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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  September 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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mccaffrey. every time you play stanford, that's the question you have to ask. >> dave: tough running but in the end, the football pops out. a fumble scooped up by the wolverines. so even when penn state does something mildly positive, it goes wrong. >> brian: that is true freshman miles sanders. who they are trying to bring along as a compliment to barkley and fighting for extra yards. i like the fight at the the game. you got to know that when you're being held up, the second guy in is taught to strip. >> dave: this is a kid with a lot of talent. a highly recruited player. and you can tell, that one hurts. second week in a row he has put the ball on the ground. and now, michigan can just end this game. well, for the wolverines, a week to get ready.
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be a bigger test than this one was. >> brian: certainly wisconsin's defense will be night and day from this defense. obviously, you will look at the numbers. michigan came in and wanted to run the football with john harbaugh and they ended up with 327 yards on the ground. it's not going to be as easy next week. they're going to put the game in wilton speight's hands and make him beat them. it will be a challenge. >> dave: and november gets real tough for the wolverines, who look every bit the part of a top five team today. big ten opener and this is a team that is ready to make a run. they got lots and lots of talent. but their quarterback has continued to get better and better. >> brian: we have seen it year in and year out. the teams after the the end are the ones that get better every week. they don't plateau and the
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they give up a bunch of passes, they were better today than the last few weeks. >> dave: jim harbaugh and company, a lot to be proud of today. he found barkley for a hand shake before heading to the locker room. wolverine fans thrilled. 49-10, the final score. tune in to abc tonight, the game we're talking about, stanford on the road to take on ucla. for brian griese and mcshay, dave flemming saying so long from ann arbor.
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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: now on wisn 12 news. >> an accident leaves three people with serious burns. how it happened, and the big mistakes that made the situation
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we begin with some big breaking news here. police in charlotte north carolina releasing their video in a deadly officer-involved shooting. the shooting death of keith lamont scott led to days of chaos and protests in charlotte, people demanding to see the video. it was released just moments ago. we are waiting for abc to review it to make sure it is appropriate to air. in the meantime charlotte's , police chief says the video will back up the officer's accounof scott was holding a gun. he maintains he waited to release the video until he was sure it would not harm the case. >> there is no adverse impact on the state bureau of investigations investigation. and i have that assurance now. >> yesterday, scott's family released video of the deadly confrontation, scott's wife shot on her phone.
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tonight on 12 news right after the game. in the meantime three people are , trying to recover this evening after getting badly burned in a fire pit accident. as the germantown fire chief tells us they made one mistake after another. >> first responders didn't know exactly what they would find when they showed up to an apparent car accident at the mcdonald's on county line road in germantown. >> one of them had approximately 40% burns to her body with some respiratory burns. she was very critical. >> fire chief several people were , sitting around a fire pit. someone poured gasoline on the fire. it splashed and burned two women. they tried to drive themselves to the hospital, but crashed at a mcdonald's. flight for life took the 25-year-old to st mary's burn center. an ambulance took the other young woman to the hospital. >> they found there was another victim there, an older gentleman, he hugged her to try to put the fire out his t shirt melted to his chest and he had
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made several mistakes including , not calling 911 sooner, and -- >> we should teach and we do teach cover your face, stop, drop and roll how many times have we heard that in our life? >> again the two women are , considered critical this evening. the man who hugged one has serious burns. we'll let you know when we get an update on how they're doing. it's a story that made international headlines. two waukesha girls accused of stabbi a slender man. the case is now the subject of a documentary that just screened at the milwaukee film festival. our ben hutchison joins us now from the oriental theater. ben, you had a chance to watch the documentary, right? >> that documentary was about two hours long and played in front of a large crowd at the oriental theater behind me.
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-- the slender man takes you back to 2014 when the incident took place in waukesha then really , focused on giving background about slenderman, the fictional character. there's a number of scenes where morgan geyser and anissa weier are being interviewed by police. at one point, geyser saying that stabbing their friend was necessary. both girls kind of saying they learned about slenderman through each other. geyser and weier have entered insanity please. the film heavily looks into how much that may have played a role. director irene taylor brodsky says working with the families allowed her to have an open mind when approaching the details of >> when you spend a couple of years with a family, we developed a mutual respect and a relationship. i think it helped me remove any blinders i may have had going into this project, so i believe it allowed me to be more fair.
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additional screenings of the documentary. the victim's family did not participate in the film. coming up at 10:00, we'll have reaction from other people that were inside the theater. on milwaukee's east side, ben hutchison, wisn 12 news. >> badgers fans are celebrating tonight. 12 sports stephanie sutton joins us now. stephanie, u.w. scored a huge upset this afternoon. stephanie: yes, they did. a very surprising upset today for the badgers. not just because they beat 8th -- eighth but how they did it. a complete blowout. the badgers cheerleaders had plenty to cheer about in east lansing. redshirt freshman quarterback alex hornibrook making his first start today and he looked good. hits tight end eric steffes in the endzone. badgers led at the half. 13-6 wisconsin's defense playing great against state in the third quarter. the hit on running back l.j. scott makes him cough up the ball. leo musso scoops it up and heads the other way. check out his spin move along the way. a 66 yard fumble return to
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their home turf today. corey clement with two touchdown runs in the game, including this yarder in the third quarter five--- third quarter. badgers first win at michigan state since 2002, and open their big 10 season with a victory. the final today 30-6. >> very proud today of how the kids played and battled. so often we talk about, you know, it's never perfect, and you just got to keep playing and i thought they did that and did it together. stephanie: so the badgers remain perfect on the season. next week they travel to , michigan to take on the undefeated wolverines. in packer news clay matthews, , morgan burnett and sam shields are all ruled out for tomorrow's home opener against the lions at lambeau field. >> thanks. a developing story out of washington state. the search for the man in this surveillance picture accused of killing five people at a mall last night. he opened fire in the town of burlington, north of seattle. abc's neal karlinsky has the
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>> a new view of a mass murderer. >> all units, male ran into the macy's with a long rifle. we are getting multiple calls. >> surveillance stills providing new evidence in the manhunt for the person seen here who police say opened fire inside a washington mall killing five , people then escaping. >> what we know now from security footage we have recovered is that the suspec weapon. about 10 minutes later, he entered macy's with a rifle, fired multiple times. >> what i saw was that there was a gunman holding a rifle, shooting, and he saw me, and i talk -- took off running. >> joe zavala and his wife were inside macy's when chaos broke out in the makeup department. they not only saw the gunman but the victims too. >> i saw two ladies on the floor, one was face down, a lot
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ground, and it was another lady right next to her. i checked her pulse. she did not have any. >> four women and one man all died. it took officers hours to clear the massive mall while still searching for the suspect. but he reportedly ran out before police arrived. >> employee calling and advising that they are hiding in the break room at this time. >> customers were eventually bused to a nearby church. now, the hunt is on for the gunman considered armed and dangerous. so far, no name or motive for the fbi and atf joining police in the investigation. >> for people waking up this morning, their world has changed forever. the city has probably changed forever. i don't think our way of life needs to change. >> neal karlinsky, abc news, burlington, washington. >> the milwaukee police department is on the lookout for some new recruits. mpd hosted an open house today for the police aide program. young people between 17 and 19 can apply. the position can lead to a career on the force.
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military so i figured i'd join , the police force but its also , something i've wanted to do since i was a kid. >> the goal of the program is bring them in, work with them and once they turn 21 and , they've met all of the benchmarks of the program they , can be promoted to police officers for the city of milwaukee. >> there will be two more open houses next month. you'll find the details on our website, sunday may not be so nice. mark: when they arrive tomorrow, and our chances could be severe, next and weatherwatch 12. >>
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>> a new museum is focusing on a crucial part of our country's history. the national museum of african american history opened in washington d.c. today. , three u.s. presidents, along with celebrities like oprah winfrey and will smith, were all
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tell a powerful story. demand for the museum is so high that tickets are not available until january. moving to whether now, the streak is over. we did not make it to 70 today. mark: i'm trying to find my said face. i don't have a good set face. i'll hide today, 69 degrees, so the streak ends 84 days. the forecast is shaping up pretty decently. warm again tomorrow, back in the 70's. 67 racine, son breaking through. sheboygan, the waves are not nearly as crazy as they were earlier, and i saw a lot of people on the p. -- on the pier. 67 degrees, dew point at 60. soccer going on in glendale. a nice night for that, and a
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tonight. we have another game tomorrow afternoon, and that will be it for the brewers home season. temperature wise, 60's all around southeastern wisconsin. 63 sheboygan. 72 currently and janesville. there is a little bit of moisture, but it is not bad. these numbers go up tomorrow. it will be sticky. we go from here to the near a press of points will be running into the upper 60's, but then it crashes down. if you have been waiting for autumn-like feel to the air, next week is your week. it will finally not be sticky around here for the first time in a while. nice and quiet here, not out here. this is what i'm watching, what is going on out to the west of us. through the afternoon tomorrow, our best chance of seeing rain. 6:00 a.m., all a-ok. we will stay dry through the
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not cut your grass or want to do anything outside, first half of sunday is the better chance to get out there. as the afternoon goes on, scattered showers and thunderstorms. some could be on the strong to severe side. it is a low threat tomorrow, but nonetheless, some of these thunderstorms could contain heavy rain, the possibility of hail, as well as the biggest threat, some damaging wind. that is something i will watch closely. the rain will come fear is but not last long. 77 sunday. we warm up again. the first half the day is looking good. then we cool down. 60's for much of next week to 67 monday. 65 tuesday. cloud cover will develop as the day goes on. friday's temperature, 68, but back to 70 degrees one week from today on saturday. >> i was planning to go for a run tomorrow, but i guess i don't have to, right?
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>> not what i wanted to hear. coming up in sports, the star packers player ruled out for tomorrow's home opener at lambeau field. plus, the badgers dominate on offens russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to ron johnson on social security: johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme. narrator: as senator, johnson's been working to turn it into one. he wants to privatize social security
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-- would turn it into a voucher program, costing seniors thousands out-of-pocket. don't let ron johnson turn social security into a johnson: ponzi scheme. narrator: senator johnson. not for seniors.
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? stephanie: the last time the badgers beat two top 10 teams in the same season, head coach paul chryst wasn't even born yet. but so far this year they knocked off lsu at lambeau field lansing. today was the first start for redshirt freshman quarterback alex hornibrook. and the offense was looking good early on. at the end of the first quarter. hornibrook hits tight end eric steffes in the endzone. badgers in front 7-3. wisconsin's defense looking tough against state. senior quarterback tyler o'connor is picked off by sojourn shelton. and that interception leads to this. the badgers second touchdown of the game. this time, hornibrook hands it off to corey clement. badgers missed the extra point, but are now up 13-3.
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the uw cheerleaders loving it. third quarter now. michigan state with the ball, but running back l.j. scott gets hit and fumbles the ball. leo musso scoops up the loose change and heads the other way. check out his spin move along the way. a 66-yard fumble return all the way to the bank. badgers surprising the spartans on their home turf today. even with a number of starters out, including kicker raphael gaglianone, his replacement andrew endicott did miss an extra point, but nails this 41-yard field goal. the badgers kept clawing at the scoreboard. after another spartans turnover, clement scores his second touchdown on the day. this one a five-yarder in the third quarter. clement with 54 yards on the day. overall a great game for the , badgers defense, inlcluding pewaukee native t.j. watt. he finishes with six tackles and two and a half sacks. badgers remain perfect on the season and win their big 10 opener on the road. the final today 30-6. >> it was a great, great job by our o-line, by our receivers,
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a win and you know, just focus on every play and that's what we , did. >> i believe we make a statement every game, besides coming off of last week, georgia state. i think this is the game we kind of woke people up a little bit more, so you know we're contenders every time come out here on this field. we want respect, but sometimes we're not going to get it, and that's always going to be the fuel to our fire. >> the badgers are at michigan next the packers latest injury saturday. report came out today before , green bay. clay matthews, morgan burnett, and sam shields have been ruled out. meanwhile letroy guion and , datone jones have been downgraded to doubtful. not good news for the packers, but an impressive win on the road today. we will hear more about that on big 12 sports saturday with dan and drew in a few minutes.
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there. let's talk about your saturday evening forecast. things are looking good. 60's throughout this evening. we want drop off a whole lot. partly cloudy skies on the overnight.
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? announcer: right now, this is "big 12 sports saturday." dan: good and welcome to the chuckle hut. good evening and welcome to "big 12 sports saay olson. we were wrong. in the last 10 seasons combined, the badgers have two wins over top 10 teams. this month, wisconsin has two wins over top 10 teams. and, they will get two more opportunities in the next three weeks, against michigan and ohio state. drew, two things jumped off the tv today watching wisconsin's 30-6 win, alex hornibrook, and


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