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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  October 13, 2016 12:32am-1:02am CDT

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plus another jackson exclusive. >> what do you see? >> dad. >> michael's daughter paris, a haunting experience you have to see to believe. >> what was that? >> was she talking about her father? >> then, what's got all these a-list men painting their nails? >> and baby talk with kelly clarkson. >> i hate pregnancy. like, with a capital h. her candid confessions about mom life. and with her 2-year-old. ?? ? >> now for october 12, 2016, now things are getting really messy. is billy bush ready to sue the "today" show and nbc. that's on the way. >> remember when we were first to tell you that janet jackson was pregnant at 50? well, oh, baby, take a look at her now. ?? ?? >> with one hand carefully cradling her baby bump, the other on her hip.
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we thank god for our blessing. ?? >> the pregnant at 50 photo was taken several weeks ago by celebrity photographer solomon fizzle who also shot janet's unbreakable tour book. >> my husband and i are planning our family. i have to rest up. doctor's orders. >> we broke janet's baby news back in may and with the november due date, she ises away from giving birth and janet wanted to have a home birth, but beca pregnancy doctors said no, and she scheduled a c-section. >> i think you'll be the best mother in the world. >> i hope so. people say that, but i hope so. >> of course, the "people" photoey was very different from the first time we saw janet dressed down and shopping in london, but clearly, janet can rock the pregnant look. check it out, perfectly goldman cured nail, a chic ivory sweater
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maternity wear and the ribbing is very similar to the $350 allison olivia midi dress. what do you think of this? rumor is janet will pay tribute to her late brother by naming the baby in some way after michael. once again, congratulations, janet. this really is a great time for her, meanwhile, it couldn't get much worse for billy bush. he was off the air again this morning and it doesn't look like he will ever be back. so what now? bush team and is fighting back. >> billy bush turns 45 years old tomorrow, but don't expect a big celebration. there's new fallout today from the suspended "today" show co-host leaked tape with donald trump. bush has hired a pr crisis management company to help him handle the fallout. his departure is being negotiated right now with nbc. >> there is a report out today that he plans to sue the
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a problem with him acting this way before. >> whoopi goldberg talked about his possible case on "the view" today. bush worked under the nbc umbrella for 15 years. >> he's been there a long time, for it suddenly to go -- poof, you're out and he's going, no, not quite poof you're out yet. this is all about leverage and billy bush certainly has it right now. so this is part of negotiations as its exit strategy to get more money out of nbc concerned about his career prospects going forward given to what this tape does to his reputation. >> a little hug, darling. >> absolutely. >> this was interesting. despite his suspension and reports of his imminent exit on the "today" show's twitter page this morning, we still spotted bush's image. >> this, of course, is just the latest anchor scandal for nbc. brian williams was demoted to msnbc after he falsely recounted a story reported from iraq and
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departure which left the anchor in tears. >> i'm sorry i couldn't carry the ball to the finish line. >> billy bush is not the brand name that brian williams once was, anchor, nbc "nightly news," ann curry, number one morning show "today" show for 15 years and billy bush is a small fish in a big pond at nbc and he's expendable and being kicked to the curb. >> he is not the only face that could be taking legal action soon. kim kardashian is after crime scene footage from her paris robbery was just released. >> video from inside kim's rented paris apartment last week was just removed from the internet, taped in this same room, the video in question was allegedly shot after kim says armed robbers tied her up, gagged her and then stole $5.4 million in jewelry. >> having seen the video the cause of the question is whether or not it was a true event as opposed to something that was
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>> today "e.t." lawyers, kim kardashian seated on the couch or texted on the phone. i would have expected to have seen a person that was a little bit more ill at ease and not so comfortable. granted, it was a very short segment that i saw. >> reps for kim reportedly insist the video was shot five hours after she was held at gun point so it doesn't depict her true state of mind. also, a source close to kim that does back up her robbery claim including crime scene pictures, and videos. yesterday sister khloe jetted out of lax avoiding questions about the fake robbery claim. [ inaudible question ] >> this was after mom kris head up a "keeping up with a kardashians" wrap party at her home and kim was absent from the celebratory photo booth pics.
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it's incredibly traumatic what happened to her. >> executive producer ryan seacrest was also at kris' house last night as the family tries to move forward. >> it's a wake-up call for all of us to make sure our sister is okay and make sure that we're protected whenever possible. >> yesterday we did spot sisters kourtney and kendall both out with bodyguards in tow. a source telling us, jenner had two new guys protecting her. we learned everything on kim's schedule has been canceled or appearance at the vegas hot spot hakasan on the 28th and normally kim gets paid for her club appearances and that's why it's noteworthy. right now she just wants to focus family. >> as she should. we're headed to china because tom cruise was the man in black for the big premiere. >> i want to thank you. it's great to be back. >> tom is back in many ways,
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screen as tough guy jack reacher. someone who sticks up for people who can't stick up for themselves. you know, you have the kind of physicality and the kind of humor and wit that's very unique. jack reacher's fighting style is very different and there's always a lot of training. >> i love it. >> co-star corey smolders made the trip and her mommy skills >> raising children takes a certain amount of energy and patience, and i think i used a lot of that patience when dealing with jack reacher. >> why do i get the feeling that you're enjoying this? >> you have a very interesting way of saying thank you. >> looks like they're doing a lot of stunts and he loves his stunts and enjoy those. >> let me tell you about other guys who are nailing it.
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liam and zac efron have colorful nails on instagram. no, it is not a fashion statement. they're showing their support for a campaign called polished man. during the month, it asks men to paint one nail for the one in five children who are victims of violence. they all tagged their famous friends and i'm sure we'll see more polished men soon. i think i'll be painting your nail later on. from painted nails to painted bellies. why are star moms painting their >> all of the women were eight or nine months' pregnant. >> then -- ?? ?? >> justin timberlake takes us behind the scenes of his new concert movie. plus paris jackson hypnotized? what or who michael's daughter saw during a terrifying tv stunt. >> what death was she talking about? closed captioning provided
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>> where is it at? >> kevin hart on reteaming with
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bread is bread. bread. >> what am i looking at? >> we've got an exclusive sneak peek at tonight's "modern
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accent. >> the problem is i fear i have forgotten how i used to talk. >> if it's any consolation, this isn't any worse. >> and that's what makes them so funny. here's something else worth checking out tonight, justin timberlake's new concert film hit netflix and surprisingly, he said he's a little nervous about people seeing it. >> are you all ready? ?? ?? ? fans to see this one? nervous because there's not a character that i can sort of hide behind or talk about. ?? >> front and center in his suit and bow tie, this is j.t., the musician doing his thing for the fans. >> look to your left. that's who this show for. >> cameras everywhere. ?? >> as justin and his 25-member
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over vegas for the final stop on the 2020 experience world tour. ?? ?? ?? >> oscar winner jonathan demme, the guy behind the silence of the lambs directed and in the process became one of j.t.'s biggest fans. >> what makes my head explode is trying to understand the way this land took all elements, and musical elements. how did you do it? how did you dream all of that stuff up? oh, my god! how the hell did you do it? >> you put a lot of geniuses around you and then you take all the credit. ?? ?? >> we were there for one of his first shows in 2013 and i cannot wait to see this tonight. by the way, he dedicated his
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michael jackson's daughter. is paris trying to contact her deceased dad. >> what was that? >> we are baby bumping with stars. >> she was pregnant with twins and no shots. >> why the a-listers -- and kelly clarkson tells "e.t." about her new project dedicated to her 2-year-old daughter. >> i can't tell if she's excited
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are you ready to dance? okay.
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>> totally inappropriate for a 2-year-old! ?? ? >> i mean, come on. how adorable is that? kelly clarkson busting a move with her 2-year-old daughter river rose. i want to take river rose's cheeks and squeeze them. it was part of a dance challenge to raise awareness and funds for diabetes and when you see how crazy cute that is, what kelly told us is quite surprising. >> we are not having any more kids. there's no time for more kids, and i hate pregnancy, like with a capital h. >> it is so worth being mom to her two step kids and two little ones with her husband, being hospitalized with both pregnancies. >> i was hospitalized and had home care. it was the worst experience ever both times. i was mid-pregnancy with remy and i made my husband go get me. i didn't have to force him. he was running to the doctor. >> this is river rose. my vanna white impression.
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because i'll sing. ?? ?? >> kelly's newest role? children's author. she released river rose with the magical lullaby as a story she wrote for her own little river rose. >> she calls it the mama book and the mama doll. one, because my face is huge on the back of the book and two, because it's my voice and the doll. i can tell she's going to be excited the fact that i shared it for her or super mad about it when she's older. sh >> how are you doing? >> signing autographs for fans, she's feeling the pressure to write a book for the rest of her kids. >> i'm only 34 which makes me old in this business, but i love 30. i love all of my 30s. >> do you remember your 30s? >> michelle turner is here and we let her in the building today. she has a great story about michael jackson's daughter paris. it is a little creepy. >> how about a lot creepy, actually.
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paris was young she and michael used to go see illusionist criss angel. watch what happens when criss hypnotizes paris. >> look deep into my eyes. you're going to feel a surge, an energy. >> it's a scary moment for the 18-year-old. >> what do you see? >> dad. >> she said, criss, can you do something with me? i kind of got inside her mind and she saw death in me, and she completely lost her mind. she completely freaked out. >> what death was she talking about? >> i think that people, when they go through a traumatic experience in their life those emotions never go away. >> paris grew up intrigued by magic. she and michael both loved criss
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>> they used to watch the show religiously. she wanted to do the tv show, and i had something prepared for her that i had working on for 15 years, and i wanted to show her father and her father reached out to me to help create some of the demonstrations for his london tour. ?? ?? >> since michael died during rehearsals for his "this is it" show, he and criss never got to work together so being with paris was like coming full >> what was that? >> it's what you saw with me. >> that was one take on just somebody shooting it with their iphone. it wasn't intended to be part of any tv show. >> what were you feeling and experiencing when you were doing
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>> darkness. >> tonight, paris is part of angel's return to a & e in his special tricked up. >> she's been very public about the fact that she's had some battles with darkness. >> she has had her challenges and her own demons like we all have, and you have to consider the fact that this young lady grew up with her father that was the biggest star on the planet. period. >> indeed, she did. paris will inherit part of her father's estate and when she does that she'll be today "forbes" released the list of the top-earning celebrities that passed away. michael jackson is at the top of the list. he made a massive $825 million in 2016 and that's more than any other star dead or alive. no doubt, he was one of a kind. speaking of big bucks, blake lively is a self-made billionaire, and you may not know her name, but you know the product that made her famous.
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of love. ?? ?? ?? >> talk about a bun in the oven, kate winslet eyeballing it during her last pregnancy along with her also pregnant friend nicki. she's a ticking time bomb in louis vuitton and she's an earth mama. >> kate did earth on her belly and she was so particular about england being well represented and she grabbed a paintbrush and started painting on her own belly. >> the moms included stacy keebler and model ann zee and the "today" show savannah guthrie and aka mrs. hemsworth. >> she was pregnant with twins in those shots. >> they displayed their baby bumps to the art shot. >> some bellies took 15 minutes to paint and some were two to three hours to paint. a few of them we painted on their due date. there were a lot of contractions
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>> the idea for the belly art project actually popped into my mind three days before i delivered my son, and i had this urge to turn my belly into objects. >> seven and a half years in the making sarah finally delivered her book, but not without some cravings along the way. >> we had a lot of pizza on set, cookies. all kinds of things and the women were, like, i'll take this and i'll take that and celebrating their tummies sticking out as far as they being. >> what would you haai pregnant. >> cupcake belly. it's the sweetest thing there is. >> yeah. >> all of the proceeds from the belly art project will go to every month counts, a charity supporting expectant moms around the world. >> when we come back the world premiere of carrie workers: he campaigned as a job creator but senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. good manufacturing jobs just disappeared. ceos and giant corporations get richer
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reality. >> see more at etonline. >> primal consideration provided by -- yesterday we took you to the set of carrie underwood's new music video, dirty laundry and we have the world premiere of the finished product. the full video is up now on, but we'll give you a activity before we leave. >> so good. bye, everybody.
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?? ?? ?? ?? ??
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