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tv   WISN 12 News at 6PM  ABC  October 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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teens from the stolen car. but two teenage girls were found hiding near here and our 12 news , photographer was there when they were arrested. we've blurred the faces of the two teenage girls captured by police in milwaukee overnight. a 12 news photographer was there when officers found them hiding in bushes not far from where the stolen car they were riding in crashed. and this is squad video from greenfield police. the officer says the teen passed him heading in the opposite direction on forest home, speeding at roughly 80 miles per hour. >> vehicle is now fleeing from him. so when he was able to catch up and get a little closer he activated his emergency lights, his siren, per our police. the vehicle continued to accelerate away from him. the greenfield police officer followed the teen driver for several miles winding their way , on residential streets. eventually the teens raced past miller park just moments before they crashed their stolen ride . the squad video shows four suspects running away. >> auto thefts and carjackings are a problem that we've been
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was stolen sunday night from west brown deer road east of boundary road. >> it takes more than just the police to solve this problem. >> we are back live. police say the teens reached speeds around 90 miles per hour before they crashed right here. thankfully there weren't a lot , of drivers on the road and no one got hurt. patrick: also developing tonight a stolen car crashes into an , east side milwaukee bar. the car hit jack's american pub at arlington and bradyun 230 a.m. this morning. police were not chasing it at the time. officers say they spotted the car 30 minutes earlier, but it sped away. the car was stolen last week on milwaukee's south side. one person was arrested. no one was hurt. the bar has minor damage. kathy: breaking news, a state corrections officer charged with shooting a woman outside a milwaukee nightclub. a criminal complaint just filed says 22-year-old lillie jones and the woman got into an argument inside the onyx nightclub near 31st and villard
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woman outside the club. at last check, the victim was in critical condition. 12 news has learned jones works at taycheedah corectional institution in fond du lac. patrick: the other big story we are following tonight the , state justice department is looking into whether a democratic wisconsin activist violated state election law. that operative was seen in an undercover video apparently bragging about inciting violence at republican rallies. scott foval claimed to have big connections to the clinton campaign and claimed to have arranged for troublemakers to including a governor walker appearance in iowa. >> i am not intimidated by you, sir. patrick: foval is accused of sending in groups of protesters to the iowa state fair in august of 2015 as walker was running for president. walker made headlines when he confronted those protesters.
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>> this videotape is proof positive that they were not just disruptions. patrick: 12 news is working to get permission to show the video taken and released by the conservative group, project veritas. as for the operative scott foval he has been fired. he released a statement calling , the videos a 'ruse', saying conversations'. kathy: we're getting our first look at the local mom accused of pimping her own daughters. the girls were rescued as part of a large human trafficking bust this weekend. paula whittaker is being held in the kenosha county jail after being arrested last night. whittaker was among 23 people arrested in wisconsin as part of a massive nationwide sting operation aimed at the sexual exploitation of children. the milwaukee man receives a reward for helping find the $25,000 people responsible for the death of a five-year-old girl. jailhouse informant antoine buchanan got the check today
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following the shooting death of laylah petersen. she died nearly two years ago when a stray bullet hit her while she was sitting on her grandfather's lap. patrick: the attorney for one of two waukesha girls accused of trying to kill their classmate to please the fictional character slender man wants his client's videotaped confession thrown out. {patrick/vo} in a motion filed in waukesha county court, morgan geyser's lawyer argued she was too young and had not been treated for schizophrenia when she was inteat geyser and anissa weier have both pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease. new tonight police need your , help finding this man they say robbed a walgreens just west of downtown milwaukee. you can see the suspect clearly on the surveillance camera posted at the front door of the store on 35th and wisconsin. police say the armed robbery took place around 3:00 this morning. if you recognize him, police want to hear from you. kathy: the city of brookfield denies a liquor license request
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total wine and more plans to open its first wisconsin location next month. they wanted a class b liquor license, which would allow them to host tastings and serve customers in the store. but brookfield's common council will only grant them a class a license, the same as any liquor store. the council only has one b license available, and they want to save it for future businesses. >> very disappointed. >> it is incredibly important to us to track economic development. that is the one area in which we can expand our tax base, so i am pleased with the decision tonight. kathy: the new store will open november 10. looking ahead, good news for drivers who use the zoo interchange. both zipper merges will be going away by the end of next month. the department of transportation tells 12 news the zipper merge on eastbound 94 in brookfield will be gone by thanksgiving.
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894 in west allis will a few be -- will be a few weeks before that. patrick: commitment 2016 coverage. with less than three weeks until election day, a new poll shows democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton with a seven point lead over republican rival donald trump among voters in the poll, done by monmouth university, finds clinton ahead of trump, 47% to 40%. we are just two hours away from the final presidential debate. this is a live picture from the debate hall in las vegas where hillary clinton and donald trump will square off one last time before election day. aixa diaz is live in las vegas. aixa, what can we expect tonight? >> we have six topics tonight, but we also know there are controversies linking both
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you have multiple women accusing donald trump of sexually abusing them. this all came out after the last debate. the women had not come for yet and made these allegations. donald trump has been saying this election is rigged. hillary clinton's campaign is dealing with the wikileaks hack. some -- this election has been pretty unpredictable. patrick: we have seen two different strategies from the candidates leading up to this debate? >> that's right. donald trump has been visible on the campaign trail the past week . he had two rallies yesterday in colorado. hillary clinton has not held in
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fundraisers. she has been staying home to practice for the debate. trump presidency is been saying her absence means she needs to rest had that she has been sleeping the whole time. we will see if either strategy pays off of the candidates. patrick: thank you. abc news will have live coverage of tonight's debate, starting at 8:00 right here on wisn 12. george stephanopolous anchors the coverage from las vegas. you can also watch the debate mobile app. kathy: donald trump's daughter will campaign for her father in wisconsin tomorrow. ivanka trump will meet with voters in wauwatosa at the crowne plaza hotel at 12:30. she'll then head to eau claire 48 2:30 p.m. rally. newly leaked emails reveal wisconsin senator tammy baldwin was on hillary clinton's short list of possible running mates. those emails from clinton campaign chairman john podesta to clinton were part of a series of hacked emails disclosed by wikileaks. the email was sent last spring.
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today about the list. she told us she had no communication with the clinton campaign about being her running mate. >> i had no idea. i was just as surprised as anyone to see my name on a list of perspective vice presidential nominees. hillary clinton 's collective the perfect running mate in tim kaine. kathy: also on the list according to the email, new jersey senator cory booker and housing secrertary julian castro. patrick: tonight, only on 12 news at 10:00 a guard in racine , county jail attack and it's , all caught on camera. the surveillance video you'll only see right here. then, one of the big cell phone companies is fined millions of
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company misled customers and the way you might be able to take advantage. that's tonight at 10:00. kathy: new at 6:00 cutting out , the middle man when it comes to finding a job. more than 800 people looking for work showed up at the milwaukee career expo at state fair park. put on by the state department of workforce development, the job fair featured 100 employers with 3,000 positions available. the fair gave those looking for jobs a chance to speak directly to the companies hiring. the expo opened 30 minutes early for veterans. >> i think that is a great opportunity for the veterans. special privileges, but it's nice they were able to do that. kathy: those attending the job fair did have to pre-register. patrick: it is a warm, october day. toya: it will come to an end though. mark: it will. falling back into the 40's. how much colder we will get, next in weatherwatch 12. >> these students are learning how to save lives one compression at a time.
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, what happened to the admirals mascot roscoe when he tried to
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i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. on healthcare, russ feingold will work with both parties to lower premiums and cut health care taxes. i want to do the hard work of improving the system so it works for middle class families. but in washington, senator ron johnson sides with big insurance. voting to make medicare a voucher program,
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erage to cancer patients. senator johnson - hurting wisconsin families. kathy: new at 6:00, our first
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underwent a $6.3 million facelift over the summer. one part was paid for by the wisconsin center district, the other by the arena's new tenant, the milwaukee admirals. the admirals moved across the street from their old home, the bmo harris bradley center. the renovations include new locker rooms, concession stands, restrooms and all new seats. , the ticket lobby has been redone to a throwback to the 1950's. >> they help the bring this building back to a great venue. we brought it to where it brings back the history of the arena. patrick: the admirals will hold a free skate tonight to show off the renovated arena. just bring your own skates and test out the new ice the players haven't even skated on yet. controversy tonight over the ho-chunk's plan to expand their casino in wittenberg, southeast of wausau. the stockbridge-munsee and menominee tribes say the ho-chunk's plan goes against the criteria the governor used to
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the ho-chunk says the state doesn't have the power to intervene because the tribe is staying within the rules set by the gaming compact. kathy: a new law requiring all wisconsin students to be trained in cpr goes into effect next school year. new tonight, wisn 12 news tim elliott takes us to a hands-on class showing students how to save lives. >> and you're going to push down hard and fast. >> lieutenant dan tyk with the north shor intermediate school -- >> so if you're hearing that click that means you're pushing deep enough. >> what it takes to get a heart back in rhythm. >> i know it's fun and it's hands on, but please take this seriously because honestly the skills you learn today can make a difference in someone's life. >> the method, hands only cpr. >> they are going to learn the importance of the compressions without doing the mouth-to-mouth.
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education teacher and says this is an invaluable lesson for these eighth-graders. now in addition to learning the hands only cpr method these students are also learning how to use the aed device. this device gives patient a much high chance of survival. >> you really never know when you are going to need it. >> nate vuyk is one of 150 students at shorewood intermediate taking the class. >> i learned that you need to use your hands and push as hard as you can even if you break some ribs or something. >> and it's not just students. paramedics want to see everyone announcer: >> and it's not just students. paramedics want to see everyone brushing up on their cpr skills, just in case. >> our goal really is to get as
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mark: if you like it warm, we haven't had any cold air. even what we are getting is not that crazy. the daylight hours are getting shorter and shorter. 61 degrees right now. dew point low, dry air in place, and that will keep us from getting rain showers tonight. to lambeau field we go. 52 degrees. the packers game is tomorrow night. 46 at halftime.
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unusual. the cold front comes in tonight and we go from the 70's back down to the 50's, but this will not last all that long. 60's almost everywhere. alcorn 59. through the evening, temperatures fall back through the 50's and 40's. there's not a bit warm up as sunshine. temperatures only in the 50's with the northwest wind bringing in cooler air. friday morning, round one of frost potential. another will be saturday morning. friday afternoon, barely getting to 50 degrees, so kicking in the fall color as this cold air moves in. it is past the cup north. we are looking good around here. the weekend will shape up nicely
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18 days away from daylight savings time coming to an end. the election is thankfully 20 days away. we are getting there. thanksgiving is 36 days of away. that is not an endorsement of any candidate whatsoever. do not send me any tweaks. thank you. as we look at the radar, you can see to the south of us that that is where the rain showers are located. nasty weather in cincinnati. potential for good rotation on some storms earlier. we take you into our area. it is quiet. we are a ok. mainly cloudy throughout the evening and overnight hours, then we clear it out tomorrow. friday, more sunshine, but on the cool side. eyes back in the 50's. saturday, upper 50's.
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amount of sunshine in the forecast, partly sunny skies. not bad on monday at 60. showers on tuesday. most of the forecast is looking dry. eyes back into the 60's one week from today, which is average. the average highs 58 degrees. kathy: thank you. we will take it. patrick: we showed you earlier the new renovations to the arena. kathy: while our crew was shooting the story, the admirals mascot had a little mishap. roscoe ripped the back of his jersey trying to slide down the bannister. not a good idea. roscoe was bummed, but the good news is he needed a new jersey anyway because this one had an old brewers patch on it. patrick: the old patch. all right, well having enough jersey's is not a problem for the packers. dan: know, they might not have enough healthy bodies to fill the roster for tomorrow night's game. the most prominent players who
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plus, the reputation of the greek freak continues to grow. the honor that nba general managers bestowed upon the bucks star. his reaction. it's all next in big 12 sports. announcer: don't be tricked by the weather. treat yourself to our area's most accurate forecast on wisn 12's mobile app.
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? dan: a whopping seven packers have been ruled out for tomorrow night's game against the bears, including starters eddie lacy, damarious randall, and quinten rollins. they are thin at running back, cornerback, and even wide receiver. jared abbrederis is out. davante adams is questionable. the offense has scored on four of their five opening drives this season, but they are averaging just 1.8 points per possession after that. that won't cut it. they can't afford another clunky performance against the bears. >> i need to be as accurate as i know i can be and we need to be as detailed as we can be on the route so we are on this page and can distant. >> we always talk about
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>> i honestly don't know. i haven't tried to dissect that are anything. a get on top of it as soon as possible. -- if you want to get on top of it as soon as possible. dan: the bucks wrap up their preseason tonight at the bradley center. newly acquired shooting guard tony snell is unlikely to play tonight because of an ankle injury. picks thon maker and malcolm brogdon should see plenty of action. giannis is slated to start, and the greek freak is having an excellent preseason, averaging over 20 points per game and shooting 58% from the floor. yesterday, the giannis was named the top international player by nba general managers. >> it's an honor. they told me yesterday.
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hard. dan: one other bucks note, as expected, they have exercised the fourth-year contract option on jabari parker, who is in line for a big extension next year. finally, this was marquette media day the first look at , steve wojciechowski's third golden eagles squad. henry ellenson is gone, but this team might be better than last season. >> i think we can be a much better balance team. i don't think we will have -- i think we have a chance to 4-5 guys be double figure scorers, so i think offensively we can be better balanced. dan: and the indians just beat the blue jays 3-0 to win the alcs in five games. cleveland is heading to the world series. what a night for cleveland. patrick: a halloween tradition returns to wisn 12 just 30 minutes from now. keep your tv tuned right here at 7:00 for the classic "it's the
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terror at 7:30. then stay tuned for abc news live coverage of the final presidential debate at 8:00 right here on wisn 12. kathy: get ready for often. mark: temperatures will be
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? ? inside brad pitt's new visit with his kids. is his oldest son refusing to see him? >> it's his way of showing he is aligned with his mom. scolding his own fans? plus, sarah jessica parke "sex on the city feud." what she's saying about one co star now. >> will drive me bananas. >> and cher at 70, her life today. our rare interview with the music legend after the death rumors.


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