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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  September 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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talked with the mother of another boy in that same car who wasn't hit. >> kids, parents, and everybody needs to know that guns and violence are not the answer. if you have a problem, talk it out, or that is what the law is for, get everything heated down a little bit. >> we watched monday as two people were arrested at the scene. one of them, a 32-year-old woman remains in custody on a , probation violation as police continue to investigate. again, police still looking for that suspect. they tell less know who they are looking for. patrick: thank you. the search continues tonight for the suspect in the murder of a 19-year-old woman in glendale. her body was found around 5:30 a.m. yesterday morning in the parking lot of the orthopedic hospital of wisconsin. police say she had been shot. it's not clear if the woman worked at the facility. toya: hillary clinton and donald trump return to the campaign trail after their first face-to-face debate. both candidates are claiming
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abc's maggie rulli is following what's next from washington, d.c. >> did anybody see that debate last night? oh, yes, one down and two to go. >> hillary clinton rowling supporters on the road to north carolina. meanwhile, donald trump also relishing last nht while in florida. >> all the polls have me winning. >> after spending the morning on fox and friends playing defense. when asked about clinton's attack on how he treated former miss universe alicia machado. donald trump doubles down. >> she was the winner, and, you know, she gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem.
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with this advertisement in response. >> they call me miss piggy, call me miss housekeeping. the day of attacks following last night's heated showdown with exchanges that seemed so out of place they even had the audience laughing, even though they were supposed to remain quiet. >> i have a feeling by the end of this evening i'm going to be blamed for everything that's ever happened. >> why not? >> why not? trump of his tax returns. >> he had to turn them over to state authorities when he was trying to get a casino license and they showed he didn't pay any federal income tax. >> that makes me smart. >> and trump quick to fire back. >> as soon as she releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted. as soon as she releases them, i will release, i will release my tax returns. >> we can expect to hear plenty more fiery arguments between
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to bring more times. but for the next debate, it's the vice presidential candidates who will take center stage. that will be next tuesday in farmville, virginia. toya: trump will be in wisconsin tomorrow. he's holding a rally at the waukesha expo center wisn 12 news will be there. watch for our reports at 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00 and on thursday, , anne holton, the wife of democratic v.p. nominee tim kaine, will be in milwaukee. chelsea clinton, hillary's daughter, will in green bay on friday. world news has continuing coverage of the campaign trail as we countdown to november. you can watch their reports tonight at 5:30, right after this newscast. patrick: a jailhouse informant takes the stand in the shooting death trial of a five-year-old milwaukee girl. laylah petersen died nearly two years ago. she was sitting on her grandfather's lap when bullets pierced through the home, hitting and killing her. police say the shooters meant to fire at a different house in an attempt to settle a dispute. in court today, carl barrett junior investigators believe he , was one of the people who fired the shots that killed
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informant. he told the prosecutor he wore a recording device while talking to another man who knew about the shooting. two other men, arlis gordon and paul farr, are also charged in petersen's death. >> that's not right. patrick: new tonight, the dallas police department is looking for new officers in milwaukee. the agency will be part of a career fair next week at uwm. dallas police tell wisn 12 news, they're looking to hire 300 more officers. the department saw articles about milwaukee's unemployme rate and picked milwaukee as one , of several cities they'll travel to to recruit. the career fair is on october six. toya: he was a journalist who killed documenting the horrors of war. now the story of james foley is on film. the documentary was featured at the milwaukee film festival and today at his alma mater, marquette. wisn 12 news' mike anderson was there. >> i believe frontline journalism is important.
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will be. >> aided by an hbo documentary, the world is now seeing and hearing why journalist james foley risked his life. foley went to school at marquette, and his documentary was featured tuesday in a special presentation of on the issues with mike gousha. >> jim foley was a journalist working in syria in 2012 when he was kidnapped by isis, and two years later, he was executed. >> and classmate at marquette. he appears in the documentary and took part in the discussion. >> if there is a silver lining, it is that jim's legacy as a live, and it is doing good things in terms of journalism, especially in terms of safety. >> also helping to keep jim's legacy alive is meg jones, a journalist who has covered wars in afghanistan and iraq. >> he was a sweet, nice guy who wanted to do what a lot of people don't want to do, and
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harms way to tell stories that others aren't, but it is so needed. >>'s legacy is not only shared here, where he went to school, but with journalism students everywhere. toya: the james foley story is now available on i-tunes and amazon. patrick: new on wisn ensuring 12, everyone has clean drinking water. it is a study led by ue competitiveness and ao smith , corporation. and ao smith , corporation. they brought together experts from around the country to create a list of recommendations on how to preserve water resources, specifically in manufacturing. marquette's president says it's an opportunity for milwaukee to step forward as a leader in reform. to be able to deploy some of the resources we have here within the city through the water council through marquette and others we really could be looked , at like a leader in helping address some of the problems the country is facing when it comes to water.
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be presented to the next president of the united states. we have a food recall to tell you about tonight. tyson is recalling more than 130,000 pounds of cooked chicken nuggets. the usda says the recall affects the five-pound bags of fully cooked panko chicken nuggets. they have a use by date of july 18, 2017. the recall comes after a customer reported finding foreign material in the chicken. officials say it might have come from a piece of plastic used to make the nuggets. if you have them, throw the bag away or return it to the store you bought them from. if you want to read more about website,, or our free app. patrick: right now people are keeping a close eye on rising floodwater in iowa. so far, officials say a system of temporary floodwalls have successfully protected thousands of homes and businesses in cedar rapids. the cedar river is cresting today at its second-highest level in history. crews worked through the night to pump out water that seeped through the barriers. thousands of people have been evacuated. the national guard has been
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rain moving in right now. mark, the temps are fitting for the season, feeling more fall-like out there. mark: yes. that rain is coming down. 60 degrees, and you would think that is not that bad, but it feels colder than we have been for a very long time around here, and that is tough to take. here are the rain showers. w the showers moved to the east southeast of 30 5-40 miles per hour. this will continue all through the evening, so if you have plans, be ready for cooler temperatures, 37 degrees at 7:00, rain showers continue. how long this rain sticks around and when we will warm things back up, coming up in weatherwatch 12. patrick: lost at sea for a week.
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spending several days on an inflatable raft. the incredible water rescue and the heartbreak the family still faces tonight. patrick: then, the disruption on live t.v. that brought dancing with the stars to a halt. tonight, we're learning the charges they face after their on-air protest. toya: and, this might make the cover of one couple's wedding album. photobombed by tom hanks the , story behind the random encounter is coming up. >> hey everyone. i'm ben wagner. a familiar roar in a local neighborhood. morning, the special event that's sending regular drivers on laps around the milwaukee mile. plus, we'll be on weather watc, -- weather watch as you get ready for work and school. see you tomorrow morning from workers: he campaigned as a job creator but senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. good manufacturing jobs just disappeared. ceos and giant corporations get richer guys with families... guys like me? just gets harder and harder to get ahead.
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for people like me. people like me. russ: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because wisconsin's middle class
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announcer: leading the way with important local coverage, you are watching wisn 12 news at 5:00 with toya washington, patrick paolantonio chief meteorologist mark baden. wisn 12 news at 5:00 continues. patrick: more than $6 million. that's how much a company has been fined for a rollercoaster crash in the u.k.
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this is surveillance video of the car packed with people slamming into an empty test car. he spent a week lost at sea in a life raft. toya: tonight, this vermont man is back with his family. 22-year-old nathan carman and his mom set off on a fishing trip last weekend. their boat sank. his mother has not yet been found and the search has been called off. carman was found sunday on an inflatable raft by a chinese freighter. >> on water, he got his liferaft and went looking for his mom and could not find her. >> i was thrilled that they found him, and i was devastated that linda wasn't with him. toya: carman arrived at a boston coast guard base this afternoon. the family revealed today that he has asperger's syndrome, a form of autism. patrick: right now let's go to the newsroom. joyce garbaciak is there with a look at some of the stories coming up on wisn 12 news at 6:00. joyce: new tonight on wisn 12
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how police are hoping a hot dog could help them solve a string of violent robberies at local -- a local store. then a warning tonight, the , every day household appliance sparking several house fires in one local county. how to protect yourself and your family. that's coming up all new tonight at 6:00. patrick: two protesters who stormed the stage on "dancing with the stars" are now facing charges. the men ran out right after olympic swimmer ryan lochte performed in the season premiere. they screamed "liar" in reference to lochte lying about a robbery at the rio olympics. the men were knocked to the ground by security. they' misdemeanors. if convicted, they could face six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. tonight, a second couple will be eliminated on "dancing with the stars." find out who goes home at 7:00 tonight. that's followed by an all-new "marvel's agents of shield." then stay with us for 12 news at 10:00. toya: a possible cell phone battery fire doesn't appear to be affecting brand loyalty for samsung. the batteries in several galaxy note 7s caught fire which lead to a massive recall.
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are sticking with the note-seven. samsung says more than 60% of users in the u.s. have already gotten the replacement. it is a big, huge, massive weekend for badger fans. patrick: i know what you're doing this weekend. you will be parked in front of the tv. wisconsin travels to ann arbor saturday to face michigan in the big house in the battle of undefeated teams. it's a game you'll see only right here on wisn 12. our ra watson live from ann arbor. then catch the badgers and wolverines live saturday afternoon at 2:30. and stay tuned for big 12 sports saturday at 6:30 for complete post-game coverage. are you already biting your nails? toya: i am quite nervous. a chilly rain is moving in right now. patrick: it feels pretty chilly because we are not used to these temps.
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acclimated. we are not acclimated to it just yet. more on that and the second, in the meantime, have the umbrella handy tonight. it is breezy out there. 60 is our current temperature. do point temperature is low at 44, and we do have showers moving in as we speak. where we have showers, we have cooler temperatures. where the rain is right now. the rain is bringing down that cooler air to the surface, so we are cooling down to the 50's. where hanging on to the 60's in milwaukee, racine, and kenosha, but not for long. the wind is not nearly as bad as it was. 22 in fond du lac and janesville. the wind will die off a little
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get 60 and april, people are outside in shorts and t-shirts and having a ball, going to the beach. 60 in september and people are complaining that it is so cold. temperatures were only a tiny bit below average. if you are heading out, take the jacket and rain jacket as temperatures will fall off a bit , shower, shower, shower continues off and on throughout the night. that means it is just a light rain, kind of a nuisance as we head through the evening. it could be creating traffic issues during rush hour. light rain in the metro area from milwaukee to oak creek, northern suburbs, waukesha county, jefferson county along i-94. the rain continues to come down in a few pockets waupun near
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waupun, where we are seeing heavier rain. around the state, that was sweet through through the evening -- sweep through the evening hours. this is called a cut off low. it starts meandering. it looks like spaghetti plots when we are doing a hurricane forecast. watch its strange pattern as it heads to the of cincinnati, circle cincinnati, then decides to come back to indiana, through southern michigan, may have an impact on the badgers game. because it is hanging around so long, we have this in our forecast for much of the rest of the week, scattered showers. it will not be raining the whole time. you need to be ready for showers at any point during those 24 hours.
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but the majority of the day is dry, then that low pressure center comes back closer to us, and that will bring back the rain. temperatures not dropping off a time, near 50 degrees in most locations with the northwestern wind at 5-10. we will be lucky to get to 60 tomorrow. more on that. 66, a decent day on thursday. more showers rolling back in on friday. showers again on saturday. sunday looking good as that low moves out. a couple of nice days on monday and tuesday, high temperatures warming back above average early next week. patrick: above average, it seems like that has been the story. toya: acclimated, acclimated.
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at 10:00, every day people trained to save lives. plus, a medical first, a baby born to three people. why scientists combined dna from a mother, a father, and an egg donor. that is all new tonight on wisn 12 news at 10:00. toya: it's a photo bomb like no other. patrick: and it's one for the wedding album. the chance meeting between newlyweds everywhere. tonight, adele has reached a new milestone. the success behind her new diamond status. announcer: like, comment, and share with the news team you trust.
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toya: we introduced tonight's tuesday's child to something she had never dreamed of doing. patrick: the same goes for wisn 12 news kathy mykleby, who joins us now. kathy: we made hand made soap. and we think it will make us have even sweeter dreams.
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kathy: with all the vibrant color, the soothing scents and creative combinations at century farmhouse soaps in west bend. you can't help but hit on a your very own perfect combination. >> i am taking spearmint. kathy: it's a great place for anyone at any age to shop for or even learn how to make natural, handmade soaps. >> put a little more in there. the waiting list for what can be a perfect combination for a child. >> there is lavender. kathy: she wants to spend time with a volunteer big sister. faith has a knack for making things work out for the best. that is a happy accident. that could be said of our soap. combinations that faith believes
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>> i think we just kind of went and see what happens. i like your style. excellent. >> hopefully it makes you fall asleep. kathy: lavender, ginger. find out how to get involved with big brothers big sisters of wasington county. call 262-334-7896. toya: we will smell you coming. patrick: smells great. wedding crash. it happened to a couple in new york. actor tom hanks jogged right through their photo shoot in central park. he stuck around for a quick photo and congratulated the newlyweds. hanks even offered to officiate the couple's ceremony, saying he's an ordained minister. they were already married. he also took a selfie. toya: i love him. i love tom hanks. can i say that out loud? she said hello and millions of you listened. adele's newest album, 25,
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status. the recording industry association of american says the album sold more than 10 million copies, and that's just in the u.s. alone. diamond status is not common. adele has however done it twice. her 21 album hit diamond status in 2011. the last artist to hit 10 million copies was usher in 2004 with confessions. patrick: that is incredible. well. we'll take another look at the forecast, next. toya: maybe mark will sing. announcer: after a rough day, immerse yourself in the wisn 12 news app.
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i've travelled over 50,000 listening to people, milhearing their stories.n - a lot of folks are business owners and entrepreneurs. they tell me how hard it is to grow a business in today's economy. so together, we came up with the badger innovation plan. a plan to help wisconsin businesses grow through expanded access to high-speed broadband, better job training and fair trade. because we need to export wisconsin products, not wisconsin jobs.
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patrick: do you want to sing it? mark: singing in the rain? it is cool out there. there are a fair number of people who have turned on their heat already.
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tonight, breaking the record. the most-watched debate ever. donald trump, hillary clinton, and the new fallout this evening. trump upset about his mic. upset about some of the questions. will he do the next two debates? and hillary clinton today, clearly relieved. >> did anybody see that debate last night? >> and the miss universe who says donald trump body shamed her. and trump tonight doubling down. also tonight, the massive and deadly house explosion in new york city after worried emergency calls about gas. the battalion chief and father of three killed in the blast, 20 injured. and tonight, word coming in now of an arrest. the fires and the floods. the emergency evacuations, flaming at least 300 feet high.


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