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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  October 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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team. >> mike: terry, way too hard. and if you upgrade the schedule to where it is competitive and you can get to a national championship game, you have to play the other power schools on the road. they're not going to come to byu to play. >> ed: that hasn't been the case. i don't know that you will find alabama want to do home at home. you will get home at homes with the mid level and go on the road and play tough games. i agree. it will be hard over time to get a top ten or top 15 team to do a home at home. i think that will be tough. >> mike: fourth and 12. kerry takes off and is going to be brought down shy of the yard to make. >> ed: i think if you look at their schedule this year, as everybody's getting their hugs on -- i don't -- if you laid that schedule out against any
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season, if it was 12-0, against 11-1, i don't think they could go over12-0 but i think you have an argument with that schedule against a 11-1 team in the pac 12 or the big 10 or the acc, at that point, 12-1 if they win their conference, to say, we deserve to be in. this is a hard schedule to keep up. i don't know they will be able to hold a schedule like that every year. this is -- this year was an extraordinary schedule they put together. be clear. but if you're going to compete at the highest level, that's the schedule that says you're doing it. >> mike: it is a big, big win for the program. they go to 3-3. you can see good things for the rest of the season. >> ed: yeah this is it a good squad. you can see earlier in the year, they were trying to figure out -- all new systems, all new on offense, you a null on defense. sitake got a shower.
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him. >> mike: he will take as many as you want to the give him. >> ed: you could just hear how much excitement he has to be back as head coach. >> mike: he has overcome so much to be able to -- to continue to play college football and another tough afternoon for mark dantonio and his spartan once again, our final score from east lansing, byu, 31, michigan state, 14. and they were down 7-0. but never seemed to lose their
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away from jamal williams. they took williams out. they seemed to make that adjustment and say, no, williams is the guy we're going to ride. >> mike: let's go to the sideline with jerry. >> jerry: down here with coach. coach what a difference in the second half. you come out of the locker room and just dominate physically on bodes sides of the ball. what changed? >> well juls challenged our guys. we said this game would be won on "d" line and "o" line and just our guys, our players, taysom did a great job leading the offense and that is what happens when you put together a complete game. >> jerry: time and again, taysom hill, tries to make it fourth and short, sliding head first. how do you describe his etch fort today? >> no words. this guy just does everything you ask him to. he is adeal as a player, great leader, humble. he is all able the team. he is a great young man and does a great job or the team. >> jerry: congratulations. let's bring in taysom hill.
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what lit the fire with the offense in the second half? >> yeah, i just wasn't going to leave the stadium without a win tonight. and i told my teammates before the game, i was going to do everything i could to get a win. >> jerry: three season ending injuries and this is a final time to year the uniform in your final year. what does a win like this mean to new. >> it's huge. it's all about our team and it's fun to be so close to my teammates here and stadium against a really good football team and to get a win like that, we will remember this the rest of our lives. >> jerry: congratulations. go celebrate. >> thank you very much, appreciate it. >> mike: thank you, jerry. 31-14byu. don't forget tonight, 8:00 eastern, abc saturday night football, miami hoetsing number 23 florida state. for drew shilling and dr. jerry punch and the crew, this is mike patrick saying so long from east
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>> now on wisn 12 news-- mr. trump: when you're a star you can do it. you can do anything. whatever you want. grab them by the ---- . you can do anything. sheldon: those are the comments sending shockwaves on the campaign trail just a month away from election da from within his own party. adrienne: including house speaker paul ryan. more on that in a minute, but first, the republican nominee released a video statement late last night. we want to play part of it for you. mr. trump: anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflect who i am. i said it, i was wrong, and i apologize. adrienne: the video causing concern dates back 11 years. before making an appearance on a
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on a hot mic, telling former "access hollywood" co-host billy bush about groping women. late this afternoon, trump appeared publicly for the first time since we all saw that video outside trump tower, in new york city. you can see a lot of fans. trump also tweeted today blaming the media and vowing to never drop out of the race. his running mate, mike pence, also released a statement on twitter. he said remarks and cannot defend them. basel stated he is "grateful he expressed remorse.? pence later attended a fundraiser in rhode island. last-minute scratch is an event that house speaker paul ryan. sheldon: our political reporter kent wainscott was there. former president bill clinton was in town today. mike anderson covering that stopped in greenfield. we begin with kent in walmart county. testing walworth county.
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: donald trump uninvited by house speaker paul ryan in a move that angered a lot of trump supporters in this crowd. [applause] speaker ryan faced boos and shouts from many in his home district. just hours after saying he was second by -- was sickened by trump's comments about women. >> you better support trump! kent: he stood statement without speaking the candidate's name. speaker ryan: there is an elephant in the room. this is troubling. i put out a statement last night, and that what i said, and it's still how i feel. kent: the diehard trump supporters largely prophesied the candidate's controversy.
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than that. something that he said writing to his buddies a long time ago. -- he said bragging to his buddies a long time ago. >> i have not given up on him. i am not voting for him because he's the pinnacle of virtue. >> it's locker room talk. it is damning? it could be. kent: many booed for no support of the top gop ticket. >> some did not pull their support for knowledge also did not rally behind him. lawmakers also addressed the crowd, and like speaker ryan, never spoke trump's name. sheldon: kenosha native reince preibus opted out of the event, preparing trump for today's debate. another campaign, mike anderson joins us live in greenville where former president bill
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mike: former president bill clinton spoke more than a half-hour at brotherhood of electrical union. he was greeted by a roomful of hillary clinton supporters and received warmly. he free much stuck to his wife's campaign theme of "stronger together." mr. clinton: i think we are in position to rise together, to grow together, to lift to reduce income inequality, but is always changing on this election. -- it is all hinging on this election. mike: bill clinton and never mentioned the scandal of donald trump, and only referred to him as hillary's opponent. mike anderson, wisn 12 news. adrienne: breaking, milwaukee police need your help looking for a missing man, describing the disappearance as suspicious.
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30-year-old jason dixon mcneil and --jason dixon mcneal and 65-year-old donald lewis. they found mcneal but the search continues for lewis. they were last seen at the young urban just ok near 24th and du lac. sheldon: why huge crowds helped
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adrienne: a popular local landmark is on the move. for more than a century bosch tavern has served the people of hales corners. sheldon: a highway expansion project threatened to destroy that tavern. the owners work out a plan to move the tavern back out of the way of construction. bosch's new home is only a matter of feet away. community members helped move it the final inches to its final spot. >> recalculated the weight of the building. a lotta people needed to be on ropes to get it moving.
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worked out. sheldon: today's "tug the tavern" event raised money for penfield children's hospital. bosch's hopes to reopen thanksgiving. you saw them wearing their zip of turtlenecks. it was a little bit frosty this morning. >> i went apple talking because it feels like fall. >> i have added my forecast actually, apple picking weather. but we have a couple of frost adri let's talk temperatures. you can see where the cool air is hanging out. it is to the north of us -- minneapolis, international falls, stuck in the 40's. more cloud for them as well. we are near 60 or os. with the winds, it's starting to feel like 60 degrees. like i said, perfect weather for apple picking. tomorrow will almost be a carbon
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connection. the same thing in kenosha. a little cooler near the waukesha's. less and less sunshine equals cooler temperatures. a decent tonight. we are starting to see the sunset in the next couple days. getting frosty. i will show you where the frost advisories will be in effect. it may include you, so stay tuned for a second. temperatures good near 60 degrees or so. temperatures monday. if you like the warmth, is not done yet. there are the frost advisories. not for us, but not just to the west. one county over in these frost advisories, 3:00 a.m. tonight into early tomorrow morning. bring in the past and the plants. this is one of -- bring in the p[ets and plants.
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par for the areas through the first and 10th. down to 42 degrees, 30's areas to the west. that will feel nice and chilly. tomorrow i expect highs in the low 60's overnight into monday. . 48 degrees. mid and upper 60's into monday. hour-by-hour, temps falling fast into the 10:00-11:00. more weather watch forecast continues the good old 7-0 degrees on tuesday. just one davis week that you need the umbrellas. after that, the sun is back out. beauty school, but at least it is -- it is cooler, but at least it is sunny right? adrienne: we will see. [laughter] coming of a former badgers star takes on the the buckeyes.
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stephanie: the packers host the giants tomorrow night at lambeau field, and even though green bay is coming off their bye week, the players believe offensive momentum can carry over. >> what we did against detroit, keep moving fast. just remember the things that we did. good defense. we went out and executed early. we found our rhythm. we have to stephanie: more than 17,000 fans on hand to watch oshkosh and whitewater play today. the biggest crowd ever for a division three game. no score in this one until the second quarter. quarterback brett kasper to dom todarello for a 10 yard td pass. titans on top 7-0. warhawks answer with a touchown of their own in the third quarter. qb cole wilber hits brent campbell whitewater up 10-7. , late 4th quarter. dillion hecker with a two yard touchdown run. titans back in front 14-10. but with just over a minute to
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of the game looks like he's about to be stopped. but the former sussex hamilton star somehow rumbles his way to the endzone for the game winning touchdown. warhawks win 17-14. operation football -- lots of good games last night but none closer than brookfield east and marquette at hart park. this touchdown run by sam santiago lloyd with one minute left in the game. but that will toppers tie with 30 seconds left. a pass touchdown heads to overtime. in overtime, victor martinez kicks the game-winning field goal. the hilltoppers top the spartans in overtime, 20-10 the final. devin harris one of former five badgers playing in the nba. it's been 12 years since harris played for wisconsin, but he returned to the kohl center
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the mavericks, dallas is in town to take on the books. they had their shootaround at the kohl center. the current batters stopped by to watch the practice. harris remembers all his favorite spots on the floor. >> on the bench, some guys were asking me a lot of questions. where did the badgers sit? my parents sit over there. a lot of memories over the years playing here and having a fun time doing it. round draft pick will laced his -- will make his debut tonight. adrienne: to have tough names to pronounce every weekend. [laughter] i like you say han solo when we have star wars night. >> brawn solo. sheldon: it was a little frosty
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anything, but tomorrow areas west of us will be under a frost advisory. it is nice and crisp and feels good. typical fall weather. highs in the 60's. by monday we will see a nice jump in temperatures. ; 60 degrees. adrienne: a change in the wardrobe. sheldon: is that time of year. [laughter] feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. this is wisconsin. and this. and this. and this. full of good people who work hard. why let washington take our jobs and send them off to china and mexico? my opponent backs bad trade deals that export jobs, and billion dollar tax loopholes for big corporations. i'm going to close those loopholes and help small businesses in wisconsin grow and create jobs. for the folks who work hard... for the middle class raising a family...
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>> right now this is big 12 sports saturday's. >> good evening and welcome to big 12 sports saturday along with my german per >> i had straight d's in german. [laughter] we begin with the packers hosting green bay. the packers are eight and two in games played a week after the bye. there are some injuries they are keeping an on on. jared cook and shannon sealed out of the skin. -- and jared cook and sam shields out of this game. if randall does not play, the


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