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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  September 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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boyfriend, but it wasn't the first. nya hammond's mom says her daughter's smile in these facebook photos was a mask a , brave front she put out to the world as she endured domestic violence at home with her young son and his father. >> he kept her away from the family. he wanted to control her. she did not wma friends. if she came over here, he had to come over and said with her. -- and sit with her. >> but nya's mother says she recently started to break away from the grip of her live-in boyfriend the father of her child. >> she texted me one morning rush you was at work in the bathroom taking xers, saying this is why i am leaving. he had beaten her with an extension cord over her body,
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get away but couldn't do it soon , enough. she was confronted early monday as she arrived at work and shot to death. now, nya's mom is haunted by her daughter's facebook profile, reading " proud mother. i'm a mother before anything. living to the fullest, 'cause you never know." >> she was a great mom. i wish i could have saved my baby. >> the 21-year-old suspect was he remains jailed. we're not naming him as he awaits formal charges that could come as early as tomorrow. toya: thank you. if you or someone you know needs help, there is a national hotline to call. the number is there on your screen. we also have information on our website, patrick: the race for president makes a stop in wisconsin. donald trump is in waukesha tonight. he's scheduled to speak in less than an hour at the waukesha county expo center. we have live coverage inside and outside the building.
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kent wainscott. he joins us live outside the rally. kent, protesters are gathered right now as well. >> we are in the shadow of the marquis of the donald trump sign for the event, steps away from the front door of the expo center. you can see a gathering of protesters, a few dozen, but they are trying to spread their message, waving signs, chanting, trying to reach out to those passing by. the group includes several from voces de la frontera, the latino organization. there are those here protesting trumps treatment of women. others who are military vets who oppose trump. and i spoke to one of the organizers about this anti-trump gathering. >> tell me the message you're trying to send here today. >> well we need people to wake up and understand that donald trump is not qualified to be the commander in chief. i would be terrified if he was in charge of our armed forces.
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candidate. we need to understand the dangers of somebody like trump becoming president. >> again, not a large gathering, but a very vocal one, the kind of protests we have seen outside other trump events. at 6:00, what impact this may be having on the race here in wisconsin. patrick: thank you. e coverage. wisn 12 news adrienne pederson is live inside the expo center. adrienne, journalists from across the country are in waukesha tonight. >> that's exactly right. good evening. i'm not sure if you can hear it. you can't always get what you want just started playing like at other rallies. just a put it into perspective, it is about the size of a high school gymnasium.
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just be shouldered shoulder here. the thing that strikes me the most is that all the people i have talked to are emotional, fired up, excited. listen to some of them. >> i believe in trump and i believe in the things he stands for and it needs to be supported ,, and by women in wisconsin as well. >> you are 16. it you can vote yet. why is it important for you to h >> i even talk to one woman who started crying about how much she disliked hillary clinton. we are expecting a rally to start at 6:00. patrick: thank you. hillary clinton campaigned with former presidential candidate bernie sanders today. the two appeared at a rally in new hampshire. the democratic presidential nominee made a direct appeal to millenials in that battleground state.
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so many young people, some of you in this crowd. patrick: first lady michelle obama also campaigned for clinton today in pennsylvania. watch for our live reports tonight at 6:00 and 10:00. we'll also be live-streaming trump's speech on and our free app. world news also has a crew in wisconsin right now. you can watch for their reports at 5:30, right after this newscast. toya: tonight on two fires just blocks apart in south milwaukee. fire officials tell wisn 12 news they do not believe the two fires are related. the first started just before 6:00 last night in a garage near harrison and marshall. this is cell phone video of the flames. the heat from the fire melted siding on a nearby home. a car parked in the street also caught fire. we were told that no one was hurt. just a couple of blocks away and a few hours later, this fire started at a garage near 12th and michigan. a woman in a nearby home was
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the fire spread to a parked suv and onto another building. investigators are still searching for a cause in both cases. patrick: police in san diego confirm an officer shot and killed a mentally ill black man one minute after arriving at scene. the shooting happened yesterday in the suburb of el cajon. police released this image of the moments before the shooting. officers say it shows the man in a shooting stance. >> the male rapidly drew an object from his front pants pocket placed both hands , together on it and extended it , rapidly toward the officer. >> just cause they released a picture that does not identify , the whole case. patrick: one officer used a tazer and another fired their weapon. the man's sister says she's called police to help her brother, saying he needed mental help. police say he was walking in traffic and refused multiple commands from officers. new information on the bombings in new york city.
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they have been looking for them since the attacks earlier this month. investigators say they took one of the suitcases that previously held at of the explosive devices that did not detonate. they're not considered suspects. officials say the men work for an egyptian airline and are believed to be back in egypt. more american troops will be sent overseas. the u.s. and iraq agreed to a plan that sends about 600 additional service members in the coming days. they will help retake mosul from isis. officials say the plan has been discussed for weeks. this is expected to be thein in iraq. right now, there are more than 4500 u.s. troops in the country. toya: we have a warning for you tonight about washing machines. the consumer product safety commission issued an alert about samsung models that can explode. the warning is for the samsung top loading washing machine. there have been at least 21 reports to the cpsc of them exploding or blowing apart. officials say they were made between march of 2011 and april of 2016. if you have one, officials
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delicate cycle because of the lower spin speed. this warning comes less than a month after samsung recalled its galaxy note 7 smartphone because of exploding batteries. bon-ton stores are bringing on 13,000 seasonal employees. that includes wisconsin's boston store locations. the company is also hiring 500 people for its distribution and e-commerce fulfillment centers . those facilities close t are in naperville and rockford illinois. all stores are holding a hiring event this friday, september 30 , from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.. an added perk here an immediate , 20% discount for those hired and potential for part-time and full-time jobs after the holiday season. patrick: from seasonal hiring to seasonal weather. toya: we have a storm system parked over wisconsin right now , mark. mark: and that storm really likes it here.
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and you'll love the waterspout video next in weather watch 12. patrick: then, call it a delicious partnership. a look at a unique culinary program that could keep milwaukee's food scene thriving for years to come. toya: and potentially ground breaking research done right here at u.w. milwaukee the link between coffee and dementia is coming up. >> hey everybody. i'm ben wagner. a first-of-its-kind fall event, here in southeast wisconsin. tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning we're giving you an , exclusive sneak peak of china lights, before it opens to the public. plus, sally will be on weather and school. russ: i've travelled over 50,000 miles all across wisconsin - listening to people, hearing their stories. a lot of folks are business owners and entrepreneurs. they tell me how hard it is to grow a business in today's economy. so together, we came up with the badger innovation plan. a plan to help wisconsin businesses grow
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because we need to export wisconsin products, not wisconsin jobs.
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? ? they shelter us from the storm. they teach us that beauty grows with age. they give us the air we breathe. and they can explode into colors we never thought possible. the nature of trees reminds us that there are bigger things in life than us. on best learned in a 19 million acre land of giants. welcome to the woods, of pure michigan.
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patrick: here is a live look outside the waukesha county expo center. protesters. donald trump is expected to hold a rally tonight at 6:00. this is the look outside. we do have reporters there. we will have an update at 6:00 tonight. toya: a messy morning commute in tennessee. a sinkhole and water main break opened up in the middle of a busy highway. traffic was delayed for hours. no one was hurt. patrick: new tonight, serving mps students a hearty helping of
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toya: as wisn 12 news tim elliott shows us, as the restaurant industry grows so does the need for talented workers. >> students at madison academic campus have burgers on the brain. >> do you guys want diced onions? raw onions? caramelized onions? >> they're sizzling up a storm in milwaukee public school's brand new pro-start program. >> and what temp are we looking for? >> it's a national effort that gives juniors and seniors hands on experience in the culinary arts. >> the chefs literally team up with them side by side and help them understand the skills that are necessary to enter the industry. >> jennifer bartolotta says over the years, the restaurant industry has seen a massive decline in skilled laborers. bartolotta and others soon realized that these students are the future of food. >> we have to train these kids to enter the industry, otherwise we want have >> students who one. complete prostart can earn credits towards an associate's degree at schools like image ec.
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matc. do you mind if i have a bite? >> sure. >> salt pepper ground beef onions if you want them. , junior deshauna hughes says she brings what she learns in the kitchen at school, to the kitchen at home. >> it's awesome i get to learn new things and i get to cook at home and get to the recipes i do here and do them at home . >> >> it's the beauty of this city. it's milwaukee helping its own . >> right now, the prostart program can be found at bay view, madison, vincent, and washington high schools. the pro-start program tonight with a fundraiser. the event tonight is called entr?e to excellence and it's being held from 5:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. tonight at discovery world. money raised will help schools pay for equipment to create commercial-grade kitchens. patrick: what a great experience. the city of milwaukee launches a new look to its effort to combat infant mortality. it's called the strong baby campaign.
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awareness month comes to an end. milwaukee's mayor and the city health commissioner were on hand for today's unveiling. the goal of the city-wide strong baby campaign is to lower infant mortality rates. >> we want to see babies born full term at a healthy weight in a position where they can live long healthy life with their families. patrick: you'll see the campaign on buses, bus stops and on signs across the city. toya: right now, we want to tak new tonight at 6:00. kathy mykleby is in the newsroom with a look ahead. kathy: new tonight on wisn 12 news at 6:00, the merger of the world's two biggest beer companies clears its final hurdle. what the purchase of miller by budweiser's parent company means for beer drinkers in milwaukee. then how one local community is , hoping these simple signs could help save lives in case of a fire. join us for all new stories tonight on 12 news at 6:00. toya: thank you. new tonight a cup of coffee in , the morning might be doing more than waking you up.
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as wisn 12 news mike anderson reports, the research targets older women. >> a cup of coffee a day may not entirely keep the doctor away but new research indicates that , higher caffeine in woman may reduce the odds of developing dementia. >> i hope that it is true, because we have a real problem in our family with dementia. if this is true, ahead of the curve. >> the study was headed here at university of wisconsin-madison. researchers say they can make a direct link between the higher consumption of caffeine and the lower incidence of dementia. amoung a group of older women who drank two to three eight ounce cups of coffee a day, or five to eight cups of black tea or seven to eight 12 ounce cans , of cola, reported a 36% reduction in the risk of dementia over 10 years.
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because anything that helps stave off dementia with the an awesome thing. >> but sathena gillespie says her grandmother has been drinking coffee forever and she's suffering right now. >> she is. she has dementia. she is transitioning into alzheimer's. >> still, sathena plans to continue serving and drinking coffee. the researchers at uwm were unavailable for comment. mike anderson, wisn 12 news. toya: uwm, which conducted study, is recognized as one of the nation's 115 top research universities. patrick: there was quite a show on lake michigan today. toya: mark, the waterspouts stayed just to our south. mark: the nice thing is they are just hanging out there and not causing too much trouble. this is just to the north of chicago. this was earlier in the day. that is cool looking.
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more of these, including southeastern wisconsin, this evening before the sun sets. we will show you why and a second. in the meantime, we will show you what it looked like on the radar as scattered showers were moving through. cold air a loft, very warm surface water here, and so that creates a lot of left, and sometimes that is enough. we had some interesting looking clouds are well. you can see a scary looking cloud here, no rotation, but not unusual with the cold air like we have aloft. a live look in sheboygan, holy moly, surfers galore. i've never seen this many at once. you can see them enjoying themselves on the strong northeasterly wind. be careful out there. it is on the breezy side. i live look at mequon, notice
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be watching as these scattered showers come from michigan and move across the lake towards us. normally we push it the other direction, but it is about where the low pressure center is. all right, you water spout lovers, this is your warning. i would recommend heading milwaukee southward through racine and kenosha, maybe take a look towards the lake. this is the reason why. scattered showers and thunderstorms. there are waterspouts ongoing right now in the middle of the lake. this is moving to the west right now with 30 miles per hour. before the sun sets, you have a chance to see as this will be rolling in here, so be prepared for that. if you get any pictures, please share with us, video even better. this is a big low pressure center, not in any hurry to get
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, and, and so we will have this in our forecast all the way into saturday before it gets kicked out of here. through the night, tomorrow, then down to the south, but not far enough, then as we head into saturday, it is still here. sunday, it will move out. watch what happens as we move through the night, scattered showers pushed through this evening. the waterspout potential is still there. then, we watch for one quieter day on thursday. not a huge amount of sun, a little more cloud cover rolling in counties near the lakeshore. more showers in the forecast. it will also be windy tomorrow and friday and saturday. all because that's a no pressure center will be with us. we did make it to the low 60's today. temperatures are cooler than we have seen. here is the weekend. sun in the morning, clouds in the afternoon. cool, showers, wind on friday. showers on saturday, 63.
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die down. it will be a little breezy. 65 monday. 68 tuesday the we are not done with the 70's. 72 wednesday next week. i am giddy about the possibility of waterspouts as long as they stay on the lake, but they are moving towards the shore. i will keep a close eye on that. patrick: badgers fans are gearing up for a big weekend. toya: wisconsin travels to ann arbor saturday to face michigan in the big house in the battle of undefeated teams. it's a game you'll see only right here on wisn 12. our coverage kicks off friday night with 12 sports stephen watson live from ann arbor. then watch the badgers and wolverines live saturday afternoon at 2:30. don't anybody bothered me between 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. am i on call this weekend? and stay tuned for big 12 sports saturday at for complete 6:30 p.m. post-game coverage.
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lost their daughter in the 9/11 terror attack. now, will they take legal action? then, a woman with special needs from west to been trapped in a house fire. tonight, we talk with the firefighters who saved her life in the movement to get the family back on their feet. that is coming up tonight at 10:00. toya: it's that time of year for halloween decorations. patrick: one in particular is turning heads. the peeping tom controversy toya: then, a proposal fail.
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patrick: halloween is all about ghosts, goblins and, monsters, but one decoration is proving to be a bit toore home depot has pulled the scary peeper creeper decoration from store shelves in canada. this after a customer complained it was in poor taste. the fake peeping tom has suction cups that mount outside your window. at last check, you can still find it online. patrick: a wedding proposal gone wrong, and the world was watching on live t.v. toya: yes, it all went down during last night's game at yankee stadium. a man gets down on one knee, but drops the engagement ring.
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toya: the couple and everyone around them started searching for the ring. this was all broadcast live and on the jumbo screen inside the stadium. several agonizing moments later, the ring was found and the crowd cheered. she said yes. everybody is happy. patrick: it was in the cuff of her pants. the next thing you know, they
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patrick: it is a big night of all new tv shows right here on wisn 12. >> is time to publicly named the perpetrator of this crime and take action. toya: the show debuted last week. here is a look at the full lineup. it kicks off with all-new episodes of your favorite comedies, starting with "the goldbergs" at 7:00. "designated survivor" at 9:00. followed by 12 news at 10:00.
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tonight, breaking news. shots fired at an elementary school. hitting children and a teacher, a suspect in custody. images now coming in from the scene. the deadly police shooting. the aftermath live on facebook. the man's sister saying she told police he was unarmed. authorities say he was quote, shooting stance. the breaking headline here in new york city. the new image from the fbi tonight, they now know who the mystery men are, after those bombs placed in new york. where are they now? major developments in the race for the white house. donald trump moments ago with a fresh attack on hillary clinton. and, tonight, trump's team acknowledges he needs to practice for the next debate. meanwhile, michelle obama tonight not holding back against trump.


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