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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  October 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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terry: silvestre hilario says burglars broke into his milwaukee home near mill and north 104th street thursday. they stole his family's hard earned cash and valuables including silvestre's wedding ring. now his wife lives in fear. >> she's always worried. she calls me when i'm working, "hey when are you coming home? , i'm scared to leave the house." you know? terry: burglars damaged doors, walls, and windows. ns box. >> her social security card they stole it. >> totally trashed my house. terry: jeanne fonfara says her home has been hit twice. >> they broke a window and got in through the back of the house. took my alarm right off the wall. showing me they knew exactly what they were doing. >> in the areas where they have an organized block watch, they have not been hit. terry: milwaukee alderwoman chantia lewis has been warning homeowners in her district and is asking people to keep watch, >> this is a citywide issue. so i'm encouraging everyone to start or strengthen your block
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terry: we've reported on burglaries plaguing other northwest areas in recent months. it stretches from right here near 107th and mill to around timmerman airport then about twenty blocks northeast to 84th and mill. alderwoman lewis says while police have made arrests there are appear to be more suspects still committing burglaries. kathy: the man accused of breaking into the milwaukee police officer's home as well as four other burglaries is 19-year-old eric stevens. police say they arrested stevens after they pulled over a car near the neighborhood where several homes were burglarized. inside the car officers found valuables stolen from five different homes and say stevens confessed to all five burglaries. joyce: milwaukee police are looking for the man who robbed a new restaurant near uw-milwaukee. just after closing time,
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night manager back inside the halal guys restaurant early this morning. police say the suspect told the manager he had a gun, and forced him to open the safe taking the day's proceeds. the manager wasn't hurt. police are hoping this surveillance video can help lead to an arrest. restaurants on either side have also been robbed in the last few months. happening now, just under 3,000 people are in the dark on the eastside. crews on scene working on what caused the outage and working to restore power. kathy: a promising update on the victim in a hit and run crash on the southside. amy mayek, mother of two, has come out of a coma. this picture, from a gofundme page set up for her family, shows her sitting up in her hospital bed. she was struck by a car near cesar chavez and greenfield avenue last wednesday. investigators have found the car involved but not the driver. anyone with information is asked
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joyce: it's crunch time in the race for president. with less than four weeks until election day, a new national poll shows hillary clinton leading donald trump by double digits. the nbc/"wall street journal" poll shows the democratic nominee with an 11 percentage point lead. the poll was taken before last night's debate, but after a 2005 digits. the nbc/"wall street journal" videotape of trump making lewd comments about women became public. the fallout continues for trump, many in his own party not standing with their nominee. today in a conference call, house speaker paul ryan told gop lawmakers that he will not continue to defend trump and will not campaign with him in the next month. however, he added that everyone today in a conference call, needs to do what's best for you in your district and that he is not rescinding his endorsement. trump tweeted a response to
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not rescinding his endorsement. budget and illegal immigration not waste his time fighting the republican nominee. meanwhile, the clinton campaign set its sights on speaker ryan's home district today. kathy: chelsea clinton campaigned for her mother in racine, on the first day of early voting there. kent wainscott continues our commitment 2016 coverage. kent: chelsea clinton came here to rally support for her mother and her campaign, but she also took some shots at donald trump and the republicans here in the heart of speaker paul ryan's congressional district. it didn't take long for chelsea clinton to accuse trump and other republicans of promoting hate speech. >> the almost daily diet of insulting women, muslims, our veterans. kent: clinton didn't mention paul ryan's name, but many in the room were talking about the speaker and his decision hours earlier to say he would no longer defend or campaign with donald trump. something some of these clinton backers believe was not a strong enough statement from their congressman. >> i never agreed with paul ryan, but at least i had some respect for him. and i really don't anymore. kent: but for most here, the event was about showing their
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more level headed. kent: and listening as chelsea spoke about her mother, her two children, and why says this election is so important. >> i know whoever we elect as our next president will help shape the world, the country that my children, the children here, that all our children and grandchildren will grow up in. kent: the candidate's daughter urged supporters here not to take anything for granted, reminding them that early voting has now begun here. in racine, i'm kent wains, joyce: milwaukee election officials say this could be a record year for early voting, with thousands already casting their ballots. wisn 12 news's hillary mintz shows us a new polling place packed with early voters. hillary: election day may be 29 days away, but early voting is in full swing in milwaukee, especially at this brand new location, midtown center. it's near 56th and fond du lac ave, they opened up at 10am this morning and had more than 200 people vote within the first
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too important not to cast their ballot. >> i really was disgusted last night and i said hey, it's time to get out and go vote. make my vote count. >> it is our responsibility. we live in a democracy, i love democracy. if we don't vote, democracy doesn't continue. hillary: there are now three places you can vote here at the midtown center, downtown at the municipal building, and on the south side of the force the library. hillary mintz, wisn 12 news. joyce: early voting runs monday through friday until november 5, with shortened hours on saturdays. sundays are added starting october 23. and a reminder, you do need to bring your photo id. fighting to get his u.s. senate seat back, russ feingold is also urging people to get out and vote early. the democratic u.s. senate candidate had some support from congresswoman gwen moore and
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early voting rally in milwaukee near the midtown center location. feingold is challenging incumbent u.s. senator ron johnson. johnson is busy on the campaign trail with events across the state today. he just held an event in waukesha. this is video from earlier today at a chamber of commerce event in la crosse. both candidates are getting ready to go head to head in a live debate you'll see right here on wisn 12. it's in partnership with marquette university law school and mike gousha will moderate. watch it live next tuesday, the 18th at 8:30 p.m. kathy: the number of deaths blamed on the effects of hurricane matthew now stands at here in the u.s. 20 president obama said today the response to serious flooding along the coast is far from over. more local red cross volunteers are on their way down south to help with hurricane relief. two volunteers left this morning from the milwaukee office to fayetteville, north carolina. both men could spend up to two weeks there. more than other wisconsin 50 volunteers are already on the ground in florida, but with the massive amount of flooding and
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thousands of people still need help. >> it's kind of a almost a sacred privilege to be able to help people when they're having one of the worst days of their lives. to be able to give them that hand up and to give them someone to lean on. sacred privilege to be able to kathy: the red cross says if you want to help, donating money or blood will go a long way. joyce: flooding is still affecting western and central wisconsin. storms back in august caused an estimated 14 million dollars in damage. state od now checking vegetables from farms in flooded areas for contamination. federal investigators are also surveying the damage to see if the state qualifies for federal assistance. new tonight at 10:00, a wisconsin man stabbed with a box-cutter. the inflatable decoration he was trying to protect from the attacker. then, a small town tradition under fire. the annual event that draws people for miles and why some people say it's cruel. that's tonight at 10:00. kathy: new warnings from police
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this dash cam video from the menasha police department, here in wisconsin, shows two men, dressed in costume, standing on the side of the road. police later discovered that one of the men, and another woman who was driving them around, had left their four-year-old child home alone for hours to take part in the prank. the couple now faces child neglect charges. police are urging copycat clown pranksters to stop before someone gets hurt. >> there have beenfe comes up to me, i am going to fill in the blank. there are people saying i'm going to drive down on them. kathy: the other man involved in this prank was not arrested. the child has been placed in protective custody. we had plenty of sunshine today and that kept us pretty warm for this time of the year. joyce: but that's all about to change. lindsey, how much longer do we have? lindsey: a cold front is on the way. i'll tell you what day rain will return and clear out those warm
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collects someone is stealing from a piece starting in memory of a nine-year-old victim of violence. what her family is saying about it, coming up. joyce: and it's the tweet seen round the world. he ordered wings, he got a chicken head. the lifestyle change peta hopes packers tight end jared cook makes it's all next on wisn 12. workers: he campaigned as a job creator but senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas.
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orations get richer guys with families... guys like me? just gets harder and harder to get ahead. we need an economy that works for people like me. for people like me. for people like me. people like me. russ: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because wisconsin's middle class
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joyce: a distu involving theft at a garden in memory of a nine-year-old girl. shot inside a home near 15th and meinecke this past may. that's where wisn 12 news mike anderson joins us live to explain. kathy: and mike, you just spoke with the family of za'layia jenkins. mike: yes. they are reminded, unfortunately, as they are every day, that the worst struck and killed from a stray bullet while inside this home last spring. despite a $65,000 reward being
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over the summer her family created za'layia's legacy garden in her honor and for other families affected by the loss of a child. za'layia's aunt ramona boone tells us that someone is stealing from the garden, including pumpkins and other decorations. she calls that a pretty low blow, because halloween was one -- i'm standing next to one of her frustrating for you. >> yes, it is. mike: what did you have? >> we had come gives, the k ids, they carved pumpkins, they're gone. mike: they are asking you please don't do that. this is a special place for a special little girl who left us too soon. a reminder also from the family that her killer is still out there, and they are asking
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contact milwaukee police. reporting live at 15th and meineke, mike anderson, wisn 12 news. kathy: a big honor for the superintendent of milwaukee public schools. dr. darienne driver has been appointed chairperson of the council of the great city schools' board of directors. the national coalition represents 70 of the nation's largest urban public school news. kathy: a big honor for the superintendent of milwaukee public schools. dr. darienne driver has been systems. driver has served as the head of mps since 2014. packers tight end jared cook set the internet on fire when he tweeted this photo last week, chicken head he received with his order at buffalo wild wings. now peta is seizing the opportunity to make a statement. joyce: the animal rights group is calling on cook to ditch animal protein, even sending him a package of meat-free wings. in a note sent to cook, the group says before you block that image from your mind, be a champion for both the packers and chickens this season by leaving chickens off your plate next time you run out for a meal. according to espn, cook has been
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incident. but he's not quite there yet. his teammate, aaron rodgers, recently made the switch to a plant-based diet. 60's and sunshine, not bad for mid-october. kathy: but it is a tad breezy out there. lindsey: i was just wondering what i'm going to do for dinner. it's a little windy out there, and the consecutive days of 60 degree temperatures -- i just checked we are at 144 days. i believe ms. streak may break. that might happen on thursday. we are talking spotty showers as we head into early tomorrow morning, maybe through midmorning. not everyone is going to see a shower, so it's not a washout. wednesday is when we get the big
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good dose of rain, one that you will actually need the umbrella for. and after that comes the cold air when the temperatures plunge pretty quickly into the 50's. some models are suggesting that the overnight lows could be touching upper 30's, low 40's. for now it doesn't feel too bad, extinct one in racine, close to 60 in port washington and 66 in watertown. madison but for now it is still pretty windy out there. we love to see all the fall colors -- keep those coming. but i do want to show you what's heading in our direction, this wall of rain working its way through northeastern missouri and iowa stop this is just a little wave of energy and it is not quite the cold front.
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front is what i am anticipating heading into wednesday and that doesn't have a lot of energy so i'm not overly can turned about severe weather but like i said, it's going to be dropping temperatures. as you can see, 5:00 a.m., heading out to work, not a lot going on with maybe a bit of a breeze. then we see some of the spotty showers pushing over to the lake and as i mentioned, it's but you might want to have the umbrella handy regardless. a lot of this gets out of here and then we are good to go before the cold front kicks in. right around 6:00 a.m. you can see it taking shape. minnesota may see a little bit of snow but not for us. here is 11:30 -- a lot more rain
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they might be heavy at times and that indicates the intensity of the rainfall. then it is down to 53 degrees for thursday, which would break the streak for us and go back up through saturday and sunday. a lot of people keep asking me -- will this make a cold for the rest of the fall season? no, we get up to the 6' clouds are already rolling in, cathedral square, wispy clouds with temperatures maintaining the 60's and allergies not too bad. taking you through the rest of the evening, those clouds will be increasing through the overnight ahead of this weather system and that will bring us spotty showers tomorrow morning.
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and by wednesday we see temperatures drop before the cold air invades. kathy: mark your calendars. the wisconsin badgers host number two ohio state saturday night in a primetime showdown you will see only here on wisn 12, kickoff is at 7:00. the game is so big, we are taking the show on the road. join dan needles and drew olson sports saturday live from madison. tune in at 6:30 they'll have everything you need to know to get ready for kickoff. joyce: the badgers will be well rested for that game. dan: they had a bye this past weekend how far they moved up in the college football polls. plus, which game will be the operation football game of the week. and, the packers finally beat
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who deserves much of the credit.
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dan: mike mccarthy said today that he doesn't think eddie lacy's ankle injury is serious, and randall cobb is sore, but should be fine. both played well in last night's win over the giants but as 12 sports stephanie sutton reports, the defense saved the day. performance sunday night by the packers defense. they held eli manning to just one touchdown. >> yeah, that spake. that's good for our defense. >> he is a great quarterback, so you have to get in his face. he's fast, and you have to make it uncomfortable for him.
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the giants he is just 43 yards rushing. >> we just need to continue to get better. we want to continue to fly under the radar. we don't want anybody to talk about us. we want to continue grinding. tostephanie: so the packers defense is a big reason why they are three and one on the season. they're looking for the third straight home win sunday when they host the dallas cowboys. stephanie sports. dan: thanks, steph. four big 10 teams are ranked in the top 10 of the ap poll, the first time that has happened in the regular season since 1960. wisconsin moves up to 8th in the ap poll, they are ranked 10th by the coaches. linebacker vince biegel has officially been ruled out of saturday's game against 2nd ranked ohio state. several other key players are questionable for the badgers who have won 8 of their last 9
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>> looking forward to getting back, getting the chance to be back home. >> it was good to step away from football and refresh. dan: also, the badgers game at iowa on october 22 will kick off at 11:00 a.m., and will be broadcast on abc, espn or espn2. the final operation football game of the week for this friday will be, racine horlick at racine park that game earned 53% of your votes. the playoffs begin next week. and the uw women's volleyball team is ranked number one in the nation for the first time in school history. joyce: so exciting for them.
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days with temperatures that are above 60. the last time we saw 50's was
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show. >> nbc news has suspended bildy bush. >> the new leaked tape making headlines causing national outrage. >> it's very possible he will never be back on the "today" show. >> what the tv host is saying now. >> th the brangelina divorce. why he still hasn't seen his kids, and did angie come after melissa etheridge for badmouthing her. >> it was really threatening. >> who was the pop star wearing this bizarre disguise? and look out gwen city nanny. we're behind the scenes with the new voice mentor. >> he's fun, he's cute, he's witty. he sings great. >> wow.


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