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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  October 3, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CDT

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blame it on texas. do you want to head out to eat and hate waiting for a table, try the app no wait. >> i have that. >> it waits in line for you. you get a text. 4,000 restaurants are using no wait. any here in milwaukee? >> yes, i have the app.>>the best part it is free. >> it is 5:00, the news continues right now. >> good morning. a search -- welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." a massive search operation is underway for a missing boy in waukesha. >> the ten-year-old has autism and not able to talk. he's not been seen since yesterday amp.
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that>> is where the search began. overnight, authorities set up a command post at nearby rivers crossing park. wisn thema ponton is live in waukesha. thema? >> well, not only are the officers on the ground and i hear a chopper above us. this is a look at the scene thcht is a command post. they are all looking for ten-year-old andrew oukkam. if you have seen him or know anything about where he is, the police would like to hear from you. he was last seen running into a corn field around 3:45 yesterday
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searching the area on the ground and in the air and his family said they wanted to thank the community for the help. we spoke with his brother. >> i am nervous for him. i hope he's good. i am thankful for everyone trying to find him. >> i hope you are going to find him. >> that plea from the 11-yeaol the family is hoping for the best outcome here. they are searching for ten-year-old andrew. we have his picture. we are told he's autism. nest nonverbal. they are doing their best searching for him. he was last seen in the corn field at his home. this is where authorities are searching for him.
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up so people can come to high school, this is waukesha west, there will be a staging area set up. they are welcoming all the help they can get. >> thema, thank you. this is what we know. waukesha police are looking for a missing boy, he's up on the screen. he was ten-year-old andrew ounkam. he was seen running into a corn field. the volunteers and crews have been searching. if you want to help meet at the waukesha west high school at 6:00 a.m. this morning. wep have updates throughout the morning. >> 5:03. a lot of eyes on the forecast now as the search for the missing boy is continuing. it is a cool and foggy morning out there. >> visibility in waukesha at a
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visibility inland poorer near zero. half mile in washington county. near zero in surrounding areas. patchy fog thanks to the wetness in the soil and the rain and drizzle we have had. we do have dense fog advisories covering waukesha county as well. patchy fog, low beams and slow ee we get in on the sunshine later in the day. the temperatures reach to the low to mid 60s today. >> thank you. the drive to work could be taking longer because of the closer, the ramp from 41 southbound to 94 eastbound is
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new law went into affect, you can no longer talk on a cell phone in a construction zone. not without a hands-free device. a new law started on saturday. if you are caught talking on a cell phone, you could be fined 40-100 dollars. this morning the investigators are working to learn what caused a fire that destroyed 30 school buses. smoke from the seen from miles away. >> the company is great to work for. we have been -- >> i am coming up on nine years. >> i say every year i'm going to quit but i can't, i love the littles and driving the bus.
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>> later today, local leaders are asking for input on the crime in milwaukee. they are asking the local organizations to give feedback on making milwaukee safer. the meeting is at 9:00 this morning at city hall. more meetings will be held throughout october. >> with the debate on whether to legalize marijuana continues, hundreds gathered on the capitol building. the protest is part of the 46th annul madison hemp festival. a number of bills have been proposed to legalize marijuana in wisconsin and all were shutdown. in july a poll revooefed that 59% people in wisconsin are in favor of legalizing marijuana. >> no playoffs for the brew
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last year and while this is not exactly a positive record, the brew crew made history. they got the team's 1536th strike out of the season, that is a record. noted for something. they beat the rockies 6-4. >> the brewers' season over and the bucks are just getting started. they are taking on t chicago today. the bucks held an open practice yesterday to open the season. the team practiced for an hour. how fun. can't wait for basketball season. >> yes, excited to see the new rookies. >> visibility is an issue this morning. >> the fog is patchy overall. we have lots of locations where
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ten miles and some closer to zero. we have advisories in southern wisconsin. milwaukee, racine, kenosha and walworth not included in the advisories. the foggy conditions are patchy overall that you may not be in a county that has the advisory and still be dealing with areas. half mile in watertown. zero at juneau. between now and 10:00 patchy and dense fog. later we celebrate the blue skies with the highs in the mid 60s. we have a real return to the spring like weather. >> thank you, sal. traffic watch 12, 43 at silver
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now to the drive times on the screen... >> this morning we continue to follow breaking news out of waukesha. >> right now a massive search operation is underway for a ten-year-old little boy. he was last seen yesterday afternoon running into a corn field behind their home. au been looking for the boy ever since. he's got autism and not able to speak. he's ten years old. if you have seen him, call 911. >> 5:09. hurricane matthew is one of the strongest. the countries bracing for land fall. >> the big names many of you watch every single day, who is
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>> this morning, store shelves are bare at the people of haiti brace for a hurricane. they are expected to see the flash flooding and violent winds. matthew is now a category 4 storm. sal, we haven't seen one like this for quite some time. >> category 4 is remaining a strong tomorrow through tuesday and likely longer. right now, you are seeing south to haiti, winds are coming in in the neighborhood of 130 miles per hour and move fog the north at 6 miles per hour and huge rains for jamaica and the eastern portions of cuba and including the dominican republic and haiti. way too early to determine how
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>> sal, thank you. we continue to follow breaking news out of waukesha. ten-year-old andrew ounkam was last seen yesterday afternoon running into a corn field. the police say he's not able to talk. he was wearing a blue shirt and gray shorts. if you have seen him call 911. >> new trouble this morning for donald trump as several former apprentice contestants come forward accusing him of sexism. >> the trump campaign is denying
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to the members of the former apprentice. this morning a bomb shell report from the associated press, citing 20 people that it interviewed from the apprentice and donald trump used sexual language and rating female contestants by the size of breasts and which he would like to have sex with. it comes out after a report on trump's avoided taxes for two decades after suffering $916 million tax in 1995. >> this is part of the tax code. he's a genius. >> donald trump em bodies the rigged system out there. >> for the campaign pushback, he
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picked up the endorsement from lebron james. he wrote when he looks at the race, one candidate truly understands about a child born into poverty. >> hillary clinton is campaigning in ohio, donald trump is making colorado. >> anderson cooper is coming to milwaukee. he's coming to the riverside theatre january 13th. they are calling the show an evening of conversation and perspective on the world and politics and more. >> white fish bay is headed to hawaii but not for a vacation.
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2000 other athletes in the iron man world shoop. he took first place in the louisville competition. the contest is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 miles on a bike and then those legs take on a whole marathon. not a half, but a whole one. this is impressive to me, he finished in but full 20 minutes ahead of the second place. >> he had time to high five everyone. >> he cowed have stopped for a burger. >> his goal is to make his family proud. >> hopefully finishing with my family at the finish line. we have a big group going there. to share to experience with
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>> the ironman championship is taking place on saturday. james, if you are watching, good luck. so i asked him, okay, this is an 8 hour event, you have to eat something, and he said coke. it is a perfect storm of nutrients and caffeine and sugar. >> and the power packs along the way too. engineer at wisn 12 news. >> yesterday he was inducted into the silver circle. the ceremony is here. congratulations to sean for the much deserved honor. sal, you were there? >> i went to this.
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sean has been in the business for 40 years. so many people, you know, so delighted to see the engineers and producers are included in the lifetime honors. oh that is who that is. sean did something cute, with engineering you don't notice when everything is going well, but you notice whenng >> congratulations to him. >> this morning we are dealing with a little patchy fog. some of the pea soup around and vizn'ts quite low. we are happy for the sunshine. a few clouds are mixing in from time to time today. but this is where i want to start this morning. you can see close to zero. it is northern half of the
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areas. three ten kts of a mile. foggy conditions will improve. high pressure influences the weather. we stand a chance for showers and storms on wednesday and a nice little warm up. this morning patchy fog. over the next couple of days staying dry an period of clouds from time to time. but overall, we stay dry. it is nice to see the sun. overnight here tonight. we have a warm up with the temperatures closer to the 70s once again and 50s on the 7-day planner also. 66 today. patchy fog and then a mix of sun and clouds. 56 tonight. near 70 tomorrow.
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early tuesday. wednesday brings a chance for showers late. 74 wednesday. 73 on thursday. better chances for rain and a few storms. >> thank you, sal. wisn 12 news time now is 5:21. one of the world's recognizable pop stars changing the way she does business. >> why lady gaga is changing the
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here at outback, the steaks have definitely been raised! we've taken our tender, center-cut sirloin, a crispy hash-brown cake, and topped them high with grilled shrimp on the barbie, or onion rings. hurry in...
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>> good morning, class. thank you for the great morning shoutout. wisn 12 news is stopping by the classes across southeast wisconsin throughout the year. head to and you will find the school shoutout logo. excited faces there this morning. we'll schedule a time to have jeremy nelson make a stop by your class to say hello. >> well, new this morning, a scary situation for kim kardashian west overnight.
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gunpoint. two armed men dresseds a police officers confronted west inside of a paris hotel room and she was badly shaken up. her husband had been performing in new york city at the time. he left the show early telling the audience that he had a family emergency. >> lady gaga going on tour promote her new album. this song is seriously catchy. it is performed at the dive bars instead of the arenas. the tour is opening at wednesday as undisclosed location. the performs will streamed line on facebook.
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americana vibe. she's head lining the super bowl too in february. >> 5:25. a family in florida faces a huge headache after charged $10,000 for a tank of gas. >> coming up, the glitch that lead to the inflated charge. >> officials in new jersey are looking into a fatale train crash and the black boxes are not helping the investigation. >> we continue to follow breaking news here throughout the the police are looking for a missing child. he was last seen yesterday afternoon. emergency crews and neighbors have been searching for him ever since. the ten-year-old has autism and not able to talk. if you have seen andrew, again, you are asked to call 911.
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>> breaking news from overnight, a community coming together this morning to look for a missing boy. the search effort that's underway right now in waukesha.
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effort especially complicated. we're tracking conditions as people head outside to help look for the missing boy. >> it has now been more than 12 hours since the boy was last seen. >> come to your tv and take a look at his photo. this is 10-year-old andrew ounkham. thema is live in waukesha now following the very latest developments on this story. thema? >> well, melinda and ben, the fog and the layered up and it is not warm out here. i will step out of the way. this is the staging area that the authorities set up yesterday. andrew has autism and is nonverbal. so this search is made all the more challenging for authorities as they look to find this


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