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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  October 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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they determined the robber, johnson i guess norlede officer's expands to stop and drop the gun. an officer was hit in his vest but survived. that officer was not wearing a body camera. neither were the two officers who shot johnson. the d.o.j. used other responding officers' body camera footage and images from inside the business plus witness statements to determine the officers were justified in the shooting. i covered the breaking news that night in may. the suspect johnson died at the scene. his partner in crime gregory rounds pled guilty to murder charges and he'll be charged next month. >> don -- donald trump is in green bay in evening. >> kent is there live. kent?
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supposed to be taking the stage here in about an hour. this is donald trump country in many regards. his second campaign rally in this building. the green bay market is where donald trump does his best. so this rally is very much about turning out the base and many of his supporters here turned out very early to hear from the candidate. they began lin venue, some before sun-up this morning. many said they'd been to several trump nominees but this is his first visit to wisconsin since his very public falling out with speaker paul ryan. he was uninviolent invited from an event in elkhorn nine days ago and he's been blasting ryan since then. >> i've never heard that he said they didn't like.
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20 days left in the election ready to see him. i feel like this is my last chance. i really want to meet the guy. >> i'm disappointed in paul ryan. he should be baking the nominee and doing everything he can to get him elected. >> it's unclear whether donald trump will lash out at paul ryan in front of this this evening. he's expected to walk out with sheriff david cloork. >> if you at home want to watch trump's entire speech from green bay held to wisn dwrom or our free app. we'll be live streaming his remarks and also watch for our reports at 6:00 and 10:00. >> hillary clinton was off the campaign trail. this morning former president
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behalf. he spoke to a crowd of clinton supporters in new hampshire. >> if you give her the keys to the truck, she'll open the back, put everybody on and drive us to a new mountaintop. >> clinton and trump will face offer in their final debate on wednesday. the hype contested u.s. senate race. tomorrow you'll have the chance to watch russ fine gold and ron johnsonat 1 at 8:30. we'd like to know what questions you'd like answerered during that detective. weigh in on our facebook page. >> tonight, one of the two men from the milwaukee area facing terror charges makes his first appearance in court. the pro are accused of supporting isis. video showed i don't say gross
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out of the federal courthouse in texas. prosecutors say conde and lulled lud were on their way to mexico trying to get papers to sierra or iraq. -- syria or iraq. they were arrested in central texas. ludke is also in texas awaiting a court hearing. if convicted, both face up to 20 years in prison. >> new tonight, a woman sexual assaulted garage attached to all of the law enforcement buildings as well as a museum. officers caught the suspect in the act? >> yeah, macarthur square is crawling with cops. tough milwaukee police department, the sheriff's office and the district attorney's office, making the daylight attack here in the parking garage a shock. >> something to think about.
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says he sees a lot theer at the milwaukee courthouse. >> a lot of strange people around. it's the courthouse. >> but last evening's attacks left when -- many who work here unsettled. prosecutors storm warninged 38-year-old rodney strowder with swauflt. after two from the district attorney's office found a woman in a a man with his pants down standing over her. according to a document, the two were acquainted. when she refused to have sex with her he dragged her into the stairwell and raped her. no one answered at strowder's apartment. neighbors were just learning of the arrest. >> in the chews garage.
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in the stairwell. mary habersetzer came here to court. the suspect -- the jail is right here at mccar -- macarthur square too. if convicted he faces up to 40 years in prison. >> the death of a 3-month-old baby is under investigation tonight. the milwaukee county million examiner says an autopsy w details on the cause of death are not being released. a family member tells us the girl's name is delysha. >> after a violent weekend in milwaukee, two are dead and several others hurt in eight different shootings. milwaukee police says this brings the number of homicides in milwaukee so far this year to 10 .
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milwaukee mayor's budget proposal is under consideration. may have barrett's $1.5 billion approach includes more money for police but won't result in new officers. 165 new officers will replace those expected to arrive. >> apt the end of 2007. 315 saumps are jibbling to -- to retire. not everyone will retire but i'm thinking we'll have at least 200 people that will retire. that means we'll have a gap. >> the -- it would translate to a $37 increase in taxes and fees for most families in milwaukee. what is wrong with the packers? >> dan needles is with us and
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both feeling the heat. >> rodgers turned the ball over four times, his offense did. mccarthy's play calling is also under fire. he talked about it today. >> this is a different team, a different season. i don't ever go into a draining camp where you pull up last season's game plan and erase the date and white it out. it's a different season. we have a different of players each and every week. we're going through a patch right now. we're going to get better, that's all i know. >> we're going to get better, that's all i know. mike mccarthy that. improvement needs to come quick by -- quickly, the packers host the bears thursday night. >> we were far from a record high too.
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at least over the southern half of our viewing area. temperatures would have been shyinger -- higher if we'd had the sun earlier in the day but it is 73 degrees right now. 88 in sheboygan. everybody else at least in the 70's. 0 in kenosha. just to show you how warm it is, just to the south of us, 87 in st. louis, 75 in kansas city. 90 in women that. how long continue before it starts turning back to fall? that's coming up. >> thank you. right after our news cast, we join world news with david muir. >> melinda davenport brings us behind the scenes. >> then, there's nearly no way of preventing it, but papering -- preparing for lice game plan. a look at what you need to do in
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plus -- >> with the recent string of warm temperatures, how the plants are reacting and -- reacting and how fall colors may be affected across the state. >> i'm ben wagner, focusing on cyber security. tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning, how quarter plans can play a role in protecting your private information.
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toya: many of you watch him every night on world news. tonight wisn goes behind the scenes of world news with david muir. patrick: back from new york. she sat down with david jacoby for a look at the story behind the headlines. >> this is abc "world news tonight." >> media critics have called david muir the one to watch. on this night, the abc news team is buzzing preparing for the broadcast. we are on the set of "world news tonight" with david muir. i talked to david about what this election means for politics
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>> we are bomb barded with information at a crazy pace in today's world and i do think this is the one place you can turn for half an hour at night and try to cut through it. >> "world news tonight" leads all other local and national newscasts. it had an average of nearly 37,000 families tuning in each night. now it's going to -- grown to nearly 50,000. a lot of those folks are keyed >> i think wisconsin is a very important state. we have battle grounds for a reason. they help determine the electoral college on election night. the fact that wisconsin didn't necessarily pick trump or clinton is reflective of a lot of people in this country. >> muir anchored formerly at our
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wcvb in boston. for the past two years, he's brought us news from the country and around the globe. >> so much of that is driven now by social media and by the viewers who tell us where i'm going next. >> all the while humble. crediting viewers with his success. >> everyone there with your news team, me linda, and everyone at home, i want to poich you can watch "world news tonight" with david muir at 5:30 right here on wisn 12. toya: a jump in life cases across our area. a cvs nurse paratieser says the first 48 hours after diagnosis are crucial. >> you clean every sheet in your house.
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wherever you're in contact with the lice. washing everything very thunderstorm in hot water. toya: she says it might even take a spew rounds of the lice shampoo to finally get rid of it. >> all new at 6:00 tonight. kathy mykleby is in the newsroom with a look. kathy: an interview request for slf david clarke leads to an plus -- >> halloween express has been scaring people for over 20 years. but do you know what scares me? prescription drugs. >> and a serious message from the owner of halloween express. how he's stepping up to end drug abuse. that's all new tonight at 6:00. dan delrn mark: thank you,
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talked to a naturalist at the waiver nature center about what we can expect the rest of the season. >> a few leaves have started to fall and the skyline is bursting with color but it sure doesn't feel like october. >> we get our really bright colors when we have good sugar production. the warm weather has reeked havoc with a lot of that. >> she tells us while sunlight is the most important factor in color change, temperatures and rain determine how early the leaves fall and how bright the colors get. typically're -- we're in the 60's this time of year but with the 2e789 near 0 today. a trees are confused too. >> a lot of the trees just lost their leaves. there wasn't anything to trig they are sugar production that makes the bright yellows and reds.
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ahead when it comes to our fall colors but even the pumpkins are feeling the affects. they basically get rotten faster. whether you love or hate the warm trend, it is changing in a big way by the end of the week. reporteding at the wehr nature center in franklin, i'm meteorologist lindsey slater. mark: it's not only warm out there, it's sticky as well. it feels like summer outside. >> kin of the year. >> no jackets, t-shirts? >> the kids were wearing t shirts yesterday. i had a tree that just decided it was time. every leaf came off in about two hours. it was like snow. we do have some nice fall color still across the area. we should be peak as we head
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7 with sunshine right now in milwaukee. dew points in the mid 60's, crazy stuff this time of year. 3 right now. pretty shot in re seen. this is a cool shot. look at the fog hang along the lakeshore. not unusual here. it's cooler lakeside than inland so we're seeing some fog forming as that were awayer air moves over the cooler areas of the lake. 69 in brookfield and there. 7 in watertown. 82 in jamesville. 80 right now in kenosha. feeling like summer. a reality check. one year ago today, the high was 51, the low was 33. the high today was 75 degrees and it was sticky. it can be a lot cooler. enjoy it while we have it.
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has been. you can actually get the rakes going because a lot of leaves are coming down. leaf raking forecast for tomorrow, not so much in the morning. wait until noon when things dry out. 6 degrees at 4:00 so if you have -- 6 degrees at 4:00 so if you have the day off tomorrow, you can go co--- do a little raking. the sprocket grass is still growing you can see where we have that clearing moving up to the north. the possibility of severe weather up to the north of us. that will stay north of us. this is where the warm front is located so all the storms stay there. throughout the night, i can't rule out an isolated shower. that's not going to last long. we start out with clouds with you that won't continue. tomorrow, more sunshine and won't be as sticky.
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average. 70 on tuesday, 67 on wednesday with partly cloudy skies. and look -- partly science. 53 -- sunny skies 53 for a high on thursday. keep in mind the average high is only in the 50's now. 59 is our average high and that goes down as the week goes on. 62 on sunday and 62 on monday. a few showers mixing in maybe from time for the most part, this is going to be a dry week so things will start to dry out after we had all the rain. >> coming up new at 10:00, a lot of stores are making a big deal about being closed for thanksgiving. tonight, the store bucking the trend to get shopping going even earlier. tonight, after several dayses of meningitis, what milwaukee is
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spreads. >> we have a pair of halloween headlines. >> first, you won't find a top halloween costume this year. the costume the store is phasing out. >> coming up, the contest feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. this is wisconsin. and this. and this. and this. full of good people who work hard. why let washington take our jobs and send them off to china and mexico? my opponent backs bad trade deals that export jobs, i'm going to close those loopholes and help small businesses in wisconsin grow and create jobs. for the folks who work hard... for the middle class raising a family...
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>> halloween is just two weeks away. toya: and tonight target is pulling c.p. clown masks from his store shelves. comes after clown scares across the country. the masks will no longer be available in stores or online. the decision was "made out of sensitivity to the problem at incident. the two clowns were arrested after scaring people all over town. we have the perfect contest for you. >> you can win a night in the fictional home of dracula in transylvania. the current owners have teamed up with air bnb. this will be the first time that anyone has slept in the castle since 1948. the acrossle was home to
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man who inspired the story of dracula. the winners can sleep in a coffin just like dracula. apparently no silver jewelry or garlic allowed as well. toya: no steaks, nothing. >> just show up with your suitcase. toya: hopefully you get to
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toya: here's a look at our prime-time live. it starts at 7:00 with an all-new dancing with the stars. "conviction" at 9:00 then 12 >> grilling weather out there. >> or put up christmas tree weather. >> you could do that too. >> you might as well do it while the weather is nice, i guess. >> it seems a little early. >> just because it's 0-something degrees is why it feels early. >> it was closing in on 80 degrees. >> i am not any less annoyed. >> it's all right. they were doing it well. it was good.
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>> anybody feel like this is a little soon?
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tonight, breaking news. melania trump, breaking her silence, on the audio of donald trump, what he said about women. and what she's now saying about her husband. also, the fbi, the state department, and one of hillary clinton's e-mails. was there an offer of quid pro quo? also tonight, the attack on a campaign headquarters. some calling it political terrorism. police now searching for a suspect. police officers targeted at a starbucks. >> man with a rifle, just tried to ambush us at starbucks. >> a suspect in body armor and the takedown here tonight. american troops helping the iraqis at this hour. the new and major assault on isis. u.s. airstrikes, and isis tonight, putting suicide bombers


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