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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  October 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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>> right now on "wisn 12 news this morning," we are on weather watch as hurricane matthew barrels down on florida. a state of emergency is in effect across most of the southeast. we have live team coverage of the storm as it makes its way up the coast. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm melinda davenport. >> and i'm ben wagner. our top story this morning is hurricane matthew. we're in the weather center with meteorologist sally severson. so sal, such an incredible storm and where is it headed next? >> it is skirting up the eastern sea board overall. we are seeing it hugging the coast of not only florida and georgia and up to the carolinas before it is going to turn.
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picture from melbourne, florida. we are looking at the hurricane watches and warnings. the warnings are extended up the georgia cost and watches across the south carolina coast as well. take a look at this. it is remaining a category 3 until it is weakening off the coast of georgia. it is continuing to weaken when it skirts the coast of south carolina. it is a hug 15 inches of rain along the coast. it is dipping around as a tropical storm and potentially emerges through the florida straits and into the gulf of mexico within the next week or so. we are continuing to see what happens with matthew. now to the weekend forecast in a moment. >> millions of people evacuated from florida's coast in recent days. >> others are hunkering down as the storm moves in. matthew weakened to a category
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winds and storm surges. let's check in with abc news' lauren lyster in volusia county, florida. >> hurricane matthew barreling towards florida the brutal conditions intensifying as the eye of the storm taunts coastal cities. overnight,violent winds along the beaches, gusts clocking in above 70 miles per hour in some places. the stbr sound of fireworks in the form of downed power lines, thousands facing outages, officials fearing up to three million may end up in the dark. the national weather service saying matthew will be devastating. florida's governor making this dire warning. >> unfortunately this is going to kill people. >> already, it has, matthew taking the lives of more than a 100 people as it swept through haiti. the death toll there
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bahamas before heading for florida. residents thursday preparing, filling up those final sandbags, stores are boarded up, their shelves bare. more then three million people urged to evacuate here and in the carolinas. some refusing to go, but many getting out clogging the highways for miles while nearly 4,000 flights have been cancelled >> a big concern here, the storm surge, in this area it's expected to be 6 to 10 feet or more. residents fearful this waterway could rise. in new smyrna beach, i'm lauren lyster abc news. >> all morning long we'll be checking in with reporters across florida.
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gusty winds, winds are continuing to pick up here in martin county, we are near the jefferson bridge and leaving debris, trees and limbs, a dock here, i don't know if you can see it, it is almost submerged in the water. getting back to the gusty winds, nearly 40,000 families here in martin county without power throughout the night and throughout the morning. we saw no one on the highway which is good news, everyone is heeding the word and staying indoors. when it is day light the crews are assessing the area and looking for damage. >> right now we're learning more about the damage done overnight by hurricane matthew. wisn 12 news tim elliott is tracking the latest in the newsroom. tim. >> florida governor rick scott
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overnight warning people about the dangerous situation as matthew approaches. here's a look at some of the damage that's already been done by the massive storm. this billboard was ripped off of its frame and started blowing in the wind. street signs have been badly damaged too, some are barely hanging on to poles in daytona beach. power is out in patches across the state. this downed powerline hit a tree and started sparking in south palm beach just a few feet from a road. we'll continue to track the latest damage reports and keep you updated throughout the morning. >> tim, thank you. >> hurricane matthew is causing problems for travelers across the country. >> around 4,000 flights are canceled today, including some in milwaukee and chicago. let's take a live look at mitchell international airport in milwaukee. the online flight boards list four cancelations, for flights
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2,000 flights have been canceled today. most of them involve flights going to and from states in the southeast, especially florida, georgia, and the carolinas. >> wisn 12 news time is 4:36. hurricane matthew weakened to a category three storm overnight. >> but that's still dangerously powerful. here's a live look outside as we go to break. maybe not. this is video from the power lines being damaged and the gusty winds. sally will be tracking the storm coming up. >> and let's pull up a tweet from matt lupoli, a reporter in orlando. you can see an empty street. the earlier reporter was not seeing cars on the road. most abiding by the overnight
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>> coming in at 4:39. we have a look at matthew, returning parallel to the coast along florida.
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and going up to coast of georgia and the carolinas. here at home, showers are moving through southern wisconsin and stronger storms overnight to the south. the tomorrows have weakened a good deal. but a quick downpour gusty winds. minneapolis 42. that is where we are headed tonight. the temperatures will be falling throughout the day today. 63 waukesha. the morning highs will hold in the 60s for an hours. the temperatures will be falling. we may see a little sun in the afternoon. >> new this morning, while hurricane matthew slams the south parts of the midwest have had severe weather too. >> one tornado was caught on camera in kansas. a man recorded the massive funnel cloud on camera near kipp, kansas last night. that's a very small town in central kansas.
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along with flood warnings. >> a fight between brothers turns into a crime when one man takes it too far. >> it all happened at a construction site in new hampshire. police say stanley emanuel was inside a crane when his brother peter fired up a front-end loader and came straight for him. the front-end loader crashed into the crane which tipped over. police say peter emanuel nearly crashed into a police cruiser, too. officials say this could have turned out much wors yikes. >> also new this morning, a concrete plant in illinois goes up in flames. >> workers say they heard a loud boom and within minutes flames spread through the building. there was a huge plume of smoke along with a fireball. it took hours for crews to put the fire out. it's not clear yet how it started. wisn 12 news time is 5:41. back to weather watch 12.
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florida this morning. >> matthew weakened to a category three storm overnight. but it's still creating dangerous conditions in parts of the state. this is a live look. well, not a live look, but we are trying to get live pictures for you in a moment. power lines are down and gusty winds in the area.
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this morning." it is 4:45 on this friday morning. we are tracking hurricane matthew as you can see it is spiralling over the coast of florida there. here at home we are getting the rain too, sal. >> we have a little rain. we had stronger storms firing up over night across iowa and minnesota. brief downpours. there is a look at the radar
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rain and 68. winds are still out of the southwest. we are not staying 68 for the day. this morning we see the temperatures drop through the 60s and into the 50s. breezy, coolish tomorrow. 64 tomorrow. mid 60s moving into sunday. operation football tonight put on the light layers a temperatures with the breezy winds. we helicopter to keep an eye on what is happening with the hurricane warnings. ben? >> we're also keeping an eye on the damage hurricane matthew is causing this morning. let's get right to wisn 12 news' tim elliott for the latest reports. tim. >> matthew is still battering florida causing heavy rain, widespread power outages and
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this was the scene early this morning in vero beach, florida. heavy rain hit the area ahead of hurricane matthew's arrival. and a driver ran into trouble in jacksonville last night. the driver got stuck in a ditch full of water. people in the area banded together to help the driver get free. thankfully he is safe this morning. those are just a few of the videos coming in to our newsroom overnight. i'll continue to follow the back to you. >> tim, thank you. >> hurricane matthew is forcing some of florida's most popular destinations to shut down. disney has closed all its properties in florida, including disney world. sea world is closed too, along with universal studios, even the kennedy space center. the parks in florida are some of the most-visited tourist attractions in the world. >> before getting to florida, hurricane matthew hit the caribbean hard, especially
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overnight the death toll there rose to 283 people. officials warn that number will likely rise in the coming days as crews arrive in remote parts of the country. access to some areas is still cut off to rescuers because of flooding and other destruction. >> a reporter at our sister station wesh in orlando tweeted out some photos. this shows a gas pump wrapped up tight to stay safe during hurricane matthew. and here's a look inside the orlando airport just a few hours before it shut down. nobody around. even the kiosks are covered there as well. the ticket counters were deserted overnight. you are not getting in or out. >> that is something you never see at the airport. >> i have such admiration for
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lines of the storm. in one of the discussions, special thanks to the air force and reserve and the noah hurricane hunters they have completed their reports. they fly in the eye and back out. getting the information that you need to have. we are going to look at what is happening with matthew. the eye is situated just off shore. half of the eye needs to be over the land to call it landfall. this is kind of weakening just a little bit and continuing to weaken to a cat 1 storm across the carolinas. here at home, a couple of showers for us.
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the west. this cool front with the temperatures dropping. mid 60s point. there are the 40s. in fact, here we are by noon, everybody is in the 50s by noon. upper 50s along the lake. holding there for a time. i expect overnight lows tonight to dip down this is the time of the 40s since june. some of the models are putting in upper 30s. a little chill will be coming through. the cool front will be coming through. breezy west winds are setting up for us. tonight at 10:00, it is quiet, cool. and for saturday, sunshine a few passing clouds. breezy winds, highs around 60 or warmer by sunday.
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weather is settling. we are cooler for today. falling into the 50s. the low 40s tonight. for tomorrow, 60 degrees with sunshine, near 70 by monday. a nice stretch of october weather in store for us. ben? >> thank you, sal. >> right now, after months of discussion about whether milwaukee's water is safe. the city is offering free water filters to some families. the program is focusing on families with young children and pregnant women. the city will hand out thousands of free water filters. and the health commissioner is recommending that all kids under six who live in homes built before the 1950s get tested for lead. >> turning to commitment 2016 now. later today, former congresswoman gabrielle giffords will be in our state to fight against gun violence. giffords is touring the country encouraging people to vote for representatives who will push for gun reform. milwaukee mayor tom barrett will join giffords at the event along with state legislators.
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campaign office near 81st and brown deer. >> several campaigns will make stops in wisconsin this weekend. donald trump will be in elkhorn tomorrow for the fall fest. senator ron johnson and governor scott walker will be there too. and on the clinton side, former president bill clinton will be in milwaukee tomorrow. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren is in town today supporting clinton. >> new this morning, a high school in new london is getting push back for its homecoming slogan. student col the slogan make homecoming great again. the school says it's a pop culture reference not a political statement. but some students and parents are upset, they say it's too similar to donald trump's campaign slogan. >> "ellen" is getting political today. her team created a promo for the next presidential debate with a special twist.
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>> oh, oh. that looks kind of real. >> donald trump has been on wwe smackdown. >> i have seen that. you can see the full video and more today on ellen starting at 4:00. then stick around for wisn 12 news at 5:00. >> new this morning, a local group would like to give your neighborhood its very own orchard all while helping the community go green. the victory garden initiative is giving away five community orchards through a contest called fruity nutty five. communities in milwaukee county are urged to apply. they can win up to 30 fruit and nut trees to create local, sustainable food sources. >> they just have to have 10 people get together and commit to taking care of the trees, and in the spring, this year it is
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april, we award those orchards and plant them in one day. >> so far vgi has planted around two dozen orchards and hundreds of other trees across the area. the deadline to enter the contest is february 1st. we have more details posted on and the 12 news app. >> now turning back to weather watch 12 and hurricane matthew. >> wisn 12 news' tim elliott is tracking the latest developments out of florida. tim? >> florida is seeing heavy rain, winds and all the problems that come along with that as and closer. let's go ahead and take a live look from the southeast this morning. this is from wkmg. lots of wind and rain. the sun will be revealing the damage this morning. one major problem in florida right now, massive power outages spanning nearly the entire state.
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power but the lights kept flickering on and off. the area has seen strong wind gusts, very high waves along the beach and heavy rain as hurricane matthew gets closer. of course, we'll continue to track this massive storm and bring you updates on the damage. ben and melinda. >> wisn 12 news time is 4:55. people right here in milwaukee are pitching in to help people in the path of hurricane matthew. >> why they're heading toward the eye of the storm while millions of people are trying to get away. >> it's a good day to be a marquette fan. the big event that's welcoming
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police are asking for your help to find the driver in a hit-and-run from earlier this week on the city's south side. >> 28-year-old amy mayek was hurt in that crash. right now she is in critical condition at froedtert hospital. the mother of two was hit while crossing the street wednesday morning near cesar chavez drive and greenfield avenue. the driver kept going. investigators have found the car that was involved, but not the driver. anyone with information is asked to call milwaukee police. >> this weekend, milwaukee mayor tom barrett is hosting the 11th annual milwaukee fatherhood
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it's designed to connect more dads with the community and giving them the tools to put their entire family on a path for success. there will be resources including like job training, education and healthcare. the summit is at greater new birth church on silver spring drive. this weekend you are invited to the milwaukee nari fall home and remodeling show. state fair park. you can check out the latest home improvement trends and meet with local contractors. the home show opens at noon today. tickets are ten dollars at the door. >> later today, local students will get to tour inside area manufacturing plants. it is part of world manufacturing day, designed to teach students about careers in the field. genmet corporation and rockwell automation in mequon are hosting workshops today. "wisn 12 news this morning" 5:00. the news continues right now. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning."
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>> and i'm melinda davenport. it's 5:00 on this friday, october 7th. one of the worst storms to form along the east coast is slamming florida. >> this is a look from the radar. on the left, some of the damage in florida overnight. >> two to leave their homes. sal? >> i was reading the most recent forecast discussion regarding hurricane matthew and it is becoming dishevelled and likely not going to strength into a category 4. right now, what is happening, the watches and warnings are extended up to the georgia coast and carolina coast as well.


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