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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 6, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CDT

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track hurricane matthew making its way to u.s. as well. have a great morning. see yo good morning, america. breaking right now, deadly hurricane matthew plows through the caribbean marching toward the u.s. >> we want you to evacuate. we do not want you to stay. >> millions evacuated from florida to north carolina. fleeing the coast in bumper-to-bumper traffic, store shelves emptying. schools closing for millions of kids. thousands of flights cancelled. our team on the ground as the southeast braces for matthew. bashing bill. donald trump's new line of attack. >> oh, did bill clinton blow it. oh, did he blow it. >> you've got this crazy system. >> going after the former president for comments on obama care. and praising himself for mike pence's debate performance. >> i'm getting a lot of credit.
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>> as both candidates gear up for their next showdown. panic on a plane. >> we got smoke. >> a southwest flight evacuated after a passenger says his replacement samsung fine started burning. >> i noticed smoke pouring out of my pocket. >> should these phones be banned from planes? and good morning, america. les at the bahamas. hurricane matthew hitting right now. you see it there. winds 125 miles an hour. and it's getting stronger. >> it's getting really strong, george. and take a look at this satellite image. the storm is stretching 450 miles wide as it heads toward the u.s. >> here is what we know right now. 2.5 million people are evacuating the coast. florida's governor says this could be the state's biggest evacuation ever.
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miami and ft. lauderdale's airports are closing completely today. if the hurricane makes landfall in the u.s., it could be the strongest to hit here in a decade. >> florida is bracing for this. take a look at this apartment building in florida. windows shuttered. long lines at this grocery store. that's in miami beach and we have team coverage all along hurricane matthew's path. ginger in satellite beach, florida. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: good morning, george. i can't emphasize enough how serious this situation is. that hurri i miles to my south and east. but i have to tell you the national weather service is using words like loss of life, immense human suffering possible and catastrophic damage. all possible if you don't make precautions now. look at the hurricane. the image over the bahamas. nassau just to the north of it. it is moving northwest at 12 miles per hour. still a category 3. it strengthened overnight. it could strengthen more as it
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making their way almost to miami. i want to show you the timing. this is what we call rpm model. the hurricane warnings first. that is very important. if you're in red, this is an urgent, immediate situation. for tonight through early tomorrow morning when the brunt of this storm makes its way up along the coast of florida, so here's the rpm i was talking about. the image over the bahamas. then we'll take you right through tonight. the time period makes us by this evening, going up the coast, right along south carolina through saturday, 9:00 p.m. i'm g the exact track in moments. first, to where the storm will hit immediately. and that's our alex perez in nassau, bahamas. >> reporter: hey, good morning, ginger. we, like so many others, have been up all night tracking this storm. the winds picking up here just a short time ago. now, take a look behind me. you can see the winds whipping those palm trees around. now people here are hunkered down. but this storm, this hurricane, just getting started here in the bahamas. overnight, hurricane matthew slamming the bahamas.
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per hour igniting power lines. category 3 hurricane bringing torrential rain to the islands over a foot of rain expected. more than 3,000 tourists remain in the bahamas. those staying at the luxury atlantis resort evacuated from their hotel rooms and hurried to the ballroom, where they spent the night on the floor. >> we are concerned. we're trying to make the best of it. >> reporter: in haiti, this aerial view shows the destruction in the coastal town of jeremie. barely 1% of the homes there still standing. residents completely cut off and now there's fears those who survived the storm may starve. parts of cuba reduced to rubble. entire buildings collapsed. many structures, roofs torn off. and back here in nassau, we're expecting up to 15 inches of rain and a storm surge up to 15
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so as you might imagine, everyone here taking all those precautions, doing what they can to stay safe. but here's the bad news. this hurricane expected to linger and batter the bahamas all day. amy? >> all right, alex. so much concern there for the bahamas. and, of course, right here in the u.s., we're following the millions of people who are evacuate ing as schools and businesses close along the coast. abc's rob marciano is in charleston, south carolina. good morning to you, rob. >> reporter: good morning, amy, as you very well know, this part of south cara low country. and for good reason. it's barely above sea level. very vulnerable to hurricanes and that includes this city of charleston, which, in the past 24 hours, has turned into a virtual ghost town. from florida to the carolinas millions fleeing their homes as hurricane matthew barrels to the u.s. food flying off shelves. gas stations running out of fuel. >> i've spent almost an hour driving around looking for gas.
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everyone has to go away from the coast. >> we want you to evacuate. we do not want you to stay. >> i gotta go home. >> look at all the buses as far as the eye can see. >> reporter: buses offering free rides to those without cars. >> it's going to be so flooded. so we decided to leave. >> reporter: hundreds hunkering down in shelters. >> i love my kids dearly. i want to do what's best for them. >> reporter: businesses letting out early so people can board up their own homes. residents scrambling for supplies. stacks of barren shelves at home improvement stores. every chain saw at this lowe's sold out. >> we got a lot of people coming in looking for generators. >> reporter: they're concerned they'll be without power. how scared are people here? >> freaking out, i think. >> definitely chaotic. >> people will worried. it's been nearly 20 years since
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1999, floyd. that took a two-hour drive to columbia and made it a 12-hour nightmare. they're leaving early this time around. big impacts friday night and likely all day saturday. until then, anxious eyes on what this thing does to florida first. michael? >> all right, thank you, rob. the storm is causing major problems for flights. and gio benitez is at name international airport and that airport is about to close, right, gio? >> reporter: that's right, michael. when you're talking about these aits you're talking about some of the biggest in the country. when this system is affected, the rest of the nation feels it, too. let's take a look at the numbers. we're looking right now, already, at more than 1,400 cancellations. most of those right here in south florida. miami international, where we're at right now, this place will have no flights after 12:00 noon. many of these planes behind me will be moved to safer locations. ft. lauderdale's airport will close around 10:30 this morning. until that storm passes.
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now we're also going to talk about tomorrow. we're already seeing cancellations too. more than 1,100 cancellations tomorrow. orlando is going to be getting some big numbers there. we're already looking at more than 500 canceled already. no doubt once this storm passes, airline operations teams are going to be look ging at the tarmac, looking for any damage to fix it as soon as possible, george. >> right now the southeast is shutting down. let's go back to ginger in satellbe >> and, george, i want to take you straight to the track. this place i'm standing now, i will not be standing later. it would be potentially deadly. so let me show you exactly why. it gets so close, it could make landfall close to here or just south as a category 4. it hugs along the coast through friday night into saturday. that's why georgia into south carolina still could see gigantic effects, then turns back out to the atlantic. here we wanted to show you how far the wind field will reach.
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is tropical storm force. hurricane force is in red. see there, it's at friday night, midnight tonight. it touches the coast. then it in moves up through cape canaveral right along jacksonville. and this is what we're talking about. wind is one of the biggest events. >> if you have 100-mile-per-hour, 120-mile-per-hour wind, that is a huge deal. we talk to director rick knabb out of the national hurricane center. dr. knabb, the last time florida saw a land-falling major hurricane was wilma in 2005. population has increased greatly. i think folks just need to be reminded this is a huge wind event. when you have 120-mile-per-hour winds, what kind of destruction can they do? >> the extreme winds of a major hurricane can do damage not just at the coast. they can penetrate inland. that will be more so the case the closer this gets to the coast or if it actually comes ashore, and those chances are increasing. in addition to the wind, you have the storm surge potential that people have been told to evacuate. they need to get out this morning. right away.
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you don't want to be caught in a storm surge. the deadliest hazard of all. and don't vertically evacuate if you're on the coast and told to evacuate. you get up 20, 25 stories in the high-rise, you're buying yourself another category higher on our wind scale. >> amy, the rain, the wave, there's so much more we will get to. amy, you know me. you know i don't go above. i always want to be accurate. i'm always worried about being righ this one, i'm just worried. much more coming up. >> we hope people heed the evacuation warnings. ginger, thank you. we'll follow the latest on hurricane matthew all morning long. but now to that big headline about a contractor for the nas arrested by the fbi accused of stealing top-secret material. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross is here. and, brian, sounds like at first read this could be another edward snowden. this one is different? >> reporter: it may well be. senior officials are calling the suspect more a weirdo than a whistle-blower. but the fact that once again
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of the country out of the building is setting off alarms. it all happened at nsa headquarters outside washington, d.c. in a criminal complaint, the fbi says 51-year-old harold martin used his top secret clearance as a contractor for the booz allen company to download and remove huge amounts of top-secret codes and informat should not intentionally take that information. >> reporter: but it comes just three years after another booz allen contractor, edward snowden, portrayed in this movie as a whistle-blower, was able to do much the same thing and then he made public the nsa secrets that he stole. >> when you download this kind of top secret information off the nsa network into your own computer or into a thumb drive, alarms should go off. apparently, they didn't.
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case, the fbi says it discovered the stolen secrets in a woodshed behind martin's home in maryland. his wife declined to answer questions. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: but his lawyer says martin is a man who loves his country and did not betray it. that's something the fbi is still investigating. and so far officials say they have seen no indication martin had any connection to a foreign government. and unlike snowden, he's not been charged with espionage. >> and speaking of snowden, he's still in russia and charges against him still pending. go his supporters have not gotten a presidential pardon but president obama has given no indication that he'll get a free pass and that he should come back and stand trial on espionage charges. we move to the race for the white house. 33 days until the final vote. just three days before the next big debate. donald trump looking for a big comeback, hitting bill clinton hard. as hillary clinton hits the books. abc's tom llamas tracking it all, good morning, tom.
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morning to you. sunday's debate is a town hall. and the clinton campaign says hillary feels very comfortable in this format. though, she did have some hiccups in the last nationally televised presidential candidates' forum. the trump campaign is turning to chris christie for help. donald trump testing out a new attack. against the clinton campaign, that is. >> boy, did bill clinton blow it. whoa, did he blow it. >> reporter: seizing on the comments by the former president criticizing obamacare. >> you've got this crazy system where all of a sudden 25e >> can you imagine when he walked into that beautiful home in westchester and he said, hi, hillary. how was your day? oh, did he suffer. >> reporter: bill clinton later clarifying saying he supports obamacare, but it has some problems. >> remember hillary clinton called obamacare one of the greatest accomplishments of the president, of the democratic
7:14 am
nominee taking credit for his running mate's debate performance. >> mike pence did an incredible job, and i'm getting a lot of credit because that's really my first so-called "choice." that was my first hire, as we would say in las vegas. >> reporter: hillary clinton deep in debate prep with her team using the vp debate as a launching pad for sunday night saying pence wasn't looking out for trump. >> when your own running mate won't defend the top of the ticket, i think that tells you everything you need to know about who's qualified and temperamentally fit to be president. >> reporter: now, trump is gearing up for sunday's town hall debate format today in new hampshire getting some practice taking questions from voters in a similar setup. governor christie will be on hand for that. and, george, from what the what the files, check out this tweet from rosemarie terenzio
7:15 am
sh she's tweeting this to ivanka trump, in a city of 8 million, wee meet face to face. i thank you for listening mother to mother on this new year's week. my best to you. george, apparently they met at a restaurant not too far from our studios. to have been a fly on the wall to hear that conversation. >> i guess she was referring to the jewish new year. thanks very much. we're here with donald trump's campaign manager, kellyanne conway. thanks for coming in again. let 'pick up on what hillary clinton was doing on the stump. democrats putting out videos and ads saying that mike pence mi donald trump on tuesday night. >> we totally disagree. i understand why they're desperate to clean up tim kaine's performance. he interrupted 72 times. when he wasn't interrupting the female moderator, he was just ignoring her pleading with him to stop and answer the question. we're really happy with governor pence's performance. it was spectacular. and it stuck to substance. the fact that he's proudly on the ticket very proudly tells you all you need to know
7:16 am
he did expose differences between the two. many times mr. trump said we should not take sides in the fight in syria. mike pence says we should be preparing to take action against the assad regime. does have agree on that now? >> the russia reset that hillary clinton has proudly tried to own has been a complete disaster. these fake and feigned red lines were not real and what do we have now, a full-blown military crisis. >> take military action against assad? >> we don't know. when they're president and vice president, we'll see we want to join with allies in the region for help. this is a humanitarian crisis. it's heartbreaking to everyone. it's a nonpartisan issue to read those stories every day. families being torn apart. people being murdered. >> i know you're pleased with mike pence's performance. that was on tuesday night. a lot of reviews for donald trump not so good. the polls have fallen since mr. trump's debate. something in "the wall street journal" this morning. it state mr. trump owe give indicated on his belief that he won the debate when he reviewed
7:17 am
tapes? >> we learn from the tapes he was trying to answer the questions as they were asked. mrs. clinton was trying to get out the five or six zingers she had rehearsed for a number of days. so, this time i think that donald trump in a town hall format, it's one in which he's very comfortable. you have seen him, because abc has covered some of his town hall formats. he enjoys sitting there one-on-one and engaging with the audience. he's the one out there at the rallies and smaller settings every single day. he just had a west coast tour where basically there were more people outside trying to get in than inside practically. thousands and thousands of people there to hear his message. so, it's a comfortable format and i think donald trump got no credit for being gracious to secretary clinton, asking her should i call you secretary clinton when she was calling him donald. at the end pulling his punches about bill clinton and the women and the way hillary clinton treated those women blaming and shaming them in the 1990s when it was it was revealed her husband was having affairs. he got no credit for being gracious and restrained.
7:18 am
he talked about the differences on trade and immigration. and that hillary clinton and donald trump -- that hillary clinton and barack obama created the vacuum in which isis was formed. >> he does need a win sunday night, doesn't he? >> he needs a win on november 8th. and we're headed that way. for all the talk about hillary clinton surging in the polls, she's not at 50% and staying anywhere in the states. why is that for someone spending tens of millions of dollars in negative ads against us. i think people are rejecting the negative campaign. >> kellyanne conway, thank you very much. the next presidential debate is right night on abc. our martha raddatz co-anchoring it starts at:00 eastern. now back to ginger in florida. >> george, one quick look at the storm surge, something we weren't able to detail. look at that, three to five in the orange area. six to nine foot in red.
7:19 am
cloudy and 60s. we'll make it to the low 70s this morning. better chances for rain tonight after about 10pm. downpours likely >> and, guys, you can see the waves already kicking back up.
7:20 am
the waves could get at beaches along the florida coast in just a little bit right here on "gma." >> boy, ginger sounds really alarmed there. coming up on "gma" -- the new trouble for samsung after a passenger says his replacement phone started to burn up. and much more on hurricane matthew. that storm bearing down. slamming the bahamas. and it's heading toward the u.s. we'll be back in a moment. most on these balloons. y lovo travel with my daughter. roller derby. up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love.
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>> this morning" time is 7:23. >> the fbi and other law enforcement agencies are currently engaged in what's being called a significant gang enforcement operation in racine and kenosha counties. they say there is no danger to the public. we'll bring you updates throughout the day. >> you'll soon notice another big change in downtown milwaukee starting later today. it will be your last day to park inside the structure on 4th and highland. it's being demolished as the part of the new milwaukee bucks arena development.
7:24 am
have it removed. >> wisn 12 news time now is 7:23. we are looking outside as we
7:26 am
>> traffic watch 12 & this is 94 at 13th street and we are moving along pretty well headed to downtown. in accidents or incidents to report at this moment. 94 eastbound taking you minutes. from the hale to the zoo is 13 minutes. >> here is sally with the forecast. >> i am watching northern illinois with a little light rain. we had a couple of sprinkles this morning. some of this rain is lifting into our area this morning. better chances of rain and storms for tonight.
7:27 am
early morning showers.
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and we don't just pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it. you're looking live at hurricane matthew, pounding the bahamas right now. look at the satellite. that monster storm heading to the u.s. a race to escape under way right now. millions of people evacuating. thousands of flights canceled. we're live on the ground with the latest this morning. >> that's right. ginger keeping everyone updated. as the candidates gear up for the next debate, donald trump is trying a new line of attack, targeting bill clinton and his comments on obamacare. as hillary clinton focuses on prepping for the next debate, three days away. also this morning, all eyes are on the major leagues. giants beating the mets overnight. breaking the heart of our
7:31 am
ninth inning home run. winning the wild card game, 3-0, and quieting everybody out there. >> he deserves it after those comments about the yank ees yesterday. just kidding. a big comeback off the field for matt shoemaker. he was hit in the head by a line drive. he's recovering and telling his story if an abc news exclusive. >> it's so hard to look at. >> but so he's come. let's go back the alex period. >> good morning, george. daylight giving us a better look what the storm is doing here. look behind me. these winds have been whipping around for a few hours. the palm trees are leaning left. that's how powerful the winds are. if you look on the other side over there, that's the ocean. it's so cloudy and the air is so murky right now you can't make
7:32 am
everyone here doing whatever they can to try to stay safe. it's going to be a very long day here, george? >> it sure is. alex, stay safe. back to ginger in satellite beach. >> we're less than 1 hour ifs serious impacts here along the coast of florida beginning. we'll see it tonight into tomorrow. that's the start of it. i wanted to bring you right there to again, the national weather service in these warnings using huge words like catastrophic damage. cow can see the eye spinning on catastrophic damage that could leave areas uninhabitable for weeks. tropical storm watches to tampa and ft. myers. 7:00 a.m. we put it into motion. this commuter model makes landfall 3:00 a.m. friday. between west palm beach and fort pierce. friday through saturday, we'll follow this thing all through
7:33 am
more problems for sam jp sung. one of the company's galaxy note 7 phones starting to smoke, force plaeng to evacuate. in this case, the phone was a replacement meant to address the safety issues. david kerley has more. >> reporter: good morning, amy. we have been so worried about one of these planes overheating on a jet. ironically, it was a recall replacement burning before takeoff. if tr problems for samsung. >> we got smoke in the cabin the. can you send emergency equipment? >> reporter: the reason, this samsung phone. >> i noticed smoke pouring out of my pocket. i pulled the phone out of my pocket, threw it on the ground. it continued to smoke and smolder into the carpet. >> reporter: he says his phone was a replacement for the galaxy note 7.
7:34 am
look at the car. >> reporter: the note 7s burning and exploding in cars, at home, at work. >> there was smoke everywhere. >> reporter: the incident in the jet in louisville may be the first time for a replacement note 7 to burn. >> it popped. it sizzled you could say even. i was scared i was going to have bits of glass in my hand and electronics and what not. >> reporter: he says he powered down the phone as asked right before takeoff. within hours, the consumer product safety commission had investigators there. >> anytime you have a smoking object on an airplane, it's a big development. we're concerned. that's why we're move something aggressively to investigate. >> reporter: samsung said it sent investigators, too, and is cooperating with the government. now we're waiting to find out whether this was the actual phone.
7:35 am
questions. there have been reports of samsung replacement phones heating up. this would be the first case of it burning. >> and steve ganyard joins us. i have flown recently. you hear the flight attendants saying don't charge your phone. if it's a note 7, turn it off. what could have happened if that same incident happened when the flight was in the air? >> amy, think about it. if this had been ten minutes later while t airborn. the battery fires burn up to 1500 degrees. aluminum melts at 1200. think about the seat burning. we dodged a bullet this time. i don't think we can continue the count on being so lucky. >> this was supposedly one of the replacement phones that samsung has given this customer. is the company doing enough? >> apparently not. and so, i think samsung will have to come out and be more
7:36 am
changes instituted. if you think about, almost everybody has a smartphone today. they bring smartphones, tablets, laptops on to the airplane. you may have 150 people on the airplane. you probably have 200 lithium ion batteries. it's a battery problem. it will only get worse before better. >> what is the government's role? what are the airlines' roles in all of this? >> we can't expect the tsa or everybody's bags. i think in the short term, the faa and samsung have to work together the fix the defect. amazingsly, there's no minimum mandatory safety standard for the batteries. i think there's a role for the congress here to step in and say, if you're going to sell something with lithium ion battery in the country you have to meet a minimum safety bar.
7:37 am
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time now for the big board. we start with dan abrams right here and the big trial in georgia. the hot car trial. a far fighting murder after leaving his toddler for hours in a suffocating suv. your website law news is live-veeming this trial. pretty dramatic day yesterday. talk of a mistrial. >> that's right. the defense asking for a mistrial. one of the first police officers at the scene has changed his story since the initial police report. the issue was, how was justin ross harris acting immediately after this happen snd was he hysterical or just pretending to be hysterical?
7:40 am
according to the defense, has shifted the perception of justin ross harris. the defense is saying, wait, we want the first police report to come in. et cetera. so far, the judge saying, that's for kcross-examination. not going grant it. >> when the officer testified, he said this guy was really hysterical. now he's saying he didn't buy it? >> correct. that's the key question. one of the most important questions. that's the human response, right? everyone plays sort of parent-evaluator. they say, what would i have done if this had just happened to my child? how would i have reacted? the defense is saying, he was hysterical. he was crying. the prosecutors are saying, no, he wasn't. e wasn't acting the way a nor mall parent would act. >> is the case going well for the defense so far? >> they've presented a lot of things we didn't know about before. and posed a lot of questions
7:41 am
did this on purpose. with that said this is a tough case for the defense. the facts are hard for them. remember, even in this jury thinks he didn't do it on purpose. they think he was reckless or negligent in the way he was handling it, he could still be con vicked of murder. >> watch it on law >> with a "z." >> with a "z." now to black friday la anountsing it will close this thanksgiving. yes, i said it, closing. bucking the trend of black friday deals starting earlier and earlier every year. rebecca jarvis joins us live. every year, these sales kick off earlier and earlier. right after thanksgiving, the sales start again. so is this a big deal for the mall of america to step in and say, we're not opening on thanksgiving? >> it's a huge deal, michael. the employees, they cheered.
7:42 am
i'm told some of them shed tears when they got this news that the mall of america, the biggest mall in the country, would stay closed. you see the pictures there. i mean, every year we get these pictures of thanksgiving rushes, black friday rushes. if anybody wants to be a prt of that, they're in luck. the mall of america will open on black friday. and as somebody who sment spept many of her formative years hanging out at the mall of america, folding sweaters at the mall of america, as a job, i am proud of them. >> who will follow their lead? >> i think there could be others. all of the retailers the last couple of years that opened up on thanksgiving have traded some of their later holiday sales for the thanksgiving sales. they have to pay employees more. it's a long holiday season. they want their employees to be happy right up until christmas time. so they sell another sweater, a watch, a tv. probably others will follow. this giving them cover. >> when she said they were hugging, we sthoed video, i
7:43 am
employees. that's a weird way. >> they were hugging on the floor. they're very loving there. >> okay, rebecca, thanks. let's take a deeper look at the big debate sunday night. it will be a different kind. a town hall format. as we said, martha raddatz will be one of the mod rarts. jon karl will be on the scene as well. you sea he talking to kellyanne conway. she says donald trump is great ats it will be quite different for him. >> i think this could be a good format for donald trump. for a couple of reasons. one, he has done a fair amount of these. i've been with him at town hall meetings in iowa and new hampshire. he feeds off the crowd. the other reason this could be good for trump, it will be hard for him to go personal. all this talk about him going after bill clinton's infidelities. i think that's very hard to do
7:44 am
town hall. >> and you're saying that will be -- >> that's good for trump. that would be a terrible decision for him to do, yes. >> what are the keys to success for the candidates in a town hall? >> i got a couple of rules for you. first of all, one thing about this format, you're not tied to the podium. you can wander around the stage. so my first rule is stay in your zone. remember, when george w. bush debated al gore and al gore walked over to him, got into personal space during one of the questions. take a look at what happened. bush basically dismissed him with this look like what are you doing? i think that one look actually helped bush win that debate. >> i think you're right about that. you say stay in your zone. the exception could be approaching a citizen questioner. bill clinton did that in 1992 while the older bush was looking at his watch. that worked for him. >> that gets to my second rule.
7:45 am
audience. empathize. george h.w. bush look at his watch before that question. the key moment was when he got irritated about a question. bill clinton walked over and felt that questioner's pain. he didn't say those words. but that was the feeling. you remember in 2008 when john mccain seemed to be pacing throughout the debate when he wasn't talking. and you know, he was all over the place. on one of the cameras. jon stewart had great time with that moment. take a look at this. >> how you folks doing? as anybody seen my dog? has anyone seen my little mr. puddles. just the little guy? fits right in your hand? no? mr. puddles! mr. puddles zblchlt i have snausages. >> wow. >> obama looks so young.
7:46 am
not body building. don't get in front of the other person. >> thank you, jon, rebecca, and dan. coming up. the big comeback off the field. the pitcher hit in the head by the 105-mile-per-hour line drive. he's now speaking out exclusively on "gma." see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur... ...tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms...
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i had frequent heartburn, doctor recommended prilosec otc 7 years ago, 5 years ago, last week. just 1 pill each morning. 24 hours and zero heartburn, it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10 straight years, and it's still recommended today. use as directed back now with that abcew exclusive. los angeles angels pitcher matt shoemaker opening funner the first time after getting hit with the line drive. he's openinging up to kayna whitworth. >> reporter: in a fraction of a second at 105 muiles an hour. >> that hit shoemaker on the head. >> reporter: just a month ago, he was hit with a line drive to the head. >> a scary moment. that ball got him pretty flush. >> it got me.
7:49 am
hands and niece. wow, i got hit. i feel dizzy. am i okay? can i keep pitching? >> reporter: shoemaker suffering from a fractured skull and a hematoma. his brain bleeding. he was rushed to the hospital for surgery. his wife, danielle, eight months pregnant watched it play out from their home in california. >> one of the surgeons said, after everything was okay. with t or die. >> reporter: this morning, shoe maik sr. on the road to recovery. >> i don't know if you can see it anymore. >> reporter: his skull has a titanium plate. walking out to the mound, he say sures me he'll be back this season. this is the first time you've stood on the mound. >> it's been a month. i'm kind of getting excited because i want to pitch again. >> reporter: now, with the
7:50 am
working on helmets for pitchers. >> i'm 100% trying all the options in the offseason. to see, you know, comfort, fit, all that stuff. if it feels and works like a baseball hat, i would be willing to ware it. >> reporter: he says he's not ready to be a full-time spectator just yet. for "good morning america," kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> isn't i remarkable to see him on the mound saying he's excited about going to pitch again? i guess that's how much he the game. >> and kyle seerg, the batter, called him every day. he heard from him more than anybody. >> i hope those helmets work. >> i hope so, too. i hope they wear them. coming up, george, the laits on hurricane matthew. the race to escape the coast. millions of americans on the move right now. we have "deals & steals" today going pink. big savings for a big cause. impressive linda.
7:51 am
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for every step, every stride, every start, begin strong with the lasting energy of 100% whole grain quaker oats... and off you go. back here on "gma," a decent storm rolling through. this is not matthew. that's still 300 miles away. look at where that center of matthew is. the eye wall about to hit parts of the
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> good morning, help is on the way those affected by hurricane matthew. >> hundreds are deployed prosecute the badger state. one of the team members is from madison and working in south carolina at an emergency shelter. this is the beginning of changing careers, i was an emt as a volunteer and i aged out of
7:57 am
something to do and you are doing something for someone. >> she's going to south carolina and they have had a special training. >> looking at the morning drive, this is a live look from the department of transportation cameras, give yourself extra time headed in this direction. let's look at the drive times as well, there is a delay, 16 minutes on 894 northbound from the >> a good day for the umbrella? >> yes, we have showers showing up this morning on the radar. the rain is light overall. lining up across illinois and far southern wisconsin. most of it is staying to the south. we have a cool front coming in tonight and better chance for heavy rain tonight and overnight.
7:58 am
the clouds are filling in. stray showers and for us this morning and heavy rain tonight. for later tonight, downpours and a winds. lows in the upper 50s. showers early in the morning and
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. hurricane matthew is churning through the caribbean. millions raced to evacuate from florida to carolinas. store shelves wiped clean. highways jammed. the ripple effect. thousands of flights are canceled. our team on the ground live with the latest. parenting alert. cheerleading and concussions. the young athlete with a major warning about hits to the head. >> it's been over a year, i still have headaches 60%, 70% of the day. >> new research reveals one concussion as a teenager could have long-term effects. dr. ashton joins us live. and "deals & steals" is going pink. huge savings on bags, bracelets, and more. the bargains that will help battle breast cancer starting at
8:01 am
>> good morning, america. good morning, america. if it's thursday, you know we're going to have some "deals & steals." that's coming up. we have the latest on hurricane matthew in just a moment. >> all right, and you know what, h i need to pay attention to the next story. what is the key the happy family? the new study that says a trip away may not be the answer. >> may not be the answer? >> like all that activity and planning that i do might be for naught. we're going to tell you how you should actually be spending your holidays. good to me. >> all right, and also we have have ben affleck here live. he has a big new action movie out. a little surprise coming his way. a special throwback thursday, if you will. >> let's throw it back to last week. remember this video? >> my initials. we used initials because we have -- >> that's matt and ben.
8:02 am
brady's best friend. i was wondering. tom brady is active as a football player right now. he doesn't have time. i know somebody who is retired that might have more time to hang out to be friends. >> are you saying something? >> i'm just saying. >> that's all coming up. let's get the latest on the storm, paula faris, with the morning rundown. millions of people from florida to north carolina are being urged to evacuate. as the east coast braces for hurricane matthew, which is now blamed for 16 deaths in the caribbean. that number is expected to rise. now overnight, the storm getting stronger. bahamas with 125-mile-per-hour winds. we're going to take you there in just a moment. first, ginger has the latest on the storm's track. she's in satellite beach for us, satellite beach, florida, good morning, ginger. >> reporter: paula, good morning to you. you can see it's raining here. this is not yet matthew. that's more than 300 miles away. look at these radar image. those are the enhanced tropical thunderstorms making their way
8:03 am
category 3. had max sustained winds of 125 miles an hour. the eye wall just southwest of nassau. it will get nasty. that's why we put the track on. with the cone of air. look at the whole cone, could strengthen to a category 4 as it brushes past or makes landfall close to west wall beach to port st. lucie. cape canaveral, jacksonville. that's a look he 10 inches in places. paula, for right now, back to you. >> yeah, we'll check back in with you later, ginger. we mentioned the 125-mile-per-hour winds at the bahamas. let's take you there. alex perez is standing by as the storm hits. alex. >> reporter: good morning, paula. hurricane matthew is battering the bahamas for several hours. in the distance, that's the ocean. at least what you can make out of it. you can see just how strong the winds are. just how cloudy and murky the
8:04 am
at these palm trees. they are wavering. being whipped around with the winds, an a power line is down here. there's a tree on the ground. now, the winds here in some areas up to or more than 100 miles per hour. they're expecting a 15-foot storm surge and up to 15 inches of rain here today. it will be a very long day. people here doing what they can to stay safe. paula? >> alex, thank you. those winds so powerful. the u.s. military is launching a relief mission to haiti with 9 helicopters and 100 personnel due to arrive today. at least 350,000 people in haiti are in need of immediate assistance following hurricane matthew. and one pilot who flew over the damage said in one town, barely 1% of the homes are still standing there. our website has more coverage of the storm, including the evacuations and the flights being canceled. in other news, new concerns
8:05 am
the nsa charged with stealing government secrets. the fbi says harold martin downloaded and then removed top secret codes and information. he stored the data at his home. no word yet on a motive. investigators say they have not yet found any evidence linking martin to a foreign government. and the hysteria over clown sightings continues to spread after an attempted kidnapping near san francisco. a woman says she had to fight outside of a denny's restaurant after he tried to grab her baby out of her arms. how frightening. hundreds of suspicious clown sightings and hoaxes have been reported. that's nationwide in recent days. finally, what is the key to a happy family? well, it might be staying home. researchers at baylor university found that families who spend their leisure time at home tend to be happier. you guys, this is the best news i have heard all week. they found that
8:06 am
trips that amy has been planning for her entire life may be fun, but they overstimulate our brains. they provide less quality time for bonding and connecting with one another than just hanging out at our home. >> okay, i'm a horrible mom, okay! >> you're not a horrible mom. >> okay? >> you know what, you're not a horrible mom. can i say, homebodies unite. next time our kids ask us to do anything, just say no, it's bad for you. >> if you're at home, you're not >> the thing about -- >> if you're at home, you're not together. they're on the video games. >> watching tv. >> you're doing great. >> i love adventure vacati apparently, yes. >> therapy later. >> we can do both. >> thank you, paula. >> a little bit of everything. how about some "pop news." >> a little bit of "pop news." good morning, everybody. we begin with great news. faith hill and tim mcgraw are hitting the road together for the first time in a decade. announcing a 65-city tour. they may have a surprise performance in nashville. take a look.
8:07 am
all the way around the globe. >> the tour starts in new orleans in april and wraps in brooklyn. ticket presales begin october 7th. i guess the couple that sings together stay together. today marks their 20th wedding anniversary. >> they're so cute. i love seeing them together. >> i would love to see them. >> they're giving all of us a gift. >> absolutely. also in "pop news," this story should encourage college students not to drink as much and pass out. you never know who may pop by your dorm room. in this case, it was drake. paying a visit to drake university on his iowa leg of his summer '16 tour. after rocking at the wells fargo arena, dressed in college gear, he shared his views of the school's sign on instagram. even, as you see there, going door to door, surprising unsuspected sororities. nice try, drake. take a look. >> kappa alpha theta.
8:08 am
waiting on you. we're waiting on you. >> where were you, girls? following drake's des moines performance, an announcement saying he's postponed three upcoming shows because of an ankle injury. one of which is in his hometown of toronto. you know he's disappointing there. the news is a crushing blow to the star. he told fans thank you for understanding. i can't wait to see you all again with new music and a stronger ankle. >> i loved your intro. another reason not to drink too much and pass out. >> you know, i'm here for you. i'm here for you, girls. momma lara has some advice for you. a "pop news" exclusive. we're celebrating the original girl squad. i'm not talking about taylor swift and her pals. i'm talking about, that's right, rose, blanche, dorothy, and sofia. remember them? >> actually able to deceive me once. [ laughter ]
8:09 am
>> st. olaf's most famous obmag. >> i want to hear the end of the line. it's the punch line. you know that show. it got a little saucy. the magic lives on. the last episode aired 24 years ago. >> wow. >> the show has a huge following as you saul know in syndication and on demand. now, you can create new adventures with these guys. look right here. these are action figures of the ladies. yea! whoo! >> they all look like they're driving. >> picture it. mini-mes of all of them all dressed to the nines in honor of the beloved '80s sitcom. these action figures will be available in new york at comicon starting today. i have sets for you. pass along. >> wow. >> this is my way of saying -- ? thank you for being a friend ? >> thank you, lara. >> that is "pop news" today. >> excellent. thank you.
8:10 am
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8:14 am
pink day for "deals & steals." a lot of big ones coming up with tory. that is coming up in just a little bit. but, first, we have a parenting alert about concussions. a study about their long-term effects raising concerns. and paula has the story of one young athlete who is a cheerleader. >> reporter: let's be honest. when you hear spt soccer, maybe even baseball. but cheerleading? and that right there is the problem. tumbling resulting in actual tumbles. it happens more often than you think and can have catastrophic consequences. just ask caitlin. >> it's been over a year and i still have headaches. 60%, 70% of the day. >> reporter: over the course of 15 years, she's suffered five concussions all from cheering.
8:15 am
and 15 hours a week for 15 years. >> reporter: she's now been forced to say good-bye to her lifelong passion. >> if i continued to cheer, i would get more concussions. and who knows what the side effects of those ones would be. because i was already seeing some memory issues. >> reporter: her first concussion was when she was 13 years old. not from flying or falling. from being the base, the catcher. >> i missed the mat when i fell. i hit my head right on the basketball floor. that was scary. i did lose vision for awhile. >> reporter: and by concussion number four as a sophomore on the squad at the university of texas, she began to see the long-term effects. >> i really started having memory issues, short-term memory issues. not being able to remember where i parked my car. not being able to remember or find words when i was talking. things like that >> reporter: while high schools and colleges have protocols in place for reporting head trauma,
8:16 am
so that other young women will also take their cheer injuries seriously. >> i think if i had played it smarter and sat out longer and let myself truly recover and not gotten the repetitive concussions, i wouldn't be in the position that i am now. >> reporter: now, you heard it's been over a year since she quit. still, those headaches persist. she was concerned about the memory loss. about 60% of the time, those headaches persist. now, the study talks about lingering physical and psychological effects about head trauma. those were her big concerns. >> thank you, paula. jen ashton here with us. that story a reminder of something you say. cheerleading is a contact sport. >> 100%. anyone who's been to a high school or collegiate game knows that it is. they face increased risk of concussion. not just the flyers but the athletes at the base. rates among girls and young women have gone up over 100% recently. this new study is about awareness. showing that even one injury can have the potential for physical and psychological effects down
8:17 am
don't have that. >> and she made an important admission right there. she said she realized now she should have sat out longer. >> we have learned a lot about recognizing the signs of concussion. we still have a lot to learn about recovery and treatment. and specifically, one study showed that among high school athletes at two weeks, only 40% are recovered. at a month, only 90% are recovered. let me drive that home. it's like looking at these steaks. on the outside, they look cooked the same. this one, not fully cooked. this onett you can't tell by looking at an athlete on the outside how the body is recovering on the inside. >> you know this from personal experience. your daughter is an athlete. >> she plays ice hockey. it's a very rough sport. my eyes are on her every hit, every shift, every game. every hit, every fall. athletic coaches and trainers do a great job. they're watching a lot of kids. no one knows your kid better than you. i think busting those mitts is critically important.
8:18 am
have a concussion. you don't have to only have headache. if you know where you are on a field, that doesn't mean -- >> memory loss? >> yes. when in doubt, sit it out. you can't risk your brain. >> good advice, jen ashton, thanks very much. coming up, "deals & steals" is going pink. big savings for a great cause. i love bread. i love ice cream. pizza! peanut butter. tacos! i love ramen. anything chocolate. chicken tacos, pork tacos. to manage what i eat, i can still eat the foods i love. every. single. day. members have lost 15% more weight in the first two months on the beyond the scale program than on our previous program and they're still eating the foods they love. that's the genius of this program! join for free and lose 10lbs on us.
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8:22 am
and welcome and welcome back to "good morning america." i'm right here in satellite beach, florida. one of the many beaches towns, cities in a hurricane warning. with hurricane matthew now closing in on nassau, bahamas, i want to show you the wind. the red core is where you'll see 74 plus-mile-per-hour winds. the timing is tonight through tomorrow for much of florida. you can see the clock on the right-hand side there. and then it moves up closer to daytona beach. that tropical storm force even out to the west. much more possible this morning. otherwise, partly cloudy and 60s. we'll make it to the low 70s this morning. better chances for rain
8:23 am
[ cheers and applause ] this is a huge month. so many people going pink to raise money for breast cancer, to raise awareness for our good friends at the wwe honoring five heroic women with their more than pink movement. tory johnson is doing good here with "deals & steals" to help battle breast cancer. a portion of every sale this morning goes toward research. we love you for that. >> i love you guys for that. we have partnered with all of these vendors to be able to bring you these exclusive deals
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treat yourself. okay. luxurious. these gorgeous bags, these weekender bags. two audience members helping us with them. they're stunning. normally $169. slashed by 69%. $49. $49. they're magical, magical. and then last but not least, from one of our favorites. this is may designs. personalized notebooks, journals. new note cards, a variety of sizes. choose the cover. put name. then choose the inside pages. agendas, lined paper. coloring books. you name it. starting at $20. we're cutting it in half. it's 50% off. can't beat that. [ cheers and applause ] everyone is going home with something. >> every singing one of you is g getting something. on
8:27 am
>> good morning, 8:27. we are on the weather and traffic watch. we have a look from the d.o.t. cameras, delays not so bad here. it is looking smooth to me.
8:28 am
ten minutes from the hale to the zoo. 17 minutes 43 southbound. here is sally with a look at the forecast. sal? >> well, the gray skies are filling in. early this morning commuting we are watching a radar. some of this creeping into southern wisconsin for this morning. overall the showers are fairly light and scattered. the for us. we have dry hours this afternoon and showers and storms coming again in the evening and overnight. 63. cloudy. going up to 73 today. and heavy rain again tonight and
8:30 am
? welcome to my house ? [ cheers and applause ] welcome back. to all you at home. our great audience here in new york city this morning. michael, you have a sweet story to start us off. >> actually, somebody toll my -- >> well, the >> my stuff. >> h is part of what i'm about to tell you. first of all, are you hungry? would you like doughnuts. >> yes. >> would you give me a job if i brought you doughnuts? >> definitely. >> you first. >> i'll take one. >> this guy is lucas. >> go on. >> i'm going take this one. this is all babt this guy, lucas, was coming to this country. he had no job experience here. he wanted to get some interviews. he went to 40 different places
8:31 am
and inside the doughnut box is his resume. >> yeah. >> there he is. you think it's a smart idea? >> i think it's really smart. >> he's got ten interviews lined up. he'll let us know if one of them turns into a job. have you done anything to get a job? >> this brought back a great memory for me. not the get a job. after our first date, a blind date, now 15 years ago. ali sent me a box of doughnuts in the afternoon. >> at >> totally worked. >> you know what? but i love the fact that you know, no pun intended, he thought outside of the box. and he -- >> thought inside of the box. >> he thought inside of the box. very good. >> i think he wants a job in tech, right? it's a creative, he's? silicon valley. i feel like it's got to be impressive to a potential employer who says this kid opposite got --
8:32 am
he says he has ten interviews lined up. how many people got the doughnuts and ate them and didn't call him. >> 0 of them. >> so 20 people just enjoyed some doughnuts? >> he's probably got 100 interviews after this segment. >> i think we can all agree, romance, jobs, doughnuts are the answer. >> one more thing. a lot of people say, who eats the doughnuts? he dressed up like a delivery person it should have gone to. in the note, it said, i was the guy dressed up like the delivery guy. >> who thinks that gets a little weird? >> leave the costumes at home. bring the doughnuts. >> what if he's in a cop outfit. >> now you're taking it to a whole other place. did somebody need to be arrested? >> bad girl. sorry. any way. >> any way. lara, you have something, too.
8:33 am
>> i would like to talk about wedding etiquette. where you should never come dressed as a postman or a police person. there's a new study. saying that is the speech is, the ting ting, as they call it, is not a good idea for many reasons. >> no toasts? >> because they say they can completely derail a night. there opinion, the ting ting can shine people in their worst light. because if you had some cocktails, from being smug, overly sent too opinionated. oversharing. >> you shouldn't do it when it becomes the competition where everybody in the room peoples they need to get up. >> it reminds me of the bridesmaids opepisode. they try to one-up each other on the speech. it's funny. we have all seen that. >> you have to have the father of the bride do a toast? you have to have the best man. >> my favorite memory is my dad
8:34 am
wedding. it can be, the other thing is it's anti-conversational. you're -- nobody around is talking. it stops potential romances from happening. finally, it's the main event at an -- i'm going to a rehearsal dinner tomorrow night. everybody knows there will be the speeches. before the speeches, everyone is waiting for the speeches. after the speeches, everyone is like, was that weird? how did i had do? >> the speeches are now judged. i agree, sometimes you're there, oneso you didn't plan on it. everybody has to one up. >> that gets uncomfortable. >> the wedding of someone i know closely where the best man made a speech about the bride's ex. didn't know the ex made a joke in reference to the husband that was true about the ex. and the family wanted to really take him back of the church, basically. >> it's a good rule for any toast. don't mention the ex.
8:35 am
he's all over the place. >> choose your wedding party carefully. >> just talking about that and cops and doughnuts. >> you know what? we chose our next guest kaff carefully. give it up for john krasinski. >> hey, everybody. morning, morning, morning. no, hi. it's fine. keep it, keep it, keep it. hi, how are you? sir. hi, everybody. hello. thank you. thank you. >> would you like a doughnut? >> no, thank you. but thank you for coming to my meeting. um -- right in the middle. a lot of important stuff to talk about. what do we got today? to toast or not to toast? >> that's the question. >> you want to weigh in?
8:36 am
toast. every wedding should be 9 1/2 hours long. that's what people want when they travel to a wedding. yeah, yeah, yeah. >> your family is growing. you have another little girl at home. >> i do, yes e, thank you. we have a new daughter, violet. >> i love the names you have chosen. >> we love old lady names. we were like, what was popular in 1890. hazel and >> tell us about the new show. >> it's unbelievable fun and bizarre show at the my great friend, danny stessen, created. i think he's here. >> right there. >> and, uh, danny had an amazing idea about dream therapy. instead of telling somebody at your dreams, what if you sat down, they connected tech to your head, and you livid through your dream on screen. >> that's cool.
8:37 am
no, no, no. we don't want that. >> oh, yeah. goes straight to youtube. that's the other thing. whatever you're dreaming goes right to your parents. >> you're in town for comicon. >> that's right. new york comicon. >> where is your costume? >> i'm hiding it. it's hard to come out as a stormtrooper on "gma." i figured i would keep it for awhile. >> what is he like behind the he's an amazing man. >> aw. >> that's a gad partner. >> he obviously got the duffel bag of money. >> he'll obviously give a toast at your next event. >> did you mean my next wedding? >> i said even, john. i said event. >> where will we see the show? >> it will be on adult swim. car noon network, the late-night
8:38 am
edgy and fun. >> you're staging a table reading of "good will hunting." what is that about? >> it's a thing called live reads. they're reading the screen play live. they asked me to direct one. it means cast as many cool people as you can to do it. i was lucky enough on get a lot of cool people, including my wife. we're going to read "good will hunting" on stage. it will be a lot of fun. >> can you share any of the other cool people? >> that movie didn't do well. so it's about time we give it its due. that's my opinion. >> we have someone here who knows a little something about that movie. >> what? is matt damon here? [ laughter ] no idea. [ cheers and applause ]
8:39 am
you had the handsome one. good, good. >> nice recovery.
8:40 am
8:41 am
we're back with two-time oscar winner ben affleck and your trading in your superhero
8:42 am
thriller, "the accountant." you're playing a mad genius with a killer instinct. take a look. >> what is just temporarily we put this year's taxes on our credit card. do you like it? i made it myself. >> no, not particularly, but, you ever sell one? >> at church fairs now and again. >> you may have what the irs calls a home-based business. >> just a little taste. >> clip. you can see, it's a thrill a minute. >> that clip is important to the movie. but it's not the action part of this movie. >> right. >> and you're in great shape. i look at you and i'm like, which one of us played football. first of all. >> i think that's probably still pretty clear. >> you're in great shape from "batman versus superman." you're doing all these martial arts in this film.
8:43 am
over? >> that was harder to fake. but it was a lot of work. that was the fun of it. the physical aspect of it. learning the fights. i'm not wearing a mask. it's harder to slip a stuntman in there. it had to be me doing all that have stuff. i found out i wasn't too old. >> you're never to old. cow you had to do the math. you ged get home, dad, you're an accountant. >> my oldest is fifth grade. now. some sixth, seventh grade, i'll be like, ask your teacher, honey. >> your character has some challenges. but it can take these challenges and make them unique gifts. what do you home people take away from that? >> that's one of the nice theems about the movie. it celebrates our difference. it's what makes us special. it profiles someone on the
8:44 am
people on the autism spectrum. they were glad the character was autistic, a protagonist in the movie. i'm hoping to make those folks proud. i'm proud of the movie. >> you should be. i got the message from the film. we saw a clip. anna kendrick is your co-star. she'll be here tomorrow. >> good. >> i'm sure she's not watching rite now. somewhat one little secret? you're not going to believe it. amazing. no, she's a -- anna is one of the most -- she's great for the part. so fun, engaging, interesting. hen she comes on the screen, she makes my character so withdrawn, they're total opposites. it was a lot of fun splp she pulls a lot out of your character. >> she's smart, she's funny.
8:45 am
back. now, throwback thursday. we found a little something with you. you love your burger king. >> oh, god. >> take a look at this. >> hello? >> hi, is this burger king? >> uh, yeah, yeah this is burger king. >> would you deliver a chef's salad? >> uh, for you, absolutely. ? do you believe in imagine nick a young girl ars heart ? >> yeah. burg experience with fame at all. because, like, the economists did a big story about how burger king's campaign is failing, they used a picture of me from that commercial. it makes sense now that i look ate why it didn't work. is there what would you tell that guy now? >> one day, there will not just be phones in cars but people will carry them around and have them, you know, be able to walk
8:46 am
>> and in "the accountant," the first thing i thought, at the end, i thought, your buddy, matt damon, is jason bourne. you're the accountant. you could give him a run for his money. who would win? >> i don't think that's -- that's obvious. i'm embarrassed. the accountant is much more -- >> that's what i expecteded. >> it is, to go back to your previous bit of "good will hunting" meets jason bourne. matt needs two movies to do what i did many this one. >> everyone loves your relationship. you and matt are figing to be tom brady's best friend. fan gets to pay ten bucks for a chance to hang out with you and have dinner with you and talk to you. and i'm just curse, i'm putting in my bid.
8:47 am
>> that's my bid. >> i'll buy your entry. to me, honestly, i would pay just to hang out with tom brady. me and matt are the side shoe. look, there's a jets fan over there. [ laughter ] but -- to me, he's like, the greatest ever. you know, he's totally my hero. yeah, tom brady. there you go. go pats. >> he's an amazing guy. he's really busy. football season. i have free time. i gave you ten bucks. can you put me in? >> we can add you to the list, yeah. because, i mean, it's -- down a ways now. but -- >> maybe, maybe this -- that -- that looks so great. i know you're a patriots guy. this is burning you now.
8:48 am
>> i feel like catching a football with my helmet. >> you're trembling. i know it's hurting you a little bit. you know what. you should be very proud of this movie. it's great. it is "the accountant." in theaters everywhere october 14th. go see ben affleck everybody. let's go back to ginger in florida. yeah, michael. i'm here on satellite beach in a hurricane warning area. i wouldn't want to be standing here tonight or tomorrow m wind gusts. look at wave height. the piling of waves and waet already be an issue on some of the beaches. a quick look at what's happens here. a good look what is happening as far as the storm surge. cloudy and 60s. we'll make it to the low 70s this morning. better chances for rain and a few storms tonight after about 10pm.
8:49 am
>> that weather brought to you by fisher-price. michael, back to you. and coming up, divorce star thomas haden church is here
8:50 am
8:51 am
the hits keep on coming. thomas hadhu he has a big new role opposite sarah jessica parker in the hbo series, "divorce." >> hold it. like who? >> who what? >> who did you have an opportunity to make a wrong decision with. >> you want a list? >> yeah. >> how is this relevant to the discussion? is -- is this relevant? >> thomas haden church getting rave reviews for this role.
8:52 am
you manage to find humor in a dry, funny way. >> i want to say up front. i'm following ben affleck who had a three-piece suit on. i didn't even wear underwear, so -- i just -- i just want to go all in with honesty. >> i appreciate it. >> i want full transparency. it is a serious subject. we try to balance the comedic aspects with the dramatic. it is ultimately a marriage and family sort of being pulled >> yeah. >> and, i -- i can't give any spoiler alerts because i don't know any spoiler alerts. i don't know what spoiler alert means. it is -- we hope, a familiar yet unique examination of a personal story. >> great cast, too. playing these rolls. molly shannon. sarah jessica parker. >> a long criminal history with
8:53 am
did she get into that? she's known on the street as the baker. because she bax. >> don't ask somewhat in those kax. >> i'm kidding. social media will go crazy. long criminal history. the baker. >> your mustache on the show, remarkable. >> has its on trailer. >> the show is fantastic. congratulations. it's called "divorce." it's sunday night, beginning, on hbo. thomas haden church. fantastic to have you with us.
8:54 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> good morning. wisn 12 news time now is 8:57. >> right now, the fbi is conducting what's being called a significant gang enforcement operation. >> it's happening in racine and kenosha counties. several other law enforcement agencies are taking part, in addition to the fbi. officials say there is no danger to the public. up to 50 people are being targeted in the o >> you'll soon notice another big change in downtown milwaukee. today is the last day people can park inside the structure at 4th and highland. it will soon be demolished as the part of the new milwaukee bucks arena development. any cars left in the structure after tonight will be towed away. >> later today, milwaukee county is holding a job fair for veterans. there will be more than 80 employers there from trucking companies to state and local government to the brewers. the fair starts just a few
8:58 am
it runs until 1:00 p.m. there is free parking for anyone attending. >> now to the check on the forecast with sally. >> ben, this morning the clouds are filling in, and keeping our eye on the larger and light rain showing up across illinois. some of the showers are pushing right up into far southern wisconsin. we look at the nuisance rain this morning. a better chance or showers and storms later tonight with a cold 66 at this hour. the winds are southeast. we should see 70 or just a little better in the afternoon. the stray showers this morning. i do anticipate dryer hours this afternoon and up to 73.
8:59 am
workers: he campaigned as a job creator but senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. good manufacturing jobs just disappeared. guys with families... guys like me? just gets harder and harder to get ahead. we need an economy that works for people like me. for people like me. for people like me. people like me. russ: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because wisconsin's middle class
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly!" today, academy award winner ben affleck. and from "the walking dead," danai gurira. plus, fred savage returns today at the cohost desk. all ? ? [cheering and applauding] and now, here are kelly ripa and fred savage! >> kelly: hi, fred.


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