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tv   WISN 12 News at 530PM  ABC  October 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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[captioning made possible by wisn-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> now, on wisn 12 news -- sheldon: it's gameday in green bay. the packers are getting ready to take on the new york giants in titletown. we're live at lambeau with a preview coming up. adrienne: but first, we're looking ahead to another big showdown happening tonight. the second presidential debate now just hours away. the pressure is on as hillary clinton and donald trump prepare to go head to head with only weeks until election day. sheldon: the stage is set. wisn 12 news' nikole killian is standing by in st. louis with a preview of the debate. but first, we want to take you inside the debate hall. this is a live look from washington university where crews are working around the clock to get things ready. you'll notice a few changes from the last debate. chairs are set for the candidates.
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undecided voters. about 40 voters were selected to participate in the town hall style debate. the nominees will answer questions from them, via social media and the moderators. they'll get two minutes to respond to each question. this debate will run 90 minutes. now let's send it over to our nikole killion who joins us live outside the debate hall in st. louis. adrienne: and nikole what could happen tonight? nikole: despite all the controversies representatives from both campaigns tell us they really wth back to the issues. at washington university it's the calm before the storm, with the stage set, hillary clinton and donald trump arrived in st. louis for their second face-off. in a preview of what could come he tweeted out this link from the pro-trump breitbart website featuring three women who accused bill clinton of sexual assault. >> the clintons don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to women. we all know about bill's indiscretions.
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is ready if trump goes there. >> the clintons had challenges in their marriage 20 years ago. it's been well litigated in the press. she'll obviously be prepared to manage whatever comes her way. nikole: clinton is also prepared to handle questions after wikileaks released emails about her paid speeches to wall street. mr. trump: and when you are a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. nikole: while trump will likely be pressed to further explain the lewd comments he made about women a decade ago. mr. trump: i apologize. it was wrong. nikole: longtime profr fields predicts the debate could be overshadowed by scandal rather than substance. >> even though there are really important issues we expect to be addressed in 2nd debates , typically they move us forward in some small way that's not likely to get much attention. nikole: the moderators are expected to bring up the trump tape straight out of the gate though that's subject to change up until air time. clinton reportedly won the coin toss which means she will speak
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reporting live in st. louis, nikole killion, wisn 12 news. sheldon: thanks nikole. you can watch live coverage of the debate starting at 8:00 right here on wisn 12. abc news' martha raddatz will moderate with cnn's anderson cooper. adrienne: the packers are preparing for a throwdown in titletown. the green and gold take on the new york giants at lambeau in less than two hours. 12 sports' stephanie sutton is there live with a preview. steph? stephanie: the gates just opened here at lambeau field. sunday night showdown against the giants. the packers are coming off their bye week. this will be their first home game within a 12 day stretch at lambeau field. they will play three home games within 12 days. wide receiver randall cobb talked about the importance of winning here at home. >> i think it is continuing to
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that people are accustomed to see here. continuing that, continuing to make those big plays. we had a lot of plays that can -- that detroit gave. stephanie: of course, the packers wants to take advantage of home field advantage. coming up later on in sports, quarterbacks to quarterback. what aaron rodgers has to say owner is found murdered in his -- sheldon: a popular jazz club owner is found murdered in his own business. police say they have a person of interest. wisn 12 news christina palladino is live near 24th and fond du lac. and christina, at first, the owner was thought to be kidnapped? christina: the details of how don lewis was killed are still being sorted out right now by detectives. we have learned that the 65 year old was found hidden inside his
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mr. lewis is a well known musician in milwaukee who founded the jazz club. neighbors in the area say mr. lewis was a very nice man who always welcomed anyone into his jazz club. he loved music and entertaining people. one woman says even after his jazz club burned down not too long ago, he vowed to rebuild right in this area. >> he wanted to put the community back rebuild, to make sure everyone had somewhere positive to go to. it is badness area, so people that want to come down here. christina: mr. lewis was reported missing yesterday after last being seen friday night. there was also a missing persons report filed for a 30 year old employee of the jazz club. he was found last night at a home in milwaukee.
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news. sheldon: we're getting a new look at some possible suspects in a murder outside a milwaukee nightclub. milwaukee police released surveillance pictures of three men. they believe the men were involved in the homicide. they also released a picture of the suspect's vehicle. police say the victim is a 32-year-old man. he was shot around closing time outside comments nightclub near 54th and hampton early this morning. he later died at the hospital. again, if you recognize the men in these pictures, call police. adrienne: a 20-year-old man is dead after getting hit and killed while walking in rural racine county early this morning. according to police, the driver hit him near state highway 32 and chicory road, in mount pleasant. the 27-year-old driver is cooperating with officers. a traffic violation triggers a deadly chain reaction crash in milwaukee. according to police, the driver of the car ran the stop sign overnight near 51st and auer, then crashed into an suv. a woman in her 20's got thrown out of the car and later died. everyone else in the car ran away from the scene. the driver of the suv has minor
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still ahead, addressing a startling trend in milwaukee. >> when we save babies, we save the future of our city. sheldon: the city-wide effort to make sure every child makes it to their first birthday. plus -- >> it's too ironic. >> never in a million years did i think hurricane me was gonna ruin our one weekend of the year that was special. adrienne: a shorewood couple feels the impaf the change in plans and how they're making the best of things coming up. lindsey: and once the clouds moved on out it turned out to be a pretty nice day. i'll talk temperatures as we cool down tonight ahead in
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feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. this is wisconsin. and this. and this. and this. full of good people who work hard. why let washington take our jobs and send them off to china and mexico?
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i'm going to close those loopholes and help small businesses in wisconsin grow and create jobs. for the folks who work hard... for the middle class raising a family...
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sheldon: cutting the city's infant mortality rate 10%, by the end of next year. it's the goal of milwaukee's annual strong baby sabbath. adrienne: as thema ponton reports, city officials are joining forces with milwaukee's faith community to help keep babies safe. thema: hepatha lutheran church on milwaukee's northside is a strong baby sanctuary. a place of refuge and support for parents like mom natalie and
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and the love of my church family, i don't know where i would be. thema: in partnership with milwaukee's health department, the church is a place people can come for resources and help to reduce infant mortality. >> infant mortality affects us all. there's no greater loss for a community than to not have a baby blow out its first candle. when we save babies, we save the future of our city. thema: the annual strong baby sabbath at milwaukee churches is about educating people about preventable causes of infant deaths, like premature birth and unsafe sleeping areas. milwaukee's mayor says after six years, they are now up to twenty-four churches that are committed to strong babies in milwaukee, but he says more still needs to be done. mayor barrett: the challenge we have is that we have seen greater decrease in the white community than in the african-american community and that means that in some neighborhoods we've got an infant mortality rate that's three times higher than in other parts of the city. thema: reducing those numbers means spreading the message to
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celebrate their birthdays. how old are you? >> one. thema: you're one? and when will you be two? >> november. thema: in milwaukee, thema ponton, wisn 12 news. adrienne: they also discussed the abc's of safe sleeping. your baby should be alone, on their back, in a crib and in a smoke free place. the city gives free cribs to people who can't afford them. you can call milwaukee cribs for kids at 414-286-8620. it certainly feels like fall out there. cool and a bit cloudy this morning. sheldon: let's check in with lindsay to see how long it will last. lindsey: the sun did peek out eventually. temperatures are going to be
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adrienne: sixteen people in the u.s. are dead because of hurricane matthew. the storm is now considered a tropical cyclone, not a hurricane. it's bringing what's described as record-breaking flooding in north carolina.
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people dead continues to grow. matthew swept through the caribbean island as a category four storm last week. an international aid response is underway. on a lesser scale but definitely disappointing, hurricane matthew is forcing a shorewood couple to change wedding plans. sheldon: colleen meseroll and matt chappell were supposed to get married today in charleston , south carolina. adrienne: the hurricane had other plans. sheldon: they learned earlier this week everything in the area shut down. the couple hopes to get married a week from today and they're keeping a sense of humor about it. >> she had my wedding band engraved 10/9/16 so i just brought it back to our jeweler and he's going to engrave ?plus 7.? adrienne: the couple is making the most out of what should've been their wedding day. she's a giants fan, he's a packers fan. so they're heading to lambeau
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lindsay, it should be kind of chilly out there, right? lindsey: obviously, we are going headstrong into fall. by next week, i do have some rain in the forecast. here's a look at the next couple of days in southeastern wisconsin. tonight, these guys will be clearing. after lunch. now that these guys are clearing up, we will be cooling fast into the 40's. the temperatures will be more mild, highs in the upper 60's. tuesday, it does look like we could see a few spotty showers. this would be more of a late morning thing.
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previously thinking. right now, it still feels like 59 degrees. 58 degrees in watertown. right now, the cool spot is west end -- west bend, at 54 degrees. the sun is starting to set. if you have fall color pictures, does not matter where it is from, we went to see it. send them our way. here is what is ahead. high pressure in a strive for tomorrow. we have this warm front passing through tomorrow afternoon. the cold front will be a wednesday thing. that is why we will see not only the changing temperatures, but the return of some of the rain. tomorrow, we will be just fine. overnight tonight, some of those pesky clouds moving to the north. tomorrow morning, you should not
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our warm front. here is 6:30 on tuesday morning. you can see it does bring in a few spotty showers. not everybody is going to see a shower, but it will seem or gloomy. --more gloomy. after lunch, a lot of the starts to move out. that colon as a move into wednesday. that will bring a whole lot more rain. wednesday, this will be moderate rain storm activity. maybe a little rumble of thunder , and that moves out as we head into thursday. behind as you can see the sun is starting to set. temperatures will be falling through the 50's quite fast. by 9:00 p.m., will be sitting around 54 degrees.
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i went down to 69 degrees for tuesday, with the increasing clouds and the chance for a spotty showers. adrienne: it is funny to see the range of outfits this morning allows going to work. i saw some people in parkers and others in under armour. in sports, the packers face an old rival tonight at lambeau joins us live from green bay. sheldon: and, the team that the packers are chasing rolls to another easy win. dan needles is in next with big
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dan: 4 games into the season, and the packers are already playing their second prime time game, tonight at lambeau field against the new york giants. green bay has had plenty of time to prepare for this game, a full two weeks since their win over the lions. 12 sports stephanie sutton joins us live from lambeau field with a preview. steph? stephanie: giants cornerback eli
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but what is impressive about eli -- he has not missed a game since his rookie season. he will be playing his that she will be making his 199th consecutive start. >> it is impressive. to play every year with no injuries and stay healthy is really impressive. i think he has a streak getting up to 200 games. i don't think that anybody is going it is impressive. >> he is a great quarterback. just cannot looking for to face again for the first time in my career -- kind of looking forward to facing him or the first time in my career. stephanie: is to playoffs win, both times the giants went on to
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that trip the season. live at lambeau field before tonight showdown, stephanie sutton, wisn 12 sports. dan: the packers need a win to to remain a game and a half behind the nfc north-leading vikings, who demolished the texans today. marcus sherels with his second punt return for a touchdown this season. minnesota is now 5-0 after the 31-to-13 win. the vikings and broncos are the only 2 remaining unbeaten teams in the nfl. today in detroit, the lions handed the eagles their first loss. matt prater with the go-ahead field goal with less than 2 minutes left. and then, carson wentz threw his first nfl interception and the lions hang on for the 24-to-23 win. the bears drop to 1-and-4 after a loss at indianapolis today. chicago led in the 4th quarter, when andrew luck found t.y. hilton, and the colts hang on
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tom brady made a triumphant return to the patriots' lineup today in cleveland after serving a 4-game suspension, and the hapless browns had no chance. brady passed for 406 yards and 4 touchdowns, as the patriots win 33-to-13. the browns are the only winless team in the nfl. the 11th ranked badgers have 2 full weeks to prepare for their second straight matchup with a top-5 team. 2nd ranked ohio state comes to madison next saturday. u the buckeyes only right here on wisn 12. kickoff at 7:00 p.m. next saturday. make sure to join drew olson and me live from madison at 6:30 on big 12 sports saturday, with everything you need to know to get you ready for kickoff. baseball, game two of the nlds between the dodgers and nationals. washington trailed 2-to-0 before jose lobaton crushed this 3-run homer. the nationals win 5-to-2. that series is tied at one game
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sox and indians in boston was rained out. and, 6-time sprint cup series champion jimmie johnson has advanced to the third round of the sprint cup playoffs. johnson avoided that crash, and outraced matt kenseth to the finish line for his first win since march. kenseth also advances in the playoffs.
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ribeiro: here's a sneak peek at tonight's "afv." we know you're gonna love it. ? [ thunk! ] woman: whoa! well, there's a method. aagh! let go. let go. [ cheers and applause ] welcome to "america's funniest home videos." and now, here he is, the host of our show, alfonso ribeiro.


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