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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  October 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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a half-million people from here to north carolina. >> it is best to get off the island. marci: taking the warnings seriously after seeing the destruction in the caribbean. battering the bahamas and killing more than 100 people in haiti. in what officials call there the worst humanitarian crisis and the 2010 earthquake. store shelves have been left empty in florida and businesses are boarded up. millions are racing from that view. -- aliens are racing from a few. -- millions are racing from matthew. millions could lose electricity once the storm hits tonight. patrick: let us go to chief meteorologist mark baden who is tracking matthews progress.
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the bahamas. it has been lambasted rises storm. first it it was -- first it was nassau and now freeport. it will likely go just to the south of report. there will be major consequences there. it is only 75 miles from the coast right now. the question is, it where exactly will it will land tonight. it warnings are all along the coast all the way up into the carolinas. it is currently packing 140 mile per hour winds. around 1:00 hour time it will hit melbourne. north of daytona beach also tomorrow afternoon. we have never seen a hurricane hug the coast line all the way
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there may be devastation from florida to the carolinas and the beach erosion will be terrible. we will continue to keep a close eye on this. toya: we are closely monitoring hurricane matthews approach. world news tonight will be anchored from florida tonight. milwaukee police say they are investigating a suspicious death. christina palladino joins us a woman was found dead in her home. christina: the family tells me they went to check on their 58-year-old sister lives on the downstairs, left-hand unit of this duplex. tragically, they found her dead in the laundry chute. one of the victims sisters went to see what was going on and that is when she discovered her body this afternoon. we are told the victim was in the process of moving out. a neighbor says she heard
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every neighbor in the area tells me the woman was friendly to everyone. >> she was nice. she would be out here in the morning in her garden with her dog. she was very nice. she spoke to everyone. christina: both the medical examiner's office and the police department will only tell us right now they are investigating see homicide detectives out here earlier this afternoon. we are live here at eighth and clark. patrick: we are learning more about the woman critically hurt in a hit and run crash. amy mayek is in the hospital fighting for her life. they are angry that the driver who put her there took off. terry sater is live. toya: i just got off the phone with her mother who says she is
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a -- in an induced coma. the impact of that hit and run driver. we warned our drivers that this is tough to watch this video. >> it is making me angry that someone just hit her and took off. terry: virginia has been friends with amy m and it is devastating to watch this video of her friend to becoming a victim of this violent hit and run crash. near 16th in greenfield. >> i feel they could have avoided hitting her. terry: someone hit the mother of two at 2:00 a.m. wednesday morning and kept going leaving amy in the street with a fractured skull and multiple
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person behind the wheel turns right sending amy airborne. >> i just hope they catch him and i hope they feel sorry for what they did to my friend. terry: milwaukee police say they found the suspects car but they are still looking for the driver. live in milwaukee. patrick: a major gang northern illinois. the fbi in announcing the arrest of 26 members of the maniac latin disciples aim after serving 14 warrants this morning. they seized $85,000 in cash along with assorted drugs. >> there are still aspects of the investigation that are ongoing so we continue to target but i can say with certainty that we took out the leadership
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leadership in the area. patrick: they are searching for two wanted fugitives in the area. they should be considered armed and dangerous. this roundup was part of a year-long joint task force investigation. toya: shoppers and workers are forced to evacuate a walmart after a series of obama threats. chopper 12 was over the walmart. investigators tell us the store re believed to be from the same person. k9 officer swept the area. walk a half -- waukesha officials need your assistance in fighting -- in finding dustin palubicki. he was released accidentally from to help this morning. he is still wanted in forest county for not paying child support.
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trump is coming back to our area. he will campaign at the walworth county fair -- fairgrounds. paul ryan and ron johnson are among those scheduled to make an appearance. tomorrow, former congresswoman gabrielle giffords will be at a campaign office at 81st and brown deer to encourage voters to support candidates that favored stronger gun laws. henry clinton campaign trail right now preparing for sunday night's debate. today, her campaign released a new ad promoting clinton as the best candidate to help family and children. donald trump will hold a town hall meeting tonight in new hampshire. the debate this weekend will be in a town hall format so some believe this is being used as a reversal. he was criticized up for a lack
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you can watch that presidential debate right here on wisn 12. toya: a show his support for more school funding. there were walk-ins in schools across the country including right here in milwaukee. >> we want to see music classes, full-time art. we have a lot of talented kids. toya: in 200 cities across the country. patrick: not a pretty day around here but a cold front is going to bring a change. mark: we will let you know when that front will arrive. toya: new video of last malls mall attack in minnesota. what investigators now know about the man who went on a
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feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. this is wisconsin. and this.
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and this. full of good people who work hard. why let washington take our jobs and send them off to china and mexico? my opponent backs bad trade deals that export jobs, and billion dollar tax loopholes for big corporations. i'm going to close those loopholes and help small businesses in wisconsin grow and create jobs. for the folks who work hard... for the middle class raising a family... finally a hand for you. >> leading the way with important local coverage. you are watching wisn 12 news at 5:00 with toya jackson, patrick paolantonio, and chief
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continues. toya: we are taking on another look at hurricane matthew closing in right now. it is expected to make landfall in a couple of hours. it is packing drawn winds and torrential rains. we will have an update on that storm in just a few minutes. patrick: people from milwaukee are cutting vacations and business trips short. toya: mike anderson shows that others are even waiting here to ride out the storm. mike: this of flight into milwaukee thursday morning was a site for worried eyes. those eyes belonged to michelle whose daughter lindsay got one of the last flights out of fort lauderdale. >> i ordered all three to come home including my son-in-law. mike: lindsay says the storage shelves are bare and everyone is
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>> we got out a day or so early because we knew what was going to happen. mike: tammy and her grandchildren flew home from south carolina where hurricane matthew is also bearing down. >> we were grateful to get this flight because they were already changing things. i was glad nothing got switched around and we were a feels really good are -- around now. patrick: terrifying surveillance video of last month stabbing spree is -- at last month's stabbing spree. the suspect was killed by an off-duty officer.
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no change in his behavior. safety experts are warning of more cellular phone fires one day after a cell phone fire forced a plane to be evacuated. >> i noticed smoke coming from my pocket. patrick: the plane was getting ready to leave the gate in louisville when that man's cell phone began to burn. the owner says his phone was one of the experts say the main problem is not with the phone but the battery. >> they will burn up to 1500 degrees. aluminum melts at 1200. we. just a bullet one time. patrick: is the phone is confirmed to be a replacement, it could mean a new round of recalls. on wall street today, the dow jones industrial average was down just over 12 points. the nasdaq was also down.
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advice for staying healthy like exercising and getting sleep but the american journal of public health says there are other simple ways to stay healthy including volunteering which can protect you from stress as well as cooking for yourself. he tended to be healthier than restaurant foods. and take time out to play with your pet. caring for an animal is linked to low blood pressure, cholesterol, and feelings of loneliness. new research says that women w be likely to lead to increased chances of breast cancer. they recently studied 800,000 women and found that those that work nights do not have a greater risk for breast cancer than those who kept a more regular schedule. patrick: coming up tonight, police find a weapon after responding to a report of a man
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. patrick: why some pokemon go spots have gone poof. toya: religious icon is in milwaukee tonight. the statue of our lady of fatima is at a local church. it will be at saint anthony's church on 9th street for a at 8:00 p.m. tonight. it is kind of tricky out there today. it looked like it was going to be nasty this morning but then it felt more like summer. it was ugly but decent. mark: we are on a roll with these 60's temperatures. it is currently sticky. drier air arrives tomorrow
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141 days in a row. way back to the middle of may since we have had a day with temperatures only in the 50's. the old record was set in 2005 with 140 days. we will continue to add onto this were at least one more day with the potential of seven more days. a pretty picture here from cathedral square. i am not sure what is going on down there. th something. 68 degrees. a dew point of 64 with a southeasterly wind at 11 miles per hour. i am into the leaf transition because it is in fall color season. this picture just came into us today from tom. he was up in forest county. a gorgeous shot. the fall color is peeking up north. there will be chris smith to the
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rispness to the air. maybe you are heading up north, green bay is looking good this weekend. if you are going west to la crosse, rings are looking good there as well. the forecast for this weekend is looking good. a couple of showers here and there, surely in our northern counties right now and a few more taking shape to the south. we are not expecting a huge amount of rain. the main player is to the west of us. tornadoes. not only do we have a hurricane to talk about but we also have hurricane -- tornadoes in kansas. you can see a few showers here and there and maybe a thunderstorm overnight. a better chance that it will stay to the west of us. it will be windy on friday. and then sunshine into saturday. there is no sunshine down in
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blasted by hurricane matthew. moving to the northwest. watch as we take you through future cast. it goes right along the coastline from just north of west palm beach, over jacksonville, hilton head island and over charleston. it will be devastating for a huge area of the coast. maybe as much as 500 miles of coast. hour low around here. showers and maybe an isolated shower. some a clearing in the afternoon. it will be windy. temperatures in the afternoon, will only be in the 50's. it will feel pretty chilly. cooler on saturday with a high of 60 and lows in the 40's. there may be a few areas in the upper 30's. it will turn around quickly.
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65 on wednesday. look at this forecast. this is what you might expect in september and we are moving into the middle of october. toya: just through halloween -- thinking about the amount of money you spend on costumes. mark: you know how hollow wean -- halloween patrick: we are getting new details about local volunteers heading into the store to help out. and a football team that might be sued -- two good. toya: a new feature for facebook. patrick: but it is a secret. toya: not so much a secret anymore, the rolling stones are planning to release their first
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hill joining together to get your attention. >>
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jon batiste has mastered new ways to play old classics. with chase atms, he can master new ways to deposit checks too. easy to use chase technology
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patrick: facebook is making social media as secret. the messenger app now has a secret conversation feature. messages sent in secret mode will be encrypted and not accessible by facebook or the government. election day is a little more than a month away. toya: some of the biggest names from broadway and washington are sending an important message. >> important than to vote. toya: that is the hamilton creator, one of the many stars on this public service announcement. it includes barack obama and paul ryan. good news for fans of the rolling stones. legendary rock band is releasing its first studio album in more than a decade. the album is called "blue and lonesome" and will be released
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many were dressed in purple when they arrived at paisley park. it is a new museum for prince. the law and tv news collide in a new show called "notorious." >> oscar is my business partner. >> but you sent me those photos for a reason. ceo and if the board sees oscar as a liability, you could get his job permanently. >> i don't want his job. >>, on the show and say that. patrick: it airs at 8:00 p.m. stay with us for news at 10:00. toya: that is not how our station operates.
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after a five-year case. patrick: just wait until you see the bizarre place where he was hiding. >> after a rough day, immerse
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toya: italian police spent five years looking for a mafia boss. patrick: he was hiding in a secret room behind his kitchen cupboard. hold it together. police recorded this video of him crawling out. he could now spend up to 20 years in prison for drug trafficking. nothing to say. toya: hiding in plain sight. mark: we are still watching what is happening in florida. winds are picking up. still about 75 miles away from the coast right now but it will get closer through tonight.
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mark: you should get out. patrick: world news is next.
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tonight, breaking news. bracing for a monster storm. hurricane matthew, now growing in strength to a category 4. ready to strike the east coast. millions of americans warned to leave before it's too late. >> if you need to evacuate and you haven't, evacuate. the storm will kill you. >> what could be the biggest mass evacuation ever across several states tonight. powerful bands lashing florida right now, and what's coming this evening. millions warned they could lose power. already more than 100 dead in matthew's wake, rooftops ripped off. tonight, we're tracking the storm hour by hour. our team of meteorologists and reporters right here in the storm zone. a special edition of "world news


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