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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  September 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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investigating his neighbor for child pornography. >> i never seen any kids over there. i barely saw anybody over there. >> prosecutors charged 68-year-old thomas defazio for possessing images of scantily-clad girls with their buttocks exposed. no one answered there this afternoon. according to the criminal complaint, the investigation started last year here at all saints catholic school, where defazio volunteered in fourth and fifth grade classrooms. the principal here at all saints contacted police after staffers complained they'd seen mr. inappropriate comments about photos of young people. >> this was a surprise to us a big surprise to us. >> police say when the principal confronted defazio, he told her he believed his actions were wrong so he had gone to , confession because he was trying to get it under control. >> we took this very seriously. mr. defazio had done all of the safeguarding, background check.
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position. >> before his retirement defazio , spent 30 years teaching here at racine's mckinley school . tonight, he faces up to 250 years in prison. patrick: defazio is free on $5,000 cash bail and ordered to , have no contact with kids or the internet. developing right now a suspected , armed robber arrested in a wauwatosa neighborhood. police say the gunman ran out of the subway at high10 capitol and tried to hide among some houses. he was taken into custody and a gun was recovered. no one was hurt. kathy: a dreary start to the weekend, take a look at this video from south shore marina, the strong winds sending waves crashing into the breakwater and boats rocking in the marina. mark joins us now. mark it's going to be a wet , night. mark: it is. if you're headed out this evening, this is what you want to know. this is not what you want to
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is where our rain is coming from. at this point, it is not that bad. there is rain in sheboygan. most other areas are drive. that will change in this will continue to move in. out the door, showers at 7:00, more showers at 9:00, more showers again at 11 :00. how long this continues into the weekend, coming up in weatherwatch 12. kathy: thank wherever you are this weekend, using interactive radar. you can find it on our 12 news app. it's free to download on your smart phone or tablet. patrick: new tonight we're , hearing from the man in the car with sylville smith moments before he was shot and killed by a milwaukee police officer. a reporter with the milwaukee journal sentinel interviewed demario pritchard in jail. he says smith was carrying a gun when officers in unmarked squads pulled up, boxing them in, in their car near 44th and auer. pritchard says they jumped out and ran. he fell, then he heard four gunshots.
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smith holding a gun and turning towards the officer when he was shot. the video has not yet been released. kathy: happening now, a federal judge ordering the state to investigate whether transportation workers are failing to issue temporary voter id's. under wisconsin law, voters must show a government approved i.d. at the polls. those who don't have one, can get one free at dmv offices. the website the nation posted a story where a madison man couldn't get an i.d. because he and an audio recording where dmv , employees gave a wide range of answers on how long it would take to get one. we asked governor walker about that investigation. >> any time there is a concern race, we want to make sure we get to the bottom of it and find out if there are employs not correctly administering the process. we want to make sure that is corrected. kathy: the state must report
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patrick: new at 6:00 backlash , tonight over a proposal to add a $60 wheel tax in milwaukee county. the county executive revealed the new fee yesterday as part of his upcoming budget. county executive chris abele says it would generate enough money to pay for new buses and improve county highways and bridges. but some county supervisors say they've been flooded with phone calls and emails from angry constituents against the proposal. >> we understand that milwaukee county we have maintenance to take care of, but we as elected officials need to work together and not simply whatever we can come up with. this tax is not the answer. patrick: abele officially sent his budget to the county board this afternoon. looking ahead one of the busiest , ramps in the zoo interchange is about to close for a long time. beginning tomorrow, the ramp from southbound 41 to eastbound 94 will be shut down until late spring of next year. that means any one coming from
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menomonee falls, or wauwatosa, trying to head to downtown milwaukee, will have to find an alternate route. the department of transportation says drivers can expect up to a 30-minute longer drive time. kathy: new on wisn 12, the mystery of the stolen campaign signs in the town of geneva. a homeowner set up a trail camera after a trump sign was stolen from his yard. the camera caught a woman in a white suv pulling up and stealing the replacement sign. the homeowner posted the video on facebook hoping to find the , sign stealer. if you know anything, call town of geneva police -- police. patrick: commitment 2016 coverage. former first daughter chelsea clinton campaigns for her mother in wisconsin. the daughter of democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton took questions and suggestions from voters in green bay. she encouraged the crowd to get out and vote early, saying the election is too important not to go. >> whomever we elect will play a profound role in shaping the
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and whether or not they have greater opportunities and greater safety. patrick: hillary clinton has not campaigned in wisconsin since the april primary. kathy: wisconsin's u.s. senate race is one of the top senate races in the country. polls have shown democratic former senator russ feingold leading. but republican incumbent ron johnson tells upfront host mike gousha the race is closer than people think. >> do you feel you're an underdog? >> i think i let's face it. we've been outresourced. i think when wisconsinites really focus on the race when, i think when they see that i've , actually accomplished something, not only have i traveled tirelessly around the state listening to wisconsinites. i've taken action, and i've put myself in a position to actually accomplish things. kathy: sunday on upfront, johnson on his record of accomplishments and why he says it's better than feingold's. upfront airs sunday morning at 9:00 here on wisn 12.
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that's followed by matter of fact with soledad o'brien at 10:30. this week soledad examines what the vice presidential nominees must do during the debate to make a difference on election day. wisn 12 is teaming up with the marquette law school to host a live debate between ron johnson and russ feingold. upfront host mike gousha will moderate the 90-minute discussion. you can watch it live tuesday night, october 18 beginning at 8:30, right here on wisn 12. patrick: it's a big match up at the big house. this is a picture of the wisconsin badgers coming off the plane in michigan within the last hour for tomorrow's down with the wolverines right here on wisn 12. wisn 12 sports stephen watson is in ann arbor tonight. he joins us live. stephen: good evening from a wet and arbor -- ann arbor. aretha franklin has been one to ask for a little bit of
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they are looking for a little respect after two wins over top ten teams in the country. >> if we keep winning these games. >> we just do what we envision ourselves to do. we have been working at this for a long time and planning this for a long time and will continue to try to make it happen. stephen: we will hear more from corey clement. he talk about that underdog role , that they love it and live for it. this wisconsin team has not faced michigan since they beat the wolverines behind me. they had the michigan four out of the last six meetings.
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thank you. the badgers and wolverines kickoff tomorrow afternoon at 2:30, only right here on wisn 12. then, stay tuned for live posts gave -- postgame coverage on big 12 sports saturday. kathy: a new way to tackle crime. the unique role for graduates will play. new information on a pair of gun. investigators are about to give us more surveillance video and tell us more about the man they have arrested. that is at 10:00. at 9:00, 2020 and us to gates. a jury equates a man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend's 12-year-old son. now they say he was targeted because he was black in a predominately white town.
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what's the reaction after the guilty verdict? >> this has been a five-year ordeal. he was accused of killing the child and has been under a cloud of suspicion since the day of the murder five years ago. kathy: watch 2020 at 9:00 and stay tuned for 12 news at 10:00. patrick: a wet start, but not a washout. kathy: we are ready for some sunshine. mark: a lot of people are ready for sunshine. stretch of weather. >> why are we celebrating today? >> because i am going into the hospital. patrick: a little boy waiting for a transplant, the heartfelt sendoff he sent -- receipt from his classmates. kathy: a new place to have a couple coffee the next time you're mitchell international airport. announcer: get important local
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russ: i've travelled over 50,000 miles all across wisconsin - listening to people, hearing their stories. a lot of folks are business owners and entrepreneurs. they tell me how hard it is to grow a business in today's economy. so together, we came up with the badger innovation plan. through expanded access to high-speed broadband, better job training and fair trade. because we need to export wisconsin products, not wisconsin jobs.
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i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts covered with cinnamon crumble and sweet cream cheese icing. try our new cinnamon pull-aparts for just 6 bucks. announcer: leading the way with
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6:00 with kathy mykleby, joyce garbaciak, weatherwatch 12 chief meteorologist mark baden, and big 12 sports director dan needles. wisn 12 news at 6:00 continues. kathy: new tonight, no more colectivo coffee at the airport. the local coffee maker is closing its three kiosks at mitchell international. colectivo ended its agreement with the operation company that had run the kiosks since 2009. tradition in la crosse, the slicing of the golden brat. members of the american legion began cooking the eight-foot-long sausage late last night. it weighs around 90 pounds and is topped with sauerkraut. proceeds from the brat go to the legion's programs for veterans and children. new at 6:00, you'll soon see these familiar blue barrels around town. kathy: this year's food for families campaign officially kicked off today. workers at the hunger task force loaded up the trucks to deliver the food barrels to spots all
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the campaign raises a half a million to one million pounds of food every season. that food is delivered to homeless shelters and emergency food pantries. >> milwaukee has a long-standing tradition of serving people and making sure they get healthy food. kathy: the food for families campaign runs through december 31. patrick: new at 6:00, a big send off today for a little b w as mike anderson reports, super heros are his favorite, but he might the most super of them all. >> i have a batman costume. >> and a visit from the batman himself. >> thank you for supporting me. we are supporting you. >> the whole first and second grade class at hoover elementary
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hospital. >> payson was born with a congenital heart defect. he's been living attached to an oxygen supplier all his life. unfortunately now, he's starting to outgrow his heart and the oxygen and medication is not enough. >> he has been on the transplant list for over two years now. it is just a matter of time, i guess. with the way he is progressing, they felt it was time to bring him in and get him ready for whatever is going to happen. >> you have a lot of good stuff. >> payson has never faced his condition alone and he's not , about to now. >> he's going to come out of this and come back to school here without the tube some tanks around him. he's going to move on, because he is an inspiration to all of
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begin the wait for his new heart. patrick: there is a web site for payson. we have a link to it on kathy: a soggy finish to september. the start of october is not much better. mark: hard to believe september is done. patrick: just like that. mark: yes, it's crummy. where we finish. this is one of those months where we have dramatic changes. we still get some nice days. this is when we get nice days in october. please take advantage of them. the average high is 65 to 48, that is a big draw. that is what you need to be prepared for.
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then snow. we can get snow in october. let's not think about that. let's think about this. whether in other parts of the state fantastic. yes, the colors are popping there. you can see the best color and north-central wisconsin right now. 50% to 70% color in the northern part of the state. around southern wisconsin. better weather away from lake michigan because we have that same low pressure center moving that rain in. it will be a rainy day for the eastern half of the state, especially green bay through our area. that are on sunday, still cloudy, more sunshine to the west. temperatures will be warmer. this weekend, 62 on saturday, 65
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it will still be cloudy. if you are going to football games, be ready for the showers. we have been lucky around here. that same system bringing in that counterclockwise flow around that low pressure center, so all that rain wraps around it. the place getting rain is in sheboygan county. this will fill and throughout the evening. rain from sheboygan through plymouth and extending to the west, closing in on fond du lac. go to future cast and watch. it will not be heavy rain. there will be some pockets where it is steadier. scattered showers continue. heavy rains overnight, then more scattered showers tomorrow. it seems kind of ugly. it stays ugly on sunday, but at least it is drier.
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61. milwaukee, not much better, but it is dry at this point. here is the good news. if we make 60 again, 135 days of 60 degrees or warmer. i think we will break the record. we will get to the record on wednesday. by thursday, i think we will break the record. 62 tomorrow. 66 sunday. next week looks pretty nice. remember, what did i? call in sick. not really. i'm just kidding. kathy: that's not going to work. looking ahead a major project , coming to miller park. the brewers plan to hold a news conference on wednesday to announce what they're calling the most comprehensive project and upgrade to the park since it opened. opening in 2001, miller park
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it. it's a wet night for week seven of operation football. talk about flying by. stephanie: i know. and our game of the week happens to be in water-ford. we'll have a preview up next. plus, the badgers get ready to take on the wolverines without one of the star defensive players. 12 sports stephen watson has a live preview from ann arbor up
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? stephanie: the badgers confirmed today that star linebacker vince biegel underwent foot surgery less night and is expected to miss several weeks. not good news considering the badgers are taking on the showdown tomorrow right here on the big 1-2. 12 sports stephen watson rejoins us live from ann arbor with a preview. and stephen, the badgers will his presence tomorrow. stephen: as a leader and as well as a player. this offense already has 16 different players that have rushed the foot wall, 17 that
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this season. it is a tough game plan for that badgers defense. >> quarterbacks playing real well, the offensive line is a, athletic, will coach. running backs, a lot of guys rotated there. the tight end as you know is a big-time player, and we will have to go in and execute at a high level to slow those guys down. it will be a great challenge for us. stephen: how do you stoe country? by holding on to the football. wisconsin ranks third in terms of times of position -- possession. back to you. stephanie: thank you, stephen. big weekend for the badgers, and another big night of operation football. can you believe we are already seven weeks into the regular season? only two more to go before the playoffs begin. this is a live look from our
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on union grove. a southern lakes conference showdown, waterford tied with two others for second place in the conference, fighting for a playoff spot. this is just one of many games that we are covering tonight from around our area. finally, a big day for the americans on day one of the ryder cup. the lead the european team 5-3 after the first day of matches. the ryder cup taking place in chaska, minnesota at hazeltine. it will be in whisg i hope the weather looks like that. patrick: hecklers on the green today? stephanie: not today. patrick: the force strikes overnight. this was the scene outside the toys "r" us on 27th and howard on milwaukee's southside just before midnight. people lined up and bundled up, to be among the first to buy the new rogue one, a star wars story toys. toys "r" us opened at midnight for the special sale. kathy: that is dedication. mark: all right, we have some
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then we have these rain showers again. the homecoming games tonight not looking so good. tomorrow night, not so great either. have your raingear ready.
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?? tonight, brad and angie's divorce game changer. >> there are many things that can go wrong. >> the closed door deal made today and the new scandalous twist. who just hired the real-life olivia pope to take the upper hand. >> funny how that works. thenul of body shaming. >> i actually feel a little uncomfortable. >> why the dancing judge is on the defensive today. >> plus -- >> the super bowl goes gaga. she's taking over the halftime show, but why we could still see beyonce there. and ben affleck opens up about his family life using his fame


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