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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  October 18, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CDT

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>> good morning. thank you for being with us. melinda: i'm melinda davenport. right now on "wisn 12 news this morning", a body is found during a search for a wisconsin boy missing in texas. >> rematch in u.s. senate race. >> traffic watch. we are beginning with sally severson. sally: i like the morning with the temperatures in the 60s and 70s. the bus stop weather though the temperatures are going to fall back and hovering 66-70 for much of the day. a few clouds this morning as a cool front is coming through. the cool front is just pulling into the southeast corner of the
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the north woods. 69 madison. 67 watertown. 68 waukesha. we'll settle for 70 today. the lows tonight in the 50s. we keep the dry look going as well. matt? >> they have done overnight construction and being picked up as we speak. looking good curve. a little slow here passing state fair park. the travel times... back to you. ben: election day is three weeks from today.
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wisconsin. johnson is challenged by feingold. there is a debate tonight on wisn 12. thema is live for us in milwaukee with a look ahead. good morning, thema. reporter: good morning, ben. before you make a choice on election day, you can see russ and ron debate here. johnson and against each other in 2010. johnson ran that year. now, feingold is trying to get the senate seat back. tonight is a partnership between wisn 12 and the marquette university law school and we are working around the clock to get the hall ready for the broadcast. it is 8:30 tonight on wisn 12, and watch it on the free wisn 12
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paying close attention to the wisconsin senate race. that helps to determine which party will have control in congress. ben: watch the debate tonight on wisn 12 and the coverage is 8:30. melinda: donald trump is drawing big crowds in green bay, but his wife is getting the headlines this morning. we are interview with mrs. trump. >> i was surprised because that is not the man that i know. >> mrs. trump is speaking out to cnn after the tape was leaked.
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language is inappropriate and not acceptable. >> she was asked about the women coming forward accusing of him assault. >> believe it is organized by the opposition. >> people that have died ten years ago are still voting. >> and blasting hillary clinton as >> tl investigation of that is not accurate. >> the state department and fbi is saying no deal ever occurred. in washington, "wisn 12 news this morning." >> thank you.
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tomorrow in las vegas. the coverage starts at 8:00. >> families restoring hope in the sherman park neighborhood. that is a focus at a meeting tonight. the organizers want the people to have a safe place to share concerns about the events in august. the group is coming up with plans to show case the positivity. the meeting is perk coffee shop. >> a body is pulled from the gulf of mexico in texas in the same area where a wisconsin teen went missing over the weekend. tim? >> we have been keeping in touch with the station in texas. this is the website here. the police have not identified the body. it was found yesterday afternoon, but we know a 13-year-old wisconsin boy went
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the 13-year-old and his brothers were swimming and had a hard time getting back to shore. only two of the boys got out of the water. the police sent out crews to look for the boy. a woman that was walking on the beach saw a body in the water and she and other people brought the body to shore. once the officials in texas identify that body, we'll bring you the reporting live from the news room. >> tim, thank you. it is a major concern for every parent, keeping your teen safe belined the wheel. this week is national teen driver safety week. hillary mintz is live in milwaukee and d.o.t. is saying increased risks for teens getting into accidents. >> the big reason, it is a problem, a lot of adults have,
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wheel. this week take the minutes to talk to your teen about the safe driving habits. last year in wisconsin, 37 teenagers were killed in traffic crashes, 5500 injured. the d.o.t. is saying newer drivers have a tendency to speed and drive aggressively. the risk of crashes goes up with friends in the car and there are state laws limiting the number of passengers in the car for the teen drivers under the age of 18. and put the phone down and show the kids, it is safer to have both of your hands on the wheel. we are live in milwaukee, "wisn 12 news this morning." >> hillary, thank you.
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harley davidson muse seem. it is pairing the meats, buy son, wild boar and gator. the tickets are available. call the restaurant ahead of time. >> maybe it is the beer, maybe the brats, maybe the bikes, today we find out what the coolest thing made in wisconsin is. over the last month, the contest to choose the coolest thing made in wisconsin. si think it is our floor director. today the winner is announced during a state of wisconsin luncheon. the list included 200 items to choose from, food and machines
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very cool. i think it is the beer. i don't know. that is what we are known for. >> it is so tough. >> the cheese. the brats. >> how about the coolest meal. >> all together. >> sal, what do you think? sally: the combat ships. not many people do that. it is fun to find out. where is autumn, well not here and certainly not today. yesterday the temperatures into the upper 70s to near 80. windy and warm much of the night. we are windy and warm. we have been spoiled. since august 1, '85% of the days
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matt? >> pretty quiet across the system. we are looking good out there. 43 and brown deer, no sweat here. things are rolling smoothly. light volume. we told you about the closure, and re-opened and the delay is gone. so things are back to normal and looking good out there. everything back in the green, just ten minutes into that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. bail is set at a million dollars for a man accused of stabbing a couple inside of their apartment in northern wisconsin. tim is in the news room with the latest information. tim. tim: the suspect is 19-year-old vance reed, he was arrested for the murders of the couple. they were killed last month in
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investigators say that reed was drinking at the couple's home and got into a fight with the husband and stabbed him. then he killed her when she came out of the bedroom. reed is expected to be in court on thursday. >> tim, thank you. 5:11. helping your family members if they become seriously sick. what uber and lyft are doing in hundreds of cities. >> the stage, the milestone a
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>> welcome back to "wisn 12 news this morning." 5:14. i am mixing up my words, it is so warm out there.
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yesterday. we are forecasting high of 54 on thursday. the kids are in short sleeves yesterday and still without a jacket today. today's high 70. a weak cool front is coming through. 68 waukesha right now. 73 at the airport. the cool front is coming through with a couple of clouds. >> we are running smoothly now across the system. 43, 94 oklahoma avenue. a couple of cars are through the frame. north shore, into downtown 43 southbound, 13 minutes. travel times... no crashes on the system. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. ben: thank you, matt. today is day two of the battle in mosul, iraq. tim, the u.s. lead coalition is
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isis? tim: yes, isis has controlled that city for a couple of years now. it is no northern iraq. the pentagon officials say that the forces met the objectives so far and ahead of schedule, but the military leaders are worning that the offensive is a difficult process and taking a long time back to you. melinda: a cease fire is announced in yemen. now the u.n. announced the 72 hour truce last night and starting just before mid night on wednesday and this allows the aid, including food, medicine and water to be delivered to to civilians caught in the cross fire. >> ride hailing services like
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transportation to cancer patients. yesterday the vice president sat down with president obama to give a report on the progress of the cancer moon shot initiative. in that report, news that lyft is giving credits to patients so they can get free transportation to and from treatments. uber hopes to connect millions of patients to rides and hoping to vaccines and tests and increase the survival rates. >> i am confident that we'll be able to accomplish in the next few years, i am confident that we are going to find new protection techniques. >> there are a number of others getting in on the project and working to way to store the
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>> new this morning, a show stopping comeback for randy travis. >> he suffered a stroke three years ago and shocked the audience by singing when inducted in the hall of fame. ?? >> the 57-year-old singer honored for the first country artist for the album going to platinum in the first year. also inducted was charlie daniels and fred foster. travis is known for the songs i told you so, deeper than the holler, and forever and ever amen.
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a child. i had to have him playing on a tape in my room. >> incredible voice to listen to. good for him. glad he had the courage to sing. you can wear the short sleeves one more day. today is mild for october. the cooler air is filtering in. a few clouds from time to time. but we are you will need to water the garden mums. we have a couple of showers in the north woods. a cool front is coming through now and with it, a few clouds. i saw a beautiful moon overnight. i do anticipate a couple of extra clouds. the temperatures 73 at the airport. 72 chicago. 64 des moines. 53 minneapolis. not terribly cold, but cooler.
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readings have been falling just a bit. when i came this morning 76. now 73. upper 60s waukesha, madison. low 70s racine and kenosha. we fall back just a little bit. the model is trying to get sprinkles going. 5:00 this afternoon, nice ridge of high pressure is settling in. dry tonight. we look at the lows wednesday is offering a fair amount of clouds. we look at the cooler air coming in aloft in the atmosphere and helping to create some extra cloudiness. so for today, 70. still quite mild. 52 tonight. 67 tomorrow. the temperatures fall throughout the day tomorrow. we reach into the 50s for thursday and friday.
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melinda: thank you, sal. something new for the u.s. military. ben: a jet painted pink. >> pet shop heist, a half dozen puppies stolen and why they have
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melinda: good morning white fish looking good. wisn 12 is visiting classrooms throughout southeast wisconsin throughout the school year. ben: if you are interested in a visit, head to and click on the school shout out home page and we'll try to schedule a time to get out to classroom to say hello. 5:24. new this morning, a successful launch for nasa.
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are on the way up to international space station. >> as you can see it is lifting off to deliver the supplies and science to the international space station. ben: she's so cool. melinda: yes. the rocket took off from virginia. no problems. the launch was delayed first for the h issue. the cargo ship will be arriving to the space station on sunday morning. >> a fighter jet painted pink. it is on display in corpus christi, texas. >> that is cool.
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media. mel z is three things to do, and paying more to drive in milwaukee county. where to go to give feedback on a controversial proposal. ben: a $4 mistake leaves to serious scombral jail time, why a shoplifter is label add threat to society this morning.
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they say a lot of things about rain. like how hard it's gonna fall. the things it does to your parade. we've got a saying about rain, too: when it rains... it roars. the all-wheel-drive charger. domestic. not domesticated. now get 20% off msrp cash allowance for an average
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ben: the road to the white house passing through wisconsin. supporters said in green bay overnight that's getting attention all across the country. melinda: plus, it could soon cost you more to drive in parts of southeast wisconsin. where you can go today to learn more about a controversial new fee proposal in milwaukee county. ben: but first, weather watch 12 as we take a live look outside. a mild morning in southeast wisconsin. how long summer-like temperatures will stick around. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda: and i'm melinda
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it's 5:30 on this tuesday, october 18th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. sal? sally: we were just one degree off the record yesterday. we made it up to 80 degrees. the temperatures this morning are mild. you are seeing 74 port. 73 milwaukee and racine. 72 kenosha. a few degrees cooler inland and cooler in the dells. cool front just making its through. it is quite blustery along the lake. the winds out of the northwest. we see a northwest breeze today 8-16 miles per hour. temperatures will fall back between 66 and 70. we call for a mix of sun and clouds and staying dry in spite of the cool front coming through and we talk about the cooler air for tomorrow. now to matt salemme on the way to news chopper 12.


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