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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 14, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CDT

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>> all right, that is all for us on "wisn 12 news this morning." have a fantastic weekend. "g.m.a." is up n good morning, america. donald trump unleashes a tirade against the clintons and media. >> outright lies. they will attack you. they will slander you. >> denying claims he sexually assaulted women, even appearing to go after one of her accusers for her looks. >> you take a look. look at her. look at her words. you tell me what you think. i don't think so. >> first lady michelle obama blasts trump delivering a very personal response to that lewd tape. >> it has shaken me to my core in way that i couldn't have predicted. direct hit. hurricane nicole battering bermuda. blasting the island with winds topping 100 miles an hour. 90% of the nation without power. now its path this morning as a
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west. a desperate search, the fbi hunting for a serial kidnapper preying on young children. believed to have abducted a 6-year-old from her home. the suspect caught on camera. hundreds of tips pouring in so why can't investigators find him? and a giant shark caught on camera bursting through a diving cage. the team doesn't know it, but the diver is still inside. >> nobody is in the cage. >> a man emerges seconds later. wait till you hear what he's telling us this morning. ? living on a prayer ? good morning, america. happy friday. we call it a lucky friday for that diver. >> we're looking at it. seemed like a very tense moment but for him it probably seemed like a tense hour. >> aren't they supposed to keep sharks out?
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>> they heard all about abc's "shark tank" so -- >> good one, michael. do you hear the song? >> oh, yeah. >> my favorite one. my go to. ? till what we've got ? michael ? it doesn't make a difference if we make it or not ? >> i was going to throw it to george but i realized the song would die right there. >> george. >> but why are you singing? >> because i had a big exclusive interview with jon bon jovi and the whole b going out on tour, and talking about his new album. "the house is not for sale" so that is coming up. let's begin with the latest in the race for the white house. new polls show donald trump falling further behind as trump fires up his most fervent supporters by lashing out at the media and his wife melania joins him. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george.
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sue "people" magazine over a story filed by a reporter who says trump sexually assaulted her in december 2005. the reporter, one of several women to come forward this week, to accuse trump of unwanted advances. overnight donald trump on the attack again going after not only the clintons but the media and big business. alleging a global conspiracy against his candidacy. >> the clinton machine is at the center of this power structure. anyone who challenges their control is deemed a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe and morally deformed. they will attack you. they will slander you. they will seek to destroy your career and your family. they will lie, lie, lie. >> reporter: trump also took direct aim at a reporter,
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to do a puff piece on the trump's one-year anniversary and melania trump six months pregnant at the time but the reporter now writes that when melania went out of the room, trump closed the door behind her. within seconds she writes he was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat. later, she says he leaned in and said, you know we're going to have an affair, don't you and offered to buy her a steak at peter luger's. natasha stoynoff has declined all requests for interviews but her "people" magazine editor spoke out in her defense. >> what made "people" so confident this was the truth? our best trusted colleagues and she is someone that we absolutely believed. this was fully vetted and we stand by our story. >> the story is totally false. by the way, this is a room that everybody can see in. it's got glass walls. it's at mar-a-lago. it's got glass walls. can you believe this? why wasn't it in the story, biggest stire of the year? >> reporter: trump not only flatly deny the story he seemed
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>> reporter: trump not only flatly deny the story he seemed to attack the ro of the year? >> reporter: trump not only flatly deny the story he seemed attack the rr of the year? another totally fabricated d and false story that supposedly took place on an airplane more than 30 years ago. another ridiculous tale. no witnesses, no nothing. >> reporter: we reached out to both women interviewed by "the times" without success. trump's lawyers have threatened to sue the paper for libel demanding a retraction and an apology. "the times" refused, practically daring trump to take them to
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subject of deep public concern. now, none of these women filed reports with the authorities about these alleged assaults at the time. all of them say they felt powerless to challenge trump publicly. george. >> meantime, there is a new report out from the city of new york that raises serious questions about how donald trump responded to 9/11. >> reporter: that's right, george. front page of "the new york daily news" calling into question trump's claims to have given generously to 9/11 victims in the immediate aftermath. the city controller did an audit of the charities and found no contributions from trump. we should note the comptroller is a democrat and presumably a hillary clinton supporter, george. >> okay. david wright, thank you very much. all right now to that passionate and intensely personal response to donald trump from first lady michelle obama. attacking the republican nominee over that lewd videotape and abc's cecilia vega has that story for us. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning to you. this was not the first time she has delivered a hard-hitting campaign speech for hillary clinton, but this was the first time she has said anything like
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personal and this was all about one man. the first lady never mentioned donald trump by name. but it was crystal clear exactly who she was talking about. >> i can't believe that i'm saying that a candidate for president of the united states has bragged about sexually assaulting women, and i have to tell you i can't stop thinking about this. it has shaken me to my core in a way that i couldn't have predicted. comments since that now infamous video -- >> i just start kissing them. it's like a magnet. just kiss, i don't even wait. and when you're a star, they let you do it. >> you can do anything. >> whatever you want. grab them by the [ bleep ]. you can do anything. >> reporter: and michelle obama had a lot to say. >> this is disgraceful. it is intolerable and it doesn't matter what party you belong to, democrat, republican, independent.
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this way. >> reporter: she spent most of her time on that new hampshire stage blasting donald trump. >> this was not just a lewd conversation. this wasn't just locker room banter. this was a powerful individual speaking freely and openly about sexually predatory behavior and actually bragging about kissing and groping women. >> reporter: she was so worked up, she had to fan herself when it was all over. ? >> reporter: clinton telling ellen how happy she was to have thrs hitting. >> the speech that she gave, i think, put into words what so many people are feeling. and not just women and girls, but men and boys. and in another part of her speech, she says, this is not the way the men in my house talk. and that's what i've been hearing from men for the last several days. >> reporter: now one person not going there bill clinton. he was asked about the new
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that michelle obama gave the best speech of the entire campaign, but i have got one more note for you. you'll probably remember one highlight from that debate. donald trump so close to hillary clinton on stage, well, she addressed it on "ellen" and she said, he would, quote, would literally stalk me around the stage, george. she called it really weird. >> okay, cecilia, thanks very much. let's talk about it with cokie roberts and matthew dowd. cokie, you could hear the shake in michelle obama's voice yesterday saying this is not normal. she has now given two of the most defining speeches of the campaign. >> she absolutely has. and she is the best surrogate, george. what we've been hearing is young people really, really respond to her because she's completely authentic. she's the real person there. and particularly young african-americans are responding to her and you know there's been and enthusiasm gap there. but she was really on fire yesterday. and when she said this is not normal, the whole place just burst into applause. >> absolutely erupted and,
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about that enthusiasm gap. we've seen a real shift in that over the last week. >> when you take a look at the fox news poll that came out yesterday and number of polls over the last three or four days, there has not been a shift in undecided voters. they're still almost exactly where heavy's been for the last two weeks but what has changed is hillary clinton supporters are now just as enthusiastic as donald trump. donald trump supporters haven't dropped. he's still at his sort of 38% but her supporters have now risen. the other thing that i think is fascinating about the polling that has come out is donald trump has done what the democrats couldn't do, which is seriously damage the gop brand, barack obama's job approval rating is now at its highest it's ever been and hillary clinton's favorability rating is at its highest. it's still negative but at its highest its been in this entire campaign. >> cokie, if you listen to donald trump's speeches over the last of couple of days it sounds like laying blame on why he's losing.
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>> he's setting up a rigged system election which is very worrisome. but i tell you, george. this has touched a lot of women. i had total strangers coming up to me all day yesterday telling me about incidents in their lives including a woman who told me about something that happened to her on an airplane and so i think that people are really relating to this in a way that terrifies them. >> then the questions will they vote on that feeling, as well. >> we'll see. >> okay, cokie roberts, matt dowd. thanks very much. the final debate is wednesday on abc. i'll be anchoring it at 9:00 eastern and now, michael, the latest on hurricane nicole. yes. another big story talking about yesterday, and it continues. hurricane nicole is tearing through bermuda with 120-mile-an-hour winds and, ginger, you were saying 90% of the country was without power. >> right. without power, but amazingly, no one injured or killed. if you were wondering what a category 3 hurricane looks like this is the vicious wind raking that island of bermuda.
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again, they came out safe in general. take a look. >> reporter: bermuda blasted. furious winds in the hurricane reaching 120 miles per hour. as category 3 hurricane nicole went barreling across the island, gusts were measured to 104 miles per hour. >> can't see much. everything's a whiteout. >> reporter: officials warning everyone to take cover. >> we need everyone inside. >> reporter: but not everyone listened. >> my family is inside. second major hurricane in the atlantic in just two weeks. always impressive from space you can see the eye and inside that eye, this drone video taken as the winds briefly calmed. this morning more than 16,000 people still without power. eeb e even with the fierceness of nicole's winds, damage on the island of 65,000 people was min minimal. nicole long gone and to the pacific northwest where winds in parts of oregon and along the
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so that was storm number one and right now you can see it on the satellite. the images of the rain, the heavy rains and wind, well, it's not over. tomorrow is actually the big deal. tomorrow we could end up making history because we've got this atmospheric moisture kind of forcing these storms and fueling them. but this one is from remnants of an old typhoon and will come in in the afternoon evening and seattle could see its worst storms in a decade. wind gusts of 80 plus miles per hour. amy. thank you. now to the desperate search for a man investigators are calling a serial kidnapper, seen right here in this surveillance footage accused of abducting and attacking a 6-year-old girl and then trying to kidnap someone else. abc's alex perez has the very latest on the fbi's search. good morning to you, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, amy. investigators are expanding their search. they have received more than 300 tips over the last eight months but they still have not been
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investigators on the hunt for a serial kidnapper they say is targeting young children. >> we have one of those very rare occurrences that is actually a stranger abduction and so that makes it even more dangerous. >> reporter: this is the suspect, caught on surveillance camera walking down an alley wearing a hat and a hooded sweatshirt. authorities believe he is the man who kidnapped a 6-year-old girl from her cleveland home in the middle of the night last may. the kidnapper dropping off the rl different neighborhood. her parents now speaking out and joining the fight to track down whoever is responsible. >> there's no kid safe out there while he's out. >> reporter: authorities say the suspect is cold and calculated casing his victims' homes several times before striking, unlocking windows and doors and breaking in even when adults are home.
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e elyria, ohio last february when police say the same suspect broke in through a window and tried to kidnap a 10-year-old girl from her bedroom. someone just tried to come in my daughter's window and grabbed her leg. >> reporter: she was able to fight him off and alerted her father but the suspect got away. >> he is fearless. you know, he is after a child that's his objective and that's scary. >> reporter: authorities believe the suspect is driving this vehicle, a chevy malibu with a mismatched front panel. and investigators are hoping someone will recognize this suspect. the fbi is offering a $20,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. george. >> let's hope that helps. okay, alex. thanks very much. we'll get the latest from those samsung phones catching fire on planes. some u.s. airlines are now adding a new tool to protect passengers from overheating phones. abc's gio benitez is here with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. no doubt the airlines have been watching that very closely. we're talking about so-called fire containment bags and one of the largest airlines, delta,
7:16 am
it's the latest move to prevent in-flight fires from cell phones. delta, virgin america and alaska airlines adding these bags to their fleet after reports of those exploding samsung galaxy note 7 phones. >> samsung galaxy note 7 phones are not to be charged or powered on during the flight. >> reporter: a demo for these kinds of bags showing how they work. watch as the equipment inside the bag smolders and then even with an explosion, the fire doesn't get out. the bags can withstand temperatures up to 3,200 degrees. airlines have been proactive since the first reports of samsung phones smoking, catching fire or overheating. and we've seen what happens when the note 7s do catch fire. recently a replacement note 7 started smoking on a southwest flight. >> we got smoke in the cabin. can you send emergency equipment? >> reporter: everyone was evacuated, but the case sparking an urgent warning, even for the
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to deal with it. >> reporter: the faa tested the dangers of overheating lithium batteries on planes before. now with samsung stopping production of the note 7, the company is sending customers fire safe packaging to ship the phones back. and it'll take some time for delta to add the new fire suppression bags to its fleet and it will add them first to international flights, those long ones. those note 7 fires adding urgency as they rush the equipment on to their planes. >> make sure passengers know how to use them. that's right. >> thank you very much. michael, back to that shark tank. >> terrifying video, george. you know, shark tanks are supposed to keep the sharks out. well, in this case, it didn't work. shark lunging at some bait, ends up getting into that tank. and a single diver in the tank. just to go diving with the sharks, he stayed down and went to the bottom of the tank and as he's at the bottom he's watching two other great whites circle
7:18 am
>> and the crew was smart enough to open the top of the tank. thankfully the shark came out. the man was safe and his wife said next time -- i love you, but you'd better be beeping careful when you go again. i love you. you almost died. go back. >> it's like how did the shark get into the tank to begin with? >> broke through. >> the bait and hit the tank and it burst through. would you dive with sharks? i'm just curious. >> i swam with nurse like never a great white ever, ever, ever. >> you confessed it was one of your biggest fears. >> a shark is a shark, nurse shark, great white. >> they all have teeth. >> they all have teeth. not my thing. >> not going to happen. back to ginger. >> i'm taking you with me next time, i did it with 40 sharks. you're coming. you're coming. a quick look at those wind advisories, not just coastal but inland, gusts to 50 to even 80 miles per hour. your local weather in 30 seconds. first, the weekend getaways
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continues through 9 o' clock this morning. so it's a your friday. temps starting in the mid to upper 30s in most spots. highs today reaching the low to mids 60s under abundant sunshine. showers and storms return saturday night into sunday morning.
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a lot coming up on "gma." the former university of virginia dean who faced death threats in the wake of that report of campus rape is now speaking out in an exclusive sb interview with amy. then take a look at this video. a seven-foot gorilla smashing through his zoo enclosure and escaping putting the zoo on lockdown. that terrifying moment coming
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? tresiba? ready ? >> 7:23. >> a wrong-way crash on the freeway leaves one person dead. now the driver is facing charges. >> police charged for neglect operation of a vehicle. he was driving in reverse and the car crashed into an another vehicle. 7:24.
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headed to the break. we have a check on the forecast
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>> traffic watch 12, 41 at hampton is moving along well. a little bit of an extra traffic p rolling through the construction zone. big delays 94 eastbound from moreland into downtown. now to >> thank you, ben. we have that frost advisory in effect until 9:00 a.m. and that means it is cold out there as you are headed out this morning. we are look live at sheboygan, 33 degrees. at least it is looking nice. it is looking like a postcard. it is beautiful, fantastic. the sun is out in full force by 8:00 a.m. 42.
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temperatures near 58. as you are enjoying the day, high of 63.
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it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. ? hometown boy can't go home who says you can't go back ? >> how about that duet right jovi, in convert right here on "gma." ? it's all right ? >> george that play a little bit longer. >> george, talk. >> i was listening. i was enraptured about it. you not only sang but talked a lot. >> about marriage and the tour and family, charity, everything. and he's a man of many talents. >> he sure is. >> looking forward to that coming up.
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trump is on the attack firing back against those new sexual assault accusations. the republican nominee threatening to sue as he adamantly denies the claims saying hillary clinton and the media are conspiring against him. and then the l.a. dodgers defeated the washington nationals 4-3 overnight sealing the final four teams for the mlb playoff, the dodgers, cubs, blue jays and indians all competing for that world series title. none of these franchises have taken it in the past 20 years years. 1908 was their last victory. >> well, i can remember the other ones, 20 year, not 108 years. out on that one. also, take a look at this moment in a courtroom. a michigan judge tearing off his robe and jumping on a defendant. we're going to tell you why he did it and then he'll talk about why he did it and what he has to say. >> taking justice into your own
7:32 am
case against "rolling stone" magazine stems from an article they wroted about an alleged rape that was later discredited and the article retracted. you spoke with the former dean at the center of the story. >> yes and nicole eramo is fighting back. it's since been retracted and she's speaking out for the first time on abc's "20/20" and she says, the damage was done. >> dear nicole eramo, the dean of rape. you're a despicable human being. >> reporter: nicole eramo giving abc news just a tame selection of the onslaught of hate mail she received in the wake of an incendiary article in "rolling stone" magazine. >> kept coming over and over again and that's when i just thought, what am i going to do? >> reporter: the article titled "a rape on campus" centered on a woman called jackie and her
7:33 am
assaulted at a prominent fraternity. [ chanting ] >> reporter: the article and its author have breen that rubin erdely highly critical. >> she went to the administration and told them she had been gang raped and the administration did nothing about it. >> reporter: the dean becomes public enemy number one. you were scared. >> yeah, i thought -- i was sure i was going to be fired. know if i could do it honestly. and i went to work every day and i tried to do it but i wasn't sure i could do it. >> reporter: but the story was later discredited with "rolling stone" acknowledging mistakes in its reporting process and the charlottesville police make a blockbuster announcement. >> we're not able to conclude any -- to any substantive degree that an incident consistent with the facts contained in that article occurred.
7:34 am
million defamation suit against "rolling stone" and the reporter of that article, sabrina rubin erdely. >> portrayed her as callous, indifferent and became a false friend of jackie in order to coddle her and to not reporting her sexual assault beyond the bounds of dean eramo's office. >> reporter: in her sworn deposition obtained by abc news erdely explains why she believed jackie's story. >> she proved to be credible in so many different ways. a lot of different pieces of evidence to back up what she was saying. >> reporter: in a statement given to abc news this week, "rolling stone" says in part the depiction of dean eramo in the article was balanced and described the challenges of her role. we now look forward to the jury's decision in this case. >> and let's talk to dan abrams about this right now and, dan, this story caused so much trouble for "rolling stone" and had to retract it but it's not a
7:35 am
>> "rolling stone" has won a couple of pretrial motion, the legal standard. what will they have to prove here? she's not just going to have to prove they got it wrong or were negligent. she's going to have to prove that "rolling stone" knew or should have known that the story was false, that's a really high standard much the other problem for her is there is a department of education report out there which is critical of the way that uva has handled sexual assaults and she was the responsible, "rolling stone" will argue, for those sorts of reports. they'll say a lot of what we said about her was true and those are two very serious issues for her. >> but because the story was discredited, do you believe that the jury might want to award some sort of punishment? >> i think in this environment, you know, in an environment where, you know, gawker lost a $140 million verdict. "rolling stone" got this wrong
7:36 am
and so as a result, there's a real danger for "rolling stone" that there's going to be almost an emotional response to this to say, somebody's got to face the music here. somebody's got to pay here. the question is going to be pay to who? who were the victims of this story? and that's going to be the question. >> amy, there's so much emotion around the whole issue of sexual assault right now. what's been the impact of this case on victims? >> it's been pretty tremendous. we all know that one in five women will be assaulted on coll that false reporting is extremely rare and yet when you talk to sexual assault victims who say this case in particular was devastating for the cause and it's difficult to get it back. you can't take it back. >> you hope it doesn't make people or young women not report because of this case that they feel like they will not be believed. >> that's the big concern about among. >> meantime, "rolling stone" is also facing other suit. >> that's right. the father temperature mentioned
7:37 am
fraternity sued. the lawsuit brought by the individuals was dismissed. the lawsuit brought by the fraternity is still ongoing because, remember, they were the central figures in this, right. horrible fraternity, this is where it happened. et cetera. >> defaced and had britains thrown through the window. >> their position is it never happened. we didn't even have a party that day. >> thanks very much. >> you can see the "20/20" special "what happened to jack question?" tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central right here on abc. what you can see in two minutes coming up on board, is donald trump's brand damaged? what that leaked tape may be doing to his bottom line and that traumatic escape from the zoo when that gorilla broke through that enclosure and jack hanna is here live and we'll talk to him in two minutes about
7:38 am
it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous. new tide pods child guard pack. helps keep your laundry pacs safe and your child safer.
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time for the big board and our team of insiders to weigh in. we'll talk to jack hanna right here at the table in a little
7:40 am
question about donald trump. is his presidential campaign hurting his business? you know, "the wall street journal" says 6 to 13% drop in his brand value since that "access hollywood" tape was leaked. let's talk about it all with kristen soltis anderson and, kristen, the trump organization put out a statement saying the trump brand remains incredibly strong. we are seeing tremendous success across business units. we continue to outperform our competitors and are enthusiastic about the future but street journal" report isn't the only one saying it's taking a hit. >> there's pressure to walk away from the trump brand. you have the u.s. golf association getting pressure to take an event from one of trump's golf courses. you had brands like macy's walk away from partnerships with trump. the problem is people used to think of trump and think of luxury and success. and now for a lot of folks the sort of toxicity of the campaign has seemed into their view of him. >> kristen, fellow billionaire mark cuban, a clinton supporter,
7:41 am
he said bernie madoff's brand is stronger than trump's brand. what could trump stand to lose right now? >> well, one of the big challenges for anybody who is trying to market to consumer -- market a consumer brand is reaching younger people, the millennial and hispanic market, markets that are becoming increasingly closed off to trump because of the stigma that's developed around his campaign. now, you can be controversial and still be very marketable. look at folks like kim kardashian. but it's all about knowing are you able to reach growing and important markets andru >> he may be closing off some, kristen, but may be opening up new opportunities with his real loyal supporters right now. >> certainly and this campaign is really developed a very strong brand for trump that could be used for something like a media organization but when it comes to consumer products or when it comes to things like luxury golf course, if you're losing among the sort of higher-end business traveler perhaps, folks with higher incomes that's where we're seeing trump struggle in the polls and that could have an effect on some of his core
7:42 am
time will tell. now to a major headache. united airlines suffering a computer glitch leaving thousands of passengers stranded worldwide. it's the latest in a sfripg of outages for major carriers and our chief business and economicing correspondent rebecca jarvis joins us now, rebecca, this seems to becoming commonplace. i'm going to ask you like a consumer, what is going on. >> as a consumer you know when you're at the airport and try to get information and they tart playing around with the system and takes them about 12 keystrobes to do what we can do on our phone in one click or on our computers in one click. this is part of the problem, michael. so united overnight they solved their problems. those travelers are off for the most part they're going to their destination at this point but the issue with airlines in general is that the technology that they're using, that underlying technology to get us to where we're going, some of that technology hasn't been updated for as many as 30 years
7:43 am
the entire system. >> that doesn't seem to make any sense, rebecca. you guys are flying every single day. why not update the system. >> they do it piecemeal, george. they've been trying. united has done it, delta has done it. southwest has done it. they've allen upgrading their systems but there are so many pieces to this. it's like a ball of wires all wrapped around each other and they're dealing with one at a time as opposed to the entire thing. not as easy as an app update unfortunaty. for a long time and can expect more. >> exactly. >> let's move on to jack hanna to talk about the gorilla escape at the london zoo obtained by come here, ku get out. >> it gloek the glass. a lot of times you see gorillas in zoo, a lot beat on the glass to say hello.
7:44 am
we have people to tell people to do that. they do it to watch the people jump. especially the silverbacks. >> entertainment? >> to them at times i've seen them do it and i'm sure something broke but the key is the animal escaped behind the scenes, not out in the public and later in the day two and i'm sure a lot of guests weren't there but went right to the program with the tranquilizer. much different than in cincinnati. whole different situation and that's why it was back there behind the scenes where it couldn't get out in the public and knew exactly how top back there. >> we saw get in the tank. is it time to rethink human and animal encounters? >> not really. when you take the things that happen compare to our zoological world and everything that happened in the last 20 years we're at the top of safety. both for ourself and the animals and with the shark thing, what happened, i've done it twice, three times with great whites in
7:45 am
pacific, they take a piece of meat and tie it on a rope and it cops by your cage where you're filming and enjoying the shark, learning about the shark but obviously somebody -- i'm not saying the cameraman did it, made too big of a hole but the guy didn't get hurt because he's in this trap and he's not paying attention to this thing in there with him but warrants to get out and shoots to the top of the thing but when i take you shark diving someday, i'll make sure that the -- >> let me cut you off there. if there is anybody i would go shark diving with would be you and george. if george goes, i will go with him. >> he knows i'm his protection right there. >> you want to be in the same cage. >> yeah, we'll be in the same cage, why not. kristen, rebecca, would you go shark diveing? >> never. >> no way. >> unless you're both in the cage. >> i'll go if she goes and you go, george. >> you're a safe man. >> i'm all in. >> jack, thank you. rebecca, kristen, thank you,
7:46 am
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helps keep your dog healthy at every stage. so you can always look forward to what's next. and we're back with that courtroom showdown caught on camera. a judge whipping off his robe leaping into action to help a court officer restrain the defendant. abc's mara schiavocampo is here with what happened. hey, mara. >> amy, good morning. that defendant refusing to cooperate with orders to put his hands behind his back. to help keep order in the court. >> put your hands behind your back. >> this morning the michigan judge leaping from the bench to the floor helping subdue an unruly defendant. it all began when an unruly defendant in court for violating a personal protection order got too mouthy with michigan judge john mcbain. >> i told you, just leave her alone. she clearly has no interest in seeing you. >> i want her to tell me to
7:49 am
leave her alone and apparently that didn't get through loud and clear so today you're going to jail for three days. >> you and her are buddy-buddy. you all get along you all -- >> 45 days county jail. >> [ bleep ]. >> 93 days in the county jail. do you want to go for a year? try right now! one more word out of you it'll be a year in county. you're going to jail for a year in a county. 365 days in county jail. >>or turns into a scuffle. watch judge mcbain stripping off his robe running to the officer's aid and pouncing on the defendant. >> put your hands behind your back. tase his [ bleep ] right now. >> reporter: this fed up judge laying down law and order. >> i certainly don't regret doing that. i would hope that almost any judge would inta, hey, if my court officer is in trouble, i'm going to go down there and do what i can. >> reporter: now, that man did
7:50 am
the judge said that's the first time he's ever had to do anything like that. court officials did review the tape and say the judge didn't do anything wrong. ultimately it's up to him to keep order in his court and if he wants to do that, it's his right. >> of course, he didn't do anything wrong. i was skeptical. he did exactly the right hinge. >> he had to help the court officer out. >> i mean, my god if you're going to talk back to someone, don't talk back to the judge who said not to say another word. >> okay, maybe i'm speaking from coming up next, that big exclusive, michael one-on-one with jon bon jovi opening up about the band after richie sambora and his marriage and he is performing, so is michael. all next on "gma." >> yeah, let's not call it performing. coming up "gma's" fall concert series presented by carmax. drive what's possible. ? you can't go back been all
7:51 am
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welcome back to "gma." i learned something new today. a meteorologist said when i saw this, i love going leave peeping. i never heard of that before. the frost advisories in place the next couple of mornings. that was brought to you by feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. this is wisconsin. and this. and this. and this. full of good people who work hard. why let washington take our jobs and send them off to china and mexico?
7:55 am
i'm going to close those loopholes and help small businesses in wisconsin grow and create jobs. for the folks who work hard... for the middle class raising a family... finally a hand for you. "good morning america" is brought to you by quaker.
7:56 am
good morning. answering questions about se head to madison to answer questions from the wisconsin elections committee. thousands of people in milwaukee have already cast their ballots in person and by mail. there are three early voting locations around the city. speaker of the house paul ryan is answering questions from college republican spirit he will discuss what he calls the failure of progressive democrats with college students in
7:57 am
speech, the students have a chance to ask the speaker questions. looking at the morning drive, this is a live look, i-94 at wisconsin. looking good. only a couple of cars being problems. 94 eastbound to downtown is a 19 minute drive downtown and 15 minutes on the bypass northbound from hail to the zoo. >> we started off pretty frosty. we have a frost advisory until 9 a.m., temperatures are slowly trying to move up now that we have the sunshine. temperatures near 41 degrees and the wind is light. not too much of the windchill. look at the beautiful orange tree right there, full -- fall colors are in full bloom. temperatures today will boost up
7:58 am
the 40's. just noticing as we get to 9:00, temperatures will be in or 47,
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. first lady michelle obama slams donald trump blasting the gop nominee over his lewd comments caught on tape. >> it has shaken me to my core in a way that i couldn't have predicted. >> and trump lashes out at the women accusing him of sexual assault. >> these claims are all fabricated. outright lies. ? stand by you ? >> binge eating battle. the college football sensation who was waging a secret struggle with food. >> i would have to lay down to the point where i was so sick i couldn't move. >> how he hit the lowest point of his life and what finally got him back on the field. ? it's all right it's all right ? and it's all right. we're living on a prayer with bon jovi this morning. the rock legend
8:01 am
closest thing that i'll ever know to immortality. >> opening up about the moment that richie sambora left the band and the secret behind his hit "living on a prayer." we're shot through the heart as we say -- >> both: good morning, america. ? whoa living on a prayer ? and good morning, america. getting ready for the weekend right here. a little haircut for his interview. >> i felt like a rock star. >> starstruck. >> nobody in the audience when we were singing. >> did you sound like a rock star yes, you did. >> nobody in the audience there? >> there was nobody. the camera people were there, obviously, to catch it but there was nobody in the audience but i felt like a rock star. george, you feel like a rock star every day. that's a star, that guy. >> that does it. >> the bromance is alive, people. i'm just saying. one of the big stars of "friends" is making news. >> in an interesting way, one of
8:02 am
perry revealing a super secret passion. i'm interested to hear what the guys think about it. >> nice tease. >> i'll tell you about that. >> only a tease for a few more minutes. let's get the morning rundown from paula faris. the big story, donald trump lashing out at his accusers angrily calling accusations of sexual assault absolutely false. trump is also accusing the media and hillary clinton of conspiring against him. now his wife also threatening to sue. abc's david wright has the very latest. hi, david. >> reporter: good morning, paula. donald trump is hitting back hard against thoseen have come forward to accuse him of sexual assault in the past. trump denies those attacks ever took place and accuses the media and the clinton campaign of a coordinated effort to derail his candidacy. >> they will attack you. they will slander you. they will seek to destroy your career and your family. they will lie, lie, lie. >> reporter: trump even appeared to attack the looks of the
8:03 am
december 2005. >> take a look. you take a look, look at her, look at her words, you tell me what you think. i don't think so. i don't think so. >> reporter: both "people" and "the new york times" stand by their stories even when trump threatened to sue "the times." "the times" practically dared him to do it calling this newsworthy information of deep national concern, paula. >> all right, david, thank you. first lady michelle obama delivering a stinging indictment of trump's lewd comments saying that his treatment of women has shaken her to her core. she was visibly emotional at a rally for hillary clinton as she denounced trump for bragging about sexually predatory behavior. >> it is cruel. it's frightening. and the truth is, it hurts. it hurts. >> president obama also weighing in last night blaming
8:04 am
donald trump. and in other news in north carolina, word that one of the nation's oldest towns is completely submerged underwater. parts of princeville are still inundated with up to 12 feet of water left behind by hurricane matthew. rivers in some areas are still days away from cresting. and there's been a setback in the battle against zika in miami. there is now a third neighborhood where mosquitoes are spreading that virus. five people have been diagnosed with zika in a one-square-mile area. pregnant women are advised to stay away. and britain's prince william is walking in his mother's footsteps today. he and duchess kate are visiting a children's hospice in manchester founded by princess diana 25 years ago. they will also dedicate a new part of the frances house children's hospice. and finally, guys, i'd like to know how you'd get yourself out of this jam. the dad who had explaining to do when mom got home. here's the reason why. here's dad pushing his son on a tricycle with a high-powered leaf blower.
8:05 am
gravel driveway. things were going well until the boy couldn't stop himself, falls over. that's the end of the ride. we should say he's okay. george and michael, how would you get out of that situation? he was wearing a helmet with goggles on. how wow explain yourself? >> you just got me out, he had on a helmet. >> it did look like fun up until that last moment. >> i knew you were going to go there, george. >> the moment it started lara and i were like -- >> yes, what could go wrong? an interesting tale of two cities. the women were like this, what and the men were like -- >> to learn how to get up from a fall. >> by a leaf blower? >> what lesson does he learn from that, michael? >> that absolutely makes complete sense to me. >> see, there you go. >> i thought he was having a great time. >> i predict ali will buy you a leaf blower. >> i would predict not actually. thank you. >> of course, lara. >> we're going to talk to you again soon. >> i know.
8:06 am
let's introduce myself. it's friday. let's get this party started with chris rock, your pal, he is returning to stand-up after an eight-year absence, and let's just say, he had more than a little incentive, like 40 million incentives. >> whoa. >> he just signed a record-setting $40 million deal for two netflix specials. the first show is set to tape during -- in 2017 during rock's upcoming world tour. congratulations to chris rock. who is going to see one of those shows or watch on netflix? he gets paid. we watch for free. i got to see him live. he's great live. >> he is very talented. congratulations to him. wanted to share that with you. and then also, j.k. rowling will be bringing even more magic to the big screen than she expected. originally "fantastic beast" was set for a three-film franchise but after plotting the script she can confidently say she needs five movies -- >> five? >> -- to finish the story. she needs five, people. you know what, so do we.
8:07 am
british novelest wrote a screenplay after penning seven "harry potter" books and says it's very different. she admitted learning how to write for the big screen she just learned as she went along. quite, quite different than writing a book. the second "fantastic beast" film is in the works. the first starring eddie redmayne is opening soon, november 18th. >> our grandchildren can keep watching them. that's how long it's going to take. >> it's the gift that keeps on giving. >> yep. finally, some guys have man caves. do you guys have man caves? >> d >> you do. do you have a man cave? >> here. >> oh, yeah, you have like the ultimate man cave but in your apartment do you? >> no. the girls have taken over. >> you have a man cave. >> i have a man cave. >> well, i bet you don't have this kind of man cave. matthew perry prefers a bat cave. the actor has earned enough from being on "friends" and so many other shows that he told jimmy kimmel he has a room filled, filled with bat memorabilia and two interesting notes here.
8:08 am
passion. he only started creating his bat cave three years ago and that it's also not the classic batman he collects. it's christian bale bat memorabilia only much acquired during late nye ebay binges. jimmy thought it was interesting. i wanted to share it with you. >> you said it at the beginning, that's a sign of someone with too much money. >> too much money. maybe too much late night time. ebay binging. would you go bat cave? >> i wouldn't go bat cave. but i respect his passion. everybody has something. you know? >> everybody's got something. >> he's going with the leaf blower. >> matthew, you enjoy your bat cave this weekend. >> thank you, lara. the college football player known as a force on the field revealing a secret eating disorder opening up about it next. plus, what's better than michael with jon bon jovi? >> not much. >> nothing. >> they're teaming up on stage and we have a big performance
8:09 am
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8:13 am
gets crushed he gets crushed and it was the kicker that made the hit. oh. >> welcome back to "gma." that is joey julius, a kicker for penn state university taking down an opponent from michigan. he is a fan favorite at my alma mater. the nittany lion sophomore known as much for his size as his ability opening up about his private struggle and, paula faris, i know you have that story. >> lara, good morning, good morning. everyone. joey seemed to be on top of the world, popular on campus yet secretly battling binge eating disorder. it is a life-threatening disorder and says it could have taken his life and joey just sitting down to share his courageous story with me. >> joey julius to kick it away. >> reporter: joey julius is a college football sensation. at nearly 260 pounds the penn state kicker's uncanny size and
8:14 am
what his fans love most about him, his size, is what he secretly hated. >> i was always calling myself fat, disgusting, lazy. >> reporter: a secret he recently shared in a stunning facebook post. >> i've decided to go public about my absence from the team. >> reporter: depressed and anxious, joey left the team this past spring and checked himself into a treatment center. it was there he discovered why he'd been struggling for the past 11 years. have an eating disorder. >> reporter: joey had binge eating disorder. it's when people lose control over their food intake including eating large amounts of food at a time even when not hungry and eating fast. it's often done alone. how do you respond to learning that you, a man, a collegiate division 1 football player has an eating disorder? >> i just said, what's that? >> you had no idea what it was? >> no idea. >> there is a stereotype that
8:15 am
>> i just think it's completely false. i mean, we all eat, you know. >> do you think there are guys out there that are struggling with this but they're too ashamed to come forward? >> yeah, i would think so because i was one of those guys. >> reporter: in the u.s. alone 20 million women and 10 million men will suffer from a clinically significant eating disorder at some point. >> i think just the fact that being a college athlete kind of pushed me towards like that goal of kind of correcting what was wrong with me. >> reporter: for joey a typical episode would involve eating a salad in front of his teammates but then hiding food in his backpack, going back to his room alone ordering cheesesteak, fries, chinese food and pitchinging. >> i would have to lay down to the point where i was so sick i couldn't move and just, you know, lay there -- there were some time i would cry. >> joey, has there ever been a moment where you thought this could kill you? >> yeah, after i think i got the treatment, that's when i was
8:16 am
you know, i might not be here right now. >> now joey says this is something he will deal with for the rest of his life. he acknowledges there are going to be some bumps in the road but when he feels himself going in that dark place, he takes a step back and thinks about what he's doing and you guys he phones a friend. he's no longer afraid and ashamed to ask for help and asking other people. it's stunning, that stereotype es shocked by that number, 10 million men deal with it. i was asking michael if he saw any of this in the nfl. i want to say, joey, thank you for speaking out. it's phenomenal. real. >> controlled by number. you're controlled by a weight. are you okay over here? >> no. >> sorry. >> are you okay? >> let's go to a commercial and we'll be back. jon bon jovi, michael strahan. >> good luck, joey. when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons
8:17 am
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8:20 am
back here on "gma" wanted to let you know that amy is okay. it was a coughing fit and she will be with us in just moments. but look who i am with now, jack hanna and boomer the kangaroo. i have a 9-month-old son. boomer is 9 months old, only my son is a lot heavier than boomer. >> this one isn't in your pouch.
8:21 am
that's a lot easier. >> you were telling me when they're born, they're a fingernail size. >> a jellymorning. so it's a chilly start to your friday. temps starting in the mid to upper 30s in most spots. highs today reaching the low to mids 60s under abundant sunshine. showers and storms return saturday night into sunday morning. take w-i-s-n 12 news your weather and here's your weather and here's your music. bon jovi is back. the band has a new album, "this house is not for sale." along with a new perspective as
8:22 am
down with the man himself, jon bon jovi, and even better, got a chance to join him on stage. check it out. ? hometown boy ? >> now, this is a pinch me moment. on stage with the one and only bon jovi. as they gear up for the release of their 14th album "this house is not for sale." ? you can't go home ? ? this house is not for sale ? >> so, this house is not for sale is a bold statement. >> yeah. >> what does that mean? >> integrity. this is not for sale >> reporter: the group's new album is their first without original lead guitarist richie sambora who left in 2013. >> everyone says, what happened? we were in cal ga bring. the last album was entering the charts at number one. we were sold out every single night. it's show number 21 and the short of it is richie just
8:23 am
there was no fight. there was nothing, i swear, on my whole career, and he'll tell you the same thing, so we went on. >> has it made you closer? >> i think, yes, it definitely did. i mean it hurts when he just decided to quit. you know, and it definitely hurts, and we looked at each other and said, we want to keep going. >> reporter: in a message tweeted earlier this year richie says he wishes his former bandmates nothing but the best. >> god bless, good luck. hope you guys do great. >> reporter: with all your success whativ >> writing a song to me is the closest thing that i'll ever know to immortality. it's something that's going to last forever. ? shot through the heart and you're to blame ? ? you give love a bad name ? >> but when you write one and it's a hit, do you know it's a hit when you write it? >> absolutely not. >> "living on a prayer" almost never made it. >> richie said, you're out of your mind. ? oh we're halfway there oh
8:24 am
>> what will you three tell to kids out there who want to be these rock gods like you guys are? >> play music, learn. i mean, the best thing they can do is play with other people, the interaction. >> know your instrument. practice it. you can never stop learning. ? i'll be there for you these five words ? >> reporter: one bern that's always been there for jon, his wife of 27 years, dorothea. >> i love her more every day. >> it must be nice to everybody and who has your back. >> who calls your bs. >> who calls your bs. okay, rock icon, garbage needs to go out. >> of course. >> reporter: together the couple working hard to help their community through the jon bon jovi soul foundation launched ten years ago that includes two soul kitchen community restaurants. >> dorothea at the meeting says i see the vision, and this little 33-seat restaurant has now served 59,000 meals. >> so explain how it works.
8:25 am
so, if you were to come in, you leave a 20, it covers your meal and it covers a meal for somebody who can't put down the same money and then somebody who is in need of a meal volunteers. >> would the jon bon jovi of 33 years ago be proud of the jon bon jovi today? >> i hope so. i hope so. >> i think he would. >> thank you. thank you, my brother. >> thank you. ? it's all right it's all right it's all right ? [ applause ] >> yeah, the crowd is roaring. you know for me i've known jon a long time and he's such an honorable guy, such a good guy, very open, jon, tico and david were very open in that conversation and they talked about richie and that was a big thing for them because he was an original member of that band but they have the new album out, "this house is not for sale." it's going to be available on tidal november the 4th and they're launching a world tour in february. so tickets are going to go on
8:26 am
>> and you will be joining them. >> i'll be joining them on tour, everybody. that's the announcement. no, that's a joke. it's not happening. all right, but coming up, we got a big jon bon jovi performance and a surprise for our audience. you don't want to miss the surprise.
8:27 am
traffic and weather watch us morning. we have your morning commute. 41 at lincoln this morning a
8:28 am
that area. travel times are posted on the screen. we have a look at the forecast. >> a live look at the moment, 43 in milwaukee. 30 degrees in michigan. you can and kenosha low 30's. 34 in sheboygan. we have a frost advisory that continues until 9 a.m.. the sun is out in should by --
8:29 am
8:30 am
? hello friday ? [ applause ] all right, welcome back to "gma," everybody. we have a great audience here but they have to be kind of quiet because jack hanna is here and he has animals and, yes, we've got to be -- >> not going to rile up the animals. >> who all right. we got a big surprise for you, okay. that's coming up. we have a big surprise for you but, george, what did you bring to the table? >> what i brought to the table a couple of questions for everyone. how many were brought up to use proper grammar and puntation? >> well, i was, george. >> my mom is an english teacher. how many of you actually use proper grammar and punctuation when you text? >> nope. >> you do? >> you do? >> i'm from boston. >> and you wrote, hello, period.
8:31 am
>> i love how she said that, i'm from boston, of course, i do. boston. >> no lols for you. >> no lols. >> that may be taken by a sign of rudeness. a guy named christopher rosa from "glamour" magazine said he would go through a week of using only proper punctuation. there he is right there. full sentences, punctuation, capitalization, periods at the end of sentences. he only lasted four days. >> no emojis, just used -- you do everything properly and his friends took it as standoffish and a little bit rude. >> that makes sense. >> it can be risky all the time because of that because you cannot hear the toeng in which somebody is writing and then add to that if you're more formal we're not used to it anymore. >> the use of the period especially and there are other studies, as well, seen as too abrupt. >> how dare you? >> like i'm an exclamation point
8:32 am
or the three dots >> that's not proper grammar so he wasn't allowed to do that. i'm very excited for the party, period. >> and it doesn't deal with the tone. you don't -- >> you said the tone? >> smiley face. >> i said you have a lot of homework to do and did a couple of smiley faces. >> see, that's sarcasm. >> no, it's okay. >> but the thing is, his friends thought that he was mad. >> yeah. >> they tho him and some of them said are you all right? >> yeah. >> i love an lol. i love a heart. >> i like the blow kiss. that's what i do. >> yeah. >> show me that one more time. [ laughter ] >> but i don't want to discourage my children or any of us from using proper grammar. i mean -- >> we just did. >> yeah, all right. oh, well. >> speaking of kids -- >> ttly. >> what do you have. >> this is pretty interesting.
8:33 am
made the ultimate declaration for her wedding. she says no, your kids cannot come to my wedding. megan green is writing this in "redbook" and said when they say i do there won't be kids present. it's not sitting well with some of her friends and family and having an elegant new york city wedding and noticed other receptions parents can't let loose when kids are there and i have to make a full disclosure here i had a new york city wedding. andai and i had parents at the end of the night say thank you for making me not bring my kids because i could have fun. you know, because at first people do get upset. >> what did her friends think? >> well, it's to come of the i think her wedding is still to come and saying some are upset. what do you think. >> we had a nighttime wedding all adults and had a great time. daytime -- >> i think it's a -- my sisters -- my niece just got married and had a lot of conversations.
8:34 am
they're very, very expensive and have to consider that and ultimately whatever the bride's fam family, the bride and groom's family decide you have to honor. >> i believe it's your wedding. you do what you want so if you don't want other people's kids or your own kids, then i'm sorry, mommy and daddy will see you later. it's your wedding. >> it's a lot more fun without them, i'm just saying. we have a couple who just got engaged. yesterday. >> where are they? >> they are right here in central park. i no kids and congratulations, by the way. >> thank you. >> nice ring. >> you can see that ring from here. >> are you going to have any kids at the wedding. >> baby, no. kids, yes. >> all right. >> that's okay. >> split the difference there. >> we brought like duff and kate came to the wedding and love their cousin and even stayed for -- wanted to see what the tent looked like and then they left and that was -- that way
8:35 am
>> the ceremony but not the party. >> that's not bad in that's what we did too. at the sear upon but bye-bye. >> got enough to feel like they were a part of it. >> there are people that come from out of town and -- in yes. >> i understand. but at the end of the day it is that couple's day. and it is expensive. so -- >> the head count is the head count. >> yes. >> kids are not half price. >> congratulations to you two. good luck. congratulations and good luck to you. [ applause ] >> and are you guys ready for some cuteness? >> yes. the lehigh valley zoo which is rightout side of allentown, pennsylvania. that's a baby african penguin. look at those little babies. now, they were just introduced there. they're three weeks old, the zoo hasn't even -- doesn't even know their gender yet. >> wow. >> how can they name them until -- >> i don't know that. jack hanna is here. >> there is nothing but
8:36 am
i'm deferring to him. >> we'll have to ask. >> they can't enter the exhibit for a few more months and they are even thinking about doing a naming contest because they don't have names yet so a lot of things with these little baby penguins and we have jack hanna here coming out right now. >> but, but, but -- >> we have -- >> yes, with penguins, i see a sloth. i see snow leopards. we'll ask you guys to do a very, very quiet clap for jack because he's holding snow leopards that might scratch or worse if t lovely quiet warm welcome for our friend jack hanna. hi, jack. am i allowed to hoeld. come on, sit down. i know you have a new book and more importantly new beautiful species. hi. hey, girl. >> how are you doing? >> hey. >> what can you tell us about these babies? >> these are african leopards. never had one on. >> this is a first?
8:37 am
their mothers -- a lot of types these cats on their first birth, cheetahs will consume their babies. our mountain lion will consume the baby in 30 seconds. you have to be careful. this is endangered in africa until last summer and switch -- the leopard is doing pretty good now. >> so soft. >> the cheetah is in danger. >> yes. >> they're going to do all right. this cat is called a cat -- that can walk right if front of us in the bushes. you would never know it's there. >> how big will he get. >> probably i say 150. and they can take -- i've seen them take an impala, take 400-pound animals and when they get this big they weigh 120 and pull them up hike a marshmallow. >> up a tree. >> that's where they consume it otherwise hyenas or other manim animals would harm them. i'll go to tanzania and film and it's not an easy animal to find at nighttime.
8:38 am
>> hey, you said it would haul an impala that weighs 400 pounds. i would go up the tree too. i've gone on hasafari and had a chance to see them. >> you've seen it? >> yes. >> they're nocturnal animals. >> so we're seeing them. >> this one is calm. >> yeah. >> i don't know what happened. >> while we swap out the cats, tell us about jack hanna's big book of how. >> well, we did the book why first and then true because when you're little or younger, no, no, you don't put him up there. he's little or younger, always asking how does a fish stay in water or so i did book, is it true. >> oh. >> and the point is, everybody, don't ask any questions. i can't know every question there is. >> you know so much and what i'd like to know what is this fellow and why is he going to town on a
8:39 am
>> this is a the raccoon version in south america. it is incredible. i filmed there 20 years ago and ten years ago i filmed and they get out, everybody, and they got in my tent. they got -- they got in my underwear. they got my clothes and put them in a tree. >> seriously. >> yeah, so i'm not upset but they're so bright they'll get in your tent. >> they're mischievous. >> eggs and cranberries. >> told me not to bring them because they make a mess. i'm sorry, george. they made a eat -- >> oh. >> want to eat the mike. >> what is lara holding. >> my new best friend. >> this is an anteater. it is huge. >> the coloring on that animal. >> look at the tongue. look at this. see this on tv. >> oh, yeah. >> you will not believe this. this tongue, everyone, this tongue -- >> it's licking me. >> this tongue is 12 inches long.
8:40 am
>> lara. >> he's licking me. >> but in all seriousness, the anteater, that's how they eat ansome. it's very vital. >> watch out. >> you don't have honey in your pocket, do you? >> a lot of saving today. we'll wrap this up. jack hanna's book is available now and see his show into the wild on saturday mornings. the d and beyonce and the man is here
8:43 am
> welcome back to "gma." emma stone's gracing the cover of "vogue" opening up about one of her biggest roles yet. the musical movie "la-la land" with ryan gosling. they'll be han about it when the november issue of "vogue" hits national newsstands.frost advisory continues through 9 o' clock this morning. so it's a chilly start to your friday. temps starting in the mid to upper 30s in most spots. highs today reaching the low to mids 60s under abundant sunshine. showers and storms return saturday night into sunday morning. take w >> that weather brought to you by prudential.
8:44 am
deep today. it's exciting out here. >> all right. ginger, yeah, we've got a great crowd and time for the diet that has everyone from beyonce to jay z and jennifer lopez signing up, it's called the 22-day revolution and here to explain marco borges. >> thank you. >> explain how it works. >> a plant based buy set is a diet that removesll products and a vegetarian diet is close to that in that you remove animal products so the animal flesh but allow dairy, eggs, some milk, some cheese. so what we do is we -- what we do with the diet we think about adding. right, so you're maybe taking out a few of the staples you're used to eating but adding legume, bean, seed, nuts, grains, vegetable, fruits and the list -- >> why 22 days.
8:45 am
habit so if you want something steenable it's about creating behavior modification so if you adopted a healthy habit over the course of 22 days you'd be a healthier version because you need the tool to continue living that way. >> let's start with beyonce's go to diet. i believe she actually is enjoying it right now. yeah, there she is. you see, she came. are you guys impressed? [ applause ] >> come on. play along. all right. >> this is really amazing. this has me like really -- this is our -- who doesn't love burgers, right? but, wait, wait. i'm going to get you now. imagine a burger full of fiber and without any cholesterol? right? so heart disease is still our number one killer, so the greatest thing about a plant-based diet the only diet in the world that has been proven to not only arrest -- it prevents and reverses heart disease and diabetes so this is
8:46 am
>> it's simple. it's pinto beans, quinoa, complete protein source, walnuts and that's it. >> wow? >> that's it. simple as that. >> put to mate tos, onions, avocado. >> guiltless. >> now this looks especially delicious. and this apparently is something that jay z enjoys and -- yep, look at that. looks a little angry there but i know he's enjoying it. tell us >> who doesn't love great ice cream but you don't love the guilt that usually follows after you've eaten it, right? this is guiltless ice cream. this is made with coconuts basically really simple and they're great for helping improve cholesterol levels and it's topped with sweet plantains, sweet plantains are out of this world so it's literally a guiltness ice cream. >> and ryan seacrest. >> incredible breakfast option. a smoothie. it's me tab link kick smoothie
8:47 am
bananas, pineapples which is a great anti-oxidant, great for anti-inflammation and has kale in it and have all the nutrition you need to get you going for the day. >> the audience will get to sample it. thank you so much. fantastic. fantastic. marco, we appreciate it. coming up next, bon jovi's big performance, stay with us.
8:49 am
all right, welcome back, everybody. our fall concert series is kicking off with bon jovi, but first we have some big, big news. tidal is hosting a live listening party with the band october 20th at the theater here in new york city and even more great news, everyone in our audience this morning, you're all getting a ticket to the show. [ applause ]
8:50 am
you can livestream the show, go to but time to get to it. let's hear some music with the nightle track to "the house is not for sale," here's bon jovi, everybody. ? ? these four walls have got a story to tell ? ? ooh oooh ? ? the door is off the hinges there's no wish in the well ? ? ooh oooh ? ? outside the sky is coal black the streets are on fire ? ? the picture windows cracked and there's nowhere to run ? ? i know i know this house is
8:51 am
? i set each stone and i hammered each nail this house is not for sale ? ? where memories live and the dream don't fail ? ? this house is not for sale coming home i'm coming home ? ? drove a spike into the ground and i staked my claim ? ? standing on the dirt where they'll dig my grave ? ? ooh ooh ? ? now what built these walls is in my veins ? ? no time for looking back the wolf is at the door ? ? this heart this soul this house is not for sale ? ? i set each stone and i hammered each nail
8:52 am
? where memories live and the dream don't fail this house is not for sale ? ? coming home i'm coming home ? ? this house was built on trust that's what it is and always was ? ? no wrecking ball could knock it down this house was built on higher ground ? ? ?
8:53 am
hammered each nail this house is not for sale ? ? where memories live and the dream don't fail ? ? this house is not for sale coming home i'm coming home ? ? coming home i'm coming home this house is not for sale ? ? coming home i'm coming home i'm coming home ? ? i'm coming home this house is not for sale ? "gma's" fall concert series is presented by carmax.
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8:56 am
ts everybody.
8:57 am
announcer: now a wisn 12 news update. ben: good morning. addressing concerns about lead in milwaukee's water. city leaders are meeting right now to work on a plan making sure everyone has safe drinking water. the water quality task force will hear from other communities in wisconsin that have replaced lead pipes. mayor tom barrett says it could milwaukee's lead pipes. mayor barrett also won't be at the meeting. he's in madison today, testifying before the wisconsin elections commission. he's answering questions about absentee voting in milwaukee. thousands of people have already cast their ballots in person and by mail. there are locations where you three can vote early -- the zeidler municipal building downtown, the midtown center and
8:58 am
forecast with meteorologist lindsey slater. lindsey: temperatures have jumped up. this is milwaukee. 50 degrees. when we chatted last time, it was 41. we jumped nine degrees in 20 minutes. you see how powerful the sunshine can be. clear skies for the most part. a beautiful day. let's check out racing. 51 degrees. beautiful. a little breezy there. you cae the trees. a great time to be here in the midwest. feels like 43. burlington, cool, 35 degrees. the frost advisory continues for another couple minutes.
9:00 am
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