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tv   12 News This Morning 430  ABC  October 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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ben: the road to the white house passing through wisconsin. what some of donald trump's supporters said in green bay overnight that's getting attention all across the country. melinda: plus, it could soon cost you more to drive in parts of southeast wisconsin. where you can go today to learn more about a controversial new fee proposal in milwaukee county. ben: but first, weather watch 12 as we take a live look outside. a mild morning in southeast wisconsin. how long summer-like temperatures will stick around. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's 4:30 on this tuesday, october 18th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. good morning, sal.
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these temperatures. 76 this morning. still 75 at the airport. cool front is just coming through right now and some cloudiness associated with the boundary. the winds shift from the northwest. we are not going to touch near 80 but close to 70 degrees. so you don't need the heat in the car this morning. back to 70. tdz a mix of sun and clouds this amp. light breezes and cooling tomorrow. >> thank you, sal. melinda: when you're on the go, take the weather watch 12 forecast with you. just download the wisn 12 news app. it's free for your smartphone or tablet. ben: now to commitment 2016 and the race for the white house. hillary clinton and donald trump will face off tomorrow in their final debate before the election. trump visited green bay last night and stirred up some controversy.
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obama administration of colluding with the fbi to protect clinton. it all stems from classified emails on her private email server. >> remember also that crooked hillary lied under oath to congress saying she had never sent or received classified information on her insecure server. ben: you can hear the crowd in green bay chanting lock her up. trump's campaign cancelled a second event in west allis. melinda: the crowd also took aim at house speaker paul ryan who is no longer campaigning on behalf of trump. before trump took the stage, his supporters chanted paul ryan sucks. trump spoke to abc news' tom llamas after the event in green bay. >> is paul ryan hurting you or helping you? >> well, i don't want to be knocking paul ryan. i think he could be more
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nominee. we are doing well i think we are gonna win the election. >> do you think he wants you to win? >> well, maybe not, because maybe he wants to run in four years or maybe he doesn't know how to win. maybe just doesn't know how to win. i mean, who can really know. melinda: you can hear more of that interview with trump today on "good morning america." it starts at 7:00 right after "wisn 12 news this morning." ben: right now, some celebrities are in wisconsin campaigning for hillary clinton. actors sean astin and wil wheaton were in milwaukee yesterday encouraging college students to vote for clinton. young voters in madison, oshkosh and green bay. a few years ago, astin filmed a movie here in milwaukee. melinda: now to the u.s. senate race. republican senator ron johnson and his democratic challenger russ feingold will debate today. their first contest against each other was back in 2010. johnson won that year ending feingold's bid for a fourth term. the senate debate starts at 8:30 tonight. you can watch it live right here on wisn 12 and also on the wisn
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wisconsin's voting requirements, especially the new voter id law, don't worry, you're not alone, and there will be some help leading up to election day. a federal judge has ordered the department of transportation to provide a cheat sheet explaining how to vote if you don't have a photo id. the page will be handed out to voters and voting advocacy groups. this comes after the dmv was accused of giving out conflicting information about how to vote. melinda: later today, you can weigh in on milwaukee county's budget. it includes a proposal to add a $60 wheel tax. that's one part of the 2017 budget plan proposed by county executive chris abele. today at 9:00 a.m., there will be a hearing at the mps administration building. there will be another public hearing on october 31st. ben: wisn 12 news time is 4:34. two milwaukee police officers are cleared of wrongdoing in a deadly shooting. tim, what can you tell us about this shooting? tim: it happened in may and now
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police were called to the o'reilly auto parts near 76th and mill after a report of a robbery. again, this was back in may. that's where burt johnson was shot and killed. state investigators examined the evidence and ruled that johnson fired at officers first. the officers fired back killing johnson. the officers who fired the shots were not wearing body cameras although other officers on the scene were. one officer was shot in the vest and survived. ben, back to you. >> tim, thanks. 4:35. >> an overnight prison break. >> how a huge group of inmates was able to get away. >> plus, rescue on lake michigan. a coast guard crew pulls a windsurfer to safety. the one item that helped save the man's live. >> then, a bittersweet side of halloween. why some kids aren't getting as
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i'm russ feingold and i approve this message.
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i want to do the hard work of improving the system so it works for middle class families. but in washington, senator ron johnson sides with big insurance. voting to make medicare a voucher program, forcing seniors to pay more for prescription drugs, and letting insurance companies deny coverage to cancer patients.
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>> 4:38 on this tuesday morning and looking at mitchell international airport and the
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no reason to leave town for a warm destination, it is warm today. the highs today around 70 degrees. cooler air is going to settle in for us. clouds are coming in from time to time. early temperatures 75 at the airport. the readings are going to fall back a little bit. >> sal, thank you. this is 43 at wells street near everything is looking good. 33 minutes though, this can't be right. we have to check this out. if we have to look into that. >> the coast guard comes to the rescue when a windsurfer gets stranded. >> he was stuck on lake michigan off the coast of illinois. luckily the man brought his cell phone with him.
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who called for help. the coast guard was able to get him to safety. officials say it could have ended badly if he didn't have that cell phone. ben: thieves in texas hit a pet store and get away with six puppies. melinda: store workers say the thieves chose those dogs because they're worth thousands, around $25 thousand total. the suspects were caught on camera pulling up to the store and then emptying the cages. the english bulldogs are very sensitive and store employees are concerned for their safety. >> do they have to drag it like that? >> this is awful. they're asking the thieves to do the right thing and bring them back. >> roads are drenched in south florida because of king tides. >> this is the view above miami beach where the tide hit its highest point of the year. this comes less than two weeks after hurricane matthew made landfall in florida causing major flooding. the tidal flooding happens every
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the national weather service is warning people to look out for rip currents and debris if they're heading to the beach. wisn 12 news time now is 4:40. >> changes to your next haunted house visit. >> coming up on "wisn 12 news this morning," what some attractions are doing differently because of the nationwide creepy crown craze. creepily clown craze. >> then, focusing on cyber security. how your friends can play a role in protecting your private information. paul and bongo march to a different beat. a very different beat. sfx: cymbals they break only for the 100% complete and balanced nutrition of meow mix cat food.
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it's time to turn things around. lower your blood sugar with invokana?. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana?. ask your doctor about it by name. sally: we are in at 4:44, tuesday morning. we are on the weatherwatch 12 camera network, the skies are partly cloudy and the temperatures are mild. there are a couple of showers central and north in the state and we are watching the wind shift to come out of the
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still 71 at madison. 75 at the airport. 60 lacrosse. the temperatures are going to fall back a little bit this morning. very pleasant weather on deck. the highs today to around 70. ben. >> thank you, sal. 4:45. ben: right now, a battle going on to liberate an iraqi city from isis. wisn 12 news' tim elliott is following the latest developments in mosul. tim. tim: iraqi and kurdish forces are working together to advance on mosul in northern iraq. the of isis for more than a year. the u.s. military is providing air support to the iraqi military. retaking mosul is a massive operation. it could take weeks or months. this is the biggest challenge taken on by the iraqi military since american forces left several years ago. after one day of fighting, kurdish forces have pushed the front line back about five miles. today they hope to get even
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ben: right now, the pentagon says there are americans in harm's way as part of the mosul operation. officials say they're doing everything they can to keep them safe. >> there are specific steps that have been taken and protocols are in place for us to try and reduce the risk to americans. these are iraqis and we are playing a support role. ben: ac are also americans in other parts of iraq who may be in danger right now. but officials say they will continue to play a support role for iraqi forces. melinda: military forces are planning to hit pause in aleppo for just eight hours. russian and syrian militaries say they will stop attacking rebel forces for eight hours on thursday. that will allow civilians to get out of the city safely. aleppo has been under siege for more than a year and many civilians have paid the price. u.s. officials say this pause is too little too late. >> the un has announced a ceasefire in yemen where rebels
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odds. un officials say both sides have agreed to a 72-hour ceasefire going into effect at midnight in yemen. the ceasefire could be extended depending on more negotiations. the un is planning to deliver humanitarian assistance to civilians during that ceasefire. ben: new this morning, a pipeline construction site in iowa has been hit by arsonists. three bulldozers and one excavator were destroyed by the flames. they were being used to build the bakken oil pipeline. it's the second time this site has been hit by arsonists. officials say this fire caused about $2 million in damage. melinda: new this morning, a bizarre prison break in brazil. riots broke out at a prison psychiatric hospital near sao paolo. the rioters set fire to the building and in the chaos many inmates escaped. officials haven't said yet how many people are on the run. more than 500 inmates live at the facility. ben: it's been a good week for moon lovers, first the
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moonbow. never heard of this before. a man spotted it in the sky over northern england and snapped this photo. melinda: i love that. over the moon bow. melinda: it's an exciting morning here at wisn 12 news. ben: our team is nominated for six emmy awards by the chicago-midwest chapter of the national academy of television arts and sciences. congratulations, melinda, for your nomination! melinda: thank you! got nominated for interactivity. it is for the things behind the cast. wisn 12 was also nominated for spot news, our special "steven avery" program and also awards
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garbaciak, and mark baden. so exciting and so proud. sally: yes, it is the work we do every day that makes a difference. a little frosting on the cake for us. early today, you know, close to 80 during the evening. it was breezy and hot. 76 degrees when i got up this morning. right now 75 degrees. we check out the updated temperatured. a couple of showers to the north. that is where the moisture is. the atmosphere is really stable overall. we are warm from top to bottom. i don't expect activity except a couple of clouds with the cool front. the winds southwest at 17 and gusting up to 25 miles per hour. the skies are fair.
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65 there. 68 waukesha. 75 airport. 74 degrees racine. the temperatures will fall a bit. even still, 50s and 60s across minnesota, iowa and the dakotas. not a lot of cold air with this boundary. i think we get in on the afternoon sun. this is 5:00. the temperatures hold in the upper 60s to afternoon. tomorrow increaing clouds and the temperatures in the 60s. we fall back to the 50s moving closer to the weekend. so i will hold the temperatures morning temperatures at right around 70 for much of the day. 52 tonight. 67 tomorrow. we move to the weekend and for now it is looking dry.
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upper 50s and low 60. ben: this morning, we're learning more about the attack on a gop office in north carolina. melinda: wisn 12 news' tim elliott is following the latest details. tim? tim: officials have been able to narrow the timeframe of that firebombing thanks to a 911 call. now we know it happened after midnight on sunday morning. the firebombing caused damage to the building and supplies inside. the vandals even left graffiti on a nearby building comparing republicans to nazis. now volunteers are working to regroup. they salvaged what they could from the building and they're now setting up shop outside. officials are still investigating trying to find the people responsible. back to you. melinda: north carolina governor pat mccrory paid a visit to the gop office yesterday. he says he's enlisting every resource to find the people who carried out the firebombing.
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on the other party, instead, he said it was carried out by an anarchist. donald trump was quick to blame clinton supporters on twitter. ben: trains are once again running at a hoboken train station less than a month after a deadly train crash. the station resumed its full service yesterday for the first time. it's still undergoing repairs. the crash happened late last month. a train rammed through a passenger concourse killing one person. more than 100 others were hurt. >> new this morning, a pennsylvania man is sentenced to four months in prison after stealing a bottle of advil. 51-year-old david springer was arrested after pocketing the medicine inside a grocery store. police say this was the 12th time he was caught shoplifting. a judge ruled that springer is a threat to society because he keeps stealing. melinda: a haunted house in ohio is cutting down on their creepy clowns. they aren't eliminating clown costumes but they're asking the actors to take it easy and not to leave the building in
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clown sightings across the country and even some crimes committed by people in costume. so this year the clowns at this haunted house will have less to do. the manager says the clown actors didn't mind the changes. >> don't worry about getting the customers in the parking lot. he looked at me, yeah, that is a good idea. everyone knows about it, that is probably the best idea. the clown sightings aren't keeping people away from haunted attractions. this haunted house is set to have record sales this year. ben: new this morning, showing preferential treatment to certain trick-or-treaters. nearly a quarter of adults admit that they give extra candy to kids who are dressed in their favorite costumes. that's according to a recent survey. the results also showed that animal costumes are the top candy getters followed by
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melinda: trick-or-treat is fast approaching! in some local communities, it's as early as this coming saturday! get the costumes. you can find times for your neighborhood on our website and mobile app. >> how early to buy the candy? melinda: new this morning, october is "national cyber security awareness month". it's a good time for a digital checkup to make sure your private information is safe. be smart about your passwords. the strength is more important than how often you actually change it. second, focus on the log-ins. >> there is email notification and it notifies if you a new
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account or unknown device, it is like a car alarm. there is something we call verifying the log-ins and what i found out i was logged in on two browsers and two apps. >> that happens to me a lot. count on your friends and family as well, trusted contacts can access code. >> keeping your teens safe on the road. >> what parents are asked to do differently this week. >> plus, trying to decide what is the coolest thing made in the
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>> if you are feeling stressed about the presidential election, you are not alone. melinda: i am stressed about how long we have to work that day. that is going to be a long day. recent survey from the american psychological association suggests more than half of americans feeling anxious about the election.
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coverage plays a part in the election stress and made worse by the arguments, stories and images and video on social media. ben: a new warning by the american heart association, be on guard for potentially harmful drug interactions. if you are taking cholesterol lowering drugs should talk to their doctors before taking heart medications. melinda: you should wait until after 30s for cervical screenings if you have had the vaccine. wisn 12 news time now is 5:00.
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>> good morning. thank you for being with us. melinda: i'm melinda davenport. right now on "wisn 12 news this morning", a body is found during a search for a wisconsin boy missing in texas. >> rematch in u.s. senate race. >> traffic watch. we are beginning with sally severson. sally: i like the morning with the temperatures in the 60s and 70s. the bus stop weather though the temperatures are going to fall back and hovering 66-70 for much of the day. a few clouds this morning as a cool front is coming through. the cool front is just pulling into the southeast corner of the


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