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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  September 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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through the front of her skull. >> it took police a year, but police eventually charged carl barrett and two others with laylah's murder prosecutors say ballistics linked barrett to the gun that killed the little girl. his lawyer argued someone else could have used it. >> these guns are almost traded like i would trade a baseball card when i was a kid. >> the jury convicted the little demand. the little girl's family left court in tears, offering hugs. the district attorney credit police with cracking what she called the suspects' conspiracy of silence. >> they didn't give up that's . that is why she has just as now. >> barrett is back in court in december. he faces a maximum sentence of
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second degree reckless homicide. investigators say he shot at the house along with barrett. gordon will be sentenced in december. farr was the getaway driver. he pled guilty to aiding a felon. he'll be sentenced next month. >> happening now two cases of , cryptosporidium are being investigated in waukesha county. the two people who are infected recently swam at the princeton health club in new berlin. the crypto was discovered during a routine public health inspection. however, the source of the parasite is currently unknown. crypto is a diarrheal illness. it's usually spread through water, including pools. health officials say they typically get a few reports of crypto each year. coming up all new tonight at 6:00 12 news terry sater is , getting answers. he' the health club is taking to keep its members safe. and we'll look back at the 1993 crypto outbreak that left dozens dead and thousands of others sick. toya: also happening now, investigators are on the scene of a commuter train crash in new jersey. one person is dead more than 100 , others are hurt. as abc's ray raimundi reports, investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong on the tracks in hoboken. >> this video showing the aftermath moments just after a
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passengers in a daze bloodied and in disbelief a morning , commute turning into a disaster. >> edges, collided. some people could walk. i guess, debris. >> this passenger was in the first car of the train that careened into the hoboken station just after 8:30 a.m. this morning. eyewitnesses say the train was traveling at an incredible speed as it approached. >> the train did not stop. it did not stop. >> it went to the air, troubled 40 feet, and came to arrest when it hit the wall. >> ntsb will gather and collect critical evidence to determine the cause of the crash the train , slamming into the station
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, bent and twisted steel., bent. debris everywhere. over 100 people injured. authorities say two others with critical injuries. >> some bruises, some walking wounded, some lacerations, and fractures as well. >> the woman killed in this crash was not a passenger, but standing on the platform. >> we have no estimate as to when the terminal will be able to be reopened. >> the train engineer is in stable condition and is cooperating with law his account will be crucial as they try to determine why the train was approaching at such speeds. ray raimundi, abc news, hoboken, new jersey. toya: world news will have continuing coverage of the crash investigation. watch for their reports tonight at 5:30, right after this newscast. patrick: if you live in milwaukee county, and you own a car, you might need to pay up. the county executive is including a new registration fee $60 in his upcoming budget.
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you're money will go. >> chris abele says if milwaukee county wants to maintain a sustainable transit system and reduce borrowing a vehicle registration fee, or wheel tax, is the only option left. with decreasing state funding, he says the $60 annual fee would generate $27 million, enough to fund bus replacements and county highway, parkway and bridge repairs. and he laid out what he says will happen without the new fee. >> we face cuts in service, increases in debt, when we've been reducing them, and fee increases, revenue increases, there's just no way to avoid it. >> abele's transportation budget will also include nearly toward $44 million the county's new bus rapid transit plan. and he's proposing a new one-time five dollars fee, plus a $.25 fare for seniors or disabled individuals who use the county's go-pass. patrick: this story is getting a lot of attention on our facebook page, with people sharing it and commenting on it. if you would like to weigh in, just 'like' wisn 12 news on
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to the full article on toya: we are tracking a few showers tonight. chief meteorologist mark baden is tracking them from the weather center. mark, it's also really windy out there today. mark: it has been windy. the wind is not going away. we are watching at some cool looking clouds. it's not out of the realm of possibility that there throughout the evening. racine, 61, breezy. the only game in town is what is happening right there and racine. showers moving in. this is far from done. you need to be prepared for scattered showers, especially near the lake. most areas remain dry, temperatures in the lower 60's, but it stays on the windy side. how long this stubborn storm sticks around, coming up in weatherwatch 12.
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on-the-go with our free app. check out the interactive radar to see when and where rain is going to fall. we'll also send severe weather alerts directly to your cell phone. patrick: a two-year-old milwaukee boy seriously hurt in a bunk bed accident has died. the milwaukee county medical examiner says the child became trapped between a wall and the top bunk last week inside a home near 101st and mill. a family member discovered the boy. he died today at children's hospital. the medical examiner ruled his death an accident. a burglar breaks into a liquor store in brown deer, but doesn't get very far. down officers after witnessing the man bust through the front window at otto's wine cask just after midnight. the burglar was close by, bleeding from punching through the glass. investigators say during questioning, the man confessed and said he also broke into otto's last week. toya: new tonight thousands of , students here and across the country find out their school is shutting down for good. regency beauty institute is closing all of its 79 campuses including one in greenfield.
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officials say there are several reasons including declining , admission numbers. one woman tells wisn 12 news she got a phone call last night about the closing. she just graduated, but says some of her classmates aren't as lucky. >> i got classmates right now three that are graduating this month, and now they can't graduate cuz the school closing. toya: the cosmetology school has been in business for more than 50 years. officials say the school will help students who took out loans transfer and complete their programs at other accredited schools. patrick: campaign made a stop in milwaukee today. anne holton, the wife of clinton's running-mate tim kaine, spoke to supporters this morning at a campaign office on the city's east side. then, she sat down with kent wainscott to talk about the tight race here in wisconsin, and what it's going to take to win. >> what has to happen for the clinton-kaine ticket to seal the deal with wisconsin voters? >> i think when hillary has the chance to make her case directly to voters, it is easy for folks
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presidential. i think she did that in the first debate monday night. i think the remaining debates will make that even clearer. patrick: holton spoke to volunteers about the importance of grass-roots efforts to turn out the vote, before heading off to a second campaign stop in kenosha. donald trump rallied supporters in new hampshire today. the republican presidential nominee lashed out at hillary clinton, campaigning with former candidate, bernie sanders. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders had very few people at their rally yesterday. that is because they don't like hillary and bernie sold out to , the devil. patrick: tomorrow, hillary clinton's daughter, chelsea, will campaign in wisconsin. she'll be in the green bay area. toya: the school children gunned down in south carolina were headed out for recess when gunfire erupted. that is according to the superintendent. he says two children and a teacher were hit as they headed out to the playground at townville elementary yesterday. police say the gunman never made
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for help and tackled the shooter. one of the children who was shot is in critical condition tonight. the other two victims are recovering at home. the man shot and killed by police in california tuesday has been identified. investigators say 38-year-old alfred okwera olango pointed a vape smoking device at police. then they opened fire. a photo released by the police department shows olango in what they say was a shooting stance. his death has sparked protests, activists are demanding the shooting. patrick: still too calm making , it easier for you to change a diaper. toya: yes, you heard us right. the new law that might soon go into effect. plus, the added perk for both parents. patrick: and an incredible chance to make a huge impact on milwaukee the organization that is set to give out $100,000. mark: it is a storm that won't go away. when we get rid of that and bring back great weather, next
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friday is almost here. tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning wes and elizabeth from , the mix will join us with a look at what you can check out this weekend. plus meteorologist sally , severson will be on weather watch as you make your outdoor
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toya: new research tonight on the benefits of the hpv vaccine. patrick: the shot for teenagers protects against cancers caused by hpv infection. cdc researchers examined the rates of pre-cancerous cervical disease in new mexico between 2007 and 2014, the year the hpv vaccine was introduced. they found the rates of cervical pre-cancer decreased by 41% in young women 15 to 19-years-old. many health experts recommend and girls. only about four in 10 children in this study got the full recommended course of three doses. changing tables might soon be a bit easier to find. congress sent a bill to president obama today that requires baby changing stations in federal buildings that are open to the public. the bonus, the changing tables would be in both women's and men's restrooms on each floor. that includes some courthouses, post offices, and social
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, women coming together to give back to milwaukee charities. wisn 12 news melinda davenport introduces us to the woman who's making this happen. >> wendy steele is working all across the country, bringing women together to make a difference. >> the premise is simple. bring at least 100 women together to each give $1,000. >> she founded impact 100, giving women an outlet to help local charities in cities across the country. in milwaukee, it is the operation. she says it has one goal >> to attract women of all ages and stages and income levels of all beliefs together with one singular cause to improve the , community. >> for every 100 members, impact 100 will award a $100,000 grant to a local charity voted on by its members. organizers say the effort to raise funds, gets those involved inspired to do good in the city. >> roughly half in every city,
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themselves as part of the solution. they've never been a part of something this big before. and when they do, what happens is they get hopeful. >> since its inception, impact 100 has given more than $3 million to charities all across the nation. if you would like more information on how you can get involved, visit our website , in the web center, melinda davenport wisn 12 news. ,toya: last year, impact 100 awarded $100,000 to two charities, literacy services of wisconsin, and also the neu-life community development. they have not yet decided where the funds from this year's drive will go. patrick: joyce garbaciak has a look ahead at what is new at 6:00. joyce: new tonight on 12 news at 6:00, a stunning discovery in one milwaukee neighborhood. how this picture has residents concerned about an even bigger problem festering where they live. then imagine sledding and ice , skating in the shadows of lambeau field. a sneak peek at the new tourist
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titletown. join us for all new stories tonight on 12 news at 6:00. patrick: thank you. keeping the roads maintained and road workers safe. milwaukee department of transportation began the truck road-eo today. it's a two-day education and safety program for about 125 highway and airport maintenance workers. employees can participate in a timed road course challenge, inspect their vehicles, and review commercial driving license regulations. we talked with a man who's been clearing the roads for 16 years. he says it's a job he takes >> i look at it as part of my job. my family drives these roads so , i try to keep the roads as clean and safe as possible because of that. because everybody i think is why family is on those roads, so i try to do the best i can. patrick: sounds good. this is the tenth year the milwaukee county department of transportation has offered its employees the road-eo training
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it's not cold enough to snow, but it is blustery. mark: weight will get through this. it will be all right. it could be a lot colder than it is. it was really windy. that is the big story right now. into it we will talk about the crazy weather we had last night. this is from sheboygan, where it is still sunny, big waves crashing on the bank water thanks to those strong northeasterly wind. 20 miles an hour right now. cloud cover here. cool cloud cover in racine, ominous looking, low-based,
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waterspout happening. i am watching pretty closely. last night was amazing, never seen it before, the leica created its own shelf cloud as it came into racine and kenosha counties. -- the lake created its own shelf cloud as it came into racine and kenosha counties. most areas are going to remain dry throughout the rest of this evening. watching what's happening in racine, some scattered showers. i would not be shocked if we get some spin out of this. we look for green next to the red. when you see that happening, you get some spin. we have not gotten there yet, but it is getting close. 57 is the lake water right now, so-called, but colder aloft, and
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possibility of waterspouts tonight and tomorrow and saturday as well. where the sun is shining, beautiful. 70 west bend. 68 fond du lac and beaver dam. ok, something seems amiss. the wind is not 260 miles per hour right now and janesville, i promise you that. if it is, you better check on folks you know in janesville. clearly there is an issue in janesville. 29 sheboygan. it is breezy out there. that will continue throughout the night. here is the big system working its way toward cincinnati. it will head back towards wisconsin over the next couple of days, so we have to deal with this for a little bit longer. those showers working from east to west thanks to that counterclockwise flow around the low pressure center.
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on during the day on friday. more rain near the lakeshore than inland. a lot of this will be lake-enhanced. we usually think about this in the wintertime. if it was a wintertime storm, we would be dealing with a fair amount of lake effect snow. right now, lake effect rain. saturday will be crummy until we get into sunday afternoon. 60-62, showers, wind, showers, wind, ugly. the better of the two days of the weekend. nice on monday. next week, how about 70 on tuesday? 70's in october. 72 wednesday. showers thursday, and 66 degrees. let's get through the next couple of days, then it will improve. patrick: at least it is not 216 miles per hour.
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you are no longer with us. toya: thank you, mark. mark: coming up new on wisn 12 news at 10:00, an unusual health benefit for roller coaster fans. the condition doctors say the rough ride may actually help. plus, just when you thought everything was pumpkin-spiced flavored for fall. one fast food chain's newest creation for the season. we will tell you about it all new tonight on wisn 12 news at 10:00. toya: if you could win a night out with two hollywood a-list actors, who would you choose? patrick: i have to think about that when. but if matt damo might be in luck. the contest to into right now for a chance to win a night out in boston to hangout with the two buddies. toya: then, when deer attack. the unusual roadside boxing match between an agitated animal
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workers: he campaigned as a job creator but senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. good manufacturing jobs just disappeared. ceos and giant corporations get richer guys with families... guys like me? just gets harder and harder to get ahead. for people like me. for people like me. people like me. russ: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because wisconsin's middle class
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toya: a bizarre incident on a new jersey road-side. a woman is attacked by a deer and it was all caught on dash cam video. ellen snyder says she hit the deer on accident. when she opened her door to take a look at the damage the deer , attacked. >> i was up like this. um, and i had a hold of him here
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just grabbed a handful of antlers and tried to keep it from killing me basically. ,toya: a police officer just happened to be behind her. this is dashcam video. maybe not get out of the car if you are not sure the deer has expired. how would you like to win a chance to hang out with ben affleck and matt damon? patrick: it's part of a new charity caai quarterback tom brady. they unveiled the project on gma this morning in a funny video. >> we have some really exciting news for you. >> right, for just $10 you and a friend can hang out with me and tom brady. and i guess also matt with be there. >> yeah, and also me because i'm also friends with tom brady. >> sure lesser friends. patrick: that's right, for a $10 donation you could win a night
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damon, and brady. the actors are boston natives. the money raised will support the stars' individual charity initiatives. there are 27 days left to enter. if you're interested, we have a link on toya: i said if he is jason bourne the whole time, i am in. patrick: why jason bourne? so many other characters he played.
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patrick: it's another night of all new episodes of some of your favorite shows on wisn 12. toya: here's a sneak peak at "how to get away with murder." >> the courts did not allow past abuse into evidence, which left her without a defense. each of you will be given one minute to come up with a parole strategy to irene. toya: were you turning away because you did not want to know anything, patrick? watch an all new episode tonight at 9:00. here's a look at the full primetime lineup. it starts at 7:00 with "grey's anatomy." "notorious" at 8:00. and be sure to stay with us after "how to get away with murder" for 12 news at 10:00. patrick: i was looking at the monitor behind mark.
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tonight, the rush hour horror. the deadly train crash, and we have new images this evening, from inside the crash. the train from new york to hoboken, slamming into the terminal. >> we got multiple walking wounded. >> victims climbing through twisted metal, and new surveillance from before the crash. our reporting tonight on the en the deadly police shooting. this time, a 6-year-old is killed. marshalls firing at an suv. the boy with autism was in the passenger seat. at this hour, the new hurricane brewing. it could effect the u.s. and the major storm system, blinding rain in the east. donald trump tonight, sources inside his campaign now saying he was prepped for the first debate. but did not execute the plan. and the stunning moment here, third party candidate gary


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