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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  October 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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and a woman is accusing him of targeting a child again. sharita: turned the light on, pulled the covers back. you know, and i saw [bleep] pull up off. terry: sharita doesn't want us to identify her. but she's the milwaukee woman, offering $1000 of her own money on facebook, for information leading to the arrest of the man she says targeted a little girl. sharita: i think he -- he was touching [bleep]. i don't know what the grease was for. i hate to thin he was hurting [bleep]. she was crying, tears. terry: do you think she was sexually assaulted? sharita: yes, i believe she was sexually assaulted by this -- this, this monster. terry: court records show darreounta battles was convicted of second-degree sexual assault of a child. he assaulted a 10-year-old girl,
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was set free. he's now listed as homeless. sharita: this predator is loose. i believe someone is hiding him. terry: a law enforcement source tells me criminal charges are expected to be filed tomorrow against darreounta battles. if you have any information, please call milwaukee police. live the newsroom, wisn 12 news. >> when they're living in abandoned homes, if they're living on the street, and living in places where they're not getting treatment, the likelihood of re-offending is much higher. joyce: 12 news has been investigating the growing number of homeless sex offenders in our area. because each of milwaukee county's 19 municipalities has passed residency restrictions for newly-released sex offenders, many have nowhere to go. leaving them to seek shelter in libraries, malls, and buses. kathy: happening now, a silver alert, involving a stolen car. police say 83-year-old edward wruck took an employee's car from his assisted living facility, in hales corners.
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12 news spoke to the group home owner's husband, who said wruck just manage to sneak out. john: that's the only thing we can think of. because all the alarms were on. and one of my employee's cars was taken. the keys? i don't know how he got them, but he got them. kathy: that car he took, a 2011 black, gmc terrain, from the park hills assisted living facility in hales corners. the license plate is 143-yrb. if you have any information or see the car, do contact police. joyce: brown deer police release this squad video. showing a police officer shooting two pit bulls, as they attacked two teenage girls. the dogs belonged to the family of one of the girls. 12 news' nick bohr is live at the brown deer police department, where the chief says the dogs' owner could still face charges. nick? nick: joyce, the chief fears
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the chief says it could have been much worse, if he did not act as quickly as he did to stop those dogs. we will show you the video right now, the officer running up to help the girls. one's already on the ground, being attacked by one dog. the other dog lunging, and taking down the second girl. the officer is able to get the dogs away from the girls. but only after firing a total of six times. as they turned on him, too. the dogs were killed. , as we said, severe bites and scratches. they're still recovering. the police chief says he's convinced the injuries would've been much worse if his officer, who is a firearms instructor, hadn't acted so swiftly. chief kass: i've been a law enforcement officer for almost 30 years, and i've never seen an incident this horrific by two dogs. nick: now, keep in mind, the girls weren't strangers to the dogs. one of the girls even lived with them. police say she was being
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away from them. the owner of the pit bulls is said to be cooperating with police. , reporting live, the view i is in 12 news. >> and a new tonight, creepy clown sightings in sheboygan. police over the weekend say they received numerous calls of reports of clowns wandering parks and streets. some were reported strolling in vollrath park. another come outside the and worst of all, a clown peeping in someone's windows on north ninth street. the sightings have gone viral on social media. and people are taking action. >> they are not going to go out at night. they're going to close their drapes. some people are going to have a gun. kathy: police say right now, they believe the clowns and possibly even a calls the police
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to investigate each report fully. joyce: new on 12, a man discovered dead on milwaukee's westside likely died of a drug overdose. that's according to the milwaukee county medical examiner. the body of the 34-year-old man was found near 30th and st. paul this afternoon. an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. the medical examiner reports milwaukee county is on pace to see 320 overdose deaths this year. the state will hold a drug take-back day saturday, october 22. you can drop off unused prescription drugs at 270 sites, around the state. kathy: outraged. that's the reaction of some milwaukee county board members and riverfront property owners tonight,bo new at 6:00, kent wainscott is alongside the dam with details of this controversial new plan. kent: well, as you can see, it stands silent in the milwaukee river on the north side of the city. it has been a political battle, over whether to repair it or remove it. nothing's happened.
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maneuver could signal the end of the dam. and that has riverfront property owners up in arms. clark: where all that stuff's growing used to be water. kent: clark blachly has seen the milwaukee river bank pull farther away from his glendale home for years, since the estabrook dam stopped operating. he believes it will only get worse, if the dam is removed. and was stunned, when he learned of the new plan to do just that. clark: i was furious. i couldn't believe they would pull something like this. kent: county executive chris abele says the new plan calls for the city of milwaukee to take ownership of the dam from land, and sell it to the milwaukee metropolitan sewerage district for a dollar. mmsd would then tear it down. chris: you're not going to have to pay for the dam. mmsd has got the funding to remove it. it's a pretty good solution. kent: removing it, mmsd says, is a less expensive and better option than fixing and operating the dam. kevin: so, it's good for the environment, it's good for the taxpayer, and it reduces flooding.
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kent: but some county supervisors, who have fought to keep the dam, are fuming at the way the deal has played out. john: if we crack open the door to say that we're going to re-zone park land, so that he can sell it, then all of our parks then are in danger. kent: and blachly says, if the plan is to take out the dam, he'd like to see a plan that take into account the impact on riverfront property owners. clark: nobody cares about my backyard, but me. i live here. so, it's really frustrating. kent: the plan would have to go through the city's zoning but if it happens that way, mmsd could take ownership by next month. and the dam could be gone by this time next year. reporting live along the milwaukee river, wisn 12 news. kathy: happening now, the nominees for vice president will get their one and only chance tonight to convince voters to support their bosses. this is a live picture from longwood university in farmville, virginia. that's where republican mike pence and democrat tim kaine
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both men toured the stage setup earlier today. they have spoken on the phone once. but have never met in person. because of the uniqueness of this election, tonight's debate may have a greater impact than usual. cokie: especially, undecided voters might be taking a look and saying, "well, maybe i can make up my mind, based on vp candidate." kathy: wisconsin governor scott walker helped pence prepare for tonight's debate, playing the role of kaine. however, walker will not be in the audience tonight. abc news will carry tonight's vice presidential debat, live from virginia. george stephanopolous anchors the coverage, beginning at 8:00. you can also watch the debate live on and our 12 news mobile app. joyce: both campaigns will be criss-crossing wisconsin this week. election day is just five weeks from today. donald trump, jr. plans to hold a roundtable tomorrow morning with voters in brookfield.
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donald trump, will hold a rally saturday in wisconsin. no details are being released, at this time. this will be trump's second trip to wisconsin, in 10 days. he won wisconsin in the april primary. now, bernie sanders is coming back to the state, to campaign for democratic nominee hillary clinton. sanders will hold rallies tomorrow, in madison and green bay. he's expected to talk about clinton's plan to build the economy. and chelsea clinton is also returning to wisconsin to campaign for her mother. this is video of the former first daughter in green bay on friday. according to her mother's campaign, chelsea clinton will stump for her mother i wisconsin on monday. we're still waiting to hear where and what time. kathy: following breaking news, police have just stopped the car that could match the one on the silver alert we told you about. to news chopper 12. >> we did zoom in on the license plate. the silver alert was for a buick terrain. and we did zoom in and look at
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age 83, refusing to stop, pulled over at locust. this is i-43, just north of the mckinley exit. between the north curve and the off ramp, fire department now on the scene of valuation mr. wruck. the silver alert for a black buick terrain, driven by an 83-year-old edward wrukc. we did zoom in and confirm that. they have him. they are evaluating him right now, to see if he is all right. we will have updates. joyce and kathy, back to you. kathy: new tonight, one of the most popular radio hosts in milwaukee is stepping down. charlie sykes announced today he will leave his daily radio show on 620 am, at the end of the year. sykes has hosted the mid-morning show on the radio for the last 23 years. he's also giving up his weekly tv show. sykes tells me how he came to
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so, why now? charlie: you know, i've always had this date circled in my mind. my dad died at the age of 63. i'm going to be turning 62 this year. so, i have always thought if i am going to make a move, this would be the time. and i've been doing this for about a quarter-century and i thought, why not now? kathy: and tonight at 10:00, more on sykes' next chapter. he's setting out to explore the impact of talk radio on the conservative movement. he says his working title of his next book is "how the right lost its mind." that's tonight at 10:00. always provocative. joyce: new tonight at 10:00, dallas police are in milwaukee tonight, looking for new police officers. we're talking to dallas cops, about why they picked milwaukee as a prime recruiting ground. then, one of the world's biggest e-mail providers accused of giving your e-mail to government snoopers. how the company is defending itself. tonight on wisn 12 news at 10:00. kathy: still ahead new at 6:00 -- it does not feel like october. the warm and sticky weather will
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to our west. when to expect that here, and while it will stick around, that is new. tom: i'd be dead, if it wasn't for those two guys. [applause] kathy: then, the new life-saving technique, this local man credits with bringing him back to life. and how you can learn the same
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kathy: we have an update on the breaking news we have been telling you. police stop a car that matches one in a silver alert. matt salemme is in news chopper 12. matt: a silver alert for 83-year-old edward wruck, officers attempted to stop that vehicle. locust. they continued on 43 southbound. they do have an stop now. paramedics from milwaukee county fire department and the sheriff department evaluating the person inside of the squad car right now, that we believed to be 83-year-old edward wruck. we will continue to monitor the situation.
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tom: if those guy's hadn't performed cpr on me while the medics were on the way, i'd be dead. joyce: a senior league baseball player is a live, thanks to hands-on cpr. joyce: it's a technique that fire departments are now teaching the public. and as wisn 12 news mike anderson reports, they have the perfect story, to sell their point. [applause] mike: the hand is for 69-year-old tom hesse. four weeks ago, on this very baseball field in west allis, he practically died. tom: i'd be dead, if it wasn't for those two guys. [applause] mike: john kerhin and timothy books jumped into action, when tom collapsed of a heart attack during a game. robert: and then, he started to shake, started to turn color. and then, someone said give him cpr. mike: fortunately, john had learned cpr from an employer, years before. john: i could see he was non-responsive. so, i just did the best i could, to try to keep him going until the paramedics arrived. paramedic: nice, at 100 beats a minute. so, think about the song "staying alive."
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mike: and it was hands-only cpr, like this, that saved him. paramedic: ah, ah, ah, a little faster, staying alive, staying alive. there you go. ah, ah, ah, ah, staying alive. and that's the beat that you want to be at. and make sure you're doing 100-120 a minute. mike: while the ball players and paramedics welcomed tom back tuesday, they also put on a clinic and promoted hands-only cpr for everybody. asst. chief zellmann: we don't ask people to do mouth-to-mouth anymore. all we're doing is asking you to push hard and fast in the chest , 100 times per minute. mike: tom won't be able to drive for six months, or play until next season. but he's alive. in west allis, mike anderson, wisn 12 news. kathy: hands-only cpr is also a national promotion by the american heart association. anyone interested can inquire at your local fire department. joyce: a catchy way to remove her that. we finally have a little sunshine. joyce: that is nice. kathy: not much in the forecast.
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of sunshine. eventually, it will happen," weekend. and we have other changes coming. which i will get to. in the meantime, very pleasant evening out there. warm this time of year, 65 degrees and also sticky this time of year. the only bummer is you see the sunshine, almost set. temperature is 65. still warm, does not feel like october. this is nice. l taking you to lambeau field. 65, dew point of 61. of course, i game this weekend against the giants, sunday night sold-out in jefferson county. a beautiful shot, down into milwaukee downtown, we love it when the bridge is coming up. there will be about coming through in just a bit. why did not a big deal right now. temperatures are warmer than ever.
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have also had a fair amount of rain lately. here it comes again. hit and miss showers on wednesday. i would not necessarily change your plans, just have the umbrella handy. and it is not going to rain all day. on friday, an early chance for rain. that may become the whole entire day chance for rain. all because of the hurricane. more on that in just a bit. here is rain, thunderstorms to the west of us, look at that kind of ominous this initial line moving in. here is 7:00 in the morning. we are fairly quiet. we get sunshine of think early tomorrow morning. clouds will filter back. the shower here and there. not raining all day. thursday, scattered showers. not going to rain all day. thunderstorms possible. better chance on thursday. and it kind of hangs around. that is an optimistic look at how things clear out. not expecting sunshine on friday. likely hanging onto rain
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the 60's way up north. and a lot of moisture in the air. let us talk hurricane matthew, now making another landfall into extreme eastern cuba. this is going to the bahamas. then, the questions are exactly where this will go? it could hit florida, georgia, either one of the carolinas. it may miss them all entirely. you see the cone here. a possibility we will see landfall hurricane in the u.s., but the cone t is pretty much the entire eastern seaboard. if you have travel plans, be ready for that. there will be impacts of huge waves, tons of rain, causing big problems across much of the eastern seaboard. 74 degrees on wednesday and thursday. that is way above average. and scattered showers in the forecast, by the way we will set the record on thursday for consecutive days with temperatures 60 degrees are warmer.
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2 on friday. then, it will end. going to be nice to get a full length of sunshine thoroughly saturday and maybe tuesday. joyce: coming to a screeching halt. well, the brewers held their end-of-the-season news conference today. stephanie: coming up, why gm david stearns says this team is headed in the right direction. plus, our exclusive one-on-one
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stephanie: no workout today for the packers. in green bay, they are back on the practice field tomorrow. to get ready for sunday night's showdown against the new york giants at lambeau field. in the meantime 12 sports , stephen watson has our exclusive one-on-one with wide receiver jordy nelson. stephen: how tough is it to have a bye week, week four, versus later? jordy: it varies. i think we convince ourselves that came in the right time.
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not a bad spot for me to get three games in get a recovery week. ,and get back to normal again. so, in the middle of the season we, would be happy about that, too. it is just part of it. notice to a great job of taking care of us. understanding the situation we are in especially the early, bye. it is all part of it. and this team in week three or four, or week stephanie: thank you, stephen. brewers general manager david stearns annoucned today the team's entire coaching staff will be back next season. and while 2016 was a rebuilding year, the brewers finished five games better than last year. overall, stearns says he likes the direction this team is headed. david: no one is satisfied with 73 wins. that is certainly not our end goal. and we have a lot of work to do to get to where we ultimately
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was a productive season for us going forward. stephanie: last night, the bucks opened their preseason on the road in chicago. with a 93-91 victory over the bulls. and while it's just an exhibition game, the players say it stll means something to them. including jabari parker. who played about 25 minutes, and scored 13 points. jabari: i feel like anytime you're in those lines, it means something. you know it is everye, passion. more than our job, we do it because it is our passion. anytime we can play against our rivals, it is always a good thing to win. stephanie: the next preseason game is saturday night at home against dallas. kathy: see your favorite packers players, on the baseball diamond. joyce: jordy nelson's annual charity softball game will be held on sunday, june 18. the game will take place at fox cities stadium, the home of the wisconsin timber rattlers. last year, the offense beat the defense, 30-28. and tickets go on sale
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?? ?? ?? kim kardashian's night of terror. new details about the robbery that left her bound and gagged. >> all kim could keep on saying over and over again is please don't kill me. >> why her family is convinced it was an inside >> have you talked to kim? >> new brangelina divorce drama. >> you don't do that. >> why melissaeth ridge is going off on angie. >> i was around when angelina was not doing nice things. >> plus, candace cameron bure's daughter after her breakthrough voice audition. >> it is very surreal. >> and kelly clarkson opens up to e.t. about her new baby. >> brutally honest about her struggle with having two kids in


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