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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  September 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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>> right now on "wisn 12 news this morning," big changes for any of you who talk on the phone while driving. the new wisconsin law that's taking effect this weekend. >> plus, it's expected to cause huge problems for drivers across southeast wisconsin. the new closure that will make your drive to work take longer than ever before. >> but first, weather watch 12 as we take a live look outside. rain is on the way just in time for the weekend. we're tracking conditions as you make your plans. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> and i'm melinda davenport. it's 4:30 on this friday, september 30th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. good morning, sal.
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rambling showers are in place throughout the day, for tonight and tomorrow. slow clearing on sunday. it is looking good most of next week getting into the upper 60s and lower 70s. the temperatures near the 60s along the shores. the readings are mild. sunrise 12 minutes before hit or miss showers staying in place. they are around for operation football tonight. the temperatures close to 60 degrees. here is a look at the radar network, light rain is making its way from east to west. a couple of showers over racine and kenosha county early today. >> when you're on the go, take the weather watch 12 forecast with you. just download the wisn 12 news app. it's free for your smartphone or tablet. >> this morning, there's a traffic watch 12 alert for any of you who drive through the zoo
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the ramp from southbound 41 to eastbound 94 will shut down tomorrow. this closure impacts anyone driving from places like germantown, menomonee falls and wauwatosa towards downtown milwaukee. >> this is one of the busiest ramps, we anticipate a 30 minute longer drive time. ra it's scheduled to last until late spring of next year. >> looking ahead, a new wisconsin law could change the way you drive. starting tomorrow, it will be illegal to talk on a hand-held phone in a work zone. the law is meant to protect construction workers and cut down on distracted driving. the fine for breaking the law could be anything from 40 to $100. >> any of you who drive in milwaukee county could soon end up paying a new fee. county executive chris abele outlined a new wheel tax in his
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pay an extra $60 that's on top of a $75 state fee and a $20 fee for people in the city of milwaukee. abele says the county is out of options and this fee is the best way to fund important projects. >> $27 million a year generated by fee is enough to fund all of the county's transportation infrastructure costs, to include repair. >> the milwaukee county board will have to approve the fee before it can go into effect. at least one member of the board has already come out against the proposal. >> we the jury find carl barrett guilty. >> two years after a five-year-old girl was shot and killed, a jury has convicted one of the shooters. laylah petersen died when 22-year-old carl barrett fired shots into a home.
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shooting, too. police say barrett and his friends were trying to settle a score but went to the wrong home. they fired into the house where laylah was sitting on her grandfather's lap. prosecutors say this guilty verdict sends a message. >> take a step back, take a pause and think about it before you take a very serious and deadly action with a firearm. >> the two other suspects have pleaded guilty. they will all be sentenced later this year. >> some changes are coming to the milwaukee police department and the way it handles officer-involved shootings. right now, the state's department of criminal investigation is in charge of those cases, but mpd chief ed flynn says from now on the department will ask other agencies in the county to lead the investigations. that could help avoid conflicts of interest because some of the state investigators are former mpd officers. >> looking ahead, governor walker is planning to answer your questions today.
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time. the question and answer session will start at 8:15 this morning. you can submit questions for the governor on his official facebook page. >> a milwaukee alderman is inviting people to weigh in on the city's budget. russell stamper is holding a town hall meeting today at north 21st and brown. he's answering questions and asking for input into how the city runs. today's meeting starts at 5:30. >> later today, former first daughter chelsea clinton will campaign in wisconsin. trail to support her mother, hillary clinton. today's event in green bay is promoting early voting. it's not the first political event this week, donald trump was in southeast wisconsin and the wife of clinton's vp nominee campaigned in milwaukee and kenosha. >> a bizarre kidnapping case being compared to the movie "gone girl." >> a former marine is admitting to the crime this morning. why the victims say police are to blame for the messy case.
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an arrow fired by hunters. why the dog's owners say this was no accident. we'll be right back.
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workers: he campaigned as a job creator but senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. good manufacturing jobs just disappeared. ceos and giant corporations get richer guys with families... guys like me? just gets harder and harder to get ahead. we need an economy that works for people like me. for people like me. for people like me. people like me. russ feingold and i approve this message because wisconsin's middle class
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>> there we are getting a live look at the city, a lot of low clouds are filling in for us and showers across racine and kenosha county today. you are seeing a little light rain going on across southern milwaukee county. we have a little area moving over lake michigan. this low is moving to the north and impacting our weather right through saturday. overcast for today. the temperatures reaching into the low 60s. with the scattered readings won't rise too much. >> first we have first traffic watch. the pavement is a little wet. drive times are on the screen...
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>> right now, detroit is recovering after flooding. >> in one spot, a road was covered in 12 feet of water. the water turned a state highway into a mess with some cars floating along. at least three drivers had to be rescued in the area. the detroit area isn't out of danger yet. there's a flood watch in place through this afternoon. >> one detroit man found himself in a tight spot during that flooding. >> he lost his keys and tried to get into his home through a basement window, but he got stuck -- this is awful. >> who took the picture? >> that is a good question. and ended up hanging upside down from that window for about 13 hours. i feel terrible about this. the basement was flooding and the water was getting closer and
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investigators cake to vld investigate and found him. emergency crews checked out the homeowner, he's doing fine now. 13 hours. can you imagine, the blood rushing to your head upside down. that is awful. >> a hunter takes aim at a dog. >> this is the worth story. junior is okay but his owner is furious. there's a $5,000 reward to catch whoever shot the dog in washington state. the owner thinks elk poachers are responsible. >> oh my goodness. >> there is the arrow head. it's possible that junior was scaring off elk and the hunters got upset and shot him. thankfully the shot missed any major organs and junior is recovering. he's got a stylish t-shirt on. 4:41. >> it's a chance to save hundreds of dollars while
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>> the wisconsin humane society is offering a special deal today only. what you'll have to do this morning to take part. >> plus, the mayor of a small town in pennsylvania is getting attention across the country. the facebook rant that has
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>> it is a quarter before 5:00, friday morning. if we on a soggy note. it is breezy today but less windy than yesterday. i am holding the temperatures in the low 60s. scattered showers today, tonight and most of tomorrow. so we'll look at the temperatures holding in the very low 60s today and the lows tonight in the mid 50s. i expect better weather by
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since a commuter train in new jersey crashed into a station platform. one person was killed and more than 100 people were hurt. now, officials are investigating to find out how that crash happened. the train slammed into a hoboken station around 8:45 yesterday. the crash made the building's glass roof collapse. one person on the platform was killed by the debris. the ntsb is investigating using the train's event recorder similar to a plane's black box. make sure the investigation is seamless and coordinated that we come to a conclusion as quickly as possible. >> this morning we know the engineer who was operating the train has been released from the hospital and is cooperating with investigators. >> new information this morning on a woman who disappeared at
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her adult son survived the fishing trip. now police are searching the woman's home for evidence. 22-year-old nathan carman was rescued after seven days at sea, his mother is presumed dead. they were fishing off the coast of rhode island. investigators are looking into whether carman purposely sank the boat. he was reportedly seen drilling holes into the boat. >> bizarre case happening in california. it is called to gone girl case. a form erma arena and attorney pleaded guilty to kidnapping denise and tying up the boyfriend back in 2015 and they were held for ransom for days. denise reappeared after few days after disappear and an it was real. >> they impeded the investigation to the point that
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anguish and result. >> they are asking to sentence to life in paren and want more charges filed against him. >> 4:48. many of you know star trek, the actor finished filming the latest wolverine movie. and now playing a news >> his show has got great numbers and the network loves him and encouraging him just to be himself, which is a sensible policy, but he can be over the top at times. >> it is sounding like a very, very funny show but not for the kids.
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near chicago. look at this. whoa, and a rainbow. this happened on wednesday. there are several water spouts reported over lake michigan closer to chicago. one in racine too a couple of days ago. this is really pretty though. >> i don't want to be in a >> lake michigan is not inviting with that type of wind and the rain. >> that is gorgeous. >> yeah, i love that. >> a stray water spout is possible today. the conditions are favorable for that once again today. operation football tonight. rain gear, bring the good stuff. >> the pants, the jacket.
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>> or a garbage bag? >> you need the good stuff. it is staying light but becoming steady around half time and into the 4th quarter. clouds are filling in. yesterday he had peeks of sunshine from time to time. the clouds coming in yesterday once again. a little light rain across racine and kenosha county. this is a pressure. this is drifting to the north and to the east. it is remaining in place over the next 24 to 36 hours. right now 60 at the airport. it is a little less windy but breezy. take a look, scattered and spotty showers throughout the day and tonight and tomorrow.
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happening. light rain across southern wisconsin. noon same thing. many of the people getting dry and wet again. this is what is coming in tonight for operation football. this is at 9:00. the steady light rain. a lot of the games are closing out by 9:00. the steady rain for a period overnight. the showers persist tomorrow morning, scattered throughout the day, sunday maybe a little clearing by later in the day. even then the clouts stubborn. off and on showers, today and tonight. low 60s both days. 55 tonight. i will go to next week, upper 60s. monday, tuesday and wednesday looking good. >> thank you, sal. wisn 12 news time now is 4:51. and new from over night president obama and other world
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israeli leader. president obama was at the service where he and former president bill clinton spoke. at the funeral, the leaders of israel and palestine met and shook hands. >> commitment 2016, jeb bush is weighing in on the presidential race and the rumors that his father will be voting for hillary clinton. >> it is inappropriate for a person to over 92-year-old man in a private setting at a reception for the points of light foundation to hear this and immediately go on facebook and put it on there. >> bush said he's considering who he's going to vote for. >> after the polls showed hillary clinton winning the first debate, donald trump is
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new jersey governor chris christie is going to help him prepare. but christie and the campaign manager say that is not true. christie said he would be willing to help trump if asked. >> the mayor of a small pennsylvania town is in trouble after mosting political meems on facebook. the posts are racist. the council is calling for the mayor to step down and apologize. >> so this it is surprising to me. i hope he changes his ways. i hope he apologizes for it. >> now the city's police chief agrees and says he was disturbed by the posts. now the town is planning a race relations forum set for tomorrow. the council will meet again on monday to decide what comes next. >> new this morning, an
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hours. some of them stuck for two hours. cries to get the kids off first and the parents are anxious. >> it made a funny grinding sound, it came around again, and it made another grinding noise and the bottom of the wheel thing hit the platform and up around and hitting again and they stopped it. >> everyone was rescued from the ride and no injuries. officials say they haven't found out why the ride malfunctioned. >> if you have been looking to adopt a pet, today could be your day. the wisconsin humane society is waiving the fees for the first 30 adoptions today.
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>> you can't get through the story. >> it can't. too cute. that 30 number is not including adult cats. add a member to your family. they are so cute. they want a home. >> they are looking great. they all need forever homes. >> something different at the local grocery stores. >> coming up, the question you may be the aisles. >> have you started the holiday shopping yet? >> come on. >> some people have and the
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>> now the public health officials are stressing to get the flu shot as soon as possible. >> the manufacturers are pushing out the doses and a few outbreaks already of the flu. last year 45% of the population got the flu shot. there could be a drop this year because this year the nasal spray is not recommended.
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should be vaccinated. >> measles is eliminated in america. no home grown transmission for a year. measles caused a hundred thousand deaths in the 70s in the united states. >> common painkillers are now being linked to heart problems. a british medical study looked at ten million that took ibuprofen had a higher risk of being hospitalized. >> passengers with air rage are up. there is now one unruly passenger for every 1200 flights. i have never been on one of these flights. >> i have.
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crews' instructions. the group is pushing for changes in how alcohol is sold at the airport bars. >> the news continues right now. >> good morning. welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> i'm melinda davenport. it is 5:00 on friday, two local teenagers attacked by their own pet dogs and what the police had to do to save the girls' lives. >> traffic watch alert for an interchange. how to get around a long term closure. >> we are looking outside. the weekend is almost here. let's get to sally severson. >> showers, low 60s.


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