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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  September 26, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CDT

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romania. the news continues right now. good morning. welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> isle melinda davenport,it is 5:00 on monday, september 26th. it is debate date. >> hillary clinton trump will be debating tonight and the local parties to watch. >> overnight safety alert for the local students. >> but first, taking a live look outside. we are on traffic and weatherwatch 12. we are checking in with matt in a moment. first we are going to sally severson. >> a wind is blowing around the fist of the leaves dropping from the trees.
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long with the highs in the 60s. there is a little low pressure to keep the clouds around. looking warmer toward the end of the week. the clouds are to the east and hugging the south. 60 at the airport. temperatures mid 50s in waukesha. clearing to a party sunny sky this morning. the highs afternoon. >> right now things are in decent shape. this is waukesha 164 and 43, looking good right now on the rock freeway. kwieest across the rest of the freeways as well. if you are jumping in the car soon, no troubles for you. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you.
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presidential debate between democrat hillary clinton and republican donald trump. the polls are show 44% of the likely voters are voting for trump and 46% voting for clinton. election day is looming just six weeks away. we are going to washington on more for what to >> it is a 90 minute debate. before taking the stage tonight at hofstra university, they showed up the foreign policy props. both campaigns explained the meetings and taking swipes. >> what we are concerned is there a double standard here. donald trump can't lie on the
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>> the clinton camp called for donald trump to be fact checked. >> it is not the job of the media to be the virtual fact checkers. >> it is not the moderator's role. >> this format is not designed to push them much past the talking points or the one-liners. >> one of the biggest challenges for hillary clinton is trump is so unpredictable and she doesn't know which donald trump is going to show up. he knows who he's going to be debates. >> this is trump's first time going one on one with another candidate. >> tonight is the first of three
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one is october 9th in st. louis, the final one is october 19th in las vegas. >> the political science department at waukesha is holding a debate. both parties are hosting watch parties. thema is live downtown with a look ahead to both >> well, good morning, melinda, even the political watch parties will be different. they are happening in the city of milwaukee. the democrats are holding one in an office and the republicans are in a restaurant. they are gathering at the milwaukee campaign office. now the group hillary for wisconsin is hosting the watch party tonight at 8:00 for elected officials and supporters
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donald trump supporters at amelia's restaurant with starting at 7 can a pre-debate party. the republican party is hosting that event. live in downtown milwaukee, who will be watching the debate, well, according to the poll 74% of americans say they are to be tuned in tonight to see what happens. live in milwaukee, "wisn 12 news this morning." >> tonight's debate airs here on wisn 12. live coverage from abc news starts at 8:00 p.m. >> in person absentee vote something starting in milwaukee today. you can cast your ballots. two more locations are added
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>> 5:05. market university police are asking the students to be on alert after two robberies on the campus within 8 hours. >> good morning, ben, i am checking out the twitter account right now, last wednesday they sent out a tweet significant reduction in crime on the first full year of the police department and these two tweets over the weekend warning the students of two robberies, one on 13th and another one at 14th and wisconsin. students are being told to check their marquette email for details on this. this is at the marquette police are marking their one anniversary. they saw a 63% decrease in battery and assault and decrease
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they patrol the campus and the surrounding neighborhoods. reporting live from the news room, back to you. campus at uw-milwaukee kick off a week of safety initiatives. the safety officers are holding cpr, safety defense training. students can learn about the health and w campus. the officers want the students to know where to turn in any type of emergency. >> there is stigma on different agencies or police officers and we want our people to know we are approachable and we are here to service them and we can build partnerships. that is where to begin, building the relationships and having a dialogue wheen the officers and the citizens. >> the milwaukee police are
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students about staying safe off of campus. >> the jury trial is starting today in the death of a year. police say that the shooters were meaning to fire at a different house. a number of people are charged in the crime. one is expected in court this morning. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:08. boy, we got to fall in a hurry. >> yes, it is >> temperatures 55 and 60. gusty west winds 15-30 miles per hour. strong low pressure situated to the north. we have a wave coming through this afternoon. we put together a lit m sun and a few clouds in the afternoon. right now the winds are west at 10 miles per hour. they are going to ramp up for this morning and 60 will become
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today. it is a mix of sun and clouds, a slight chance for a stray shower late. the afternoon highs upper 60s. matt? >> it is nice and quiet across the system. if you are headed out the door, things are looking good here. no complaints out there. no delays showing up. all the travel times are in the green. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. two earthquakes hitting within minutes of each other in japan. we are learning more information right now. >> no indications that the island is in danger of a sue nammy. according to japan the first
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kilometers below the ocean surface and 5.7. minutes before a 5.5 hitting the main island. we are following for updates throughout the morning and bring those to you as they are coming in. >> thank you. historic flood levels have the families on edge in iowa. >> this morning they are watching the rivers as they the curfew is now in effect and last minute efforts to protect homes and business. >> count down to tippoff t bucks are practicing this week.
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>> we had a sincere summer. the temperatures above normal. we could have used a little more rain, we are settling into fall and a flipping of the switch
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dragging the cool front through yesterday and handful of warnings but we have ushered in an air mass staying cooler. sunrise 6:44. the winds are picking up throughout the morning and clearing skies. the first leaves are going to begin to fall. going to up 68. matt? >> we are looking pretty good across the system. the roads are dry and the volume is light. we have no system. system wide we are looking good. a quick sample of the travel times. things are looking good. downtown from 7 mile to downtown...
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closing. the closure is expected to last until the middle of 2018. back to you. >> thank you, matt. 5:15. thousands of families are leaving their homes in cedar rapids, iowa. >> yes, it is about the river, it is going to crest tomorrow morning and the second worst flood that the city ever has seen. the first in 2008 hitting feet. yesterday they put up barriers and filled is sandbags. there is a curfew. some neighborhoods are empty after the evacuations. a flood wrning for the
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below flood stage tomorrow morning. >> tim, thank you. wisn 12 news time now is 5:15. i'm wearing green today because the packers are off to a strong start beating the detroit lions at lambeau. rodgers passed for four touchdowns and connecting to nelson. nelson's first at lambeau since 2014. packers win. they have a bye week already. and playing the giants at lambeau october 9th. >> later today, team owners and players on the bucks are getting insight into the upcoming season. they start with a mixed bag of
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last week a four year hundred million contract was signed. the very next day we learned that chris middleton is out for six mnlts after tearing a hamstring. we hear more from the team liter today and tomorrow opening the training cam m in madison. >> now today ellen plays match maker for singer and actress leah >> she's single and looking for a soul mate. >> adorable. i love him. i go with mickel b jordon. >> i guess she's got a boyfriend now. >> you have to tune in to find out. >> see which a-lister wins her
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news at 5:00. >> the thing about that, ellen can make it happen. >> right. >> this morning temperatures are in the 60s. i expect lows a few of them in the 40s. crack the window there. we have a pesky area of low pressure it is going to keep the clouds and around. for today, pretty much changeable does it. the clouds are hugging the east and the south. dry to the north and west. so we sandwich in the sunshine this morning. we have a wave coming in late this afternoon and tonight and likely bring in a few clouds to the north counties. a slight chance of a shower. the low is stuck and cut off from the general part of the
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the great lakes area. regionally 44 at pier. we are seeing a few 40s. temperatures this morning are showing up 54 waukesha. 60 at the airport. we are getting a rebound in the readings into the upper 60s. this is a look into tonight, west winds 15 #-25 miles per hour. occasionally up to 30 miles per hour. lunchtime, most of us a second wave is coming through a. couple of showers may clip the north counties. most are saying dry in the afternoon. the low sags to the south and spreading in the clouds. this is tomorrow at noon, spotty showers and that broad counter clockwise circulation around the low that doesn't want to go any where until thursday. today 68. windy. it is cooler. 48 tonight.
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clouds and spotty showers and thursday and friday a little warm up. >> recognizing excellence at the schools. >> sally is handing out the teacher award of the the season. >> we are going to second grade classroom and surprising her as the first top teacher of this school year. we are going into the >> here we go. >> see how the class reacts to the surprise. these are the best. plus, two presidential candidates are not on the stage tonight but making their voices heard, how they plan to get
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>> that'll wake you up. >> whoa.
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>> i love the roar. we are stopping by classrooms across southeast wisconsin. if you are interested in us stopping by go to and click on the school shout out logo. we are bringing you another year of the top teacher. >> sally found the holy apostles in new berlin. >> elementary school is not always about reading, math and science, it is trying new things and learning who you are. ashley banton teaches second grade in new berlin. she's all about helping the students grow. >> yes, school is about learning, but it is about helping them to be individuals
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later and be good people. >> we are going into the classroom. she was nominated by a holy apostle family, she helped their daughter in becoming more confident. so confident that the seven-year-old landed a part in the high school musical. >> you are the september top teacher. she's always been a top leader. >> i was always the boss at home. tell me what to do. it is obvious that her students think of her more than a teacher. she leads them every day to bigger and better days. >> when you feel that each child is engaged or their eyes are lighting up, and you have reached all of them, those are the good days. >> more than anything, her kids
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we are on the way to third year of top teacher, yes. the last monday of everimont you can see these. it is wonderful to visit them. makes me want to get back into the school uniform. it is wonderful. >> it is a heat wave. >> summer is sticking around in san francisco and how warm it is expected to be there today. >> plus, a controversy around
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>> faces off for the first time, hillary clinton and donald trump will be sharing the stage just hours from now. >> milwaukee's mayor is unveiling the budget plan and the areas of the city that could get a big boost. >> first to weatherwatch 12. we are tracking some of the fall like temperatures as you are getting ready for work and school.
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welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." isle ben wagner. >> i'm melinda davenport. sal? >> the fleece and the long sleeved t's will be coming to the front of the closet. the highs in the 60s for the week. the temperatures are showing up 54 in waukesha. 60 at the airport. going up to 68. the early the east and south andy minnishing. i will keep us dry. sort of an instant fall arriving this morning. overall it is a mix of sun and clouds. the emphasis on the sun this morning. blustery winds.


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