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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 13, 2016 4:00am-4:30am CDT

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making news in america this morning, a slew of allegations made against donald trump. several women are now coming forward accusing trump of groping and unwanted sexual advances. this morning how his campaign is responding. breaking overnight, the u.s. target american ships. we have new video just in. also breaking right now, two police officers shot in boston. the suspect armed with an assault rifle and wearing a bulletproof vest. details from investigators just in. plus, hurricane nicole strengthens as it heads right for bermuda. its new track and what it looks like from space coming up.
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we begin with donald trump accused of groping one woman and kissing another without consent. >> the women tell "the new york times" the alleged incidents occurred several years ago, in some cases decades ago. they didn't tell authorities at the time and only went public, they say, after hearing trump on that vulgar recording boasting about using his star power to get away with fondling women. >> trump's campaign fired back overnight demanding a retraction and threatening to sue. abc's angelica spanos joins us with the latest. angelica, good morning. >> reporter: kendis, diane, good morning to you guys. all of this just adding to the already damaging revelations about donald trump's behavior towards women, and the timing, well, it couldn't be any worse as election day gets closer. after the now infamous tape of donald trump making lewd comments about women came out, so have more allegations of unwanted sexual advances from incidents that allegedly happened years ago. >> it was a real shock when all of a sudden his hands were all over me. he started encroaching on my space.
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he was all over the place. >> jessica leeds tells "the new york times" she was groped by trump on a plane back in the '80s. she claims the gop nominee tried to put his hands up her skirt. rachel crooks also tells the paper that in 2005 while working at trump tower, trump kissed her on the cheek and on the mouth the first time she met him. a statement released by trump's campaign says this entire article is fiction and for "the new york times" to launch a completely false coordinated character assassination against is dangerous. both women in "the times" article are hillary clinton supporters. there's also another allegation from tasha dixon. she competed as miss arizona in 2001 and says trump went into dressing rooms while her and other contestants were naked. >> i'm telling you donald trump owned the pageant for the reason to utilize his power to get, you know, around beautiful women. >> none of the women ever reported the alleged misconduct to police, but they say they
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responded to the latest allegations saying these reports suggest that he, donald trump, lied on the debate stage and that the disgusting behavior he bragged about in the tape is more than just words. the clinton campaign is also dealing with the fallout of over more than 1,000 new e-mails dumped by wikileaks. it details the campaign's inner workings. and sources tell abc news that donald trump's team is launching a lawsuit against "the new york retract the story and apologize. kendis, diane. >> all right, angelica, thank you. in the meantime, donald trump is holding another rally in florida today after making yet another incendiary claim. >> last night trump told supporters in florida that isis will take over this country and this part of the world if hillary clinton is elected president. he added that islamic safe fighters are hoping and praying that clinton wins the white house. and hillary clinton held a late night rally in las vegas where she spoke to about 4,000 people.
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join her side. clinton also told the crowd friends don't let friends vote for trump. early voting in nevada starts a week from saturday. and hillary clinton's campaign chairman has been hacked again. after wikileaks posted thousands of john podesta's e-mails, his twitter account has been compromised now. a tweet from podesta's account last night said, i've switched teams. vote trump 2016." now, that tweet was later deleted. twitter is now looking into it. breaking news overnight, the pentagon confirming that the u.s. has retaliated for attempted attacks on warships in the red sea. military officials say the u.s. launched tomahawk cruise missiles early this morning targeting three radar sites controlled by yemeni rebels along the red sea coast. military officials believe all three targets were destroyed. the "uss mason" came under fire at least twice this week. the pentagon warns it will continue to defend freedom of navigation in the red sea and
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boston where two police officers are in extremely critical condition after being shot. the officers came under fire when they responded to a domestic dispute in east boston late last night. investigators say the suspect had an assault rifle and was wearing a bulletproof vest. other officers responded dragging the injured officers out of the line of fire. >> the officers with wounded officers were able to quickly administer first aid, apply a tourniquet. one officer had his hand in one was instrumental in getting the officer down to mass general. >> nine other officers have very minor injuries or are dealing with stress and trauma. the suspect was shot dead at the scene, and we will continue to stay on top of this breaking story. arizona resident michelle bastian is under arrest this morning accused of conspiracy to commit terrorism. federal and local enforcement officials are not releasing any more information at this time but sources tell abc's phoenix affiliate that bastian has been
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was denied visitation to the state prison complex. we are tracking a potentially deadly situation in the atlantic right now. hurricane nicole, there's the radar, nicole now a category 4 storm with sustained winds of 130 miles an hour. it's expected to either hit or pass very close to bermuda today. airlines have canceled flights and cruise ships' arrivals are delayed. this is what it looked like from the international space station. the well-defined eye clearly a powerful storm there. and thousands more residents of north carolina have been told to evacuate their homes as flooding there shows no sign of easing any time soon. the movement of the floodwaters is being called a slow motion disaster. some communities in the eastern part of the state are in danger of being cut off as more bridges are closed off. now, many of the rain-swollen rivers aren't expected to crest
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this country is now at least 38 people. still ahead, the question from a reporter that caused tom brady to end a news conference. plus an intentional act. new details overnight about that plane crash in connecticut. what investigators think happened inside the cockpit between the two people on board. and more potentially dangerous air bags and this time they're made in america. time they're made in america. how do they make starburst taste so juicy? they use wicked small fighter jets to shoot the juiciness into every starburst.
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my challenge is to be in sync, with my body, myself, my life. it all starts with a healthy routine. begin the activia two week probiotic challenge by enjoying activia yogurt with billions of probiotics everyday. take the activia probiotic challenge! police in portland, oregon, used pepper spray to break up a demonstration at city hall and arrested nine people along the way. some protesters fought back throwing objects at officers inside and outside that building. protesters are angry about the city council voting on a new police contract saying the current mayor should wait for the incoming mayor to take up
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wells fargo has a new leader this morning after its embattled ceo unexpectedly retired. john stumpf has been under fire since the bank admitted 2 million accounts were opened without customers' knowledge. stumpf is walking away with a $20 million pension and more than $100 million worth of stock. there are some new accusations that are being made against a small maker of air bag parts. government regulators are threatening the company with a large fine because they claim it's stonewalling an investigation into a fatal car crash. inflaters are mainly in older vehicles made by some of the world's biggest automakers including gm. abc's gio benitez with more. >> reporter: a search for some 8 million potentially exploding air bags on the road right now. the national highway traffic safety administration investigating several reported incidents of exploding air bags including one that killed a
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automotive out of tennessee, has failed to report crash info and test results as part of this investigation. the agency posting a letter they sent to the company last week raising serious questions regarding the quality and integrity of arc's air bag inflators. abc news reached out to arc automotive for comment but didn't receive a response. gio benitez, abc news, new york. union workers at jim beam's distilleries in kentucky have voted talks on the new contract with the world's largest bourbon producer broke down earlier this week. the walkout could come as early as tomorrow night. now, if the strike were to last several weeks, it could result in a bourbon shortage in stores. >> oh, no, let's hope they settle things soon. whew. when we come back, the record-setting alligator. new pictures this morning showing the risky capture. and a hockey player breaks a record in his nhl debut.
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hurricane nicole in the atlantic a category 4 hurricane this powerful in the area are rare since the 1950s. there have only been three this intense within 65 miles of bermuda. checking morning road conditions, wet roads. and checking your morning road conditions, some wet roads from mississippi all the way to the panhandles of texas and oklahoma. same goes for parts of the northeast. flooded roads are possible in lifornia.west and northern and if you're flying sfo has the exclusive today on possible delays. now to the latest in that deadly plane crash on a busy street in connecticut. >> officials now confirm that the flight instructor and his student got into a fight inside that cockpit and the instructor was unable to regain control before that crash. now, the crash appeared to have been a suicide attempt by the student.
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but the police say it's lucky no one on the ground was hurt. >> yes, sidewalks were full. businesses were full and a heavy amount of traffic. the fact that there weren't more casualties as a result of this incident is pretty amazing. >> the student killed in the crash was a 28-year-old jordanian national. he obtained a visa in 2012 to attend flight school in hartford. a little dog named boo-boo is lucky to be alive this morning, and it's all thanks a quick-thinking motel manager. video captured the moment when the dog's owner stepped inside an elevator, leash in hand but doors closed. that's when the manager grabbed the dog and managed to get the leash off. that manager says he was praying and pulling as hard as he could. >> oh, well, thank goodness he had the strength to free him. it makes me nervous watching it even though i know it ends with a happy ending. >> boo-boo was just like, can i get a snack? now the adventures of a much bigger creature.
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the biggest ever captured in texas, all 13 feet 8 inches of it. the alligator hunters lassoed the gator, hog-tied it and carted it off to a natural habitat. a contest is now under way now to pick a name for the alligator. >> wouldn't want to run into that alligator in an elevator. and tom brady talked about plenty of football stuff at his weekly meeting with reporters. the new england patriots quarterback had plenty to say about sunday's game against cincinnati, but then he was asked a question about his longtime friend donald trump. >> hmm. >> how would you respond if your kids heard donald trump's version of locker room talk? >> thank you, guys. have a good day. >> and just like that, the news conference was over. brady and trump have golfed together, and trump has mentioned brady's support on the campaign trail but clearly brady did not want to talk politics at the conference. >> no, just football, and speaking of football, week six gets under way tonight with the broncos facing the chargers and
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five for the right to play in the playoffs. >> last night was all about hockey, though. we get highlights now from espn. >> good morning, america. nhl dropped the puck on a new season on wednesday. four games, we pick two of the best, we got two of the young best young players. austin matthews making his nhl debut. hey, man, you never forget your first. mom and dad are there. i mean, that was part of the greatness of this. brian and emma, his parents. gets his first good. if some is good, more is better. austin matthews has a second goal and this night is going swimmingly or skatingly on frozen ice or frozen water. what a shot. you better make it three, are you kidding me? the hat trick. and you see four, but there were no more and the maple leafs, 4 is all they got. they lost, 5-4. all right. wayne gretzky, mark messier. wayne gretzky, coeur d'alene. connor mcdavid.
4:18 am
people are all excited and brought everybody up there and connor mcdavid, see, he had the one from the last draft in the last highlight and the one from the draft before that in this highlight. mcdavid, i mean, watch this, penalty shot. brian elliott looking for a hole to crawl in because he had no chance. we show gretzky, got to show gretzky. look at gretzky. how great is that, 9-9, 7-4, edmonton. enjoy your day. we will see you on >> okay. >> see you when we see you. >> yep. up next in "the pulse," "forbes" new list of the highest paid dead celebrities. the new member in the top three. and the big hint at what's to come in the new "star wars" movie. >> ooh, what does it mean? i work 'round the clock. i want my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba?.
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? ? your thursday morning "pulse" starting with the top paid celebrities in the hereafter, the highest paid dead celebrities. >> so, after passing away last month, golf legend arnold palmer landed in third place on the "forbes" list. over the past 12 months he made $40 million.
4:22 am
made $48 million in the last year. >> he always seems to be on that list. okay, so can you guess at the top of the list? none other than the king of pop, michael jackson, raking in a staggering $825 million, but most of that is due to his estate selling his remaining half share of the beatles music catalog, but even if you remove that, jackson still made more than the top two, the remaining top two. >> unbelievable. >> yeah. news this morning for "star wars" fans. >> our parent company, disney, has just released the first movie poster for "rogue one: a star wars story" that features felicity jones as jyn erso with darth vader looming above her. >> ooh. the film's very first trailer comes out today. it will debut in just a few hours on "good morning america" and "rogue one" hits theaters on december 16th. >> there is a lot of excitement
4:23 am
a lot of people have been already chatting about what does the poster mean? >> well, that's the thing. there's so much curiosity over the story line, the characters, what everyone is going to do. we will get some of those questions answered this morning. >> yeah. and finally, it wouldn't be the "pulse" at least this week without the latest on our good friend here, our red-sweatered friend. >> it's the week of ken bone. >> yes, breaking new development about ken bone. he is our hero, debate hero, and now showing off a picture of the that he was supposed to wear to sunday night's presidential debate. on his twitter page, he showed it off. we thought this was more important. >> so, bone is also showing off another piece of his wardrobe but a new addition. this is his official ken bone shirt with the red sweater tied around his neck, of course. he says the shirt is available online for the next week and there's also a sweatshirt for those who prefer to keep warm. >> i think the sweatshirt is about 35 bucks and for the
4:24 am
>> because i did order the shirt. but i just found out delivery is when? november 4th is when they ship out. >> you're going to be waiting awhile. >> it's going to be a long time. but this comes early. there's now a sexy ken bone halloween costume. it includes all the clothes there as well as glasses, a mustache, of course, and a microphone. reports indicate it sold out already in a couple of hours. >> even if you like it, no dice. >> no.
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y both. pick a side. twix. checking our top stories on checking our top stories on this thursday, donald trump denying allegations of making unwanted sexual advances. ptid kissed by trump several years ago. the trump campaign denying the claims and threatening to sue the paper. ahmad khan rahami, the man accused of setting off pipe bombs and new york and new jersey last month, is scheduled for arraignment today on fire five charges of attempted murder of a police officer. that's hurricane nicole. take a look as it looks from the international space station. the category 4 storm is closing in on bermuda packing 130-mile-an-hour winds. the island will feel nicole's fury throughout the day today. and checking the weather here, we expect rain in florida and parts of the northeast. it'll be cooler with thunderstorms in the middle of the country. forecasts say sunny in the southwest and heavy rain in the northwest.
4:28 am
meat, but it bleeds like beef. >> sounds impossible, but the makers of this new veggie burger insist carnivores won't know the difference. reporter natasha zouves of kgo in san francisco has the details. >> reporter: well, it looks like a hamburger, sizzles like a hamburger and even tastes like a hamburger, but this burger revealed in san francisco was actually made in the silicon valley lab out of plants. >> it's a very hard thing to do but doable. >> reporter: the burger is the brainchild of former stanford professor patrick brown. he created impossible foods, which recently showed off the fruits of their labor. >> we didn't just slap together a bunch of, you know, bits and pieces from plants and call it a burger. we did the deep research to understand what makes a burger so delicious. >> reporter: inside of impossible foods test kitchen they mix together carefully chosen ingredients to make the meat patty. they picked apart a real beef burger studying everything from the texture to the smell, even how it cooks to
4:29 am
it red is heme. it allows the patty to look and cook like a real beef burger. >> it cooks just like meat. the only difference is that it gets a little bit crisper on the outside, but that's really the only difference. >> reporter: the burger has more protein, less fat and fewer calories than a lean beef patty and no cholesterol. it's also more environmentally friendly. the environmental working group estimates that 90% of beef's negative environmental impact happens in the production phase. so products like impossible foods' burger could help reduce those. >> diet can play a major role and it's an opportunity for americans to make small changes in what they eat to have a, you know, a big reduction in our environmental impact. >> reporter: judging by the response, this burger may just be the answer some diners are looking for. >> it's cravable. that's a good word i think for this burger is cravable. >> reporter: natasha zouves, abc 7 news. >> that is so interesting.
4:30 am
>> breakfast of the future. >> all right. >> right now, new accusations overnight against donald trump and the lawsuit that the nominee is threatening this morning. >> plus, a wisconsin school bus driver b c why more than a dozen kids are making it their mission to say thank you to him this morning. >> but first, weather watch 12 as we take a live look outside. a chilly start to the day in southeast wisconsin. the communities waking up this morning to a frost advisory. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda is off today. it's 4:30 on this thursday, october 13th. let's start with the forecast. i'm here in the weather center with meteorologist sally severson. boy, sal, i know it is october,


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