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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  September 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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>> after that the customer left, then he put the gun on me and said, "give me the money." >> wauwatosa police tell us the man is from milwaukee but didn't , immediately have more information about him. they've recovered the money and no one was hurt. patrick: update. it's a wet, gloomy, rainy start to the weekend. more rain is on the way. toya: chief meteorologist mark baden is tracking the rain and showers for us. and mark, people definitely want to plan ahead before heading out tonight, tomorrow, or the next night. mark: you got that right. we are looking to the east for our rain. normally we track the rain from
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not want to go anywhere. if you have plans tonight, it will rain on you. just be ready. we will track this line, moving into milwaukee around 6:00. it's moving at 40 miles per hour to the west. here is the thing, temperatures not that northeasterly wind at 10-15 miles per hour. when we get rid of this rain, coming up in weatherwatch 12. patrick: don't forget, you can take mark's forecast with you this weekend. just download the free wisn 12 news mobile app. toya: during the rain, a semi jackknifed on the mitchell interchange. this was the scene on southbound i-43 to westbound i-894. the scene cleared just in time for the afternoon rush hour. a truck spilled 48,000 pounds of stone. five lanes were funneled into one, while crews cleaned up the mess and removed the semi.
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this afternoon. patrick: two girls are recovering tonight after they were attacked by two pit bulls. we first told you about the incident, yesterday. it happened after the girls got home from school in brown deer, near 48th and dean. officers shot both pitbulls and took them to the milwaukee area domestic animal control. one of the dogs died on the way. the other was euthanized. neighbors say the incident is unsettling. >> i didn'nt to do that, but they didn't have no other choice because that dog still biting their daughter when the police pulled up. >> there's no update on the girls' condition. toya: three south milwaukee schools closed early today after a power outage. students at rawson elementary and south milwaukee high and middle schools closed at 11:00 this morning. the outage happened about three hours prior to that. there's no word when utility crews will be able to restore
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battling an intense fire at a milwaukee home early this morning. crews were on the scene near 36th and burnham around 6:30. they found heavy smoke and flames coming from the attic, which firefighters say made the fire tricky to put out. >> there's some hidden areas that are structural features of that building. and i think that's what it was. it was in some hidden areas and we just had to work to get through them to get at that fire. patrick: the injured firefighter was taken to the hospital after hurting his knee. no one else was hurt. the cause of the fire is under a man found shot in the street dies overnight. police say the 36-year-old victim was hit multiple times. you can see the markers in the street from our video. it happened just before 10:00 last night near 37th and townsend. police are looking for the person responsible. toya: tonight, 12 news investigates the safety of the wisconsin air national guard's aging planes. an in-flight emergency last week raised new questions about the decades-old fleet. kent wainscott goes behind the scenes at milwaukee's 128th air
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>> one of the kc-135's in the fleet is coming in right behind me here, and we wanted to find out what the crew does here to keep this 60-year-old aircraft in the air. >> one of the safest airplanes that has ever existed. >> major adam uhen of the wisconsin air national guard says in spite of the age of the kc-135 stratotanker, in-flight emergencies like last week's are not common. >> landing gear wouldn't raise. >> so perhaps at this point they realized there was an issue. >> yep. >> we spoke in the 128th's flight simulator, and he says the problem was a faulty switch. >> it's actually a piece of safety equipment built in saying, no, i'm not going to let you raise the gear because it thinks it's still on the ground, and if you raise the gear on the ground that's not a good thing. ,>> that was a minor incident, but there have been others, like this one in 2013, when an engine failed, forcing this emergency landing. the major says crews are well trained to handle in-flight emergencies, and adds that these old planes now consist largely
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airplane, the companies that made them originally 25 years ago are no longer in business. >> meaning machinist on the base have to create them. the major credits excellent maintenance work for the fleet's longevity. >> that really is what kept these airplanes flying. >> and the crew may have to keep doing what it's doing, because these aircraft may still be flying for decades more. at the 128th air refueling wing, i am kent wainscott, wisn 12 news. toya: the 128th has a fleet of nine kc-135's, that carry-out and refueling and other missions all around the world. patrick: commitment 2016. the race for president makes its way to wisconsin. chelsea clinton campaigned for her mother in downtown green bay this morning. she took questions from the crowd. she also encouraged supporters to register and vote early. >> whoever we elect will play a profound role in shaping the future that my children and
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and whether or not they have greater opportunities and greater safety. patrick: as for hillary clinton, she campaigned today in florida. the democratic nominee hasn't been in wisconsin since before the primary in april. donald trump is campaigning in michigan. the republican nominee is getting a lot of attention for a series of tweets he sent early this morning about former miss universe alicia machado. trump called her disgusting and accused her of having a sex tape. in reference to machado being mentioned in this week's debate, he tweeted," wow, crooked hillary was duped and used by my worst miss u. hillary floated her as an angel without checking her past, which is terrible." >> his supporters are not listening to the back and forth that is going on. they like the notion that he is essentially saying whatever he wants, doing whatever he wants. patrick: recent polls since the debate show clinton with a slight lead in florida, new hampshire and michigan.
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its first new academic building on campus in 50 years. the micahel and mary jaharis science laboratories had its grand opening and dedication ceremony this afternoon. it open for classes in fall of this year. it includes labs, research spaces and instrument rooms for students in the health and science fields. its not just the first building on campus in 50 years. >> this is the first time in over 170 years we can say that carroll has its first ever all all-gift, all-grand building. it is 100% supported from our alumni and friends as well as some critical dollars from the state of wisconsin that help make this michael and mary jaharis lab a reality. toya: the state gave $3 million to the project. the governor says it will help students fill the demand for skilled workers in nursing and other health sciences field. earlier today, the governor did his first ever facebook live chat.
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of what you found in the finances of the uw system that led to the tuition freeze? well, a couple of things. the university of wisconsin system this year has the largest budget it has ever had. toya: governor walker tackled a wide range of subjects from the u.w. tuition freeze to medicaid to transportation funding in his first facebook live chat. he answered pre-selected questions from residents even a lawmaker, who messaged him. nearly 12,000 people had viewed the recording by early afternoon. patrick: if you drive through the zoo interchange, a detour is coming your way. starting tomorrow, the ramp from i-41 southbound to i-94 eastbound will shut down. this closure impacts anyone driving from places like germantown, menomonee falls and wauwatosa towards downtown milwaukee. you'll want to take note, because it's scheduled to be closed until late spring of next year. and while you're driving through that construction, or any work
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, new law to keep in mind. starting tomorrow, it will be illegal to talk on a hand-held device in a work zone in wisconsin. the law is meant to protect construction workers and cut down on distracted driving. the fine for breaking the law is between $40 and $100. toya: the badgers are getting ready to take on the michigan wolverines this weekend. it's a game you'll see right here on wisn 12. wisn 12 sports stephen watson is in ann arbor tonight. he joins us live. it is raining there too. here. we are outside the big house in ann arbor michigan. it seats 107 thousand people, the largest football stadium in all of college football. the badgers won here in 2010, the last time these two teams met. the eighth ranked badgers are writing and eight-game road win
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we brought that up to him. >> thank you for saying that. it is not that complicated. it is a game. you go play it. you get to do that on the road and at home. we don't do anything special. we don't do anything unique. we don't talk about it. stephen: trying not to be like mary poppins and fly away here and ann arbor, 65th meeting between wisconsin and michigan in their history. believe it or not, it is the first time these two teams meet as top 10 ranked teams in the country. toya: thank you. the badgers and wolverines kickoff tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 only right here on wisn 12. then stay tuned for live post , game coverage on big 12 sports saturday at 6:30. stephen will join dan and drew live from ann arbor with post -game interviews.
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toya: it is a big game. patrick: obviously. you have to have faith, right? toya: i have faith that markel find something positive in this forecast. mark: it was one of the warmest september's we have ever had. the weekend is not an entire washout. when you want to get outside. toya: then, be afraid, be very afraid. with halloween now just weeks away, time to plan for trick or treat. we'll show you the hottest costumes of the season. patrick: and putting the pieces , together. they're looking into following a fatal train crash in new jersey. toya: and, paying you to take vacation? how much one company is willing to give it's employees to kick back and relax. that i my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis
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so i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults taking humira were clear or almost clear, and many saw 75% and even 90% clearance in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, , and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask about humira, the #1 prescribed biologic by dermatologists. clearer skin is possible. workers: he campaigned as a job creator
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ceos and giant corporations get richer guys with families... guys like me? just gets harder and harder to get ahead. we need an economy that works for people like me. for people like me. for people like me. people like me. russ: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because wisconsin's middle class
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toya: the teenager accused in the south carolina school shooting is facing murder and attempted murder charges as a juvenile. police say the 14-year-old killed his father at their home on wednesday, then drove to townville elementary and opened fire as children went out for recess. two students and a teacher were hit. one of the students, a six-year-old boy, is still in critical condition. investigators in new jersey found one data recorder from a commuter train that crashed.
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figure out what went wrong when the train barreled into a station yesterday, killing a woman. the ntsb says it's still looking for a second recorder near the front of the train. more than 100 people were injured in the crash. the woman killed was a 34-year-old mother, who was hit by flying debris. rahman perkins rushed into the train station to comfort her. >> the officer is like he looked at me and said she is gone bro, and i said she is not gone, somebody's gotta come here and help her right now. she will die, i promise. i literally stayed there right with her until she was gone. patrick: new jersey governor ner chris christie says it will be days before it's clear exactly what happened. investigators have requested an interview with the train's engineer who is out of the , hospital. toya: a change is coming to the internet. for nearly 20 years the , department of commerce has overseen all internet domain names approves every change and essentially keeps an address book to keep the internet
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midnight. if it's not renewed, the oversight will be transferred to an international body. it is a move attorney generals of several states filed a lawsuit this week to block. patrick: merriam-webster defines it as good for your health. but what exactly does it mean to be healthy? the government wants you to decide. the u.s. food and drug administration is looking to redefine how the word healthy is used to label food. ca january 26. there will also be public hearings. it's part of a larger effort to help people make good, smarter choices about their food. it's been a staple in new york city for decades. but at the end of the year, the iconic carnegie deli will close its flagship restaurant. you can still enjoy some of their world famous grub. the owner will continue to license carnegie deli restaurants in other cities. the deli first opened in midtown manhattan in 1937. let's check in with kathy mykleby in the newsroom with a look at what's coming up new tonight at 6:00. kathy: new tonight on 12 news at 6:00, 30 years, two different local school districts, this longtime educator accused of
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>> why are we celebrating today? >> because i am going into the hospital. kathy: then a little boy waiting , for a transplant. the heart felt send off he received from his classmates. join us for all new stories tonight at 6:00. patrick: halloween is just thank you. halloween is just around the corner. toya: and that means it's time to start thinking about costumes. after 11 years it's out with the , princess outfits and in with the superheroes. the national retail federation says superheroes are now t halloween costumes. we stopped by online costume distributor in new berlin this morning as they get ready for their busy season. that is awesome. we asked what to expect at your door during trick or treat. during trick or treat. >> most of our hot costumes are based on new kids tv shows, toys or new hot movie properties, so , continuing from last year we
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masks. we have catboy, owlet. toya: hired an extra 500 seasonal employees to keep up with demand. it is expected to reach $3.1 billion this season. patrick: our weather is fitting, spooky out there. toya: creepy, gross. mark: ugly, nasty, tired of watching rain come in from lake michigan. it will end. we will get through this. what you see is what you get. this will happen again tomorrow. sunday, clouds, but we start trying things out. we still have the north, northeasterly wind. we are 60 in milwaukee,
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racine, where we had interesting looking crowds. we might get a waterspout. there looks like there may have been a waterspout earlier in the evening off of caledonia. everybody around 60 degrees. we made it to 60, the streak continues. i think we will break the record of 60 plus temperatures next week. i don't think all of a sudden it is just magically nice in bend, because we have the same kind of yuck moving in. this low pressure center does not want to go anywhere. it finally starts moving out on sunday. scattered showers moving from east to west. you will get rain tonight, this evening, and tomorrow. it will not be continuous, just like today. we had rain, then other times when it was dry.
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finally, it gets a little bit better as we head into sunday, but we still have cloud cover around throughout the day. full-color color starting to pop, especially up north. we still are a ways away from peak around here. not so bad in some spots. at least it is dry in western wisconsin, but better on sunday. look at this massive hurricane, really exploded in strength. for, and it is expected to move close to florida. -- now category four, and it is expected to move close to florida. look at these sustained winds, expected to move right over cuba and work its way into the atlantic, so deathly something to keep an eye on. here is the deal, saturday, not
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on sunday, 66, so if you need to get anything done, not bad. monday is better. next week looks delightful. 70 on tuesday. 72 on wednesday. the chance for storms on thursday with 67, but temperatures thing mild through next week. again, if we can stay in the 60's by wednesday of next week, we will have tied the record, and then on thursday, we wil rica temperatures 60 degrees are warmer here. patrick: not bad at all. good sleeping weather. coming up on new on wisn 12 news at 10:00, new information on apparel pair of robberies involving one large gun. investigators are about to give us details about the man they have rested. happening now, the milwaukee police department is holding its first of the kind graduation
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the unique role these new grads will help lay to -- will play to help other officers. it is a bizarre fundraiser. toya: he was dubbed as the most hated man in america for increasing the price of a life saving drug. now the opportunity to legitimately punch a pharmaceutical ceo in the face. patrick: plus, a battle over bottle coffee. the company in competition for
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[ male announcer ] "gone fishing." it's a sign that means we've locked up and headed off to do something we love. luckily, there's an entire state dedicated to those little signs. with 19 million acres of woods, "gone biking," "gone golfing." and the world's longest freshwater coastline, "gone rock skipping," "gone sailing," "gone wandering." meet you on the playgrounds of pure michigan.
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patrick: you'll soon be able to buy dunkin donuts iced coffee from the grocery store. the company is launching bottled coffee beverages. a variety of flavors will be available. the product will be manufactured, distributed, and sold by coca-cola, competing with pepsi's bottled starbucks frappuccino. dunkin's ready-to-drink coffee is expected in stores next year. he's known for hiking up the price of life-saving drugs. toya: now, you once again have the chance to punch the pharmaceutical ceo in the face. martin shkreli is raising money to set up a fund for the son of his p.r. manager who past away after fighting cancer. a woman from florida won the raffle this week, agreeing to donate $50,000. turns out, she backed out of the deal so the auction is back on. , shkreli plans to match the donation.
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getting paid to take a vacation. toya: a software company in utah recently launched a new program called paid paid vacation. eligible employees at bamboo h.r. get reimbursed up to $2,000 for vacation costs including hotel, transportation, and meals. the company has about 200 employees. patrick: they are trying to encourage their employees to get out, take a break. that is pretty cool. toya: the weekend forecast is
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patrick: zoo's have been known to draw big crowds to debut one baby panda. wait until you see ts. toya: oh, my gosh. a zoo in china introduced 23 baby pandas to tourists in china this week. each of the cubs are between one to four months old. this display of cuteness is the result of improved breeding technology. this is almost double the number of newborn pandas born last year.
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toya: do it that way. patrick: there we go.
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tonight, breaking news. authorities urging calm right now. just releasing this video. the deadly police shooting. police say he had taken a shooting stance. the sister who said she told police he had no gun. businesses to shut down. also breaking, the category 4 hurricane. winds up to 140 miles per hour. ginger zee is standing by. donald trump's twitter tirade. about miss yuniverse.


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