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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  October 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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>> this is one of the workers letting me know about something. ben: that's what went through the mind of this bay view woman friday afternoon. a man at her side door identifying himself as a we energies worker >> it is broad daylight in their people across the street. ben: she asked him to wait a second so she could put her dogs in another room. >> esters i turnaround he had the pistol out. ben: everything happened fast. >> he told ben: she says he was recording it all on his phone, while holding the gun in his other hand. another suspect wearing a hoodie ran inside they got away with $180 $180. >> those people were not we energies workers. ensco we energies now issuing a warning to customers >> if somebody shows up at your front door leading to be with we energies, they should have clear identification on them. ben: that includes a badge with logo and picture their equipment will also have the same logo back at the bay view home where the robbery happened more
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with a plan if workers show up unannounced. >> from now on i am going to call and confirm. ben: and we energies says if you have any doubt in your mind, give them a call they'll be able to check if work is being done in your area in bayview, ben hutchison wisn 12 news. joyce: a different man, wearing construction gear, robbed a milwaukee pick n save. it happened last wednesday at the store on jackson and east lyon. police say the suspect showed the employee a gun and demanded money from the register. store robbery and the bay view robbery are connected. anyone with information is asked to contact milwaukee police. kathy: nearly three dozen school buses explode in flames in waukesha county, tonight we've learned the fire is being investigated as arson. wisn 12 news terry sater is live, terry you were out there for the fire yesterday, now it's a crime scene. terry: fire investigators from the federal bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives
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sources tell me the damage will be in the millions with 34 school buses and a bus barn destroyed. people using their smart phones recorded the explosions from sunday's bus yard fire in the town of merton. the destruction of 34 school buses has now drawn the investigators as well as the arson team from the waukesha county sheriff's department. >> and then all of a sudden i started to hear the explosions. terry: bill and barbara hupe live next door to the dousman transport school bus yard. >> you could feel the concussion. but i think mainly it was the tires blowing. and probably some gas tanks. >> as we stood along the train and we could watch engines coming in and that. it would be like a vietnam or some place where they were doing bombing.
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terry: an environmental clean up team is now scraping top soil from ditches surrounding the bus yard after diesel fuel leaked from the tanks of flaming school buses. >> i think it should be investigated definitely. i think this is a suspicious fire. terry: the president of dousman transport issued a statement today saying they're still working with the sheriff's department and their insurance company to determine the cause of the fire and the dollar amount of the loss. they thanked the dozens of fire fighters who fought the flames yesterday. terry sater, wisn 12 news. >> with the craziness of this world, the negativity, it's good to see humanity and their perseverance and everybody's positive attitude. joyce: a mother's nightmare, now over. her 10-year-old son, missing overnight, lost in the cornfields by their home. kathy: more than 100 people helped in the search. 12 news was the only station
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ounkham has autism and is non-verbal, making the search that much more difficult. joyce: 12 news nick bohr is live in waukesha where the community rallied behind the family. nick: hundreds of people came out here, searching these fields, looking for the 10-year-old, but it was high school boys from waukesha west who found him out here in a cornfield. of course they were very relieved to see him, but not ar his mom. relief. a unanimous feeling as 10-year-old andrew ounkham who is non-verbal as a result of autism is walked out of the field where he was found more than 17 hours after he disappeared. >> he was wearing all the right stuff and when we said andrew he turned around and like he was playing tag with us so we
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nick: the waukesha west seniors who found andrew were among many volunteers who came out overnight and into the morning to search. >> it was surreal. we were sitting there like what is happening? nick: andrew's mom gave them a big hug. she tells us she was overwhelmed by the response of so many volunteers that police had to start turning people away. >> i am so happy and i am so , how everybody came together -- strangers, friends, people i didn't even know. nick: his mom says andrew was a little overwhelmed too >> as soon as when the eight and when he was all good, he how to death just and was jumping up and down. nick: andrew's mom says it wasn't like him to just take off like that but she acknowledges
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danger. she also says it won't happen again. nick bohr, wisn 12 news. kathy: more than 130 high school students helped search for andrew. joyce: including the two waukesha west students who found him. the superintendent from the waukesha school district released a statement saying in part. it is very heartwarming and gratifying to see the number of our high school students who came to join the search this morning starting at 6:00 a.m, it says a lot about how we are working with our students, along with parents, to prepare them for life. many of these volunteers had been out looking since sunday afternoon, when andrew disappeared. it's a tight knit community, and some volunteers even took the day off from work to help in the search. >> we don't want them -- i talked to my boss and told them i wanted to help. >> 2:00 in the morning,
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volunteers for andrew's safe return. sent out breaking news alerts when the boy was found. if you would like to stay informed on breaking news, download the wisn app for free. kathy: pick n' save is the latest place to sell a drug over the counter that can reverse an opioid overdose. customers previously needed a prescription to buy naloxone, which is generic narcan. wisconsin passed a law a year ago that expanded access to the drug. they would sell it over the counter as well. milwaukee county medical examiner's office says as of today there are 204 confirmed drug overdose deaths. there are 52 pending cases right now waiting for toxicology reports. last year there was a total of 255 deaths. new on wisn, a milwaukee man is charged with killing a man during a funeral procession. dennis brookshire is accused of shooting 23-year-old lamar ragland in august.
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and keefe on his way to the cemetery when brookshire opened fire on his car. one of ragland's cousins was in the car and identified brookshire as the gunman. joyce: case closed. the u.s. supreme court puts an end to the john doe investigation surrounding governor scott walker. today the high court turned down an appeal to reopen the case into his campaign finances. three county prosecutors, all democrats, launched the secret probe in 2012, investigating whether walker's campaign coordinated with conseiv groups on advertising during his recall election, without reporting the groups' contributions. in a statement today, the governor said the same conclusion was reached with every ruling, adding the investigation is without merit and must be ended. the road to the white house goes through wisconsin again. we learned today that republican nominee donald trump will be in wisconsin on saturday. his campaign will not confirm where in the state he will go. then on monday, hillary clinton's daughter chelsea is coming back for an event.
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the campaign is not saying where she will go this time. early voting officially started in the city of kenosha today. you have to go to the municipal building to vote early there. right now, the hours are monday through friday 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 in the afternoon. the hours will be extended to 6pm in a few weeks. milwaukee early voting started last week. right now the only place to do it is the zeidler municipal building. one week from today two more locations will open. the midtown center and the forest home library. county, you may soon need to pay more to have a car. milwaukee county executive chris abele just officially unveiled his 2017 budget. sheldon dutes joins us live. sheldon, it includes a new vehicle registration fee. sheldon: one thing it doesn't include is people who own homes -- they aren't expected to pay any extra taxes but if you drive a car you could end up paying more money to get it registered.
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$60 fee. that so-called wheel tax would generate revenue to fix roads and keep the busses running. when abele presented his budget proposal to the board he admitted it wasn't his favorite option but said it's necessary. >> one of the things that would happen is that bus fares would increase a lot we probably wouldn't be able to maintain other routes and that would have a profound impact on people who can't even afford a car not perfect but sort of what we got. >> i'm obviously the county board prior to this county executive so it's incumbent upon the executive to explain why it is necessary. sheldon: the county supervisor this afternoon the meeting upset. coming up tonight at 10:00, some county supervisors left the meeting upset. why they didn't get all the answers to their questions.
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equipment worth $10,000 gone in less than five minutes. how thieves got away with so much, so fast in a popular milwaukee neighborhood. that's tonight on wisn 12 news at 10:00. joyce: today was almost the complete opposite of the weekend. sunny and dry. meteorologist lindsey slater is tracking your forecast. lindsey: that's going to continue for a while. how love this trend will last, ahead in weatherwatch 12. joyce: a customers. what they're adding to the menu tomorrow to try and bring you in. kathy: then, you never know who will appear on the kiss cam at a baseball game. the former president that got a lot of attention for his smooch
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joyce: chipotle restaurants are hoping to bring more customers in with an added meat. kathy: starting tomorrow all locations will now serve chorizo. they chain had been testing it out elsewhere but is now moving it to all stores. the nationwide launch was delayed after the company went through food safety issues related to e-coli.
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to hawaii for a big competition. he will compete alongside 2000 other athletes in the ironman world championship. a year ago he took first place in the louisville ironman competition. the contest includes a 2.3-mile swim followed by 112 miles on a bike and a full marathon. he finished the event in eight hours this year. he says his goal is to make his family at the finish line. we have a big group going down there. to be able to share the experience with them, i'm on a team and i will have teammates down there. kathy: it takes place on saturday in hawaii. joyce: flooding and mudslides cost millions of dollars of damage in parts of wisconsin and scott walker is asking fema to take a look.
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damage to roads and bridges. 12 counties were impacted. fema will give their information to walker who will then decide if he will file for federal aid. lindsey, we have had a lot of rain lately but nothing like that. lindsey: a lot of it was coming down in late bursts. we had some drizzle that didn't amount to much. it was gross. but as you can see, we had a couple clouds out there, looking toward the east. that sun building, and we finally saw some of it today but others did not. tomorrow it will look better. here's a live look at racine. a light wind making it feel cooler, but here's what you can expect. tomorrow, i'm expecting some patchy fog to develop, kind of like what we had this morning, lingering from 4:00 a.m. through 7:00 or 8:00, and the sunshine will take over and eat it all
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layer of fog. then we are going to see warmer temperatures. then as we get toward wednesday, i'm expecting the return of more of that foggy weather, more in the morning in the afternoon . on thursday it's the same deal. this will feel nice considering the weekend. let me show you -- you can see these two areas of clouds in ozaukee and and now you are finally getting more of that sunshine and you can get hints as to where the next weather maker is coming from, and these boxes are severe thunderstorm warnings for portions of nebraska and south dakota. the next weather system makes a beeline for areas in the great lakes -- let's track it out for you. overnight, no worries.
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low-lying areas. 6:00 a.m. temperatures will be in the mid and upper 50's and toward tuesday afternoon more of that clearing is happening and this is our cold front coming in , 1:30 in the morning. you can see by 6:00 a.m. it is still not here yet. your morning commute on wednesday should be fine, m.d. ahead of the system, 8:00 we see more of this activity near johnson toward us at 11:00 in the morning, on and off in nature, not strong or severe, more of a nuisance. it doesn't really keep the temperatures down because look up fast and clears up. temperatures will be in the mid 70's -- it won't be very long, thursday we get down to 72 and
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even want to see what the lows are. a typical day to see our first frost. right there in milwaukee, we typically see the first frost between the 11th and 20th. we are counting down the days. temperatures will be mild and in the mid-50's and your weatherwatch 12 week ahead, rain returning heading into wednesday through early friday morning. the weekend still looking that those overnight lows -- low and mid 40's that some low-lying areas and areas inland could see upper 30's. kathy: abc debuts its new legal
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kathy: the heroin of the show is more of a charr politicians fighting for redemption and to get out of their shadow it airs tonight at 9:00. joyce: stephen is in now with the packers practice. stephen: they were really beaten up and i will tell you is back in action. plus, it may be a demonstration before the game that makes
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workers: he campaigned as a job creator but senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. good manufacturing jobs just disappeared. ceos and giant corporations get richer just gets harder and harder to get ahead. we need an economy that works for people like me. for people like me. for people like me. people like me. russ: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because wisconsin's middle class
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stephen: the packers benefitted from the early week 4 bye seven starters finished the lions game on the sidelines due to injuries, five of those seven were back at practice today, clay matthews, letroy guion, morgan burnett, datone jones, and aaron ripkowski were all participants, only jared cook and sam shields sat out today cook is expected to miss several weeks with an ankle injury, shields is an unknown with his concussion. today's short workout and meetings were geared towards individual work, with specific goals in mind for each player. >> i would think any player i know the coaches enjoyed it would like to go to a meeting and have a total breakdown of themselves presented to them with video and data. i think that in itself will refocus them. stephen: and the operation football game of the week for this friday will be milwaukee morse-marshall at milwaukee, it received 51% of your votes, now it's time to vote for next week's featured game the choices are, homestead at cedarburg, slinger at hartford, and racine horlick at racine park
6:25 pm for the first time this fall the bucks will face someone other than themselves, they open their six-game preseason tonight at the united center against the bulls, first round draft pick thon maker will not play tonight in chicago, he continues to nurse a sprained wrist, but bucks general manager john hammond told me it's a day-to-day injury, the probable starting lineup includes giannis, jabari parker, matthew dellavedova, rashad vaugnhn and miles plumlee, it will give hammond a good first look at what to expect o khris middleton. lexi love to have a chance, to get them out and have a great weekend, get back on the floor to be able to play. it would be the young guys in the new guys in particular. stephen: according to multiple reports, several bucks players may be planning a pre-game demonstration of some sort tonight colin kapernick has led a movement by kneeling during the national anthem to raise awareness of police
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require players to stand during the anthem. bucks forward jabari parker has been outspoken about his support for kaepernick, he would not say if he plans to do something individually tonight, but he has been very outspoken on the issue. >> that is me being a pro, trying to create change and help my neighbors and community. honestly if i don't stand up for something i know nobody else will. to come back at to create awareness and change. stephen: he has spent a lot of his off-season in chicago. kathy: when you go to sporting events you know never know who will show up on the kiss cam. former president jimmy carter didn't shy away over the weekend in atlanta. he planted one for several seconds on his wife rosalynn. that was also the final game
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lindsey: more sunshine tomorrow
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gagged, health at gunpoinn. details about the robbery that left her begging for her life. was it an inside job? >> it should have been more difficult. >> tonight reunited with kanye, her new security pl rivals the president's. plus, breaking brangelina news. angelina's posh new pad, and does brad already have a new love? inside the clooney's second anniversary celebration. plus, bindi irwin's first interview with her boyfriend. >> he's kind of like my soulmate. >> my wild weekend in hawaii.


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