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tv   WISN 12 News This Weekend Sunday  ABC  October 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CDT

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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> now on wisn 12 news. thema: a teenager is killed after a double shooting and a stabbing on milwaukee's south side. the victim's family speaks out about search for answers this morning. plus, more questions surrounding donald trump's tax returns this morning. the latest report showing he may not have paid taxes for years. good morning, and welcome to wisn 12 news this morning. i'm thema ponton. it's 5:00 a.m. on this sunday, october 2. let's get your day started with a look at your forecast. weatherwatch 12 meteorologist jeremy nelson standing by in the weather center.
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wisconsin. the best bet is during the afternoon. here's a look at the doppler 12 radar network. we do have showers in northern counties, fond du lac, washington, ozaukee and sheboygan counties, currently damp and reread in that direction. areas like west bend seeing some showers. grab the amber alert before stepping outside -- grab the umbrella before stepping outside. 60 degrees andlo in northwest breeze at five, almost a carbon copy this morning but we saw yesterday was showers around. this afternoon, we can't entirely rule out a stray shower, but i think we started to have some peaks of sun and mostly cloudy skies, highs mid 60's. i will let you know which up into the 70's in just few minutes. thema: thank you, jeremy. new from overnight, milwaukee
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in a deadly shooting. police say a man was shot around midnight on 13th street near west atkinson on the city's northside. police are still at the scene and are trying to identify the victim. there have been no arrests. this morning, milwaukee police are investigating after two teenagers are shot, and another man is stabbed with a sword. 18-year-old carmelo silva died following the shooting. police arrived at 25th and becher shortly before 5:00 yesterday. wisn 12 news ben hutchison spoke with the victim's family. ben: according to milwaukee police, the incident took place in a home here behind me. the family of one of one of the victims who later died of a gunshot wound says he made it to the corner store. that's where 18-year-old carmelo silva died, this picture provided by loved ones. jorge silva: a loving boy. ben: his uncle jorge silva remembering him as a teen dedicated to his family. jorge silva: my family is grieving deeply, for someone who
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was a dispute inside a home, two 18-year-olds were shot -- including silva. a 21-year-old man stabbed with a sword. jorge silva: i'm hurting, i'm angry at the same time. ben: a friend of silva's didn't want to go on camera -- but says the young man was a regular at the corner store. >> nicest kid around here and it's unbelievable this type of tragedy has to happen around here. ben: silva, trying to focus on better days. jorge silva: it just so happened that two weeks ago, he came all the way to the northside, just to tell me he loves me. ben: and he wants the person who killed his nephew to be held accountable. jorge silva: i just hope whoever did this, gets what they deserve. ben: milwaukee police haven't said if they're looking for any additional suspects. at 25th and becher, ben hutchison, wisn 12 news. thema: the other gunshot victim and the man stabbed were taken to the hospital. they're expected to survive. milwaukee police are investigating a crash involving an suv, riddled with bullets, near 26th and clybourn. police tell wisn 12 the shooting happened around 2:00 yesterday afternoon.
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suspect. police say the car was shot, while it was parked and no one was inside at the time. someone later crashed the suv into two parked cars. we're told the people inside ran away. police say no one was hurt. the man accused of shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend and glendale is now charged in her death. pierre douglas gardner faces first-degree reckless homicide charges for killing 19-year-old nya hammond. someone found her monday morning, in the parking lot of the orthopedic hospital of wisconsin with a gunshot wound in her back. according to court documents released yesterday, her grandmother told police hammond had been physically abused. she says hammond left gardner three weeks before she was killed. the couple had a 3-year-old child together. gardner is expected back in court, later this month. this morning, milwaukee police
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shooting death of a 4-year-old boy on the city's north side. family tells wisn 12 news solomon jordan smith was shot and killed near 15th and lloyd friday evening. police say someone fired a gun inside the home. officers are still investigating exactly what happened and who the gun belonged to. looking ahead, city leaders will come together this week to start a conversation about public safety issues in milwaukee. a series held this month, starting tomorrow morning at city hall. back in august, the public safety action plan was released calling for increased police staffing and expanded detention facilities. organizations will have the opportunity to provide input, ideas, and feedback on public safety issues during tomorrow's meeting. and a reminder for zoo interchange drivers this morning. the ramp from i-41 southbound to i-94 eastbound, is now closed.
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work or school in downtown milwaukee. the d.o.t. says people can expect to add at least 30 extra minutes to their drive. the ramp is not scheduled to reopen until late spring of next year. in commitment 2016 and the race for the white house, "the new york times" claims it has obtained some of donald trump's tax records. the times says trump declared a $916 million loss on his 1995 tax returns, which could have allowed him to legally avoid paying federal income taxes for trump's campaign issued a statement that trump is not required to pay more in taxes than the law requires, but it did not deny that he did not pay any federal taxes. the statement added that trump has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in property, real estate, and other taxes. trump has said he will make his tax returns public only when the federal government finishes
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we're learning more about donald trump junior's campaign event in wisconsin next week. the republican presidential nominees son will campaign for his father wednesday morning in brookfield. trump junior is holding a "coffee and roundtable" event at the embassy suites starting at 8:00. tickets are free, but are only available on a first come, first serve basis. there's just two more days until the first and only vice presidential debate. trump's running mate mike pence and deat night. you can watch that debate live right here on wisn 12. abc news live coverage starts tuesday night at 8:00, after a new dancing with the stars. next week, a little boy in new berlin is heading to children's hospital to wait for a new heart transplant. wisn 12 news mike anderson reports on the send off he received earlier this week from his classmates. payson vahovick: i have a batman
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mike: and a visit from the batman himself. batman: thank you for supporting me, and we're supporting you. mike: the whole first and second grade class at hoover elementary is supporting payson. teacher: why are we celebrating today? payson: because i'm going into the hospital. mike: payson was born with a congenital heart defect. he's been living attached to an oxygen supplier all his life. unfortunately now, he's starting to outgrow his heart and t oxygen and medication is not enough. michael vahovick: he has been on the transplant list for over two years now and it's just a matter of time, i guess. and with the way he's progressing, they felt it was time to bring him in and get him ready for what ever is going to happen. payson: and this, a play pack. dad: wow, you got a lot of good stuff. mike: payson has never faced his condition alone and he's not
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>> [applause] ali hatab: he's going to come out of it and come back to school here, and without all the tubes and all the tanks around him. and he's just going to move on, because he is an inspiration to all of us. mike: payson will be admitted to children's hospital on monday to begin the wait for his new heart. in new berlin, mike anderson, wisn 12 news. thema: there is a web site for payson, we have a link to it on later today, hundreds of walkers are coming together to prevent suicide across the country. walk" is this morning at humboldt park in milwaukee's bay view neighborhood. registration starts at 8:30. the walk starts at 10:00 a.m. this weekend, the lights are on at boerner botanical gardens in hales corners. the grounds are lit with the china lights display featuring more than 1000 lanterns -- all flown in from china. there's a 200-foot dragon lantern and a two-story palace
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you can go see it through the end of october in whitnall park. later today, it's the last day of milwaukee's original oktoberfest. events start at 10:00 this morning at pere marquette park and on the marcus center grounds. authentic bavarian foods and a beer garden are just some of the highlights. admission is free. oktoberfest runs until 6:00 tonight. you can also celebrate the fall season with cider sunday, taking place later today. families can come out to the wehr nature center in franklin to enjoy a variety of treats, all made from locally grown apples. there will also be live music, crafts, and guided hiking tours. money raised today will benefit operations at the nature center. wisn 12 news time is 5:10. it's the first weekend of october. pumpkin patches across wisconsin are gearing up for hundreds of visitors. but there's a warning from farmers this year. what you need to know before you
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and meteorologist jeremy nelson standing by the weather center. anybody hitting the punk in, keep those rain boots. jeremy: a little muddy as we see more showers across the area. i will let you know when dry weather returns to the forecast, coming up. you're watching wisn 12 news this morning. >> like, comment, and share with the news team you trust.
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>> leading the way with important local coverage, you're watching wisn 12 news this morning, with thema ponton and weather watch 12 meteorologist jeremy nelson. wisn 12 news this morning continues. thema: welcome back to wisn 12 news this morning. 5:14 right now. new from overnight. hurricane matthew is moving closer to jamaica. the island is preparing for the storm as it moves through the caribbean. i'm in the weather center with meteorologist jeremy nelson, who's been keep an eye on the storm for the last couple of
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between haiti and jamaica, but the eastern part of the island will see an impact. if you're traveling down there, you may have flight delays. flights may be moving around as hurricane matthew is inching along to the northwest. that will go generally between jamaica and haiti, clipping the western part of haiti. let's take track of the right now, this updated from the national hurricane center has about 15 minutes ago. when his hanging around 150 miles an hour, a major hurricane, category four. u.s., we're hoping it stays off from the eastern seaboard. now it keeps it east of the bahamas and the u.s. by friday morning. the western part of that forecast cone does get near florida. we'll see how things play out. as of now, it looks like it's going be a near miss for the east. thema: thank you, jeremy. an autopsy is planned later today for the victim of a school
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6-year-old jacob hall died yesterday -- three days after a gunman opened fire on an elementary school playground. another student and a teacher were also shot, but survived. police say the suspect is a 14-year-old student who they believe also killed his father at home. he is now facing murder and attempted murder charges as a juvenile. new details this morning on the deadly train crash in hoboken new jersey. investigators back on the scene this morning are having a hard time reaching a critical piece of evidence. one of the data recorders is still missing. crews can't reach it becausef asbestos. yesterday the ntsb said there were no signal problems at the station when the train crashed. one woman was killed. more than 100 others were hurt. now to some dramatic images out of mexico this morning, where a volcano continues to erupt. the so-called fire volcano shot a large plume of ash and thick black smoke into the sky yesterday. molten lava could be seen
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two nearby villages have been evacuated. there are no reports of any injuries. in florida, zika continues to be a growing concern. mosquitoes are still testing positive for the virus, despite heavy pesticide spraying. state officials say a new sample of mosquitoes from miami beach are infected with the virus. at least 35 people in miami beach have contracted zika locally. the wet weather we've been seeing lately could have an impact on local ki farmers say wet soil could make pumpkins rot faster. pumpkins grow better when it's sunny and dry. >> it's just like our skin, it sucks up moisture so where they are sitting on the ground, they
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if we keep this kind of weather, and they don't get a good hard sun on them, they don't get that hard surface. thema: if you're in the market for buying a pumpkin this weekend, experts say to check for any soft sports or mold on the stem or bottom of the pumpkin. they are looking for drier conditions today. jeremy: may not find until monday or tuesday. they want to get the pumpkins picked out. but what you saw with puddles and mud molten issues if you are venturing out today. a few showers, and they are going to hang around for at least the first part of the day. we try to try out some this afternoon. monday, right now looks like a dry day. i can't promise a ton of sunshine, we will see some rays of sun out there right now. the midweek forecast is warmer with thunderstorms emerging and highs bounce back to the 70's.
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backyards right now. a couple showers drifting down from the south, we will get to the radar in a moment. clouds hang on into the afternoon, maybe a rate or two of sunshine. highs in the mid 60's and by early afternoon, there could be a spotty showers. not much rain across the area, what we see will primarily be during the morning. here's the doppler 12 radar network, a batch of fairly persistent light rain up to the north that's trying to drift down to the south, it's about to enter waukesha and milwaukee counties. you want to keep an umbrella on standby. shower weather? this upper-level low just has nothing to nudge out of the way. but it's been churning across the great lakes, moving north, south, east, west by 25 to 50 miles of the time. it's for the most part been persistent in this spot. eventually want evident early this week, i will get shoved to the east and we finally start to dry out. until then, cloudy skies right
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milwaukee, able northwest breeze at five miles per hour. i have the camera the blue harbor resort pointed down to the ground to show you there's wet pavement in sheboygan, overnight rain showers and also a little bit of water droplets showing up on the camera lens. you can see that blinking light in the different -- in the distance, 58 in sheboygan. the forecast shaping up like this today. a few more showers across the area. by mid to late afternoon, we could catch a little bit of sunshine. lots of clouds in the forecast and the shower early afternoon. future test may show showers hang on longer than that. this is a 2:00 p.m., it could be a spotty showers wrinkles across the area. we watched by 6:00 p.m., mainly dry weather. that's when he won a fire of the backyard barbecue going. in the early part of the work week for monday morning, the commute looks dry. during the afternoon, clouds fill in looks like partly to mostly cloudy. later on the week, once we get
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strongest cold front of the early fall season will sweep through our area. i think my next saturday in the weatherwatch 12 week ahead, we may be seeing highs in the 50's here across southeastern wisconsin. if you like some sunshine and maybe kind of summerlike weather , that will be tuesday and wednesday. that's only see highs jump back to the middle 70's. a good chance of some rain sometime wednesday, thursday, into friday with the next system. behind it, much cooler air and a high saturday only i thema: thank you, jeremy. wisn 12 news time is 5:21. still ahead, a troubling day for tv binge-watchers everywhere. why some netflix fans say a lazy afternoon turned into the longest two hours of their life. plus, why students around the country might start becoming big fans of bruce springsteen's
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thema: welcome back to wisn 12 news this morning. you're taking a live look outside at 5:24 on this sunday, october 2. we are fully in the fall, jeremy nelson will you know if you need your umbrella today.
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shapes and sizes took off for the skies in albuquerque this weekend. it's the 45th annual international balloon fiesta. the festival attracted close to 1 million visitors to central new mexico. this year's festival features more than 500 hot air balloons with pilots from around the world. pretty amazing. a little boy in philadelphia may have the best excuse for missing a day of school last week. he got to meet bruce springsteen duri a absence note excusing him from school that day. all week long the boss has been promoting his new autobiography, "born to run." hundreds of people from around the world turned out to his book signing yesterday in seattle. does the principle except that if it's from bruce springsteen? why not. things are back to normal this morning after a major outage affecting netflix yesterday. angry users from around the
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their frustration. the outage comes after the release of several popular movies -- including "titanic," "ferris bueller's day off," and "how to lose a guy in 10 days." there's no word on what caused the problem. still ahead, it's packers bye-week and there's plenty of things happening across the area this weekend. why you might hear some barking in one milwaukee neighborhood later today. plus, it's not even halloween, the holiday season. coming up, we'll take a look at the number of americans who say they're already done shopping for presents. and here's a live look outside as we head to break. we're on weather watch today to see when clouds will move out and sunshine will move in. stay with us.
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workers: he campaigned as a job creator but senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. good manufacturing jobs just disappeared. guys with families... guys like me? just gets harder and harder to get ahead. we need an economy that works for people like me. for people like me. for people like me. people like me. russ: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because wisconsin's middle class
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>> now on wisn 12 news. thema: good morning, and welcome to wisn 12 news this morning.
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this sunday, october 2 with us. it is 5:29, and jeremy nelson is keep an eye on our sunday forecast. we are looking to dry out today. jeremy: i opened up the complaint department on our facebook page. if you don't like the weather, you can complain, but i can change it. i can't change the weather, but i will event. you can go on and vent and let your frustration be known that we still have showers across southeastern wisconsin. pr but they are dropping down the lakefront. here's what we're looking at all the doppler 12 radar network. rainy weather up to the north, the pavement is dampen west bend. eden also towards elkhart lake in sheboygan and mequon just out of see light rain take hold. the stick a look outside the weather window. in mequon, damp pavement at concordia university, where it's currently 58 degrees. not a lot of wind out there. not expect much win for today, only about six to 12 miles per hour.
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we will still see dreary weather at midday and turn mostly cloudy this afternoon. highs in the middle 60's. we talked more about the workweek we forecast and some 70's not too far away. that's coming up. thema: thank you, jeremy. remember to take the weather watch 12 forecast with you when you're on the go. download the wisn 12 news app or the weather watch 12 app. they're both free for your smartphone or tablet. happening now -- milwaukee police are investigating a deadly shooting. it happened around midnight. officials say a man was shot near 13th and west atkinson on the city's northside. right now, police are workto there have been no arrests. this morning, 18-year-old
5:32 am
investigating after two teenagers are shot, and another man is stabbed with a sword. 18-year-old carmelo silva died following the shooting. his uncle says he wouldn't hurt a fly and he wants the person guilty held responsible. jorge silva: i just hope whoever did this, gets what they deserve. thema: the other gunshot victim and the man stabbed were taken to the hospital. they're expected to survive. milwaukee police are investigating a crash involving an suv with several bullet holes in it. the shooting happened near 26th and clybourn just after 2:00 p.m. yesterday. we're told the owner of an orange suv had been fighting with a known suspect. police say the car was shot while it was parked, and no one was inside at the time. someone later crashed the suv into two parked cars. we're told the people inside ran away. no one was hurt. milwaukee police are
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the city's north side. solomon jordan smith -- or "jordan" -- was shot and killed inside of a house near 15th and lloyd friday. police are still investigating exactly what happened and who the gun belonged to. an autopsy will be conducted today on a 6-year-old boy hit by a bullet during a school shooting in south carolina. jacob hall died yesterday. he'd been in critical condition after being shot in the leg when a gunman opened fire at his school last week. a teacher and another student were also shot, but were released from the hospital. his mother says jacob continues to change her life, even after his death. >> jacob was forgiving. what happened to jacob, he has forgiven already. he is in heaven smiling down on us and he asks his mom to be able to be strong and forgive, just like he would have. thema: the 14-year-old gunman is also accused of shooting and killing his father before making
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a motive in the shootings has not been released. a traffic watch 12 alert for drivers who use the zoo interchange. the ramp from i-41 southbound to i-94 eastbound, is now closed. this impacts anyone driving from the north towards downtown milwaukee. the ramp is not scheduled to re-open until late spring of next year. and while you're driving through that construction, or any work zone, a reminder that it's now illegal to talk on a hand-held device in a work zone in wiscon the fine for breaking the law is between $40 and $100. wisconsin's u.s. senate race is one of the most watched in the country. it's outcome is crucial to deciding which party will control the senate. mike gousha has an extended interview with republican incumbent ron johnson, this morning on "upfront." mike: this morning on "upfront," johnson trails his democratic opponent russ feingold in the
5:35 am
this morning on "upfront," what johnson thinks will be the deciding factor in his race. plus, we'll talk trade, his right to try legislation, and why he thinks 9/11 victims should be able to sue saudi arabia. then, wisconsin democrats calling for an investigation of governor walker. state representative chris taylor of madison joins me to explain why democrats think walker might have violated campaign and ethics laws. it's all coming up this morning at 9:00, right here on "upfront." thema: new this morning, in an effort to support her favorite from madison made a drastic decision. lilly started calling herself "lillary." she sent the presendential nominee a letter, explaining that she too wanted to be president one day. clinton responded, teaching the second grader a very important lesson. that she doesn't have to change your name.
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thema: a tough loss for the badgers this weekend against michigan. with wisconsin's offense struggling, it was a defensive battle throughout the game wisn 12 sports stephen watson has more from ann arbor. stephen: good morning from ann arbor. it was a rough saturday for the badgers here inside the big house. it was a wide-eyed moment for the road -- the wide-eyed freshman's. they finished with 159 total yards on offensend defense, was once again stellar. the offense couldn't deliver on the big stage. >> we couldn't get any drives going and when we did, there was opportunities that we should have taken advantage of. i should've taken advantage of. we didn't execute. >> their critical times where we didn't make that play. you have to give credit to the defense as well. the combination i think was always we were consistent on the
5:37 am
game-winning touchdown or the offense of struggles, the badgers are talking this up as a learning experience. they know in two weeks, they host the second rank buckeyes at camp randall stadium. in ann arbor, stephen watson, wisn 12 news. thema: a hat tip from the big 10. the conference used a special coin to flip before all of its football games yesterday, includin punter sam foltz on one side, and michigan state punter mike sadler on the other. both were killed in a car crash in the town of merton, in late july. wisn 12 news time is 5:37. bucks fans are invited to the bradley center today for the 4th annual fan fest. it's being held at the bradley center from 12:30 until 4:00 this afternoon. the event starts with an open practice, after that, the festival begins. you can grab photos and
5:38 am
get the chance to shoot a free throw on the court. the event is free. however, you do need a ticket to get in. those can be downloaded and printed for free on the bucks website. and it's your chance to perform in front of thousands of people. the bucks are looking for some talented fans to sing the national anthem. the team is holding auditions on wednesday, october 12 at the bradley center. it's open to all ages, groups or individuals. singers under 18-years-old must be with a legal guardian. the packers may have a bye this week, but that doesn't mean lambeau field was empty. the green and gold hosted their annual "spooktacular" event. it's a halloween party for the littler cheeseheads. kids, dressed in their costumes, enjoyed face painting, balloon artists, live music and pumpkin carving. about 7,000 people attended
5:39 am
the packers have announced a photo contest to win tickets to the christmas eve game against the vikings. fans can enter photos either for themselves or a fellow fan in six different award categories. we've listed them for you on the screen. fans will be the ones voting for the best picture. if you want to enter, we have posted a link to the contest on wisn 12 news time is 5:39. a tremendous blessing. that's what one local woman is calling a surprise donation to her home. the companies stepping up to help. plus, jeremy nelson is in the weather center. jeremy: good morning. we are tracking more showers, on the doppler 12 radar network. how long rain hangs around today in your hour by hour forecast. you're watching wisn 12 news this morning.
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>> leading the way with important local coverage, you're watching wisn 12 news this morning, with thema ponton and weather watch 12 meteorologist jeremy nelson.
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thema: welcome back to wisn 12 news this morning. 5:43 on this sunday morning, october 2, as we take a live look at milwaukee clouds hanging low this morning. a couple of people out on the roads this morning, maybe the windshield wipers going to live. it's a bit damp out there this one. jeremy: again. thema: i don'wa jeremy: we need something new in the forecast. thema: tell us something positive. this has to be good for somebody. jeremy: it was a dry summer, so the rain has been good, but enough is enough. it hasn't been that much rain, we picked up between a quarter and a half inch of rain yesterday in some locations. and there's more rain this morning showing up primarily north of milwaukee. it is dropping south, we will see some wet weather in the city at this morning. it's already arrived on all sure
5:44 am
further around port washington and over towards west bend, also some rain showers. after the weather window, 60 degrees right now. i have your complete forecast today, i will you know when the rain ends and sunshine returns to the forecast, coming up. >> they've been just a tremendous blessing to me. thema: an emotional north prairie woman, thankful for a big surprise this weekend. a local program made sure that jean wentz would stay warm this winter. and as wisn 12 news' adrienne pederson shows us, wentz was more than deserving. danielle rex: it was an amazing phone call. i called her up and let her know we looked over our candidates and she was the one we chose. jean wentz: i was crying and called the pastors wife. i called rachel and i'm calling all the kids. [laughter] danielle rex: it's neighbors helping neighbors. adrienne: jean wentz still
5:45 am
moraine heating and air conditioning, installed her new furnace and air conditioner. it's part of heat up, wisconsin. kettle moraine donates the man power, lennox gives the equipment. jean wentz: your medicine comes first and stuff like that, and your food. anything above and beyond it's gotta break down before you can really replace it. adrienne: wentz means a lot to her north prairie community. she volunteers at church, she's fostered 26 children, and her husband recently passed away. even with all of that, she's still surprised and grateful to be chosen. jean wentz: i think it's just wonderful i think its a marvelous thing that they're doing. i feel so truly blessed, and god watches over me. and you know, it's just wow. [laughter] its amazing, it really is.
5:46 am
reporting. "heat up wisconsin" has given furnaces to 70 deserving families in the state. the heat up giveaway is now happening in several other states, including missouri, illinois, minnesota and south dakota. looking ahead, thousands of runners will be lacing up their shoes for the 36th annual milwaukee lakefront marathon. nearly 3,000 runners from 40 states are expected to take part -- some from as far away hawaii and alaska. it kicks off this morning at 7:30. runners will leavem to finish at veterans park in milwaukee. also happening today, brady street is celebrating 15 "furry" years at the annual pet parade. critters of all shapes and sizes will take to the street. there will be all sorts of activities for you and your pet, including a costume contest, tail wagging contest and "human bark contest." there will also be food and live
5:47 am
it all gets underway at 11:00 this morning. the parade is at 1:00 p.m. a human bark contest. i guess if you spend enough time with your dog it, you know it sounds like when it wakes you up in the middle of the night. but i digress. jeremy: my dog could win the tail wagging contest. thema: go check it out. any rain costumes for the dogs? jeremy: they may want the puppy there are a few showers in the forecast. wet paws and a few puddles, but it's not going to be a washout. don't cancel your trip. my afternoon it improves. unfortunately this morning, for the lakefront marathon, that starts off in grafton high school, there will be damp pavement and rainfall. i think right around the start of the race, by 9:00 a.m., just a couple showers around. we start to dry out a little bit
5:48 am
headed out, expect temperatures in the lower 60's. i would at least grab an umbrella and keep it on standby. here's the doppler 12 radar network, starting out grafton, there is some persistent light rain right now dropping down to the south. this will overspread the entire racecourses and makes its way into milwaukee here in the next handful of minutes. we have some light rain and drizzle, this will continue its track down to the south. if you are out early this morning you want your headlights on. hel let's look at a spot at the racecourse goes through at concordia university right along the lakefront. notice the path they will be running on the salon on the damp side. 50 degrees currently, temperatures are pretty comfortable and not a lot of wind to mix things up. what wind will develop today will be at the runners back. mormon northwest or northerly breeze, currently five miles per hour in milwaukee. this may pick up to about five to 10 during the morning.
5:49 am
along on the racecourse. 60 degrees in the city as we take a look towards the hoan bridge and historic third ward of milwaukee. plenty of clouds and damp conditions in southeastern wisconsin. the clouds are keeping our temperatures up little bit from green bay towards madison, milwaukee, chicago. if you go where skies and cleared off, 45 in eau claire, 46 in rhinelander. you are hoping for sunshine, that's the part of the state you want to travel to today out of the northwest cor down here in southeastern wisconsin, you may see a couple of reasons sunshine, mixed in, a few showers this morning. maybe an isolated shower this afternoon. but lots of clouds expected with the north breeze at about six to 12 miles per hour. let's break down future gas, and seneca fan, not much rain across the area. i think you have outdoor plans this afternoon, you just have to be watching out for sprinkles or a little spotty showers. but i can be much rain around the area this afternoon.
5:50 am
enjoy, but maybe there could be a 20% chance of a 20% chance of shower by mid-to-late afternoon. for tonight, some breaks in the overcast, and i think some fog will develop by the commute tomorrow morning. no rain is expected. a lot of clouds will be along the lakefront in the afternoon. it little more sunshine for inland locations. i think tuesday, finally, that's the day with a lot of sunshine across the area. highs will respond and warm and close to 70 degrees. to a little bit above average. those above average days come in wednesday and thursday with highs low to mid 70's. a pretty good chance of showers arriving wednesday, maybe a break early thursday before a round of thunderstorms later thursday in english hours on friday. this may be the chilly a stare of the season. by next weekend, highs potentially in the 50's. thema: thank you, jeremy. wisn 12 news time is 5:50.
5:51 am
halloween yet, but holiday preparations are in full swiing. in searches in our area, we have found just how many people already have their holiday shopping finished. first, here's a look at what's coming up next on "good morning america." >> coming up on "gma," donald trump making headlines on several fronts this morning. "the new york times" claims it has obtained part of trump's state tax returns from 1995, showing a $916 million loss -- big enough that it could have federal income taxes for up to 18 years. meanwhile, overnight, trump unleashed on clinton in unusually scathing fashion, even by trumpian standards -- going so far as to allege that she is not loyal to her husband. the other breaking story this morning -- hurricane matthrew, a category 4 storm marching through the atlantic. the country in the bullseye right now? the incredibly vulnerable haiti. rob is tracking the storm,
5:52 am
whether it could hit the u.s. it's all coming up on "gma."
5:53 am
5:54 am
thema: welcome back.
5:55 am
from halloween, but 34 million americans have already started their holiday shopping. that includes about 1 million who are completely finished. that's according to a recent survey from so who are these early-bird shoppers? industry analysts say they're older, wealthier, college-educated women. and happening now, the search is on to find the 2016 city of milwaukee christmas tree. the tree will be displayed at city hall in downtown milwaukee. the ideal tree should be 30 to 40 feet tall. accessible to harvest using a crane. it also must be located in the city of milwaukee. if you want your tree to be considered, call 414-286-city, or 2489. the deadline is friday, october 14. if that doesn't get you into the holiday spirit a little early -- this might.
5:56 am
the trans-siberian orchestra is headed back to milwaukee this december. the group is celebrating 20 years of concert performances. and says milwaukee is one of the cities that's been key to their success through the years. >> with your community embracing us like you guys have, we've all kind of grown up together. so, we're coming back through town on december 11. a great day, about a week or two going to bring back the ghost of christmas eve this year. the reaction from your community was so overwhelming last year, we're going to repeat ourselves and bring back to life paul's great story. thema: there are two performances on december 11 at the bmo harris bradley center. tickets for both shows are on sale now. we are already talking about focusing on the holidays, getting out and doing holiday
5:57 am
because we know what's after fall. we're not going to talk about that yet. thema: don't do it. jeremy: what is showing up on the radar is rain this morning. a few more showers to the south, more dreary weather in store this morning. a study or about to cross over the county line and head into northern milwaukee county. some fairly persistent light rain and then we are ready to go. thema: thank you, jeremy. take wisn 12 news with you anywhere, with,
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight, trump's tax bombshell. a "new york times" report shows a nearly billion-dollar deduction. it could allow him to not m income tax for up to 18 years. >> it must be something really important, terrible that he is trying to hide. >> trump's campaign responding. >> gloves off. trump against hillary clinton on all fronts. >> she can't make it 15 feet to her car. i don't think she is built, to tell you the truth. >> will it district voters from


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