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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  October 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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bulls are attacking the girls. one of the dogs is taking a girl to the ground. the other already has a girl down and is biting her. we're not playing the audio, because it's graphic. but the girls can be heard yelling for help. the officer shoots the first dog, which was still attacking one of the girls. then, the other pit bull goes after the officer. both dogs died. chief kass: the owner of the dogs is cooperating with the investigation, and resides at the home of one of the victims. at this time, there has not been a determination of whether or not criminal charges are warranted. nick: meantime, a next-door neighbor told us she's warned the dogs' owner about the m running loose and being aggressive. shenia: i said, well, you should get a big chain. because i've had a pit, too. and if you lock them on a tree, they ain't going to break the tree. and we don't need your big dogs bothering my kids, because i will sue you, is what i told him. and now, look at the consequence. nick: now, the chief says the
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scratches, all over their bodies. in fact, the attack started inside the girl's home. she ran inside to escape, but they followed her there. the officer fired six shots. all six of them striking the dogs. toya: thank you, nick. there are two municipalities in milwaukee county with a pit bull ban. those are st. francis and south milwaukee. both cudahy and milwaukee qu a pit bull. patrick: happening now, hales corners police are searching for a missing elderly man. they say he took off from his assisted living facility, in an employee's car. sheldon dutes joins us live. sheldon, police are concerned. they say the man is cognitively impaired and has poor vision. sheldon: and patrick, he could be anywhere, at this point. i just got off the phone with hales corners police. not too long ago. and no one has seen edward wruck, or the car that he drove off in, when he left this
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we want to show you a picture of what wruck looks like. because police want everyone to keep an eye out for him or the car. he is 83 years-old and wears glasses. he's 5'11 and 160 pounds. and might still be wearing a khaki hat and sweatshirt. that he left in. police say he left the park hills west group home, in one of the worker's black, gmc terrain suv. it has wisconsin plates, 143- yrb. wondering, how this could've happened? 12 news spoke to the owner's husband. and here's what he told us. john: we believe he snuck out, when somebody was coming in. that's the only thing we can think of. because all the alarms were on. and one of my employee's cars was taken. the keys? i don't know how he got them. but he got them, and just got out.
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up for talking when i stopped by the home couple of hours ago. if you see him or the black gmc terrain, conduct -- contact police. patrick: we are following breaking news. a small plane just crash-landed in a cornfield in kenosha county. here is a live look from news chopper 12, over the scene right now. the sheriff's department tells us the pilot lost power, while trying to land at the westosha airport. the pilot shorted the runway and ended up in the cornfield. we're told he is up and walking around. and should be ok. toya: a milwaukee mother is arrested in the death of her one-month-old baby girl. police say the woman was under the influence of drugs, when she fell asleep with the infant on a couch in their home, near 54th and north saturday. that baby lost consciousness. the child died at the hospital this morning. a family member says they are devastated. and stressed the importance of putting babies in cribs or
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tracy: the baby was only 44 days. i'm hurt. i'm sad. it was an accident. i don't know what they're going to try to do to her. she's going to be messed up for the rest of her life anyway. toya: the district attorney will decide whether or not to file criminal charges in the case. patrick: milwaukee police are searching for a driver, involved in a hit and run. police released this photo of the vehicle they're looking for. take a look. it's a silver, newer mitsubishi four-door suv. the crash happened near mitchell and muskego last night. the victim is a man, in his motorcycle, when he ran a red light and was hit. he is recovering in the hospital. if you know anything about the driver of the suv, you're asked to call police. toya: a dangerous, category four storm is now on track to head up the atlantic coastline. hurricane matthew has already battered the caribbean. moving through haiti, and not -- and then, hitting eastern cuba. the monster storm is the strongest in the region in since 1963. it is already blamed for at least seven deaths.
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now preparing for the worst. and encouraging residents to do the same. gov. scott: if matthew directly impacts florida, there will be massive destruction, that we haven't seen in years. matthew is life-threatening, with winds of 140 miles per hour. yesterday, i declared a state of emergency for every florida county. we are preparing for the worst, and hoping for the best. toya: the storm could possibly make landfall in florida, as early as thursday. chief meteorologist mark baden is tracking the storm in the weather center. been issued in florida. mark: they have. of course, hurricane mornings on going right now in haiti up through cuba, extending through the bahamas. the question is, exactly where this monstrous storm will end up? you can see it is beautiful on satellite, but you do not want to be in the midst of this big guy because it is very strong wind, 140 sustained wind. i am scared to see the
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it will be a while before we see the devastation pictured. legacy terrible scenes there. the computer model taking it to the west, why florida is a neck home of uncertainty. -- that cone of uncertainty. we will watch this closely. it may impact numerous portions of the u.s. as it goes up the eastern seaboard. that playing a crucial lindsey slater will have more coming up. toya: thanks, mark. and as matthew barrels towards the u.s., hurricane experts at the center that tracks all of the storms. uw-madison, we will figure out all of that, coming up later. patrick: in commitment 2016, it's the first, and only, face-off. tonight, two men, vying to become vice president, will go head-to-head in a primetime debate.
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debate stage at longwood university in virginia. aixa diaz is outside the debate hall, right now. aixa, the two candidates are no strangers to the political scene. aixa: that is right, patrick. both tim kaine and mike pence bring decades of political experience. but tonight may be more about the two candidates who aren't here. on the campus of longwood university in virginia, the stage is set for the only debate between tim kaine -- sen. kaine: i'm calm. and things work out the way they're supposed to. aixa: and mike pence. gov. pence: we'll be talking about the vision and choice american people face. marc: the vice presidential substantive, than what we saw in the presidential debate. aixa: tonight, hillary clinton's running mate finds himself only an hour away from home. the one-time richmond mayor, and former virginia governor, is now a u.s. senator. lara: kaine has been a beloved politician in his state of virginia, and has served in a variety of offices. aixa: donald trump's vp pick spent 12 years in washington as a congressman, before becoming governor of indiana. lara: he has been somebody who the republican party has looked to at many points, as kind of a
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aixa: analysts say expect kaine and pence to spend much of the night talking up their nominees. who polls show have high unfavorability ratings. dr. harbour: this is important for both candidates tonight, to try to defend the top of the ticket, in terms of all the controversies surrounding the two people running for president. aixa: and political scientists say, historically, the vice presidential debate doesn't affect the outcome of a presidential election. but with votes could be swayed tonight. in farmville, virginia, i'm aixa diaz. wisn 12 news. patrick: aixa, thank you. you can watch tonight's vice presidential debate live, right here on wisn 12. coverage kicks-off with george stephanopolous, starting at 8:00. you can also see it live on, and the 12 news mobile app. with five weeks until election day, the clinton and trump campaigns have their sights set on wisconsin. donald trump, jr. will hold a roundtable event tomorrow morning. he'll meet with voters at the
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trump, himself, is hosting a rally saturday, in wisconsin. details have not been released, about where and what time. the republican nominee held an event in waukesha last week. tomorrow, former presidential candidate bernie sanders will campaign on behalf of hillary clinton. sanders is holding rallies in madison and green bay. and chelsea clinton is also returning to wisconsin, to campaign for her mother. details of the event have not been released. the former first daughter was in green bay, last friday. one of the most recogniz and popular, vehicles on the road is part of a serious investigation tonight. toya: coming up, the reason federal investigators are again looking into ford trucks. the make, model, and potential issue. patrick: and a special partnership, that could save lives. the goal that you can help firefighters and the red cross reach, and get a free smoke alarm. toya: and everyone loves a deal. and southwest wants you to take advantage. the deep discount the airline is
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russ: i've travelled over 50,000 miles all across wisconsin - listening to people, hearing their stories. a lot of folks are business owners and entrepreneurs. they tell me how hard it is to grow a business in today's economy. so together, we came up with the badger innovation plan. a plan to help wisconsin businesses grow through expanded access to high-speed broadband, better job training and fair trade. not wisconsin jobs.
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toya: we are getting a look at surveillance video from a fatal police shooting in l.a. this happened last weekend. police say the footage, released by police, shows the 18-year-old, shortly before he was killed by officers, pulling
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waistband. l.a. police say it supports their decision, to declare the shooting death justified. patrick: in new jersey, three homes are destroyed in an explosion. neighbors reported the smell of gas. as firefighters arrived, the homes burst into flames. 10 firefighters were taken to hospitals, for possible ear damage from the blast. no residents were hurt. however, 15 people who live there are now without a home. in all, 12 buildings have damage. 10,000 free smoke detectors are up for grabs. the red cross and wisconsin firefighters are teaming up to hand them out, as part of fire prevention week. toya: the statewide partnership waan fire officials say more than 50 people die in wisconsin from residential fires every year. this initiative aims to cut that number by 25%, in five years. barbara: installing working smoke alarms, and the second, practicing your home fire escape plan, these two things increase your chances of survival by 50%. now, who wouldn't want those odds?
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non-removable batteries, that last 10 years. a firefighter can also install the device in your home, free of charge. if you would like a free smoke alarm, just head to the "on-tv" section of and follow the link there. by the way, fire prevention week kicks-off this sunday. patrick: joyce is in the newsroom with a look ahead at what's coming up, new tonight at 6:00. joyce: new tonight on 12 news at 6:00 -- >> this predator is loose. i believe somebody's hiding him. joyce: only on 12, a woman's desperate plea to find a homeless sex offender, she says the reward she's offering tonight. then, the creepy clown sightings being reported in one local community. where neighbors say they've seen clowns, lurking in yards and parks. join us for all new stories, tonight at 6:00. toya: thank you, joyce. one of the most popular vehicles on the road is being investigated for brake problems. about 282,000 ford f-150 pickup trucks are being investigated by the national highway traffic
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for what officials call, a sudden and complete loss of brakes. vehicles affected are the 2015 and 2016 model year f-150, with 3.5-liter engines. two other ford vehicles are currently involved in separate investigations. the edge suv, and fusion sedans. you can find more information on our website about these recalls and the investigation, on those unplanned atm stops might be costing you more than you think. the average fee for using an out-of-network cash machine is now $4.57. after 10 straight years of increases, the fees have now reached an all-time record high. now, if you do the math, if you withdraw $50 from your account, it will cost you a total of 9% in fees. attention, travel bargain-seekers. southwest airlines' big, semi-annual sale is now on. the sale fares launched today. with roundtrip tickets costing less than $100 for many of the airline's shortest routes. one-way flights actually begin at $49. and increase to $79, $99 or
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the sale ends thursday, at midnight. patrick: right now, hurricane matthew is still a category four storm. with winds up to 145 miles per hour. this is video as the storm hit haiti. and a place that plays a big role in helping predict the storm's track is right here in wisconsin. meteorologist lindsey slater went to uw-madison, to find out how they assist the national hurricane center. lindsey: hurricane matthew striking haiti and cuba. its next target? every update from the national hurricane center, crucial. so, one of the things the researchers do at uw-madison is send out this. it's a drone. it's called a global hawk. and it actually goes into parts of the storm. and drops little information sensors, so that they can track the intensity, and also the potential track of latest hurricanes. sarah griffin is one of those researchers, specializing in hurricane re-intensification.
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sarah: from 60,000 feet, we drop those, and let them fall to the ground. and we do anywhere from 80-90 of those in an entire flight. so, sometimes, we go over the storm. we try to get them in the center of the storm, to see if we can hit the eyewall. the national hurricane center has used our dropsondes, when it came to upgrading. lindsey: and it's this data that helps the national hurricane center, with the latest tracks , that are updated every six hours. global hawk's next deployment? 9 p.m. tonight. reporting at uw-madison's atmospheric and oceanic sciences, i'm meteorologist lindsey slater with wisn 12 news. patrick: we have a link to track global hawk online. you'll find it in lindsey's story on the 12 news app, and also on mark, the hurricane is far from us. but it will actually impact our weather. mark: indirectly, it will impact us. we will see rain, not from the
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system. i will explain, coming up in just a second. you see the track not completely certain. but is amazing to see that cone of uncertainty covering the entire eastern seaboard, from florida to massachusetts. you may be dealing with this. if you have travel plans anywhere out of the east, you need to be prepared for either cancellations or at least some delays. keep that in mind. that is starting as early as tomorrow, extending to the weekend. it actually does shine. and we have a fair amount this afternoon. took a while to get out of the clouds, but at least we get some sunshine. 67 right now. not bad for october. the dew point is pretty high, actually sticky. certainly for october standards. dew point coming in at 60. southeasterly wind at 16. he made to the 60's today. you know this excites me because
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degrees or warmer, the record is one day away. we will get the record tomorrow. break that record on thursday. the record was 140 days in a row back in 2005. and the 60's will come to an end. more on that in a second. pretty comfortable right now, really warm. 75 degrees in janesville. these temperatures above average, lake water temperature above this is the cooler air, what we have to get ready for. it will gradually get here, not in a hurry because the hurricane will slow everything down. but by the weekend, highs in the 50's. has not happened for a very long time. lows around 40. it will fell chilly. in the meantime, doppler 12 radar network shows rain to the
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necessarily change plans. just a scattered showers. on thursday, more scattered showers and a couple of thunderstorms rumbling. especially thursday night. this could hang on to friday. depending on the hurricane, where it is, the better chance we clear it out on friday. 74 degrees on wednesday and thursday. that is warm. more showers as we go to friday. not sure exactly how long that will last, but prepare for showers on friday. fearing out for the weekend. 55 patrick: dry, sunny. mark: nice on monday. and nice on tuesday. going to feel chilly. patrick: on the weekend. toya: thanks, mark. patrick: new tonight on wisn 12 news at 10:00, dallas police are in milwaukee tonight, looking for new police officers. we're talking to dallas cops, about why they picked milwaukee as a prime recruiting ground. and questions about whether one of the world's biggest e-mail providers gave your e-mails to
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ben stiller opens up about his health. toya: the actor spoke about battling cancer. when he was diagnosed. and the one, potentially life-saving, test he says you should get. patrick: and get ready for the resurgence of "toy story." how soon you could get your hands on, actually your feet in,
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toya: funnyman ben stiller is opening up about his health. patrick: the actor revealed today he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, two years ago. during an interview with howard stern, stiller said his doctor found a red flag in the results of a blood test. called prostate-specific antigen, or psa. he later had surgery, to remove his prostate, and is now cancer-free. with saving his life. and is encouraging other men to get tested. toya: kanye west is delaying his concert tour. it's after his reality star wife, kim kardashian-west, was held at gunpoint and robbed. over the weekend, five men, dressed as police officers, rushed the apartment she was renting in paris. tied her up, and made off with millions of dollars worth of jewelry. kim was in paris for fashion week. police are still searching for the suspects. kanye's shows in philadelphia and detroit this week have been pushed to december.
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toya: listen up, "toy story" fans. you've got a friend in vans. the shoemaker launched a new themed collection, featuring the hit movie franchise. there's one for woody, buzz. and even bo-peep. and of course, you'll find andy's signature on the bottoms of some of the shoes. they're officially available on october 7. and in case you were wondering, yes, "toy story 4" is in the works. and reportedly set to come out in 2018. patrick: those are slick buzz kicks. toya: patrick: more sneaker news now. nike is holding a special raffle, to give away 89 of the company's self-lacing shoes. the special-edition kicks are replicas of the sneakers, worn by marty mcfly in the iconic "back to the future" movie. tickets for the lottery are $10. proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the michael j. fox foundation. which is dedicated to finding a cure for parkinson's disease. michael j. fox, who played mcfly, has parkinson's. the lottery closes on october 11. the winners will be announced on the 17th. toya: are we eligible to enter?
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$10. toya: another look at your forecast, next. announcer: after a "ruff" day, immerse yourself in the wisn 12 news app. it's dog-gone good.
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toya: ok, cue the "i want that" plea from the kiddos right now. hasbro has just released its latest creation. a life-like robotic dog. it barks. and turns its head in the direction of a person talking. the golden pup robotic dog , that is the dog, follows in the pawsteps of its robotic cat model. which you just saw. designed to provide companionship for seniors. and of course, kids. but i can see, right now, if they are watching at home, or at soccer practice -- mark: myself, this could be your dog. you don't have to feed it, take it out. toya: don't have to clean up after it. mark: it is nice right now.
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to learn more or to schedule an in person meeting. tonight, breaking news. a direct hit. hurricane matthew strikes. the category 4 storm, deadly already. 700 miles wide. and here in the u.s. tonight, states of emergency declared in several states. massive evacuations planned. and the new tr moving right up the coast, florida, the carolinas, potentially right through philly and new york. also tonight, the massive gas explosion. two homes leveled. authorities had a 22-minute warning. donald trump, after reports he might not have paid federal income taxes for nearly two decades, tonight, trump in his own words. what he says is unfair. and the vp showdown tonight. late developments. the man who showed up at the


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