlotte for a third night in a , transparency. the protests peaceful this time some even thanking the national , guard. earlier this week, one protester, justin carr, died in a shooting. police today announced an arrest in his death. >> our violent criminal apprehension team just apprehended rayquan borum. >> police still have not released any details on the arrest. heather waliga, abc news, charlotte. toya: again, that was a portion of the video released by the family. more video is posted on the wisn
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patrick: in tulsa, oklahoma, a police officer charged in the shooting death of an unarmed man turned herself into authorities this morning. betty shelby then posted a $50,000 bond. this is her mug shot. her attorney says she drew her gun instead of a taser because she thought terence crutcher was armed. we also learned today officer shelby had been trained in de-escalation and was recently selected to train new officers at the tulsa police department. abc news is keeping a close eye on the police-related shootings in tulsand look for updated information ahead at 5:30 on world news with david muir. toya: thousands upon thousand of dollars gone from a local church daycare center. patrick: a church employee is accused in the case. she made her first court colleen henry was there. appearance today. colleen henry was there. colleen. >> the investigation started in march, but today she came here charged with a felony. to court charged with a felony.
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kelly fischer worked here at the , grace lutheran church childcare center and eventually became the boss with a business debit card. today, fischer came to court accused of using that debit card to steal more than $95,000 , including $3000 in gas, another $1200 at mattress firm a , stay at the grand geneva resort garth brooks tickets, , even a tuition payment to her son's school. >> you are facing 10 years of both. >> the court released fischer on a $20,000 signature bond. she had no comment for the camera. ms. fischer, what can you tell us about this situation? >> no comment, thank you. no co. >> anything you'd like to say to the people of the church? >> grace lutheran didn't care to comment on camera today except to say fischer has not tried to repay the nearly $100,000 she's accused of stealing.
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in milwaukee that left two people dead. -- new information tonight on a crash in milwaukee that left two people dead. milwaukee police say the driver was going between 70 and 80 miles an hour in a 35 mile per hour zone when he hit a milwaukee county utility truck, near 76th and sheridan yesterday. 21-year-old john tucker and his 20-year-old passenger, keemari canady, both died. milwaukee police say they've seen more serious crashes recently. >> we've seen an uptick in young people driving very fast very erratically, going all the way into the right lanes, not stopping red lights. toya: police say their main message to all drivers is to slow down. patrick: a jack-knifed semi in the zoo interchange crippled the morning commute. it happened on northbound i-41 near bluemound just before 6:00 this morning. crews had to put a crane in the southbound lanes to get the rig upright. it took about three hours to clear the mess. no word what caused the crash. a three-year-old girl is ejected from an suv in dodge county in what appears to be a drunk
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the sheriff's office says the child's mother lost control of the vehicle on town road mm yesterday, going in the ditch, hitting a steep embankment, then a utility pole. the child is at children's hospital. we're told she will survive. a developing story. milwaukee police are looking for a missing woman. a silver alert is in effect for 69-year-old ruthie edwards. police say she was last seen walking in the area of north and cambridge yesterday afternoon around 4:00. she was wearing a black short blue flower pattern and black pants. if you've seen her, you're asked to call police. toya: we had more showers around today, but now the sun is peeking through. chief meteorologist mark baden joins us. mark, still a chance for a shower this evening? mark: most areas will be a ok. some sunshine peeking through here. this is downtown milwaukee. most areas are still in the cloud cover, but it will get
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60. north, northeasterly wind at 10 miles per hour. we look at the doppler 12 radar network, and we are quite right now. there still could be an isolated shower. it is operation high school football all over southeastern wisconsin. temperatures generally in the 60's, northeasterly wind at 5-10 miles per hour. how long the 70's l toya: thank you. a second death is blamed on flooding in vernon county. we reported yesterday on the man who died when a mudslide pushed his home off a bluff and onto a highway. now we've learned that a 79-year-old man died after trying to drive through flood water. patrick: commitment 2016 coverage now in the race for president. republican presidential nominee donald trump is coming to waukesha. he'll make a campaign appearance wednesday at the waukesha county wednesday expo center. the event is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. that will be two days after trump and democratic presidential nominee hillary
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trump just picked up a high-profile endorsement. former rival ted cruz now says he will vote for trump in november. cruz refused to endorse trump during the republican national convention. get ready for more of hillary clinton's emails to be made public. a federal judge has ordered the state department to release more than new pages before election 1000 day. the order is part of a freedom of information act lawsuit brought by a conservative group. there's also word today that some top clinton aides received limited immunity to cooperate with the investigation. clinton is leading trump in a new national poll. the mcclatchy-marist poll shows clinton will 45% to trump's 39%. an nbc news survey earlier this week showed similar numbers. the general election is now 46 days away. as we mentioned, trump and clinton will hold their first head-to-head debate this monday. they'll square off at hofstra university in new york. you can watch it live right here on wisn 12. abc news live coverage starts monday night at 8:00.
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vetoed a bill that would have allowed families of 9/11 victims to sue the government of saudi arabia. the majority of the men who carried out the terror attacks were saudi nationals. the president says allowing the lawsuits would further strain relations between the u.s. and the saudi government. police in maryland are defending the pepper-spraying of a 15-year-old girl. this is video from officer body cameras. they say they tried to detain the girl after she ran into a when she tried to leave the scene, they handcuffed her, put her in the back of a squad car, then used the pepper spray. >> i was confused about what's going on. >> our goal has always been if we would have had her information and were able to call her parents to the scene we would clearly have had them to been there and we would have judicated that right then. toya: the girl faces juvenile charges of disorderly conduct and a traffic violation. her parents say she suffered a
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a powerful image tonight of the impact of syria's civil war. a five-year-old girl pulled alive from the rubble of a building in aleppo today. workers used their bare hands to dig her out. the girls parents, her three sisters and a brother were all killed. syria's military is conducting a new round of airstrikes on rebel-held areas. patrick: and that's not the only rescue making news tonight. toya: we'll tell you how one couple wound up stranded at sea on top of their car. of milwaukee itself is getting ready to celebrate a big anniversary. how the congregation is keeping the faith after so many years. mark: and who's ready for the , weekend? i'll let you know when to be ready for sun and storms next in
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russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to ron johnson on social security: me. narrator: as senator, johnson's been working to turn it into one. he wants to privatize social security putting benefits at risk. and he attacks medicare -- would turn it into a voucher program, costing seniors thousands out-of-pocket. don't let ron johnson turn social security into a johnson: ponzi scheme. narrator: senator johnson. not for seniors.
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announcer: leading the way with important local coverage, you are watching wisn 12 news at 5:00 with toya washington, patrick paolantonio, and weatherwatch 12 chief meteorologist mark baden. wisn 12 news at 5:00 continues. toya: take a look at this rescue on the northeast coast of england. it looks like two people are stranded in the middle of the
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what actually happened was that they were driving on a causeway between the mainland and an island when the tide came in. the causeway flooded, leaving the two standing on the roof of their car waiting for help. new tonight a church older than , the city of milwaukee itself is celebrating a big anniversary this weekend. patrick: 175 years. 12 news adrienne pedersen went to st. paul's lutheran and asked how the church stays relevant in a changing community. ? some people are asking me if i have been here all my life, and i say, not yet. adrienne: 88-year-old earl walter spent 50 years as choir director here at st. paul's lutheran church. now he's the unofficial historian and what an incredible , history he shares. >> we said that before milwaukee was a city, st. paul's was a
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there are signs of history all over the church. the germans fled religious persecution and moved to wisconsin. that's when the church started on september 26, 1841. , while several congregations moved out of the city st paul's , stayed with the motto in the city for good. there's no better example of that than kim's closet. neighbors pick out clothes for free once or twice a month. >> we have some of the same folks coming in and bringing in requests for their family, neighbors. i think it has opened up the church to diversity in the neighborhood. adrienne: students with st. paul's and from amazing faith ministries are painting murals for the anniversary showing that diversity, and celebrating it. , >> the big thing is lutheran faith has remained the same. there have been a lot of changed but those are the beliefs they , came over with and those are the beliefs we still hold on today. adrienne: beliefs that keep the
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pedersen, wisn 12 news. patrick: what a story. the special 175th anniversary service is this sunday at 10:00 a.m. toya: wall street lost some ground to end the week. the dow fell by 131 points today. the nasdaq lost 33, and the s&p lost 12. patrick: coming up a new tonight at 6:00 a man accused of trying , to meet a nine-year-old girl for sex. go behind the scenes to see the sting that helped police catch him. >> i will miss it. then a big send-off for , a local firefighter hanging up his helmet. the one memory that stands out after almost 40 years on the job, and the special moment he got to share with his firefighter daughter just days ago. join us for all new stories tonight at 6:00. toya: the streak continues. patrick: mark is so excited about this. mark: it is true. i have been talking about this
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84. i had to look at my graphic. i lost track. i forgot what day it is. we made it to 71. that is 84 days in a row with a temperature of 70 degrees or higher. again, the average high is 68, the average low as 52. look what can happen this time of year. we will show you some temperatures in the 90's and just a bit, not here though. janesville 73. 67 milwaukee. 64 west bend. some areas with clouds, some with sunshine peeking through. look how warm it is. this is toasty stuff. 91 in south dakota. 90 lincoln. 80 nine street louis. it is really sticky as well.
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normally this time of year, we see drier air moving in. here we go. a pikachu weekend. 70 on saturday -- a peek at your weekend. 70 on saturday. maybe you are heading elsewhere, up north, trying to find some faulk other -- fall color. we are seeing some areas of color, but 25% across the northern half of the state, so getting that nice contrast of green and gold, appropriate as we have the first packers home game on sunday. mainly dry saturday. temperatures on the cool side. 66 rhinelander. 74 in the dells. most of the thunderstorms will be coming in the afternoon, west to east. when is the best time to get
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boating, cutting your grass, water skiing, just enjoying the sunshine, may be another barbecue. all day on saturday, afternoon the sun breaks through. sunday morning looks good with partly sunny skies, then watch out in the afternoon. sunshine and mequon, 67. as the wind comes off the lake, we see a little bit of there is the possibility for fog again tonight. dew point is sticky. northerly wind up 14 miles per hour. that will calm down as the sun sets. looking at the visible satellite, this is a picture from space. you can see the holes in the clouds here and down south. more rain showers and places that don't need them, twin cities saw a lot of rain in the past week.
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we still have clouds and fog later tonight, so be ready for that. as saturday goes on, we see the skies clear up, then on sunday morning, we are ok. sunday afternoon, here comes scattered showers and thunderstorms, so be ready for that, and there could be heavier rain. at lambeau field, it 73 at kickoff. a chance storms could make it into green bay during the game. 70 75 sunday. then we cold down. it does not look like we will get the record, 92 days in a row of 70 degrees or warmer. we will be in the 60's on monday and tuesday, then it warms up again towards the end of next week, generally in the 70's. patrick: how many days again? mark: 84. toya: thank you.
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a new disney film is causing headaches for the studio two months before it hits theaters. why one piece of merchandise is being taken from stores. that's coming up new tonight at 10:00. toya: there's a new reason to stay away from cigarettes. patrick: it can impact your dna. wait until you hear how long the effects stay with you. toya: and some happy news from mcdonald's, the big change you could soon see on the menu. announcer: like, comment, and
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patrick: if you think u.s. political candidates can't get along, take a two politicians in ukraine got two politicians in ukraine got into a fistfight after a t.v. debate. they scuffled inside the t.v. station, then one went into the parking lot and vandalized his opponent's car. apparently they were fighting over ukraine's relationship with the european union. a troubling report about health and pregnancy. toya: the new york times says the maternal mortality rate in the united states is increasing -- is increasing, meaning the
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it is up 27%. in fact, between 2000 and 2014. at the same time, the rate dropped in a number of poorer countries. maternal death is usually preventable with proper healthcare during pregnancy and childbirth. patrick: a new study shows that exposure to tobacco smoke can affect your body for decades. researchers studied blood samples from 16,000 people. they found that tobacco smoke can leave a marker on the surface of a person's dna as long as 30-years after they quit smoking. researchers hope the discovery will lead to better treatments for smoking-related health le lung cancer. toya: a lot of kids might be happy to hear this. mcdonald's is testing out breakfast items in happy meals. the fast-food chain says the happy meals would come with either two mcgriddles cakes or an egg and cheese mcmuffin. the test-run begins monday in tulsa. if its successful, it would be the first new entree for the happy meal in 30 years. patrick: looking ahead to "20/20" tonight. for the first time, dna generated evidence of who allegedly killed a college sophomore. university of north carolina student bfaith hedgepath was
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-- north carolina student faith hedgepath was found murdered in 2012. investigators have interviewed more than 1800 people during the course of their investigation, but still do not have a suspect. >> this is really a parent's worst nightmare. a young girl, faith hedgepeth goes to college and within , months of her first year, she is found dead. police looking everywhere for the killer, but think about this day and age. they have social media, tons of friends. they encountered that night, this woman was in a club, so different people, and after years of searching, they haven't found anyone. patrick: tonight, love, hope and faith, an exclusive "20/20." it starts tonight at 9:00, followed by wisn 12 news at 10:00. toya: for all those who think teenagers are lazy and all those who think kindness is dead, listen up. patrick: the act of kindness that cut an 18-year-old's commute to work in half. that story is on the way. announcer: after a rough day, immerse yourself in the wisn 12
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toya: this is a feel-good-friday story.
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duncan from california. his job is several miles away from his home. when his car broke down a while back, he started walking to work. two hours there, two hours back everyday. last week, officer kirk keffer saw duncan walking and gave him a ride home. after learning more about duncan, his commute and work ethic, the officer talked to members of the department and they decided to surprise the teenager with a new bike. >> there's not a lot of 18-year-olds out there that have this dedication and this work ethic. we just wanted to make sure he knows how much ire >> you know, not all officers are bad. patrick: duncan's commute is now cut in half. duncan, by the way, wants to someday become a member of the california highway patrol. two hours there, two hours back? toya: it is still a one-hour bike ride.
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are ok. for the most part, we will be
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tonight here, breaking news. the chilling video now revealed, the deadly police shooting in charlotte. you can hear the wife's plea right on it. >> don't shoot him! he didn't do anything. >> it is the family's video. tonight, why authorities are also tonight, the narrow escape in new york city. the pedestrians, kicking one of those bombs, placed right on the sidewalk. they had no idea. and tonight, how authorities now believe the suspect got those bombs into the city. the school bus crash late today, flipping over. pictures coming in now. three days to the debate. who was seen walking into trump tower? and, hillary clinton. the reality star and billionaire who now says he will be in the front row for her. and, the first lady's passport hacked, and 500 million


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