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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  October 16, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm CDT

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>> in about three weeks we go to the polls to elect the next president. and this wednesday, republican donald trump and hillary clinton will meet for their third and final debate. as mary bruce shows us the stakes couldn't be any higher. >> both hillary clinton and donald trump were off the campaign trafmente clinton in seclusion prepping for trump continued to lash out saying this election is rigged. the election is being rigged by corrupt media pushing false allegation and yoult right lies in an effort to elect hillary clinton president. >> with no evidence, trump increasingly suggests he's the victim of a conspiracy to take him down. his supporters already digging in. >> when hillary clinton gets in, i myself i'm ready for a revolution because we can't have
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tried to calm voters. the clinton campaign saying trump has resorted to scorch scare tactics. >> he is swinging at every phantom of his own imagination because he knows he's losing. >> this wucky leaks releasing new e-mails from john pedesta's account by what the f.b.i. says come from russian hackers. while they have not been verified by nbc news or clinton, it shows her tough talking about wall street got a lot less tough in private. another aids showed their frustration about being forthcoming about her private e-mail server. >> that was a mistake, i'm sorry about that. >> and with the campaign rhetoric likely to intensify, a fire bombing at a republican headquarters in north carolina this weekend shocked the candidates. clinton tweeting the attack on
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unacceptable. and though there have been no arrests, animals representing hill clinton just fire bombed our office in orange county because we are winning. >> donald trump will be in wisconsin tomorrow, but tonight on "up front" mike asked if wisconsin's is still in trump's reach. >> the trump campaign says it will make a stop in green bay tomorrow. the latest marquette law school poll shows hillary clinton can he still win? i'll ask milwaukee county sheriff david clark. what's next for republicans after the election? it's my question for republican congressman. and hackers are trying to breach election systems. we're finding out what's being done. it's coming up tonight at 11:00 right here on "up front." >> and much of our area is under a fog advisory tonight.
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weather center. lindsay? lindsay: there's a few lights. it's supposed to be near the discovery center but you can't tell. the fog advisory continues at 3:00 a.m. it's both in milwaukee and walk shaw. also in west bend. so this is going to be a continuing factor may continue for your mornin just depends who sees ice laid showers. notice the planner taking you through the rest of the overnight hours. there is a chance we could get a little isolated shower. that could help mix out a little bit of fog. maybe leif or just set your alarm early for some of this fog because it's very dense and it most likely won't improve as we head toward the morning. >> thanks, lindsay.
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california. a woman hired to care for an elderly man refusing to move out even months after he died. abc's adrian bankert reports. >> tonight, a community fighting back on behalf of a 90-year-old woman trying to get back into the home she's lived in for nearly six decades. >> i think that she's heartless. >> fran is talking about the woman she hired a year ago care for her dying husband. sheryl sharel moved into her home. but when she tried to fire her she refused to leave. even after her husband passed away in january. >> she got to be very nasty after that. >> both women filing restraining orders against each other.
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in the arm. >> her story recently brought to light by our san diego affiliate kgtv. we knocked on the door. we called sharell. called her attorney. so far no response. across the country, homers locked out. airbnb said northeast to leave. >> never a caregiver. only use a bonded insure giver's agency. >> third graders at one wisconsin school are taking trips all over the world through the new virtual reality program. 25 smartphones and 25 cardboard virtual reality viewers are allowing the students to feel as if they're flying on an airplane
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visiting the eiffel tower. >> the lesson that they're working on right now is actually writing for stories. they're getting backgroundings in. they going to make a nar -- they're getting background information. they're getting a narrative with wherever they are in the world, they're going to create a story with this as their setting. >> pretty cool. the virtual reality kits are on loan at the school for another two weeks or so. ? >> welcome at mitchell international airport. hundreds of supporters greeted them when they returned to the stars and stripes honor flights. they spent time in washington, d.c. visiting the monuments that were dedicated to their service. world war ii veteran was accompanied by a who is a very dear friend. >> today was outstanding in washington. but when they came back here to
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the airport, i'll live with that, the rest of my life. >> frank is my everything. and i can't imagine not having him in my life at this point. so, you know, we have this great bonding experience that we did together. >> incredible friendship. i love that story. love the story of how they met at sendex. you can welcome saturday november 5th. >> a 90-year-old woman is fighting for change by walking. mike anderson caught up with her on a 1400 mile trek across america. >> most people are slowing down if they live long enough to be 90, but opal lee seems to be speeding up. >> i've been to st. louis and fort smith and down in alabama.
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out on a walk to washington, d.c. to lobby congress and president obama about the importance of juneteenth day, june 19th, the date many texans an others celebrate the actual end of slavery. >> people need to know that slaves didn't free themselves, there were abolitionists, blacks, quakers. there's no national day of recognition. >> we need to acknowledge that it's not just a black thing. that it's everybody's thing. >> lee says she's met president obama three times and hopes that will at least get her foot in the door. as for walking, the retired schoolteacher says -- >> i'm having a ball. i call it a working vacation. >> lee hopes to have 100,000 signatures on the petition by the 26th of this month to
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congress. >> many milwaukee, mike anderson, wisn 12 news. >> a working vacation. i like that. if you're interested in owe pal lee's petition we have a link on our website >> are you putting any halloween decorations in career? >> i di a little bit offal decorations. you know, the pumpkin, some flowers. does that count? >> i bet your halloween -- don't come close to this house. >> probably not. yeah, look at that, no, not at
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>> a rhino needed some help after somehow getting a car tire stuck over its out? . you see how their struggling with it? the rhino couldn't eat. so park rangers had to get the tire off. poor thing. >> closer to home. a good scare for a good cause. >> yeah, a baby. this is really creeping me out. wisn shows us how their display will help kids many the community. >> with some calling this presidential election scary, andy reid and his partner jamie bosham couldn't resist.
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theme this year considering who is running and all that good stuff. [screams] reid says art imitates reality. >> we have the candidates. they are debating which is always something scary this year. >> plus the white house, paparazzi and some really aged secret service. [screams] >> they're hoping the display draw big crowds who donates to path finders who kids. it helped raise $6,000 last year. >> that's a great feeling. to help other people, i mean that's awesome. >> while this display is all about raising money for kids in need. jamie and andy have fun with this too. they say doing this reminds them of what halloween is all about. >> makes you feel like a kid again. you know? when you're an adult, you lose part of that aspect of being in
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with the kids during trick or treat and throughout the season. >> big kids at heart helping other kids. >> ok. i need to drive by that. so a & j's hall wenal house is lit up every night up to halloween. they're expecting 1,500 trick or treaters. >> halloween is fast approaching. for some it was as early as this coming sats. and or app too. >> ben affleck's movie "the accountant" raked in $24 million. with the what now" came in with $21 million followed by "the girl on the train." >> i want to see all three of
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here for football. why aaron rodgers wasn't the only one to blame at lambeau field. >> one of the bright spots. dan need sls in next with big 12 sports but first here are tonight's winning lottery
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>> that hasn't changed. i said that before and i'll say it again. when he's sort of off from the expert's standpoint, it's still better than mine would. i look at it if i were starting a team who would i take? i would take aaron rodgers. >> that was before brett favre witnessed the second half of one of the worst starts of aaron
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lambeau field. yes, the quarterback was off but so was the entire offense. the green bay defense did not bathe itself in glory. >> the packer's top rank run defense had a tough time running down ezekiel elliott in the cowboy's rushing attack giving up 191 yads on the ground 20 more than in they're first four games of season combined. >> elliott was a tough back. we've had great bat past where take away two plays each game they don't have a lot of rushing yards and today they got one on us today. >> when you're playing against good team you can't take an inch or they'll take a mile and that es what hand today. >> giving up that 97-touchdown drive by the cowboys just before the half is what hurt them. >> things like that, that's where we have to get cleaned up a little bit. we didn't do that as well as we should be doing. special situations like
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>> with every game you've got to make necessary corrections and adjustments. there's no doubt about that. hayed that hair way at times. and, you know, whether it's winning one-on-one matchups or getting off blocks or finishing the play really, overall it wasn't good enough. >> and the players said it was dispinted to hear the fans in the stands boo them on their home field. they don't have much time to think about their loss against the cowboys that i t it you have and start focusing on the bears who they host on thursday night. >> as she mentioned a quick turnaround for both the packers and the bears. the bears are tied with the panthers and the 49ers for the worst record in the n.f.c. at 1-5. today at home against the jaguars they led a 16-7.
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a 51-go ahead touchdown. they lose 17-16. the lions won two in a row, despite a day from the ram's quarterback that's a touchdown pass to lance kendrick. but matt staffford had four touchdown passes to the line that one to golden state. the lions ended up win it. they win 31-28 to detroit. the bas despite two straight losses to ohio state ranked second in the a.p. poll and the michigan ranked third in the a.p. poll. wisconsin travels to iowa in a game they must win for a hope for a west division championship. there was this 68-yard by corey. he finished with 1 of 4 yards. easily the best performance of
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>> allow myself to be patient is what i said in the media earlier this week. and just working with those guys that's been there all season. i had to do my par and allow myself to be patient. a lot of holes to open up. today was one of the best days, i felt. and i just allowed the game to come to me. >> purdue has fired head football coach daryl hazell. the boilermakers just 9-33 since he took over in 2013. official announcement but reports last night that they have traded michael carter williams to the bulls for guard tony snell. they play on wednesday against indiana. game two of the national league championship series at wrigley field tonight and it was a pitcher's duel. kyle hendricks allowed one run. this home run by adrian gonzalez in the first inning. so the dodgers meanwhile clayton kershaw started wednesday.
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stashted tonight. did not allow any -- started tonight. did now allow in runs. the dodgers win 1-0. so the series is tied at one game apiece heading to los angeles for the next two games which starts tuesday. kevin harvick won today's nascar race. and kenseth finished ninth. >> after this wisconsin, i think wisconsin fans are just ready to move on. >> need something good to happen.
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>> it's still a little foggy. our fog advisory might continue until 3:00 a.m. notice your weather ahead, does feature some rain to the north tomorrow. don't rule out a nice shower but it is warm.
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mike: today, on "upfront" -- donald trump plans a new play in wisconsin. but is the state, and the election, still within his reach? i'll talk about the state of the trump campaign with one of his most prominent wisconsin supporters, milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. plus, after the election, what happens next for republicans? it's my question for republican congressman reid ribble. and, hackers try to breach state election systems. today on "upfront," what's being done to safeguard voting in wisconsin? announcer: covering the issues important to wisconsin, this is "upfront with mike gousha."


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