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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  September 27, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CDT

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evening i will be blamed for everything that ever happened. >> why not? >> yes, why not. join the debate by saying more crazy things. now -- >> nothing crazy about not letting the companyings bring their money back to the company. >> the first presidential debate is a wrap. the issues that triggered the heated battles and what the the first is now over. good morning, i'm ben wagner. it is 5:00 on september 27th. first though, we are on traffic and weatherwatch 12 for you. we are checking in with matt salemme in a moment. first to sally severson. >> we are keeping your eyes on the radar, this morning we enjoy the sunshine. the best part of the day are the
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little sunshine. the sun is up 6:45. we see the temperatures that are 48-55 this morning. by noon, everybody is close to 60. overcast and dry. showers hold off until tonight. this morning it is 53 as we get a live look at the airport. the winds are southwest at ten miles per hour. there are the leading edges of the clouds. we'll look at the mostly cloudy skies for much matt doesn't have much out there right now. >> yes, it is quiet on the roads. looking through the plainfield curve. pavement is dry. on the computer the travel times are all in the green at this point... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you.
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>> this morning the candidates for president are returning to the campaign trail. at times the tempers flared at they offered different visions for the country. we are in washington now with a recap of that show down. >> ben, donald trump and hillary clinton are claiming victory this morning after going head to head for the first time. it started nice. >> donald, it is good to be with you. >> i want t >> this person has a temperment and a problem. >> whoa, okay. this is a man called women pigs, slobs and dogs. >> getting personal, they spurred over the economy and security, like the war in iraq. >> donald supported the invasion into iraq. >> wrong, wrong.
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one. >> some of your debates against president obama you treated him with low respect. >> when drunz questioned hillary clinton's stamina. >> she doesn't have look or the stamina. the stamina. i don't believe she does have the >> as soon as he negotiates the countries and negotiates and spends 11 hours testifying in front of a committee, talk to me about the stamina. >> they'll need the stamina as they are returning to the stump today. >> supporters of both donald
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discussing the debate. >> finding out who won the debate depends on who you ask. let's check in with governor walker. he was live and tweeting the debate. he had questions he would ask clinton and wrote clinton sounds like a robot reading the talking points. vice president joe biden thought hillary clinton did a good job and tet proves she's ready to be the president. i will be watching for reaction on social media and bringing it to you throughout the show. >> agong with governor walker's tweets, wisconsin is getting attention from the candidates. mike pence was scheduled to come to town today and that is postponed.
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noom nominee is coming to wisconsin on thursday. chelsea clinton will be coming to wisconsin. look for more reports on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> an investigation is underway after a veteran was found dead at the va clinic in toma over the weekend. the workers tried to revive the man. we are told that the man was assistance program. that is a nonprofit dedicated to ending veteran homelessness. there have been come mrapts against the va, including overprescribing medications and culture of fear among the employees. >> possible changes to the parks you use every day. that is up for discussion later today. thema is live for us this morning downtown with a look ahead.
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you and everyone using the parks, good morning, ben, from veteran's park. this is a place where thousands come to walk, run, and jog. officials want to make sure you can spend time in the park in the best way possible. the county launched the parks with a purpose campaign. it includes year master plan and 2050 park and open space plan. long term improvements and changes and environmental concerns are part of the discussions. back here live, if you can not make it today, no worries, next week you have two more chances.
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"wisn 12 news this morning." >> thank you, thema. >> we expect to learn about how water is used in milwaukee and around the country. this morning at 9 clrn 30 marquette university will release the findings from the water study. the researchers have been been looking at threats facing the water used by the american manufacturers including pollution and draught and terrorist contamination. the findings will be pse >> this comes as milwaukee mayor barrett calls for the council to set aside moneys to deal with the threats to the drinking water. the mayor proposed $5.2 million to replace the water lines. he also wants to set aside money to replace 300 lead lines that
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the common council has the final say on the budget proposals. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:08. turning to weatherwatch 12, sal, we are talking temperatures in the 40s this morning, put on a jacket for the first time today. >> plenty of people are grabbing a lighter jacket. temperatures next several days hold in the low to mid 60s for the highs. this morning a star shine. but the clouds are going to fill in throughout the day today. the hour by hour forecast, for the morning the prettiest part of the day. west breezes, we are becoming mostly cloudy. we are overcast by noon or 1:00. we'll look at temperatures that hold in the 60s. never too early to talk about the weekend, for saturday, mostly cloudy, looking dry for now. 66.
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sunday. matt? >> thank you, sal. if you are headed out, it is looking good. 43 and brown looking up to the curve. no troubles in either direction. no crashes on the system right now. that is a look at the morning commute. >> later today the cedar river is expected to crest at 23 feet in cedar the second highest level in the city's history. tim is watching the situation now. tim? >> we are looking at the flood evacuation plan for the city of cedar rapids and the homeowners are being asked to leave the neighborhoods but not all of the orders are mandatory this morning. we are looking at the map, it is showing the evacuation zone.
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flood stage. the schools have cancelled classes. this is the largest second flood in history. the red cross opened two shelters there and the emergency workers are flying in to help. the national guard has been activated and the state patrol is pitching in as well. they don't expect it to fall until thursday and that is when the real damage estimates w >> presidential faceoff before election day. the milwaukee admirals are holding a poll. when you can cast your ballot and get a bobble head. >> plus, an iron chef comes to southeast wisconsin. the recipe he's sharing with a
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>> welcome back. great to have you with us on this tuesday, september 27th. we are looking live outside downtown. 5:15 this morning. it is chilly. we are getting to that time of the year. >> yes, the normal highs are
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in the upper 40s. that is where we are this week. we are looking at milwaukee institute art and design. we are peeking at the third ward this morning. not much out there. the clouds are filling in from the north. 53 and fair at the airport. dew point is 38. for today, becoming cloudy. light showers in place for us. they are scatter and breezy gh matt? >> the roads are looking good. no reason to hurry. traffic watch is showing we are trouble free as far as the travel times are concerned across the board. no crashes to slow you down. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. this morning a 12-year-old boy is recovering after being hurt
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tim? >> police spent hours combing through the vehicle, and looking at the bullet holes and clues there. this happened around hadley and holton in milwaukee. the boy was riding in the backseat with another 14-year-old boy and someone drove by and shooting. the boy was taken to the hospital and he's expected okay. a crew saw the police putting two people in handcuffs. we are still waiting to hear from investigators about why those people were taken away in cuffs. ben, back to you. >> thank you, tim. later today, governor walker is expected to lay out a new plan to make college cheaper for wisconsin students.
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affordability by growing the dual enrollment programs in high schools. >> later today, celebrity chef is stopping by the university school of milwaukee and hosting a cooking class for the middle school students. he's competed on iron chef and cut throat kitchen. the class is not so intense, but he's going to teach the kids how to make a couple of dishes. today for the milwaukee bucks, while one of the stars is working to get healthy. chris middleton is having a hamstring surgery. yesterday, the head coach told the reporters von and plumley will be working at camp. they play on saturday an exhibition game.
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saturday, october 15th against the bulls. >> the milwaukee admirals open at panther arena. they have announced the decision 2016 bobble heads, clinton and trump. both in full admirals gear. the first five thousand fans on november 5th can pick their candidate. >> baseball season is winding down for the jonathan lucroix and reuniting, he had his first time up. trying to steal second. two run homer for a brewer lead. then a 3-run shot in the 7th. 8-3 brew crew. >> 5:17.
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faster man bolt is stopping by ellen today. the comedian's tweet caught on fire. >> i love you, thanks for being here. it is fun having you. >> do you need to run errands? >> why is that? is>> i got you. i will take you. >>he can throw ellen off like that. they are named for the cheetah. see the interview today on ellen at 4:00 and followed by wisn 12 news at 5:00. ellen was not prepared for the question. >> she's so funny.
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of star shine in place. there it is, broad low pressure continues to just sort of meander over the great lakes and what is going to happen, this is a cut-off low. this is pin wheeling periods of clouds and bits of rain from time to time over the next few days and for today, we look at increasing clouds this morning. 53 at the airport. a couple of 30s the dakotas. the temperatures 75 in los angeles. 90 santa barbara. we are looking at increasing clouds in place here at home. the leading edge of the clouds are coming into dodge and fond du lac and sheboygan counties. a stray shower in the afternoon commute. better chances for a few showers
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this is 9:00. little area of light rain. no severe weather. they are garden variety lieblth rain showers overall. tomorrow clouds are stubborn. looking at a couple of showers for wednesday. i may keep the showers in the forecast through thursday until the pattern begins to break down for us. 63 today. winds are 12-22. increasing clouds. showers after 5:00. scattered and light. 49 61 tomorrow. mid 60s on thursday. as we move to weekend, the forecast is improving a little. 64 on saturday, 66 on sunday. >> 5:20. we are getting into the holiday spirit a little early this morning. ??
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transsiberian. >> where the drones were spotted
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>> good morning, class. thank you for the great tuesday morning shout out. if you are interested in getting a visit, just like this e, the school shout out logo on the home page and we'll schedule a time to stop by to say hello. >> presidential politics invade the ballroom, before the debate last night, the candidates make a came owe of sorts of dancing with the stars. the show was shortened to 60 minutes because of the debate.
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facing off in pairs. gymnast and partner danced the tango. they won immunity. see who gets eliminated tonight on wisn 12, the >> a pilot in san diego created two drones in the image of the presidential candidates. he was spotted flying them over the weekend. the pilot is not looking to take sides in the election, he just wants to have a little fun. they are big too. they are life size. bring the candidates home with you too. the company hopes to pop the
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they can found in stores like target. there is even, don't forget, bernie sanders has one too. news time is 5:26. a pet big looking for a new home, this pig was born without back legs and talking about the care he needs for the the future. >> life saving lessons and where you can go later today. a live look at the roads this morning. this is 41, 45.
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>> 25, you were totally out of control. i said there's a person with a temperament that's got a problem. >> secretary clinton? >> woo! okay!
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it was a contentious showdown between the two candidates with policy discussions and personal insults. a full break down is just moments away. >> we take a live look outside. it is a cool day in store for us. there are some possible showers sticking around today. >> that is part of lincoln memorial drive there. we'll tell you when to grab your umbrella. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda is on assignment today. i've stepped into the weather center with meteorologist sally severson. i looked outside, it is clear right now. >> the rain is holding off until later in the day. the first coolish shot moving into the great lakes. the temperatures 50s and 60s with the west breezes. stubborn low pressure is going to continue to just sort of pin


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