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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  September 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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open fire, and it will-year-old boy who was seated in a vehicle was shot. he has been taken to children's hospital, where he is being treated for was described as non-life-threatening injuries. that is certainly the good news as police continue to investigate the scene. they don't have anyone under arrest related to this shooting yet, but as we come alive now, the milwaukee police continue to investigate in this area. talking to people, looking for witnesses trying to get to the bottom of what may have started this incident that led up to the shooting. again, a drive-by shooting, a moving vehicle opening fire, a 12-year-old boy shot. we are told they are non-life-threatening injuries. nick bohr, wisn 12 news. kathy: now to a 12 news investigation. charges have been filed against the mother and father of a
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joyce: police say the gun belonged to the little boy's father. wisn 12 news terry sater is live where it happened at 20th and hadley. terry, you've been looking into this father's past. terry: the criminal complaint says the six-year-old boy's father is a convicted felon and that's why he's not supposed to have a firearm. he left the .9 mm semi-automatic handgun inside the house without a trigger lock. milwaukee police led mother nicole jackson from her home she's now charged with leaving a loaded firearm near a child. loaded firearm near a child. the father dominique phillips is also charged. prosecutors say their 6-year-old son shot his 9-year-old brother with his father's .9 mm handgun. the criminal complaint says the bullet entered the bottom left of the 9-year-old's neck and came out his back near the left shoulder blade. the 6-year-old told police he used a chair in the kitchen to
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the cabinet. when he was holding the gun in both his hands and his brother was standing in front of him. his brother put his hands on his hands. his brother wiggled his hands and this made him shoot his brother. the younger boy told investigators he'd seen the gun twice before. once when he was with his dad on the front porch during the summer. the mother first told officers the gun belonged to her. but when she talked to officers again she admitted the gun belonged to phillips. phillips' record. in one case he was found not guilty of being a gunman in a shooting. his convictions, all drug possession. in milwaukee, terry sater, wisn 12 news. joyce: the wounded 9-year-old was rushed to children's hospital with broken ribs. police tell us tonight the child is still in the hospital. police say they didn't find a lockbox or gun safe in the house. kathy: now our big story. a young milwaukee woman gunned down in glendale
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investigators gathered evidence, including what may have been shell casings in the parking lot of the orthopedic hospital of wisconsin for about five hours this morning. the 19-year-old was pronounced dead on the scene. police deemed the area safe and secure, suggesting the homicide isn't random. still, the people who work at the complex admit they've been uneasy all day. >> it definitely concerns me. i work unbelievable that this happened here. kathy: it's not clear yet if the woman killed also worked here. the hospital isn't commenting. joyce: we're getting a snapshot of spending in milwaukee next year. mayor tom barrett presented his budget proposal today. police funding accounts for the biggest portion of that budget. however, the proposal calls for staffing levels to remain the same with more than 150 new officers merely replacing the officers expected to retire in the next year.
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increasing pension costs and less money coming in from the state. >> i know there are a lot of people who would love to see more police officer, but we have to have the funds to do it -- we have to have that partnership with wisconsin. joyce: also included in the budget, an average increase in homeowner taxes and municipal fees of about $37. this is the mayor's initial budget proposal. hearings will be held over the coming months. and a big surprise in that budget address, talgo is returning to milwaukee. you may recall that the left town after a controversial dispute with the state, now, as kent wainscott reports, the company is bringing trains, and jobs, back to the central city. kent: if there was a bombshell in the budget, this was it. mayor tom barrett announced that the spanish train maker, with a rocky history in wisconsin, landed a huge contract with the city of los angeles, and is bringing the
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to refurbish railcars and milwaukee's century city. kent: it was big news when talgo began building railcars for a proposed high-speed line between milwaukee and madison. and bigger news when then newly-elected governor scott walker killed the deal, saying it would be too costly for the state to maintain. though the state eventually lost millions in a lawsuit settlement with the company which left wisconsin, it appeared, for good. >> as hard as the governor work even harder to build a solid relationship with the company, and an eye has paid off. kent: now, city leaders, like council president ashanti hamilton are celebrating talgo's return. >> i think it is poetic justice. we always felt there was no need for us to burn that bridge. kent: the mayor says he hopes to know soon when he plans to
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railcars will be rolling off the line. kent wainscott, wisn 12 news. joyce: talgo is not commenting yet on the number of jobs it could bring, but city leaders say it could be in the range of 25 to 30. the news comes just a day after another big announcement about the century city site. the company 'rev group' is competing for a huge government contract. it's partnering with an automotive company to create a prototype for the next generation of u.s. postal service vehicles. if chosen, vehicles would be 180,000 built at the century city warehouse. and the stage is set. this is a live look from hofstra university in new york where in just a few hours, for the first time, presidential nominees hillary clinton and donald trump will go head to head. it's the first of three primetime debates leading up to the november election. sally kidd is live outside the debate hall in new york state. sally, what should we watch for tonight? sally: there are a lot of questions about the candidates' demeanor and how they will play it tonight.
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or the hardest punch. two podiums in place for an epic showdown between two of the least liked presidential candidates in modern history. the question everyone's asking, which donald trump will show up? >> i think he's going to fling some wild charges and call her crooked and, you know, i guess try to throw her off balance. sally: but will clinton take the bait? >> it' that has to be her first priority. her second goal really would be to try to bait donald trump into making a mistake. sally: the high stakes match up comes as new national polls from bloomberg and quinnipiac put the race in a virtual dead heat. both candidates struggling with high negatives. >> both candidates need to solidify their core supporters and make sure they get them out to the polls and reach out to the undecided voters in swing
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sally: hours before the debate, trump came out with a new debate filter for snapchat, referring to clinton as crooked hillary, while clinton's camp has a new video highlighting what it says are lies trump might repeat tonight. >> i was always against the war in iraq. sally: can trump stay on message? will clinton connect with viewers? the expectations and the hype are sky high. the debate hall will be packed -- trump ago and hundreds of audience members are starting to pour in. 75 million watching at home. the first question will go to clinton. sally kidd, wisn 12 news. kathy: millions are expected to watch the debate tonight. wisn 12 news melinda davenport spoke to world news anchor david muir about his thoughts ahead of the primetime showdown. >> we are in new york city at abc news headquarters.
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tonight's debate. he says the stakes are high for donald trump and hillary clinton. >> you have your first female domine for a major party on that stage, donald trump's first time against one other person. he did all those debates during the primary, but there were a multitude of candidates. this time it is one-on-one. it's different for her because she makes history tonight. the stakes, we always say this, but i honestly think this time they could not be higher. >> all eyes will be on the debate tonight, starting at 8:00, right here on wisn 12. kathy: tonight's presidential debate will air right here on wisn 12. you can watch abc's live coverage, starting at eight. look for in-depth coverage after the debate tonight on wisn 12 news. "upfront" host mike gousha will also discuss wisconsin's role in the november election.
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joyce: all eyes on the presidential debate tonight and right now both campaigns are targeting wisconsin. donald trump and his running mate mike pence had scheduled visits to the waukesha area this week. the pence event has been postponed. trump will speak at the waukesha expo center wednesday night. as for hillary clinton, no word when she will return to wisconsin. her daughter chelsea is expected in the green bay area this week. some of the first ballots in milwaukee county have been cast. early voting is now underway at zeidler municipal building, downtown. polls are open weekdays between two more locations will be added next month, one at the midtown center and another at the forest home library. both of these open on october 10. all the information you need to know on early voting can be found on and our free app. kathy: robbed at gunpoint outside the delafield kohls. new tonight at 10:00, how the victim says she was followed from inside the store into the parking lot. and the ties the suspects have to another bold robbery in waukesha county.
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long term. the major artery you won't be able to take until spring of next year and how to get around the roadblock. fall weather has truly arrived. mark: it would be the coolest weather. how long it lasts, next. >> it's just a part of milwaukee you know you can't escape it. joyce: a milestone for a milwaukee favorite. the short-term fix now in place at the tropical dome. kathy: then, see orange cones? put down the phones. the state law about to take effect, banning cell phones in
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kathy: back to breaking news in milwaukee. police say a 12-year-old boy has been shot in a drive by shooting. it happened just before 4:00 at holton and locust in riverwest. the 12-year-old was in a car when someone in another car fired shots. the boy was rushed to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. check the wisn 12 news mobile app for updates. joyce: new on wisn 12, offering people a place to go. a police department in northeastern wisconsin has set up a safe room at its station.
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the town's police chief says the room features a heavy steel door, clearly marked safe room. there are internal locks on the door and around-the-clock access. inside, there's an emergency button to call for help. >> it could be used for domestic violence related incidents as well as maybe a sexual assault and maybe even road rage. as far as having an incident occur, they can occur anywhere, anytime, in any community. joyce: the safe room is available 24 hours a day. kathy: see orange cones? put down the phones. that's the message from the dot, ahead of a new state law set to take effect this weekend. starting on october 1, it will be illegal to talk on a hand-held mobile device while driving through a work zone. the goal is to protect construction workers and reduce distracted driving. drivers who don't hang up could face fines between 40 and $100.
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-- a new milestone for a popular landmark. joyce: mitchell park's tropical dome reopened today. the tropical and desert domes have been closed for months because of concerns over falling concrete. the short term fix? mesh safety netting you'll now see inside the dome, until the county decides on a long-term solution. visitors we spoke to say you can hardly notice the mesh, they're just glad the dome is back open. >> you could say it's like a giant birdcage, and we have the birds here don't we? and if you take a long term view, come a couple times a year, you don't even notice it. joyce: the show dome has been open since april. the desert dome is expected to reopen in november. kathy: yesterday fell tropical. mark: completely different than what we have had for months. we have had a really sticky stretch of weather, mostly july,
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are done in the 30's -- that's a huge difference. a gorgeous shot outside from our station, 66 degrees, dew point at 34. it has been a breezy day, feels like 66 because we have low levels of humidity. we are looking back over lake michigan -- be ready for anything you are doing this evening or if you are heading out to the restaurant. with temperatures falling down quickly into the 50's. i will take you back in time, sunday at 9:00, the dew point in milwaukee was 70 with the dry air working in and watch what happens as this continues to take over. dew point continues to go down and down and down. i do not expected to be in the
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temperatures to fall pretty quickly. we had a couple showers in northern counties and this is rain coming out of the clouds and some of it not making it to the ground. precipitation coming out, and before it hits the ground, there's a little rainbow. you can see a couple showers working their way out of here, temperatures will be cool with most areas into the 110 days since it was 40 degrees. a lot of you are excited -- it's good sleeping weather but the cool air makes you think things are coming up quickly. halloween is just 35 days away. christmas is less than three months away. really quite right now out to the west of us, clouds and a
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but for the most part we stay mostly clear. here comes the cloud cover some rain showers later on and that trend continues off and on throughout the day on wednesday. it will be way cooler than we have seen -- 64 on tuesday, 61 on wednesday. most of tuesday will be dry and the clouds will arrive in the afternoon with showers later in the afternoon. go chili, it doesn't look bad. then this low pressure center will stick around all the way into the weekend, mostly cloudy skies heading into friday, saturday, sunday and clearing out toward the beginning of next week. joyce: a major setback for the bucks before the start of training camp. dan: khris middleton talks about the surgery he will have thursday that will cause him to miss most of the season.
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and it appears the badgers have found their quarterback for the next three plus seasons. why alex hornibrook wasn't fazed by his first college start. it's all next in big 12 sports. russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to ron johnson on social security: johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme. narrator: as senator, johnson's been working to turn it into one. he wants to privatize social security putting benefits at risk. and he attacks medicare -- would turn it into a voucher program, costing seniors thousands out-of-pocket. don't let ron johnson turn social security into a johnson: ponzi scheme. narrator: senator johnson.
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dan: when the nfl schedule came out, having the bye in week four didn't seem to be an advantage for the packers. but with a handful of starters out right now, it comes at a very good time. the shorthanded packers led the lions yesterday 31-3 late in the first half, then held on to win by seven. mike mccarthy was criticized for being too conservative in the second half. here was the coach's rebuttal this afternoon. >> conversation anyway you want it, 34 points in 24 minutes, and it is important to run the football in the second half. we had that 14 point swinger with a 7 point drive. the sense of time in possession was lopsided. dan: the eighth ranked badgers
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at 2:30, right here on wisn 12. another test for freshman quarterback alex hornibrook. in his first collegiate start, the lefty looked remarkably composed in the win at michigan state converting 7 third downs, and he was two for two on fourth downs. next up is an even better opponent, and as you might expect, hornibrook and the players around him are relaxed. >> it hasn't been too tough to adjust, but the part that i liked in thet it is what i have liked since i was young. i love going out and practicing. nothing is boring. it's never a drag for me. i just like going out and playing. dan: the bucks open training camp tomorrow in madison today was media day in st. francis, and much of the attention was focused on khris middleton, who will miss most of the season with a torn hamstring. >> it is tough, but my work doesn't go to waste.
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working on my body, just trying to see the light in the dark place. >> it is real tough watching him go through that. but i know he is a strong guy and you can only expect the best out of him. he will not let a small thing hold him back. it will make him stronger. dan: and the operation football game of the week for this friday will be union grove at waterford an overwhelming winner with 82% of your votes. now it's time to vote for next week's featured game. the choices are whitefish bay at homestead, brookfield east at marquette, or milwaukee morse-marshall at milwaukee king. you can cast your vote on joyce: we continue to follow breaking news, a 12-year-old shot in river west. let's go back to nick bohr. nick: police are about to clear the scene. this is holding, still blocked
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this vehicle, that still has the bullet holes in the rear door. i want to show you video from a few minutes ago, where we had a couple people being arrested at the scene. we saw a woman and a male being arrested and taken away. we don't know what connection may have, if any, to the shooting, but it was right out in front of where this gunfire took place a little over two hours ago. the boy, we are told, has non-life-threatening injuries. he has been taken to children's hospital, where he is being treated. milwaukee police promise to keep us updated as they search for suspect, and of course the motive behind a strike by shooting. nick bohr, wisn 12 news. kathy: we will have an update tonight at 10:00. mark: leadtime, we have a beautiful sunset.
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shorter, and it has cooled off dramatically. temperatures this evening will fall back down to the 50's, breezy through the night, windy again tomorrow. and be ready for some showers
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move. inside the reported $12 million malibu rental. and why brad hasn't seen the kids since the split. >> that could be a reason why brad has not seen the >> and, britney backstage inside the iheart music festival. and the grammy winner who just got engaged. >> i'm super happy. >> plus, as the royals take canada, why is mark wahlberg invading buckingham palace? >> yeah, all the time. >> and you've seen them burn up the dance floor. >> now see the dancing couple tear up the racetrack at 165 miles per hour.


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