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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  October 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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2:00 a.m. and goes through 9:00 a.m.. how long this round of cold air last, coming up in weatherwatch 12. toya: you can track tonight's tumbling temps on-the-go and anytime. just download our free app. we'll also send any weather alerts right to your cell phone. patrick: our big story tonight the presidential race is , widening in wisconsin. toya: a new marquette law school poll was just released this afternoon. it shows clinton with 44% support among likely voters. donald trump with 37%. last month, cli w the poll showed a dramatic shift toward clinton over the weekend after the release of the controversial trump-billy bush video. patrick: and now there's another turn of events that could impact the numbers in wisconsin. wisn 12 news kent wainscott is here with that part of our big story. >> it's trumps all-out attack on republican house speaker paul ryan, one of wisconsin's more popular lawmakers among republican voters. trump lashed out at ryan yesterday on social media. today he continued the attack
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ryan would call and say good going? >> one day after calling paul ryan weak and disloyal, donald trump spoke to a crowd in florida and questioned why the house speaker didn't congratulate him after the weekend debate suggesting , something sinister is happening within the party. >> no he doesn't do that. , there's a whole deal going on there. there's a whole deal going on and we're going to figure it out. i always figure things out, but there a whole sinister deal going on. >> mr. speaker, will you un-endorse? mr. speaker are you hurting the , republican party? >> ryan, meanwhile, avoided questions from an abc news crew after a private event in kenosha. >> mr. speaker, will you un-endorse? >> this all comes after the friday release of the now-infamous trump video, and ryan then rescinding an invitation to trump to attend a weekend rally in elkhorn. marquette poll director charles franklin says one-in-four wisconsin republicans don't support trump, and showdown with ryan could hurt trump further in this state.
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loyalty towards trump is maybe more consequential for his fortunes. >> franklin adds that there's no question the video release cost trump support in wisconsin with hillary clinton gaining 20 points in the poll in just at 6:00, we'll look at which 48 hours. voters were impacted the most. patrick: thank you. trump also went after hillary clinton today. the democratic presidential late this afternoon. clinton saying she's not focussed on trump's attacks. >> i don't care what he says about me. i care what he says about you. and i'll tell you what, i will stand up and defend every single person in this country from the insults and the disrespect that we hear from him. patrick: clinton campaigns in las vegas tonight.
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voting is underway. already more than 6000 people have cast their ballots. in years past, early voting has only been available at the zeidler municipal building, but after a federal judge lifted restrictions, two additional locations were added this week. one at midtown center and one at the forest home library. within the last 30 minutes, the mayor told 12 news that nearly 2300 people have voted in just the past two days. >> the purpose for doing this is to allow people to be engaged in our democracy and allow them to cast their constitutional right to vote, to exercise their exercise constitutional right to vote. toya: the mayor says early voting hours have been expanded by 600%. there will also be saturday hours starting this weekend. voters in wisconsin will also cast their ballot in the u.s. senate race. in the latest marquette law school poll, 46% of likely voters are backing russ feingold. 44% support senator ron johnson. both candidates are facing off
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right here on wisn 12. you can watch it on tuesday at 8:30. upfront host mike gousha will moderate the discussion. patrick: milwaukee's iconic motorcycle maker rocked by a case of corporate embezzlement. wisn 12 news has learned of an investigation into an employee accused of taking harley-davidson for more than $150,000. nick bohr is live at harley headquarters at 37th and juneau. >> we've obtained this search warrant just unseaby court that details a now more than two year long investigation into a harley employee here who found a way to divert well over $100,000 into her own bank accounts. the investigation focuses on a scheme police and harley davidson internal security believe dates to early 2011 , lasting more than three years. it centers on the employee's manipulation and abuse of the harley davidson tuition assistance program in which employees are reimbursed by the company for taking college
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according to the search warrant we've obtained for the employee's bank records, investigators believe she was registering for classes at ottawa university in brookfield, . harley would pay for the classes but the employee would then , cancel the classes and keep the refund. they believe it happened repeatedly at ottawa and the online ashford university. she's also accused of keeping tuition reimbursements she claimed from harley paid-out in her regular paychecks. police believe the scheme took harley for abo16 her employment ended in 2014. the colleges aren't accused of any wrongdoing, and in fact assisted police. , we're not naming the woman because she hasn't been charged but milwaukee police tell us , their investigation could soon be presented to the district attorney for charges. there is no indication and the search warrant what the woman
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we did reach out to harley, but they told us that they have no comment. toya: thank you. milwaukee police are investigating a homicide near 21st and olive. investigators say a man was found shot in the alley at around 12:30 today. police and fire crews tried to save the man but he died at the , scene. police are searching for the gunman. also new, milwaukee police are investigating an attack on one of their own. investigators say a man armed with a metal pipe smashed the passenger side window of a squad inside near 13th and center yesterday afternoon. police say the officer was sprayed with that glass injuring , his eyes. the officer and another responding officer caught up to the suspect and arrested him. the district attorney is reviewing the case for charges. patrick: two women are now facing prostitution charges after an undercover bust inside a racine county home. according to a criminal complaint adena sparks and , eugenia nance were advertising their services on the website
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an undercover investigator set up an appointment with sparks at her home in union grove. documents say as soon as he was inside and exchanged $350, deputies moved in, arresting sparks and nance. both admitted to prostitution. sparks told investigators she was "doing this to survive." four children were in the home at the time. toya: more than 60 cats are rescued from a waukesha county home after authorities convinced the homeowner it was the best option. wisn 12 news tim elliott shows us where those animals are now. >> this situation started with one cat. to a litter long ago and now, after a lot of inbreeding and what investigators call a lack of proper care this explosion of kittens. >> they came in on last week monday. there was about 60 of them. >> nichole janny with the humane animal welfare society of waukesha county says the cats are in good condition. >> besides having little upper respiratory infections, other than that, they are all pretty healthy.
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sociable considering the situation they came from. >> the cats came from a single home in the town of vernon. janny and her staff rounded up all the pets, and it wasn't easy. >> when you go into a hoarding situation, it is nothing like you have ever smelled before . >> whenever there is a hoarding situation like this one, space is at a premium. that is why these 60 plus cats and kittens are being housed in the garage at the humane society. janny says this is a good reminder to get your pets spayed or neutered. situations where people think they are doing a good thing but it just gets overwhelming for them and they are afraid to ask for help. >> some are already up for adoption. the rest will be nursed back to health and be ready for adoption very soon. in waukesha county, tim elliott wisn 12 news. ,toya: the sheriff's department says the investigation into the homeowner is ongoing. so far, they're cooperating. meanwhile, haws says you can help the cats buy donating money or supplies.
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an october adoption special all . all caps six months and older are just $15. patrick: a crash shut down the interstate for part of the afternoon. it happened on i-41/45 at the waukesha county, washington county line around 1:30 p.m. cell phone video shows vehicles in the median. one crashed against the median. we've reached for more information, but have not heard back. toya: they gave their life in servto , fallen firefighters. ? toya: as part of fire prevention week, a ceremony was held at the milwaukee fire department headquarters on james lovell street. mayor tom barrett and fire chief mark rohlfing were in attendance, paying tribute to the 128 milwaukee firefighters who've died in the line of duty. >> they remind us that we have chosen a difficult career, one that can be fraught with danger, but one that allows us to serve
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neighbors. toya: the service concluded with the reading of the names of each fallen firefighter and the ringing of the fire bell. patrick: new tonight no , milwaukee public schools will be taken over by the county this year. the announcement came in a letter from state superintendent tony evers. it says mps does not meet the criteria for the opportunity schools and partnership program. the program gives county officials control over failing schools. it sparked weeks of protests. officials say mps is no longer in the bottom category of the state report card. >> our goal is to push everyday to push all of our students. our work is not completed utnil we are in the top category in the report card and then some. patrick: details in the state report card will not be released until next month. toya: we have had it easy so far this fall. patrick: you could say that. now the work begins for those green-thumbs out there. mark, we're going to see frost overnight. mark: time to cover up the
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temperatures drop to freezing, next and weatherwatch 12. toya: then, protecting your cell phone and we're not talking about passwords. the fireproofing kit samsung is sending to galaxy note 7 owners. patrick: then, it's supposed to keep you safe. but this new crosswalk has some drivers scratching their heads. the lights causing confusion near the zoo. >> good evening, everybody. i'm ben wagner. building rockets in the middle of downtown milwaukee. tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning the out-of-this-world , project coming to southeast wisconsin. and mattem any backups.
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toya: protecting you and your family at the milwaukee county zo that's the goal of new safety lights you might have seen on bluemound. patrick: as hillary mintz shows us, it's creating some crosswalk confusion for drivers. >> this can be a busy area. that is why the department of transportation put up these begins, lights designed to get you across the road safely it, but they are finding it is creating confusion with drivers because when you're walking
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than a fresh and red light -- then a flashing red light, and drivers don't know what to do. >> once the pedestrian is through the crosswalk, what the drivers will see is the red light will go from solid red to flashing red. when it starts flashing red, if there are no pedestrians in the crosswalk, you're free to go. >> during slower times of the day when no one is walking across, these lights will be dark and will not flash, but he prepared they could go on and you will need to stop. patric no -- now you know if you are in that area. the safety lights were put in last may. the dot says with frequent closures from the zoo interchange work, some drivers using bluemound as a detour are seeing the lights for the first time. toya: right now, we want to take a look at what's coming up all new tonight at 6:00. kathy mykleby is in the newsroom with a look ahead. kathy: new tonight on wisn 12 news at 6:00, 12 news investigates. charged with growing 600 pounds of marijuana in a northern wisconsin forest, what we've learned about two of the suspects and the jobs they held with the city of milwaukee.
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you did not know whether to throw up, tear the room apart, or break down and cry. apart, or break down and cry. kathy: then a father and his young son both in the fight for , their lives. the shared battle they're now both facing and how they're fighting together. that's coming up all new tonight at 6:00. toya: thank you, kathy. samsung wants to make sure you're safe when returning your galaxy note 7. the company is sending fireproof return kits to customers who need to ship the faulty smartphone back. they come with a static shielding bag for the phone, which goes into a small box. that goes into a bigger box, and then into a box for shipping. that outside container is lined with ceramic fiber paper that's designed to contain extreme heat. the kit also comes with fireproof gloves and assembly instructions. samsung stopped production of the note 7 after reports of the device and replacement phone catching fire.
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there are a few things you can do right now to prepare your home for the chilly temps. first, on daylight saving time, don't forget to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. next, clean the coils behind your refrigerator. experts say that could save you money. >> by just cleaning the dust and the pet hair and dust bunnies that get caught in there. get one of these, an appliance brush. that's really small like this and you'll go up underneath the refrigerator because that's , usually where the coils are. take out that kick plate, clean it out. out your gutters, drain outdoor hoses, repair roof leaks, remove tree branches that could be weighted down with ice or snow on your house, and make sure your furniture isn't blocking home heating vents. temperatures are falling faster than the leaves. toya: it got chilly quick. mark: it did.
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really scared. you see some negatives on there. these are not our temperatures or windchills. this is how much colder it is than it was 24 hours ago. it is a substantial difference. and the dells are 30 degrees colder than yesterday. 70's yesterday, and we made it into the upper 60's across much of our area today, so that is the big change in our big weather storro morning. be prepared for that. temperatures cooling into the 40's. it was warm and this morning when you got up, then you had home and you will need the jacket. 50 degrees in milwaukee. water temperature is 51 and lake michigan. i don't like showing you this and in october, but there has not been a need for it until now. there are some windchill readings.
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right now in milwaukee and kenosha. the windchill is as cool as 30 in the dells. this is not crazy at all for this time of year. we have had no real called. he got chilly on saturday morning and sunday morning, but that is about it. 50 milwaukee. 46 is the dew point. north, northwestern win gusting. that will allow the temperatures to get colder as we had throughout the night. you, however we are ready did have a frost saturday morning, some of you on sunday morning as well. this will be more widespread. if you are still picking tomatoes in october, that is crazy. we saw summer annuals that are alive. you will want to cover up those tonight. that is for places even near the lakeshore. in here, patchy frost pretty in
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it up, and even anybody along the lakeshore. it is better to be safe than sorry. today was 147 days of glorious temperatures, 60 plus, unless you like it colder. the streak started on may 19 and will end today. the old record we absolutely shattered was 140 days in 2015. remarkable stretch of weather. sc cruising out of here. things are clearing out, and that will be the trend throughout the night. this leaves here and it is really quite. sunshine, cold at night, sunshine during the day. by friday, things warm up nicely. not for tonight. 30's here. 40 in milwaukee. 41 racine. northwesterly wind at 5-10. it is breezy now, but the wind will die down.
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tomorrow. beautiful day on saturday, 70. 64 sunday. a good chance of rain on saturday night into sunday morning, but then most of the weekend look to be dry. 68 monday. 70 on tuesday, so we are not done with the warm air. the average high temperature right now is 61 degrees, so we continued to be way above average. patrick: 6-7 months from now, we can go after that record again. mark: i am still liking it. patrick: coming up on their tonight at 10:00, amazon is getting ready to build physical stores. how it may boost the companies online business. mail order pizza from hundreds of miles away with unusual delivery instructions. that is coming up tonight at 10:00. toya: coming up kim kardashian , taking legal action.
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after, and why she's angry about their reports about her robbery. toya: then, a veteran surprise.
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feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. this is wisconsin. and this. and this. and this. take our jobs and send them off to china and mexico? my opponent backs bad trade deals that export jobs, and billion dollar tax loopholes for big corporations. i'm going to close those loopholes and help small businesses in wisconsin grow and create jobs. for the folks who work hard... for the middle class raising a family...
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back over allegations she lied about being robbed in paris. patrick: the 35-year-old filed a federal lawsuit today against the website, media takeout, over three of their posts. they included allegations that there was evidence she staged her own robbery in the exclusive hotel. police in paris say kardashian was held at gunpoint and robbed by a group of masked men dressed as police officers. they took off with millions of dollars worth of jewelry. the website has not commented on the lawsuit. toya: janet jackson is confirming rumors tonight she is expecting her in an interview with people magazine, jackson called it a blessing and showed off her baby bump. she postponed her tour in april for what she called family planning time. the 50-year-old singer married a billionaire businessman in 2012. a man in pennsylvania is also celebrating a life milestone tonight. patrick: world war two veteran george fricovsky got his high school diploma after more than 70 years. in 1944, he left during his junior year to fight in the war. he was injured and was honorably discharged with a purple heart.
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job and raised a family. his grandson, who happens to be the vice principal, surprised his grandpa with the diploma during a school board meeting. >> i was really surprised, never expected this. >> it was great. i know my mom was watching down from heaven, and she's definitely proud of him. he always felt unaccomplished growing up without the diploma so now he has it. ,patrick: the 90-year-old thought he was going to lead the pledge of allegiance at the start of the meeting. what is surprise. toya: love it. we'll take another look at the
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mark: what's the matter? are we complaining? we have been spoiled, spoiled rotten. toya: i know. mark: it will be all right. the rain is moving out, but it will be cold. you better have your jacket because there will be frost
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windchills in the 30's.
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tonight, the deadly plane crash. the fbi on the scene, and this question -- was the crash intentional? was there a fight onboard? and did the student, reportedly a jordanian national, take on the pilot? also breaking, two attempted attacks now on an american with force? martha raddatz standing by. trump's tirade, going it alone. what he said today about paul ryan and about invading hillary's space. and the wikileaks trail tonight. the new e-mails and the clinton campaign left to respond. the school shooting. and tonight, the 911 tapes now released. >> stay in the classroom, okay? don't open the doors for anything. the teachers frantically trying to save their students. and quarterback tom brady,


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