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tv   12 News This Morning at 530  ABC  September 29, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CDT

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sal? >> take a look at the low clouds cruising in on the northeast breezes this morning. this is happening for most of the night. 60 at the airport. winds are gusting up to 32 miles per hour and the clouds continue to invade on the gusty winds and for the most part staying dry throughout the day. sustained winds in the neighborhood of 20 miles per hour. with the gusts 25-30 miles per swept. low clouds and peeks of sunshine in this morning. 66 today for the high. the showers hold off until after mid night tonight. now to matt on the way to news chopper 12. >> keep your hands on the wheel. otherwise we are quiet this morning. the construction is wrapped up. things are moving along
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green. no complaints and no crashes on the system that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. >> it's been nearly two years since five-year-old laylah petersen died. she was sitting on her grandfather's lap when bullets went through the home and hit her. tim, we could see a verdict in this case very soon. >> closing arguments are set to start today for one of the men accused of shooting into the home. investigators say carl barrett and two other men were targeting a different home after a dispute, but police say they shot into the wrong home and ended up killing petersen. today attorneys will deliver their closing arguments and the jury could start deliberating. we'll continue to follow this trial and bring you the latest information throughout the day. back to you. >> tim, thank you. >> looking ahead, formal charges could come today in a glendale murder. police say a 21-year-old man is behind bars accused of killing
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nya hammond died monday in the parking lot of an orthopaedic hospital. her mother says nya was trying to leave her boyfriend, the father of her son, after he became too controlling. ben. >> making sure your family has safe drinking water. i'm in the wisn 12 breakroom. some people are worried about tap water that comes out of faucets like this. mike anderson is live with a look ahead. good morning, mike. >> good morning, ben. around 70,000 homes in milwaukee still use lead lateral pipes. lateral pipes connect homes to the city's water mains. the city is now considering replacing those lateral pipes. it's a project that will take many years, maybe even decades. in the meantime, milwaukee mayor tom barrett has said water filters could be a temporary
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next year calls for $11 million to remove lead and something else that could help milwaukee county just passed a plan to provide grants and loans to homeowners with lead lateral pipes and lead based paint. city leaders say they're focused on making sure this water that you depend on every day is safe. they'll get an update on the issue during a common council meeting this morning. anderson "wisn 12 news this morning." >> mike, thank you. >> turning to commitment 2016 coverage. thousands of people were in waukesha last night to hear donald trump speak. also at the event, sheriff david clarke, former governor tommy thompson and rudy giuliani. trump's campaign handed out around 7,000 tickets for the event, but only about 3,000 people were able to get into the waukesha expo center. the rest were left disappointed, some waited outside while trump
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>> people in milwaukee are going to love donald trump. we're going to have safety, we're going to have safety. >> supporters who spoke to wisn 12 news say they like that trump speaks his mind. the biggest applause of the night came when trump said he's not running for president of the world, just president of the united states. >> not everyone was happy to see trump in southeastern wisconsin. protesters gathered outside of the waukesha expo center with welcome in the badger state. >> we need people to wake up and understand that donald trump is not qualified to be our commander in chief. i would be terrified if he was in charge of our armed forces. >> on the democratic side of the presidential race, the clinton campaign has events planned in wisconsin this week too. anne holton, the wife of vice presidential nominee tim kaine, will be in milwaukee and kenosha today to encourage people to vote and chelsea clinton will
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tomorrow campaigning for her mother. >> abc news has a team of reporters with the candidates on the campaign trail this morning. look for coverage today on "good morning america." that starts at 7:00. wisn 12 news time now is 5:35. >> transforming downtown milwaukee. >> the fall makeover you might notice on your way to work today. >> plus, a not-so-clean getaway. a robbery suspect is caught minutes after leaving arby's. the mistake she made that led to her speedy arrest. >> attacking a driver. what one woman says she did moments before the animal tried
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>> this is our camera mounteded here at the station. look at the low clouds. it is almost as if you can reach up and touch them streaming in. we have gusty winds. take a look at the how rapidly the clouds are moving in the peck chur here. the winds are north and 20.
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the temperatures mid h 40s in the north woods. it is breezy and mild this morning. for today, 66 degrees. partly cloudy, windy, most are dry throughout the day. better shot of showers for tomorrow and 61. breezy tomorrow. saturday a split decision, showers on saturday. we should be dryer on sunday with the highs in the 60s. >> sal, thank you. >> new this morning, a bizarre siat >> a deer was caught on camera attacking a driver. the driver says she hit the deer on accident and when she opened her door to take a look at the damage, the deer attacked. the woman kicked it away. a police officer just happened to be behind her and recorded the whole thing. >> wow, wow. he was so mad.
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cars. >> don't open the door. >> she probably thought he was dead. >> new this morning, a bus driver who saved her students is getting recognition. >> the bus caught on fire earlier this month with 20 kids on board. take a look behind us. you can see smoke rising from the burning bus. the driver made sure everyone got out safely. the kids put on a surprise celebration for the driver, renita smith. the students wanted to say thank you. they have isns smith says she's not a hero, she's a mom and she just followed her instincts. >> very modest to say. she's absolutely a hero. >> a 16-year-old is setting records with her unique hobby piloting a hot-air balloon! >> she's one of the youngest pilots to ever fly in albuqurque's balloon fiesta. this is incredible. >> beautiful.
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sunsets. more than 500 balloons taking part this weekend. you have to be in new mexico to get into balloon piloting. >> my dentist is actually going. it is this weekend. how early. >> the fall festival you can check out starting today. >> but first, a debate all about election day selfies. why some voters will be allowed to snap pictures the next time they cast a ballot. >> plus, today is national coffee day. where you can stop on your way to work this morning for a free
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>> most of the temperatures between 55 and 6 0 this morning.
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the temperatures are not bad but we have the gusty wind and the skies are mostly cloudy at the airport. a mix of sun and clouds. breezy highs in the mid 60s today as we continue to look at the gusty north, northeast winds. the showers are holding off until later tonight. the lows dipping into the mid 50s. we have a few as well. now to matt. >> dry pavement out there. the volume is light. we are looking pretty good. no crashes being reported. the travel times are all in the green. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you.
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>> more protests right now over a police shooting in california that killed one man. tim, you have new information >> police say officers shot the man after he pointed something at them. now we know, it was a vape smoking device. demonstrators have gathered at the shooting scene outside the police department and other locations. yesterday they blocked traffic on a freeway exit. for calm. activists are demanding that police release the full video of the shooting. there are concerns that the man was sick just before the shooting. both officers involved are on administrative leave this morning. >> a teacher and two boys are hurt after a shooting outside of a south carolina elementary school. a volunteer fireman tackled the shooter who opened fire on the playground. just a few minutes later police got a call about a man found
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that victim is the suspect's father. police say they haven't found any connection between the suspect and the teacher or the two students. >> new this morning, a michigan man is facing terrorism charges. that's after investigators say he threatened to assassinate a judge and blow up a county courthouse. >> 24-year-old anthony brodie is locked in a custody battle with his ex-wife. police say he told a friend that if he wasn't granted custody, he would kill the judge and blow up the building. two-year-old girl is in the hospital with some broken bones after being accidentally run over by her seven-year-old sister. police in salem, new hampshire say the mother gave her seven-year-old keys to the car so she could start it. but the girl accidentally put it in reverse and the car rolled onto the toddler's legs. the two-year-old was taken to a children's hospital, she's expected to be okay. police say the mother never should have handed over the keys. >> they are inquisitive. it
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them go out there and do it unsupervised on a piece of equipment that is as heavy and as dangerous as a motor vehicle, it's just not good common sense. >> police are still deciding whether that mother will face charges. >> new this morning, a massive marijuana bust in colorado. it targeted people growing the drug illegally. investigators found more than 22,000 pounds of marijuana. the bust covered five different counties. several people were detained arrests. investigators say they will destroy the marijuana. >> new this morning, a woman is accused of robbing an arby's restaurant then flagging down a taxi to get away. probably not the smartest idea. police in gainesville, florida say the suspect pointed a gun at the clerk and demanded cash. she left the store and hailed a cab, but the 20-year-old didn't get far. police stopped the cab a few
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the cab is going to stop because the police are looking for her. >> get away car, i mean, a cab? >> weather watch 12 now. there's a chance of more waterspouts forming on lake michigan today. this is video of one yesterday not far from chicago. very, very neat. sal, how does this work, it looks like a scree >> also too, on the wisconsin weather update facebook page a lot of people submitted pictures and we have rainbow pictures as well. we had the storms over lake michigan in the afternoon and evening. but it is more common this time of the year because the instability is created by the warm waters of lake michigan and the cold air in the atmosphere.
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i don't think much wet in the waves today. better chances for tomorrow once again as the low pressure is closer to wisconsin again. tomorrow is a better chance for the water spouts. >> it has to be fun for you guys. >> it is so beautiful when it is way out there. early today we are looking at fairly mild temperatures. from north of lake superior into the ohio valley. you can see it is just not in much of a hurry to go any where. we see counter clockwise and continue to push. tomorrow it is backing up, getting closer and we stand a
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and the high. a fairly strong wind this morning. the temperatures in the morning mid 50s to 60. that is where we find the airport. 57 sheboygan and racine. 55 west bend and waukesha. 54 for beaver dam and watertown. we look at a few locations seeing the sunshine especially north and inland otherwise a fair amount of an isolated shore, yes. tomorrow we start to look at the the showers pushing across lake michigan tomorrow morning. light and scattered showers. during the day tomorrow, no severe weather associated with this, all though the water spouts, and the cloud deck is stubborn for friday and
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50 for tonight. the trend for the weekend a few showers lake side saturday and more clearing on sunday. >> 5:52. hopping a now, a large fire is burning near atlanta, georgia. these are live pictures coming in. that station is saying that the fire is at a warehouse. they are using the cranes to try to put it out. it has been burning of hours. no word on the cause of the fire or injuries. >> >> heroin is becoming a huge problem across the country. ohio has been hit especially hard. wisn 12 news' tim elliott is in the newsroom with new information. tim? >> ohio has seen nearly three dozen heroin overdoses in just 24 hours. two people have died. officials there are calling it a public health crisis. they're asking drug users to be aware and have someone nearby
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they're also advising that people have overdose reversal drugs like narcan on hand. in one of these cases, an eight-year-old girl ran into a mcdonald's for help after her mother passed out in the parking lot. ben, back to you. thank you, tim. to make the progress fighting the flames thanks to cooler weather and lower humidity and less wind. the fire crews told hundreds of people to leave their homes yesterday. >> tkt it was getting closer and closer is a warning sign. >> now around 300 buildings are in danger right now.
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the brush. >> the federal government came dangerously close to shutting down but congress passed a bill in time to keep it running for now. the bill only funds the government through december 9th. now, representatives will make it through election season without a potentially embarrassing shutdown. the bill also approves funding for the zika fight and for flint's lead crisis >> new this morning, voters in new hampshire will be able to take ballot selfies. the state had a law banning pictures of ballots. but a federal appeals court struck down that law yesterday. the court decided that the law violated voters' free speech. it was meant to stop voters from being coerced into voting a certain way. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:54. >> it is a green and gold giveaway. >> free tickets to a game, what to do before you leave home this morning. >> just a few days into fall,
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why you might see snowplows on the ed ros today. >> bad luck for a burglary in brown deer. a police lieutenant tweeted that the suspect was hurt from the broken glass and arrested a short time later. the crews are working to repair the business. more of the headlines coming
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>> welcome back the ceo of the wells fargo is back in hot seat on capitol hill. >> he testified before the banking committee last week and today at a hearing before the house financial services committee. he's under fire since fined $200 million for opening fake accounts. he apologized to the customers. samsung washing machine. the safety commission issued an alert about some of the models that can explode. therm made between march 2011 and april 2016. if you have one, officials recommend only using the delicate cycle. this is coming after recalling
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>> nissan is neighboring the self-drifing trpths to a whole new level. they unveiled the self-driving chair. >> oh. >> so you don't have to walk now. >> wait, what? >> it is like wally. we float around on chairs. it is equipped with sensors and detecting and following the one in front of it. no word on when they are rolled out. present. >> in a restaurant? >> any where. >> you never have to get up. >> today is national coffee day, you are in luck today, many of the businesses are offering discounted cups of coffee. dunkin' donuts is offering a sup
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chick-fil-a as well offering a freeized coffee with a purchase. >> it is 6:00, the news continues right now. >> good morning. thank you for being with us on "wisn 12 news this morning." >> i'm melinda davenport. right now, a shoot ogen a school playground leads and a teacher hurt. >> another sign of the season. local crews are getting you ready for fall and when you can start raking the leaves to the street. >> first, a cool and windy start to the day. sal? >> it is beginning to get light across southern wisconsin and a glow in the sunrise. there are some low clouds


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