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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  October 12, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm CDT

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kathy: we have not had many chillyay and him tomorrow morning will feel cold. joyce: mark, some places will be in the 30's. mark: i'm still trying to figure out who is the authority. kathy: you are. joyce: yes, you will probably see your breath in the morning if you are out early, then we warm right back up. today, almost 70 degrees. right now, 47 milwaukee, colder
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frost advisory tomorrow morning. heading to the bus stop, i have your code. temperatures around 40 degrees. it stays sunny throughout the day. a high of 55 degrees, not that crazy cold this time of year, but colder than we have been for much of this fall. the high temperature in the 50's tomorrow. kathy: against republican presidential nominee donald trump. the new york times details two separate alleged encounters. joyce: one happened on an airplane three decades ago. jessica leeds told the times trump was sitting next to her on a commercial flight. she claims he grabbed her breasts and put his hands up her skirt. leeds says she never told authorities but did tell family , and friends. >> it was a real shock when all of a sudden his hands were all over me. he started encroaching on myspace.
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her claims, but called them politically motivated and threatened to sue the paper. democratic nominee hillary clinton has widened her lead in wisconsin. patrick has a closer look. patrick: a new marquette law school poll was just released this afternoon. it shows clinton with 44% support among likely voters. donald trump with 37%. that's a seven point lead compared to the three-point lead clinton had last month. as some national and state polls begin to shift in hillary clinton's favor, iowa is one place where donald trump has had a consistent lead. abc's karen travers is in s that trump must win. >> it is a must win state for donald trump. >> we are going to win iowa. >> the latest polling shows donald trump with a four-point lead. iowa's demographics would seem to favor trump. it's 92% white, a large rural population, only 26% of residents have a college degree. trump's running mate mike pence on the trail here tuesday.
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trump. >> some republicans are backing away after trump's latest controversies, including house speaker paul ryan. the voters told us they don't care. >> they don't need their backing at all. it's the american people that are voting. >> the battle could come down organization. >> hillary clinton is doing a much better job of contacting her supporters and mobilizing them, and they're much more likely to get out and vote on donald trump just isn't putting in that effort right now. >> at a clinton campaign phone bank in des moines, they're focused on early voting. >> we are right now in a tight race in iowa. >> it's big here nearly half the ballots cast in 2012 came before election day. and as of last friday, democrats have an edge in the number of early ballots requested. >> iowa makes it easy to vote early.
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polling locations like this one on the campus of iowa state university, a steady stream of students making sure they are eligible to vote and casting their ballot. >> we have worked very hard to get students registered ahead of time. >> hillary clinton does not need to win iowa to win the white house, but this they could be a clear sign of how donald trump's night is going. if he loses here, it's likely he will come up short in several states he must win. patrick: meanwhile wisconsin has campaigns in the last week. donald trump will be in wisconsin at this point, we monday. don't know where or at what time. details of the visit have not been released. kathy: election officials are working to correct hundreds of incomplete absentee ballots. about 600 ballots in milwaukee are missing address information and might not count. a new law in wisconsin requires absentee ballots to include the full address of a witness. election officials are trying to contact the hundreds of voters.
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absentee ballot make sure you , put the municipality where you reside. otherwise they're going to throw , it out. i think it is unfair. i think it's a way to make it more difficult for people to vote but that's what we're , dealing with. kathy: another big election is in the u.s. senate. wisn 12 is teaming up with the marquette law school to host a live debate with ron johnson and russ feingold this tuesday. upfront host mike gousha will moderate the 90-minute discussion. you can watch it live beginning at 8:30, right hon joyce: milwaukee police are investigating an attack on one of their own. investigators say a man armed with a metal pipe smashed the passenger side window of a squad car while an officer was sitting inside near 13th and center yesterday afternoon. police say the officer was sprayed with glass injuring his , eyes. the officer and another responding officer caught up to the suspect and arrested him. the district attorney is reviewing the case for charges.
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taken from a single home in the town of vernon. they are now being housed in a garage at the humane animal welfare society of waukesha county. the shelter says despite living in hoarding conditions, the cats are in good shape. they serve as a good reminder to get your pets spayed or neutered. some of the cats are already up for adoption. kathy: a harley davidson employee accused of taking the company for more than $150,000. according to the search warrant police have been investigating , for more than two years. nick bohr investigates how she's accused of diverting the money. >> a scheme police and harley davidson internal security believe dates to early 2011 lasting more than three years. , it centers on the employee's manipulation and abuse of the harley davidson tuition assistance program in which employees are reimbursed by the company for taking college classes. according to the search warrant we've obtained for the employee's bank records, investigators believe she was registering for classes at
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harley would pay for the classes but the employee would then , cancel the classes and keep the refund. they believe it happened repeatedly at ottawa and the online ashford university. she's also accused of keeping tuition reimbursements she claimed from harley paid-out in her regular paychecks. police believe the scheme took harley for about $164,000 before her employment ended in 2014. the colleges aren't accused of any wrongdoing, and in fact assisted police. , we're not namg because she hasn't been charged but milwaukee police tell us , their investigation could soon be presented to the district attorney for charges. kathy: that was nick bohr reporting. a spokesperson for harley-davidson declined to comment. there is no word at this time what the woman was spending the money on other than credit card bills. joyce: the milwaukee bucks are joining forces with the milwaukee fire department. patrick is looking ahead to tomorrow. patrick: bucks volunteers or as they call them, volundeers, will
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be the honorary fire chief. he'll talk to fifth graders about the importance of fire safety. after the survive alive house, paschke, the volundeers, and firefighters will go around the neighborhood to check homes for working smoke detectors. also tomorrow, oktoberfest comes to veterans park. the keg tapping starts at 5:00 p.m. there will be free beer while supplies last. this oktoberfest only lasts through sunday. and something else tomorrow, all you star wars fans will want to watch good morning america. a new trailer for the movie rogue one will be shown at some the film is set in time just before a new hope. rogue one will be in theaters, december 16. kathy: a father and son in the fight of their lives. joyce: he's a delafield firefighter battling a brain tumor who learned his son has one too. here's wisn 12 news mike anderson. >> no bond is stronger between father and son than the one between 34-year-old nick stacey and three-year-old brayden of
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there? >> daddy is a real life firefighter. he doesn't just play one in the living room. and it's no play thing that both father and son are battling brain tumors. >> you didn't know whether to throw up, tear the room apart, or just break down and cry. >> doctors tried to remove the tumor, but it moved and went deeper and the risk was too great. so now it's just monitored with frequent cat scans. two years after his surgery brayden started having >> they said i am sorry to tell you but your son has a brain tumor. that is some of the most devastating news we have got good me, i can handle it, but my son, you know, it is a whole different ballgame. >> they said it was a little bigger than a golf ball. too risky to remove. >> they were worried about bleeding.
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his upper right side, the same area that his dad's incision is in. and they drained the fluid out. the catheter is permanently is his head so they can remove the fluid again as needed. for now both father and son just , have to wait and see what happens. >> here we go. >> in delafield, mike anderson, wisn 12 news. joyce: i wish him the best. there is a go fund me page set up. it's called brayden's brain tumor medical fu we also have some more information on our website ,kathy: a grandson is worried about his grandma after hurricane matthew. joyce: coming up, how he got creative and used a pizza delivery man to help out several states away. also ahead -- >> she was like 'pain' and then i was like, 'are you ok?' and then she was like 'baby,' and i'm like, 'ok.'. kathy: new information about a walmart baby delivery. coming up, how a customer was able to help more than anyone
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>> later tonight on "nightline", donald trump under fire for bad behavior, a contestant accusing him of barging into a dressing room. what donald trump is saying tonight. the competition for big orders. feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. this is wisconsin. and this. and this. and this. full of good people who work hard. d send them off to china and mexico? my opponent backs bad trade deals that export jobs, and billion dollar tax loopholes for big corporations. i'm going to close those loopholes and help small businesses in wisconsin grow and create jobs. for the folks who work hard... for the middle class raising a family...
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kathy: tonight, newly released 911 calls from inside the terror of a deadly school shooting. joyce: abc's gio benitez has the audio as teachers beg police to hurry. >> townville elementary. we have an active shooter. we have a child down. >> tonight, we hear the frantic 911 calls after a 14-year-old boy allegedly shot two students and a teacher at a south carolina elementary school. >> please hurry. there is a little child that has been shot. >> that child shot, six-year-old jacob hall. >> please hurry. >> i promise you, honey, they're coming as quickly as they can. killing his father, the teenager drove to the school and began firing wildly in the air yelling that he hated his life. bullets striking jacob, another student and a teacher on the playground. >> we just hope all the doors are locked so he can't get in. >> firefighter jamie brock tackling the teenage shooter the , fire chief and a team at the school desperately tried to save jacob, but the damage was done.
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superhero-themed funeral. now the state wants to try the alleged shooter as an adult, but jacob's mom says she's already forgiven him. she says her little boy would've done the same. joyce: now to north carolina, where police officers and firefighters in eastern north carolina are going through neighborhoods telling people to evacuate. the state is still dealing with the effects of hurricane matthew. in one county, some 10,000 residents have been evacuated due to the rising tar river, which is expected to crest friday. 20 people in north carolina have been killed by floodwaters. thousands had to be rescued from the rising water. kathy: a grandson uses a pizza delivery man to check on his grandma. and, a demolition project doesn't go as planned. patrick has stories that will have you talking. patrick: no surprise that a crowd gathered to see an implosion. in this case, it was a bridge in little rock, arkansas.
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, still standing. despite having it's joints loosened in preparation for the demolition, the bridge stood strong through repeated attempts for another five hours. finally using a barge officials , were able to bring it down. an update now to a story we brought you last night on wisn 12. a woman gives birth at a utah walmart and insists on paying for her items first. today, we learned the expectant mother started to feel slight contractions sunday morning. that's when she decided to go to walmart to get last minute basic baby necessies english, but was able to tell the manager, pain and baby. then, as the cashier gave rivas her change, her water broke in the express lane. fortunately, a customer who speaks spanish was behind rivas, and helped her lie down and push. >> we all grab sheets. we grab some towels. we had some sheets up so she had privacy and all that. patrick: mom and baby are doing well. they're expected to stay in the hospital for a few more days.
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needs someone to check on his grandma. the 87-year-old lives in florida where hurricane matthew caused serious damage. , her grandson who lives in nebraska hadn't heard from her since the storm so he called , papa johns and ordered her a pizza. in the instructions on the receipt, it tells the delivery man to call him. so the grandson was on the phone during the delivery and even had a chance to talk his grandma. >> grandma, i haven't talked to you in two days. i got worried about you. you must be hungry by now. >> her expression ju the way that she was like 'whoa'. by the way, it was a pepperoni pizza. grandma says the pizza was fantastic. kathy: in sports, a rookie quarterback prepares for his first trip to lambeau field. joyce: while a packers rookie is earning more playing time because of his ability to chase down quarterbacks. kathy: and basketball fans, get
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the milwaukee bucks. dan needles is in next with big 12 sports. here are tonight's winning
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announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. dan: jason kidd trotted out an interesting lineup for the bucks third preseason game tonight in evansville, indiana. rookies thon maker and malcolm brogdon joined john henson, jabari parker, and giannis ast -- as the starters against the pacers.
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egos left-handed off glass for two more. -- he goes left-handed off the glass for two more. to exception to a hard foul -- he took exception to a hard foul. defense has been the packers stong suit this season, and that unit got stronger this week with lineman mike pennell returning from a four-game suspension. rookie linebacker kyler fackrell could be in line for some more snaps against the cowboys he now sunday. has two sacks in as many games. one came against the lions, and the other was a strip sack against the giants sunday night , again he was a factor in the spite just 14 snaps.
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will see him continue to get better because of the approach he takes. he is a serious man that works hard at his craft, and he has some physical tools to rush the passer. it was an excellent move and it came at a time when we needed a play. announcer: big 12 sports presented by menards. dan: the cowboys have lost five straight games to the packers. one of those was the infamous playoff game after the 2014 season, when it appeared dez touchdown with about four minutes left, only to have the call overturned by replay. it was ruled an incompletion, and the packers ran out the clock on a 26-21 win. bryant has missed the cowboys last two games with hairline fracture in his right knee, but he might be able to play sunday. the man who threw him that pass, burlington native tony romo, has been sidelined for seven weeks with a broken bone in his back. his replacement, rookie dak prescott, has not thrown an interception, leading the cowboys to a surprising four-and-one start. prescott's quarterback rating thus far is 14 points higher
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on sunday, aaron rodgers. and tonight was opening night for the nhl, and the number one overall pick in this year's draft had the most sensational debut in nhl history. auston matthews of the maple leafs scored four goals in toronto's 5-4 loss to ottawa. that is the most goals scored ever in an nhl debut. with his parents on hand. he scored the night and ended up with four goals in his first six shots. it has just never happened. kathy: a final look at our
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kathy: chilly. mark: we have to put our jackets on in the morning. robbing into the 30's. if you are inland -- it will warm up by the afternoon. temperatures in the morning,
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dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, matthew perry and music from nas and erykah badu. and now in all probability, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? ? ? ? m jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for coming. thanks for watching. you know, there's so much going


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