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tv   WISN 12 News This Weekend Sunday  ABC  October 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CDT

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>> now on wisn 12 news. >> a sixth straight loss for the wisconsin badgers to big 10 rival ohio state. we will have locker room reaction from the players on the overtime stunner in front of a soldout home crowd. once stolen are now replaced, at at a peace garden dedicated to a young shooting victim. the giving spirit that inspired one milwaukee woman to make a simple donation. first, a live look outside on this sunday morning. we are on weather watch as rain, even thunder and lightning roll through. when it clears out, plus when a summer like warmup comes back. good morning and welcome to wisn
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thank you somewhere it for starting this sunday, october 16 with that. let's get started by getting a check on the forecast and some of you may have open up by a rumble of thunder. sally severson is tracking our forecast. are we done with the rain this morning? sally: not quite, but almost. we got rain and thunder overnight some of that activity will continue for a short while longer. temperatures are quite mild. 66 degrees. winds right now at southwest. light north wind later today. our temperatures will remain in the mid-to upper 70's. elsewhere around the region, 65 at fort. 62 early this morning at beaver
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thundershowers. wind shift out of the north, but we will see a return of a warm front late tonight and tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow in the mid-to upper 70's. showers and a few thundershowers. most of the action will taper off early this morning. as it does so, we will be left with a partly cloudy sky. i expect peeks of sunshine. a showers later, but 68 this morning. partly to mostly cloudy. tonight with the warm front getting closer, another round of rain and a couple of storms overnight. for tomorrow, 77 degrees with hartley to mostly cloudy skies. thema: thank you. new from overnight, a 26-year-old man is killed and a 21-year-old man is in the hospital after a shooting on
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this happened just before 10:00 last night. investigators say the 21-year-old drove himself to 67th and center to call for help and that's where police found him. police also found the 26-year-old man in an alley nearby. he died at the scene. police have not named any suspects and the investigation is ongoing. also new from overnight, milwaukee police say a 22-year-old woman is in critical condition after being shot while sitting in a car. this happened around 2:20 this morning near 31'st and lancaster. police say the victim was sitting in a car when another woman walked up and shot her, then got into another car and drove away. investigators think the two women had gotten into a fight earlier in the night while at a nightclub. the victim is in the hospital right now. police have not found the suspect. this morning, fans of the wisconsin badgers are coming off a tough loss to ohio state. the badgers have now lost six in a row to the buckeyes. wisconsin controlled most of the game in front of the sold out crowd at camp randall stadium. the buckeyes managed to take it
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barrett to noah brown for the touchdown in the corner of the endzone to give ohio state the lead. wisconsin with one last chance. but hornibrook is sacked four r the fourth time. that would end the game. the badgers lose in overtime to the buckeyes 30 to 23. big 12 sports' dan needles and stephen watson were in madison and talked to the team afterwards. >> wisconsin was when they were leaving a game at halftime under paul chris. the badgers were 9-0 when corey rest for 100 yards. both of those streaks ended. you were in the locker room. a crushing defeat in many ways for the badgers whose national championship hopes to win out the window and possibly their big ten title hopes. >>'s theme was frustrated with back-to-back weeks and seven point losses. 18 they had an opportunity --
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beat. 11 yards of total offense in the third quarter. >> this one hurts. we had a lead in the first half. to come that close, our team played great but we cannot finish it. coming that close and not coming out on top hurts. >> i think we played well. coming down to overtime the heavyweight champion or you don't you get back up and learn to fight next week. >> they mentioned they already turned the page to iowa. they are thinking about iowa. they are thinking about it opportunity of going to iowa, hosting nebraska, try to keep their big ten west title hopes alive. >> it has not been easy for wisconsin. 4 games against top 10 teams. it will not get easier.nebraska number
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but there is a chance that i just can win the big ten west and possibly meet up with ohio state or michigan in the big ten championship game. with stephen watson, dan needles in madison. thema: thank you so much. the green bay packers are getting ready to host the dallas cowboys at lambeau field today. kickoff is at 3:25 this afternoon. the pack will be without running back james starks as well as chris banjo, sam shields, and jared cook. all have been ruled out for the game. cornerbacks quinten rollins and damarious randall are questionable. eddie lacy is also questionable to play today. the running back hopes to be able to go and play with his punishing style. in each of the packers last 2 games, lacy has run over defenders on big runs. not going down, but simply going out of bounds bowling over defenders to send a statement.
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bounds but you stand up and they have to look up at you still standing up. i think it's a settlement out of them and gives us a little more. the offense of life gets that out of the way by the time they don't -- the offensive line gets them out of the way but anytime they don't, that helps. thema: sounds like psychology. at today's game, the team will honor former quarterback and pro football hall of fame inductee brett favre. during half-time, favre's name will be unveiled inside lambeau field alon other names. favre will also be presented with his hall of fame ring. we turn to trafficwatch 12 now. right now, all southbound lanes of i-41 from watertown plank to the zoo interchange are closed. crews are installing new tub girders as part of the zoo interchange project. the lanes were supposed to reopen later this morning, but may stay closed longer because of delays due to weather. as a detour, the dot suggests
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highway 100, greenfield avenue, or 84th street. this morning, new fall decorations are in the peace garden created in honor of nine-year-old za'layia jenkins. she's the little girl who was hit and killed by a stray bullet last year. last week, someone stole pumpkins and other decorations from the garden at 15th and meinecke. after hearing about the theft, lynn goldstein dropped off 4 big pumpkins and some bales of hay she got help setting up the new decorations. we caught up with her yesterday when she made her delivery. >> talking to ramona, she told me that her niece loved all the holidays and especially halloween so i wanted to do something. thema: za'layia was inside a home when a stray bullet killed her last spring. police are still looking for whoever pulled that trigger. this weekend, you can watch some of the top speedskaters in the world compete for a spot on the
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the athletes are taking part in the long track fall world cup qualifier at the pettit national ice center in west allis. the competition starts at nine 9:00 this morning. the trials are free and open to the public. also later today, it's the final day of the moon festival weekend at the china lights at boerner botanical gardens. you can celebrate the beauty of the moon, sample traditional moon cakes, and watch performances featuring chinese acrobats. the display opens at 5:30 tonight. the allenton fire station is hosting an open house and pancake breakfast this morning. your family can check out the sheboygan county pink heals fire truck and leave a message on the truck for area cancer patients. the open house begins at eight 8:00 this morning and goes until noon. going high tech to boost your weight loss. we will examine whether fitness trackers bring the results they promise. plus, fall foods can keep you
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details on the health benefits of the fresh fruits and vegetables that are now in season. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. getting a lot of water today. sally: we are talking about showers to sunshine and when you will be back in sandals. you're watching wisn 12 news this morning. denny's knows the holidays should be shared with friends and family. cept denny's all-new liday pancakes. you won't want to share those with anybody. denny's new fluffier, tastier,
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feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. this is wisconsin. and this. and this. and this. full of good people who work hard. why let washington take our jobs and send them off to china and mexico? my opponent backs bad trade deals that export jobs, and billion dollar tax loopholes for big corporations. i'm going to close those loopholes and help small businesses in wisconsin grow and create jobs. for the folks who work hard... for the middle class raising a family...
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>> as we think a live look outside, it is 5:13 sunday morning. rain falling in downtown milwaukee this morning. sally severson will let us know when the rain dries out and 70's come to our area. as the weather turns cooler, a fresh crop of fruits and vegetables are coming into season. the experts at the cleveland clinic say vegetables like broccoli and brussels sprouts are not only at their peak right now, they're full of fiber. that means they make you feel full faster, which can help you lose weight. they also help keep your blood sugar and insulin levels stable,
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and k. those prevent inflammation and help anyone with chronic pain. also new this morning, a recent study shows a possible link between liver cancer and obesity related diseases. leading cancer researchers found as an adult's body mass index and waist circumference increased, so did their risk of liver cancer. people with type two diabetes were also more likely to be diagnosed with the disease. more people are turning to high tech gadgets like a fit-bit or the apple watch to track weight loss, heart rate, and other vital signs. abc news senior medical contributor doctor timothy johnson examines how well you can trust those devices. >> sweating it out at the gym? believe it or not, we used to be content with perspiration as the only indicator of how hard we were working out. today, we have step trackers,
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even heart rate monitors that we can check while we're on that run. but when it comes to these heart rate devices are they really , keeping the beat? researchers at the cleveland clinic tested four wrist-mounted heart rate monitors against the medical gold standard, known as an ekg. they also tested the wrist versions against one that used a chest strap monitor. what they found, those wrist monitors were notably less accurate than the chest strap version when compared to the ekg, sometimes off by nearly thirty beats per minute. track of your heart rate, you might want to splurge for a chest strap or at least bear in mind that the numbers on your wrist may be off-beat. with this medical minute, i'm angelica span. thema: for older americans, regular exercise can help with mobility and independence as they get older. yale university researchers tracked 1600 adults over 70-who who took part in a structured exercise or health education program. over the next 3 and a half years, the exercisers suffered
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the study also found they were more likely to recover if they did become disabled. the exercise program was mostly walking with some strength, flexibility, and balance training. today, you're invited to celebrate the harvest season at the hunting moon pow wow in milwaukee. members of native american tribes will perform traditional dances, plus take part in drum and singing competitions at the uwm panther arena in downtown milwaukee. doors open at 10:00 this morning. the grand entry also later today, your family can learn more about the tradition of dia de los muertos or the day of the dead at the milwaukee art museum. the day of the dead honors loved ones who have died with altars and gifts. the museum is offering art activities, plus mexican music and dance performances. you can check it out starting at 10:00 this morning. you can find more information on fall events and festivals going on in our area by downloading the free wisn city of festivals
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you'll find schedules, ticket and traffic information, and so much more. just search wisn in the app store or google play. we are talking about our wet weather. sally: did the underweight you? -- did the underweight you up? thema: there were also lightning. sally: there is a cool prest terribly cold air behind it. we are talking about 60's, and we get a warm front tonight so we are on our way too much warmer than normal pictures overall -- normal temperatures overall. 60's and 70's through wednesday. a set of summer is on deck for tomorrow with highs in the upper 70's. you can see showers and a few
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most of the heavy stuff is often away. there is drier air to the north and west. we will watch this cool front come through. warmer air is already over the plains. we will be looking at our winds today becoming breezier and south late tonight and tomorrow. 64 in sheboygan. 62 at watertown. 65. this is rain cooled air. we will get a nice rebound and reach into the upper 60's for the afternoon. 70 in st. louis. 68 at kansas city. 50's over the dakotas. really mild air over the plains that was certainly. we will stay mild today,
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of temperatures in the 50's. for today, i will call for a mostly cloudy sky. earlier this morning, a slight chance for a shower lingering in the early morning hours. partly to mostly cloudy through the afternoon, but take a look. you can see the winds coming. we are looking at temperatures in the upper 60's. we will watch this boundary make its way through. i expect peeks of sunshine this afternoon. there will be a chance of a showert 7:00 tomorrow morning, getting a few sporadic showers developing around and ahead of the warm front. lunchtime for tomorrow, scattered showers in place. we are looking at daytime highs tomorrow at around 77 degrees. 68. partly to mostly cloudy skies. morning rain coming to an. -- an end.
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the morning, and we could get a shower in the afternoon, but overall, partly to mostly cloudy breezy and warm on tuesday with highs in the low 70's. i will drop us back to the mid-60's as we moved to wednesday. increasing clouds into thursday and friday with temperatures in the upper 50's. we will see a return to cooler air so we go way out and a little bit down. thema: the plants are going, what is going on? cold, hot, uncovered, covered. sally: i have done l garden cleanup already. 77 tomorrow. thema: they do so much. the time right now is 5:20. a unicycle once owned by robin williams could find its way into your home. why his children are auctioning off one of his prized collections. later, pokemon go meets politics. the new app inspired by the presidential candidates that has some college students trying to catch 'em all. first, here's a look at last
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thema: happening now you have , the chance to bid on a bicycle owned by the late comedian robin williams. his children donated 87 bikes from his private collection to be auctioned off. the proceeds will be donated to the challenged athletes foundation and the christopher and dana reeve foundation. the auction includes luxury racing bikes as well as this runt mini bike and a schwinn unicycle. the polka-dotted bicycle made by colnago and la carrera is among the most valuable. it already has a $19,000 bid. a famous voice could soon be
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robert downey junior, who brings iron man to life in the marvel movies, has offered to be the voice of facebook's new virtual assistant. facebook's ceo mark zuckerburg has been trying to find someone to voice the company's new assistant, jarvis. that's the same name as the artificial intelligence in the marvel superhero franchise. downey says he'll do it with a few conditions. he wants zuckerberg to give the fees to paul bettany, who is the voice of jarvis in the movies. some baby news out of hollywood. actress olivia wilde just gave birth to her second child with husband jason sudeikis. wilde posted a photo on instagram yesterday of daisy josephine sudeikis. she was born october 11, which just so happened to be the international day of the girl. the proud mom added the caption,
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daisy josephine sudeikis born, like a boss, on international day of the girl. the pair have been together since 2011 and have a son who was born in april of 2014. wisn 12 news time is 5:26. a trip to the car wash nearly turns deadly for a woman in florida. the dramatic explosion caught on camera. why a mishap with a vacuum almost cost the woman her life. a live look outside as we head to break. we are on weather watch today.
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thema: good morning and welcome t -- we would get started by checking the wet weather outside. people waking up to wet grass and ponding. sally: even submit to late october it would be a chilly rain. this is quite mild. readings this morning are
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62 and beaver dam. 63 at fond du lac. there is a combo satellite and radar. you can see most of the rain, and we had heavy rain overnight. that action is mostly pulling off and away. still rain in place across southern milwaukee. a cold front will sail through for us. will swing about the dialer again and go south late tonight and for tomorrow we will have warmer air. lingering rain will taper off this morning. mostly cloudy and mild. we will see peaks of son. a slight chance of astray or isolated shower this afternoon. we are talking temperatures tomorrow in the upper 70's. thema: the lucky police are
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one man did not survive. a 21-year-old man is in the hospital. this happened around 10:00 p.m. police are the injured man drove himself to another location where he called for help. it is not clear who fired the shot. right now it doesn't able -- people in los angeles are recovery after a shooting at a birthday party. it happened at a jamaican restaurant early saturday morning. a large group was gathered. and some of the the restaurant and came back with a gun. then people in the restaurant started firing back. police say they were more than 50 people in the area who ran from the chaos. a man in las vegas is in custody accused of shooting a car on the interstate. one woman was killed yesterday morning. her husband was injured. we get the latest --
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driving on i 15. crashing into a barrier. >> we do have two victims. the only description we have is a white older possible town car. reporter: a couple with shot multiple times. the woman in her late 40's died a few hours later. the male driver in his 50's is in stable condition. a tractor-trailer was also hit with gunfire. authorities then say the suspect las vegas boulevard with two guns where he tried to sexually assault someone. everyone sought shelter in the back of a store. police say the suspect then walked out it was taken into custody by metro k-9 officer reno. >>'s probably saved officers and this person from being shot and killed.
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that was marty glaser. in san diego a trunk plunged off of a bridge and killed several people. several people were hurt, including the 25-year-old driver of the truck. authorities say he is a member of the u.s. navy and has been arrested, accused of driving drunk. the california highway patrol says the driver lost control and went over the guardrail. a driver in florida had a close call while vacuuming her car. the incident was caught on surveillance camera. the woman apparently spilled gasoline in her trunk. she tried to vacuum up the fuel, which made the vacuum explode. the machine burn for several minutes while the woman watched. as you drove away. other customers it could've been much worse if anyone had been standing near the vacuum at the
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the race for the white house. more controversy for donald trump. several more women have come forward saying truck sexually assaulted them, including a former contestant on the tv show "the apprentice." trump is denying the accusations. donald trump: these allegations have already been proven so false. you have phony people coming up with funny allegations with no witnesses whatsoever. thema: fabricated and made up on twitter. the also lashed out at who he calls the media yesterday at a speech in portsmouth, new hampshire. donald trump: the election is being rigged by corrupt media pushing completely false allegations and outright lies. it's an effort to elect her president.
5:35 am
ohio. the campaign has cut ties with the head of the gop in ohio. that comes after that state's republican party chairman criticized trump after a week access hollywood tape where he is heard making the comments about women. this could affect trump's chances of winning in ohio, and important battleground state. we are finally learning more about hillary clinton's wall street speech is courtesy of wiki leaks. they released transcripts yesterday. goldman sachs, and investment banking firm. the speeches don't show any bombshells but they do show clinton avoided criticizing wall street after the financial meltdown of 2008. supporters of former democratic residential candidate bernie sanders have complained clinton is "too close to wall street." donald trump planned a campaign stop in wisconsin tomorrow.
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trump. mike: they will be making a stop in green bay tomorrow. the latest poll shows trump trailing hillary clinton by seven points. can he still win here? i will be asking his prominent wisconsin supporter, milwaukee county sheriff david clark. what is next for republicans after the election? hackers are trying to breach state election systems. find out what is being done to safeguard morning at 9:00 on upfront. thema: a chance to hear from the candidates and one of wisconsin's tightest races. senator ron johnson and former assistant -- senator ron feingold. that is live tuesday. i 90-year-old woman is fighting for change by walking.
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mike anderson caught up with her on a 1400 mile trek across america. reporter: most people are slowing down if they live long enough to be 90. opal lee is speeding up. >> i've been to st. louis and fort smith, and down in alabama. reporter: she is from fort worth, texas, and in early september stepped out on a walk to washington, d.c. to lobby congress and president obama of it the importance of juneteenth. june the actual end of slavery. >> people need to know that slaves enough free themselves. there were abolitionists, blacks, whites, quakers. reporter: 45 states honor juneteenth, the day when black people in texas were formally told they were free. there is no national day of recognition. >> we need to acknowledge it is not just a black thing.
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obama three times and hopes that would get her foot in the door. as for walking -- >> i'm having a ball. i call it a working vacation. reporter: she helps to have 100,000 signatures on a petition by the end of the month to present to the president and congress. mike anderson, wisn 12 news. thema: if you are interested in signing the petition we have a link on her >> anytime, anywhere -- wisn 12 -- start here. . some severe damage in oregon right now after tornadoes this weekend. the national weather service says to tornadoes hit the oregon coast on friday. touchdown in the town of manzanita. 128 buildings were damaged. it also brought down trees. no injuries have been reported. the red cross is helping people
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matthew is heading up the east coast. it is now in canada and not been causing damage. a woman's home was ripped apart in nova scotia. wind gusts hit close to 60 miles per hour this week. it caused serious water damage, leaving very little left of her bathroom. she says she was fortunate she was not inside. goes up in smoke. that you from above last night, to see the smoke rising. the complex was under construction at the time. officials say the fire spread quickly, sending huge flames of black smoke into the air. firefighters worked late last night to contain the blaze. there is no word on how the fire started or whether anyone was hurt. new this morning, officials in california take them part of an old bridge in san francisco with
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original bridge that connected san francisco and oakland. 8000 pounds of explosives took it down in less than three seconds. some of the other piers have already been demolished and more implosions are set for later this month. official site using explosives is the cheapest and most environmentally from the way. people from all walks of life from together on an idaho soccer field. what all these athletes from around the world have in them altogether. good morning, sally. sally: october warm is settling in. i will show you the highs near 80. you are watching wisn 12 news this morning. thanks for being with us. >> get important local news for every you are with wisn 12's
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(burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even mer-mutts. (1940s aqua music) talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ? we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ? >> leading the way with important local coverage. you are watching wisn 12 news this morning.
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continues. sally: a hero's welcome in milwaukee last night. ? sally: hundreds of people lining the concourse to cheer i-91 local veterans returning home -- 91 local veterans returning home from the stars & stripes honor flight. flight, a world war ii veteran who became friends with a germantown clerk that helps him shop every week. >> today was outstanding in washington. but when i came back here to milwaukee, what they did here at the airport, i'll live without the rest of my life. >> frank is my everything. i can't imagine not having him
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experience that we get together. thema: last night's parade lasted 45 minutes. if you would like to see more of the eventwe have a slideshow on the next honor flight is sat urday, november 5 and you are welcome to go out and encourage the vets and thank y their serviceem. yesterday, 10 army reservists took the soldier street, promising to be guardians of freedom. they will protect and supply ammunition to other soldiers during operation freedom sentinel and afghanistan. they say the are ready to go but leaving home is never easy. >> he have to leave your family behind. girlfriends, boyfriends. there is always mixed emotions
5:46 am
thema: the soldiers first had taxes for training. they are scheduled to return home in 10 months. serious -- syria's oldest refugee is on a mission to be reunited with her family. ida is 115 years old. he was born before the wright brothers first flight and lived through two world wars. she is on a tough journey from syria to germany. right now she is in greece. of the way and a friend carried her on his back. she tells cnn she hopes to be in germany with her family soon. a group of young refugees who now live in idaho are being united by a love of soccer. brian has more on how this unusual team got started. >> keep your head up. reporter: before learning about the game of soccer on the field,
5:47 am
>> they kept coming back in coming back and asking for books about soccer. then it came up that even though they love soccer so much they are not on the soccer team. reporter: some research led to many more just like them. >> we decided to just start a whole soccer team. reporter: the team was born. with players from all over the world, 15 of the 17 players are refugees. >> countries. when you meet them, it's like you have already met before. >> they have been through the same things you have been through so they understand you. reporter: playing soccer for passion but one that was not completely filled until joining nations united. >> so excited to play a real game with refs and nets and white lines. that's a first for almost all of
5:48 am
the coaches from afghanistan. >> they have the skills they just did not have somebody to direct, given them. right direction reporter: they are 3-1-1. thema: and successful. they play soccer out there in veterans park. what fields this morning. thema: it is this morning. sally: we had a good rain overnight. rain began to fall at thunder and lightning around midnight. most of this action is exiting, moving off in a way. the thunder more than one person up overnight. showers in a few thundershowers still over it northeastern illinois. we are drying out nicely in the wake of a very weak cold front. this cold front sailed through.
5:49 am
air in place. i do think for the most part we will be dry for the rest of the day. a mix of sun and clouds. and may be tough time to scour out some clouds, but once we have the cold front moving through our winds shift all around the dial and end of southlake tonight and for tomorrow. we will tap warmer air in place over the planes in push highs into the upper 60's and lows tonight holding in the 60's high tomorrow around 77 degrees. 65 at the airport. skies are mostly cloudy. winds are light and self. the winds will swing around the dial today that they will stay light. you can go out for a walk a little bit later. temperatures just around the metro. 64 at cut a hate -- 64 a greenfield. these temperatures in the 60's
5:50 am
highs for this time of year. i do expect with the rain overnight we will be looking at temperatures easily into the upper 60's today, especially if we break a little sunshine. i do think some of the clouds will be a little tough to move out to we should see some brightening. with a return to a south wind later we will watch the warm front come through. there was an isolated shower chance this afternoon and overnight tonight. monday morning at front coming through. up and over the warm front of you storms will begin the fire. isolated or why the -- widely scattered chances tomorrow. potentially if you storms roll in into tuesday. morning showers are ending. 68 degrees for this afternoon. for tonight the lows at 63. 77 for tomorrow. we could get a couple of showers
5:51 am
with low 70's on tuesday. cooler air tuesday and then moving into wednesday. clouds return and then later wednesday night you can see 63 wednesday. then we fall back to the 50's for highs on thursday and friday. highs in the mid to upper 50's for the most part with a partly sunny skied. looks like 50's on saturday. summer, especially for tomorrow. thema: wisn 12 news time is 5:51. a young boy battling a serious illness gets to live out one of his dreams. how he became a jedi knight and his response when city officials handed over a big honor. there is a look at what's coming up next on good morning america. >> coming up, donald trump is calling foul. cali -- telling supporters it
5:52 am
a drug test before the next debate. he's going full tilt away from the final presidential debate which is when they. wikileaks dumping thousands of e-mails reportedly hacked from the clinton campaign chief. we will tell you with the latest data dump shows. police are called to a noise disturbance but it turns out the noise it is a groom practicing his wedding dance with friends. officers did next that everyone dancing. it is a phenomenal story out of dallas.
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we are taking a live look outside on the sunday morning. we are on weather watch. overnight thunderstorms, lightning and rain. sally lets us know about the warm-up coming up. pokemon go took the world by storm earlier this year. now there is a political take on the game. dartmouth college created the new app. and set it look any pocket
5:56 am
in the get go for their favorite candidate. eventually the booth will be claimed either for donald trump or hillary clinton. it is called hillary donald go. a seven euro boy in florida living out his stream by becoming a jedi knight. the make-a-wish foundation making it happen. brady is living with a life-threatening medical condition. his wish was to become a jedi. cheered him on his he defeated darth vader in a light saber battle to save west palm beach from evil. city officials giving him the key to the city in exchange. this is what brady had to say. >> it doesn't open any doors. >> how does it feel? >> it feels great. thema: it's just great to have a key. they went all out for the event,
5:57 am
of a character from the star wars universe. what a great day for him. let's talk about our weather outside. sally: the rain is moving out. i think we are on our way to at least a partly to mostly cloudy sky in the south. you can see the clouds are still around for us. big-time picture for today. partly to mostly cloudy skies. 68 degrees this afternoon. 77 tomorrow. i think there is more sun in
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good morning america. new overnight. donald trump calls for drug tests before the next debate. questioning hillary clinton's past performance with unfounded claims. >> she was all pumped up at the beginning. >> the candidate calling the plus, the new abc news poll. have the newest headlines hurt his support. >> heavy rains and strong winds. this crane sent spinning. trees falling on to homes and cars and power lines. cars driving deep into trouble and floating away. so is the worst over? rob is tracking this dangerous storm. >> deadly accident, a truck plunging 60 feet off a highway


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