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tv   12 News This Morning at 530  ABC  October 6, 2016 5:30am-6:01am CDT

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we're also looking at the role wisconsin is playing in the emergency response. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> and i'm melinda davenport. it's 5:30 on this thursday, october 6th. we'll get to hurricane matthew in a moment. but first, let's start with your local forecast. here's meteorologist sally severson. sal? >> i will look at the rain in flays throughout the day, jeremy nelson has you hurricane matthew. skies are mostly cloudy here. as we look at the satellite and the radar, we see matthew. we have a few showers headed our way. the showers this morning more nuisance variety showers than anything. many locations are staying dry throughout the morning. better chances of rain and storms later today and this evening and overnight.
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heavy stuff is holding off until this evening and overnight. ben? >> a massive storm is heading for florida this morning. hurricane matthew already caused serious problems in haiti and right now, it's slamming the bahamas. meteorologist jeremy nelson is tracking the storm. >> ben, the news is not getting better, matthew strengthened overnight and the winds are miles per hour. we are going to the radar, it is sliding to the northwest through the bahamas and south now of nassau and likely clip that, we have to see if they are seeing the strongest winds or staying to the west of there. but really it is a northwest part of the bahamas hit the hardest. where is matthew headed? well, with the northwest track it is scooting up the coast of florida and there will be a
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along the coast, if it makes landfall, the strongest winds may be hitting parts of florida and coming in tonight or friday. we have new data and updates coming up. >> jeremy, thank you. >> now, turning to the damage already done by matthew. wisn 12 news' tim elliott has the latest details. tim? >> when the sun comes up, we'll see the damage done in the bahamas. we are haiti. take a look, it's been cut off from the rest of the country because a crucial bridge collapsed in the storm. people are not only dealing with destruction and flooding after the massive storm but they're trapped on both sides of haiti, some are unable to get home, some can't reach their families. hundreds of homes in haiti have flooded, more than 300,000 people are in shelters this morning. haiti was supposed to hold elections on sunday, but officials have put the election on hold while they deal with the
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back to you. >> tim, thank you. >> new this morning, some help from wisconsin is on the way to those impacted by hurricane matthew. mike anderson is live downtown with the latest. mike? >> good morning, melinda, the folks in this south need all the help they can get and that is why 18 red cross volunteers and staff members from here in milwaukee and across thead some are on the way to florida, georgia and the carolinas and others are leaving today and tomorrow. one of the team members is from madison and working in a shelter in south carolina. >> this is kinda becoming my advocation. i was an emt for 20 years as a volunteer. i kinda aged myself out of that so i was looking for something exciting and you feel like you're doing something for
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>> mather says she expects to be in south carolina for two weeks. the red cross says the rapidly changing situation could impact its response. everyone who is being deployed has gone through special training. reporting live this morning mike anderson "wisn 12 news this morning." >> abc news has a team of reporters in the bahamas, florida, and the carolinas. look for complete coverage today on "good morning america." that's starting at 7:00 a.m. >> now to traffic watch, we have a look at the morning commute. good morning, matt. >> so far so good. a fender bender on the westbound side of 894. otherwise it is quiet. dry pavement and light volume. the travel times are in decent shape. travel times... that's a look at the morning
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>> thank you, matt. 5:34. >> looking ahead, milwaukee police are making some changes. chief ed flynn is signing off on new rules for interacting with transgender people. the new policy will be presented to the board of fire and police commissioners later today. the policy defines some key terms like transgender, intersex and more. and it outlines how police officers should interact with transgender people to make sure everyone is treated fairly and with dignity. >> milwaukee public schools movement today. parents, students and community members will gather for walk-ins later today. organizers say the walk-ins give people an opportunity to work together to demand full funding for public schools. more than 100 local schools are taking part along with more than 2,000 schools across the country. >> later today, milwaukee county is holding a job fair for veterans. there will be more than 80 employers there from trucking companies to state and local government to the brewers. the fair starts at 9:00 a.m. at
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it runs until 1:00 p.m. there is free parking for anyone attending. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:36. a popular reality series is rolling into town. >> an episode of "the bachelor" is reportedly being filmed in milwaukee today. what you'll have to do this morning if you want to be part of the show. >> plus, a fugitive is behind bars this morning all thanks to his sweet tooth. the role a doughnut may have
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>> as we close in 20 minutes before 6:00, thursday morning, this is a look at racine and skies are mostly cloudy and t a little light rain approaching racine as well. you are seeing live on the radar network, we have light showers showing up this hour across northern illinois. some of them are going to pivot into southern wisconsin today. reekt now 57 at the airport. dew is 53. the hour by hour forecast, spotty showers are possible early this morning. many will be staying dry.
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the rain and showers increase for this evening and overnight. >> thank you, sal. >> new this morning, an unusual rescue mission in pennsylvania after a horse gets stuck in the mud. >> dozens of people worked together to get the animal free. take a look. the owner of the farm says the horse was walking in water when it got stuck. then it panicked which only made the situation worse. rescue crews had to sedate the horse. they were able to get the animal out of the muck. poor baby. >> new this morning, a fugitive is caught in new mexico all thanks to his sweet tooth. >> police in hobbs say 35-year-old gregory mendoza was arrested outside a bakery. the takedown happened minutes after mendoza allegedly stole a doughnut. it turns out the suspect was wanted on ten pending charges ranging from traffic violations to animal cruelty. >> you don't get donuts in jail.
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5:45. a real-life adventure one woman wishes she could forget. >> she fell off a huge cliff while hiking with her dog. what she had around her neck that may have saved her life. >> then, a little boy's curiosity almost gets the best of him.
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>> there we are looking at the most recent update for hurricane matthew. category 3 storm right now. we were just talking about it looks as though the eye is passing over nassau. >> yes, the eye wall, sustained winds. this may be hours of winds sustained over a hundred miles per hour and has the sights set on nassau. think about the tourists there and the cruise ships there. >> people get married and take their honeymoons there. >> i have been to resort there. it is a beautiful place. they were boarding up in
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will be hitting there in a couple of hours and we watch the cruise to the northwest and impacting the u.s. possibly by some time tonight or getting into tomorrow morning. the hurricane warns are in place for florida. hurricane matthew is maded to the united states. >> thank you, jeremy. hurricane matthew is impacting millions of americans as well. people are evacuating their homes. >> yes, get out of the storm. two million people along the coast are urged to evacuate today as this powerful storm gets closer. that is leading to long lines at the gas stations. a reporter from our sister station in florida sent us a report. >> in daytona beach and mandatory evacuation orders in
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the bridges are closing tonight and once they do, no way to leave the beach side. the business owners are boarding up and packing up yesterday. officials say those on the islands and mobile homes and low lying areas need to leave. the emergency crews cannot help them. for those heeding the warning, dozens of shelters are opening starting this morning. back to you. >> thank you, category 3 storm. the last storm with a cat 3 or higher was in 2005 wilma. it killed five people hitting florida. >> abc news has a team of reporters in the bahamas, florida, and the carolinas. look for complete coverage today on "good morning america." that's starting at 7:00 a.m. >> we are on traffic watch this
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ready to launch news chopper 12. >> we have it on the ramp. things are looking good on the roadways. quiet across the system. the travel times in good shape... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. 5:47. >> turning now to commitment 2016. this week, the presidential campaigns are planning more donald trump will be in the badger state for an event on saturday. the campaign hasn't confirmed where trump will be. but we've learned he has been invited to a gop event in elkhorn. and massachusetts senator elizabeth warren will be in milwaukee and madison tomorrow supporting hillary clinton and senate candidate russ feingold. feingold will face off against incumbent senator ron johnson in a live debate. mike gousha will moderate the discussion.
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18th. >> and you can watch the next presidential debate here on wisn 12. hillary clinton and donald trump take the stage again on sunday at 8:00 p.m. new this morning, we're taking you behind-the-scenes of abc's hottest new show. "notorious" airs thursday nights on wisn 12. the drama centers on the symbiotic relationship between a powerhouse tv producer and a charismatic defense attorney. i talked to the real-life frienemies who inspired the series. former "larry king live" producer wendy walker and a-list lawyer mark geragos. >> it's a little surreal to watch it though, but we like watching ourselves since daniel is so handsome and piper is so beautiful and so intelligent. it's kinda fun being able to watch them together. right, you can rough off life's edges with these two. >> you can watch an all-new episode of "notorious" tonight at eight followed by "how to get away with murder" and "wisn 12 news at ten."
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for you. >> the series is reportedly filming in milwaukee today! country singer chris lane tweeted that he's playing a concert in milwaukee at nine tonight. he wrote it's for a taping of an abc show. a green bay radio station is reporting that it's an episode of "the bachelor." this seems likely because the new bachelor is waukesha native nick viall. so it's possible this is all part of a hometown visit. date stage. chris lane tweeted contact information for anyone who wants to rsvp. we have the details posted on the 12 news app. his concert is not fee which you shalled any place else. >> oh, it is just for the show? >> so anybody can't go? >> right.
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>> well, not any more. >> if you see the crews around townsend us a message. >> we can stalk as well as anybody. i was having a look, we talked about the hurricane, disney world and universal studios and theme parks are closing in advance of what is happening with hurricane matthew. it is i have a couple of nuisance showers in the forecast for this morning. most will be staying dry. the showers in place across parts of iowa and missouri much of this is staying to the south, but a couple of areas of showers rolling in for us. early today, 57 at the airport. we have a few 40s. take a look at the 30s.
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bend. 58 sheboygan. skies are clearer. 52 for waukesha. now, our model puts the range in for this morning, again, a few nuisance showers. the model is over doing it this morning. the clouds are filling in and the temperatures into the 70s. this is at 5:00 in the afternoon. a couple of scattered showers. but the cool front coming in this evening and overnight and setting the stage for rain and storms. we'll get downpours and thunder over night. it is moving off quickly. a few showers in the morning tomorrow. we then clear out and a really nice october weekend. today 73 degrees. a couple of sprinkles this morning. better chances of rain and storms in the even and overnight. 65 tomorrow. we clear out later in the day. for saturday and sunday then 57 saturday, 60s by sunday and
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nice autumn weekend. >> thank you, sal. >> new this morning, a sheriff's office in california is mourning after a suspect shot and killed a deputy. wisn 12 news' tim elliott is following the latest from the newsroom. tim. >> it is a sad story this morning. overnight, a long procession of law enforcement cars escorted the officer's body to the coroner's office. the sheriff's sergeant was responding to a burglary at a home near los angeles. he was the first one on the scene. officials say the burglary suspect shot him. when a deputy showed up, the suspect jumped into a squad car and tried to escape. there was a shooting and a crash and the suspect ran off. police say he ended up inside a home nearby taking two teenagers hostage for some time. those teenagers were able to let investigators know that the suspect was inside and he was arrested. we expect that suspect to be charged later today. >> a nine-year-old boy is in the hospital this morning after he was shot eight times. he's in serious condition.
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person who shot into the boy's home. he had apparently been arguing with an adult who lived there. neighbors say it's heartbreaking that a child got caught in the crossfire. >> new this morning, a texas driver is being called a hero for finding a five-year-old boy wandering near a busy highway. several drivers stopped when they saw alex chavez close to the highway. roberto serrano is the one who finally caught up with him. he grabbed alex and rolled away from the road. >> i grabbed him, and we both fell here, and all i did was roll back to get out of the street and the truck stopped right here. >> alex's dad says this isn't the first time he's run off on his own. the father has medical issues and isn't always able to chase after him. he says he's grateful that serrano stopped and kept his son safe. >> new this morning, a hiker in oregon survives a terrible fall
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last month. it was her first time backpacking alone. about ten miles in, edwards fell about 60 feet and landed in a creek. she had a broken neck, a concussion and more injuries. she also had a satellite device around her neck that she used to send out an sos message. >> i was very much in the mind set that i am not going to die here and needed to stay >> her dog found her. he helped to keep her warm. nearly a day after she fell, rescuers reached edwards and took her to a hospital. now she's paying it forward by raising money to get rescue crews more of the satellite communicators that saved her life. >> incredible story. >> new this morning a new spot
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public library has been closed for two years as crews made repairs. now, it's back to its former glory 100 years after it was built. the restoration cost around $12 million. >> just look around. >> it is incredible. beautiful. >> wisn 12 news time is 5:55. some big changes coming to milwaukee's skyline. >> one of them starts today. why you may have to spend extra time looking for a parking spot the next time you venture downtown. >> plus, facebook is taking new steps to keep your information private. what you'll have to do
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>> welcome back. more bad news for samsung. >> southwest flight was evacuated after a phone catches on fire and kills the cabin with smoke. this happened before the flight left. no one was hurt. samsung recalled millions of the phones because of the fires. was a replacement phone that the company claimed would be safer. a lot of questions still. >> 85,000 people getting free chiptole after completing the loyalty program. if you purchased 11 or more entrees for three months earned free meals. that is a lot of chiptole. now they are going to receive as they should catering for 20
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they have been working to win back the customers after the e.coli. >> the nation's largest shopping mall is staying closed on thanksgiving. >> oh, i am going there. >> the mall of america is allowing workers to spend time with their families on the holiday. the mall reopens 5:00 a.m. on black good luck going there on black friday. >> i would try that. >> you will been o the 9th floor of the parking deck. >> i would do it. >> the news continues right now. >> all the deals. >> good morning. welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." >> i'm melinda davenport.
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right now, another milestone in the bucks arena project. >> mass evacuations and how the storm is affecting millions across the country. >> the latest on hurricane matthew is up next. >> a first to the morning come mite and the local forecast. here is sally. >> ta is right, i will handle cake of hurricane matthew this morning. a couple of stray showers this morning. the rain will be more of a nuisance this morning. my attention is this evening and overnight as we stand a better chance for steady and widespread rain. here is a look. a few light showers across the far southeast corner. stray showers around.


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