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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  October 19, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm CDT

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by discredited conservative activist james o'keefe suggest it was democratic operatives, hired political activists, working in coordination with the dnc, to instigate violence and incite reactions at trump rallies. and in one of the undercover videos, scott foval, a subcontractor for a dnc hired firm called democracy partners, supposedly explains just how he does it. >> there's a script. there's a script of engagement. sometimes the crazies bite, and sometimes the crazies don't bite. the media will cover it no matter where it happens. the key is initiating the conflict by having leading conversations with people who are naturally psychotic. i mean, honestly, it is not hard to get some of these -- pop off.
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it's a matter of showing up, ', to want to get into the rally, in a planned parenthood t-shirt, or trump is a nazi, you know. you can message to draw them out, and draw them to punch you. >> according to the undercover videos, it was this man the democratic national committee turned to organize the work. bob creamer is the husband of illinois congresswoman jan schakowsky. he's part of a group called democracy partners, and he, too, was caught on undercover video. here explaining how he was hired by the democratic national committee to stage counter demonstrations and press conferences wherever the trump campaign showed up. wherever trump and pence are gonna be, we have events, and we have a whole team across the country that does that. both consultants and people from the democratic party and the democratic party apparatus and people from the campaign, the
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the campaign is to manage all that. >> creamer stepped down from the campaign today and announced his subcontractor, scott foval, was no longer working for his firm. both the dnc and the clinton campaign deny any coordination with anything involving the incitement of violence. creamer himself told cnn his former contractors were committing barroom talk, insisting none of what is being described by foval ever actually happened. "we regret the unprofessional and careless hypothetical conversations that were captured on hidden cameras of a regional contractor for our firm. he is no longer working with this." the clinton campaign response, "while project veritas has been known to offer misleading video out of context, some of the language and tactics referenced in the video are troubling even as a theory or proposal never
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national committee's appropriate action addressing this matter and look forward to continue waging a campaign of ideas worthy of our democratic process." james o'keefe is a convicted criminal, they add, with a history of doctoring video to advance his ideological agenda. patrick: foval is from wisconsin. he's seen on video, claiming protesters were planted at a rally for governor walker at the iowa state fair last year, as walker was running for president. >> i am not intimidated by you, sir, or by anyone else. [applause] patrick: walker made national headlines when he confronted those protesters at the time. today, he called the videos really sad. >> it's one thing to disagree with people. it's one thing to come out and protest. that's america, people can certainly do that. it's another thing to come out and pay people to purposely try to create agitation and
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people at risk and i think it , was just wrong. patrick: the wisconsin attorney general released this statement, "the department of justice is aware of these videos and very concerned about apparent violations of the law. we are evaluating and reviewing available options to address the serious questions these videos raised." -- raise." kathy: election came up in tonight's presidential debate. donald trump and hillary clinton faced off in their third and final debate tonight. it took place in nevada, where both candidates are in a tough battle. the two took questions on everything from the economy, immigration, and foreign policy. but perhaps one of the most-talked about moments came when trump was asked about his claims he's been talking about on the campaign trail that the election will be rigged. >> i wanna ask you here tonight do you make the commitment that you will accept the results of this election? >> i will look at it at the time. i'm not looking at anything now.
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somebody who is the nominee of one of our two major parties would take that position. kathy: a closer look at the polls show clinton leading in nearly every battleground state, including florida, pennsylvania and virginia. a new national poll from , bloomberg politics has clinton up nine points over trump. i think everybody around here in wisconsin would love this amazing weather. patrick: coming, reality. mark: it is. temperatures back to normal, a tiny bit below average, but still fairly nice right now. the two pitchers so 58 degrees looking down at the river. no problems at all. temperatures tomorrow morning falling back to the lower 40's inland. during the day, it does not warm a lot thanks to the north westerly wind kicking in.
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wind, but it will bring in the warmer air. watch out on friday morning, better chance we will see if frost or freeze inland, and may near the lakeshore. that will be the cool down. tomorrow morning, jacket weather, 46 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. as the day goes on, high temperatures of 53 degrees, which will feel cold. were at the local woman accused of pimping her daughters. patrick: the girls were rescued as part of a large human trafficking bust this weekend. paula whittaker is being held in the kenosha county jail after being arrested last night. whittaker was among 23 people arrested in wisconsin. this was part of a large, nationwide sting operation aimed at the sexual exploitation of children. the attorney for one of two waukesha girls accused of trying to kill their classmate to please the fictional character
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out. in a motion filed in waukesha county court, morgan geyser's lawyer argued she was too young and had not been treated for schizophrenia when she was interrogated by investigators on camera in 2014. geyser and anissa weier have both pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease. police need your help finding this man. they say he robbed a walgreens just west of downtown milwaukee. you can see the suspect clearly on the surveillance camera posted at the front door of the store on 35th and wisconsin. police say the armed robbery took place around 3:00 this morning. if you recognize him, police want to hear from you. controversy tonight over the ho-chunk's plan to expand their casino in wittenberg, southeast of wausau. the stockbridge-munsee and menominee tribes say the ho-chunk's plan goes against the criteria the governor used to block the casino the menominee wanted to build in kenosha. the ho-chunk says the state doesn't have the power to intervene because the tribe is staying within the rules set by the gaming compact. kathy: new rules are in the works to make flying a little
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abc's revecca jarvis reports the obama administration is cracking down on hidden airlines fees. >> if you've ever waited, and waited to reunite with your luggage after a flight, your time might be worth some money president obama nudging airlines , to start refunding baggage fees if luggage is quote substantially delayed. no word yet on when fliers will see refunds but there ways to , save time and money as you t >> you've got all these apps and tools and resources you can use. >> for example, google flights and the hopper travel app, which claims it can tell you with 95% accuracy exactly when to book your flight. it says it can save the typical traveler $50, or even as much as $1300. >> it will send you notifications when the flights go up in price or down in price
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>> plus, there's freebird, a kind of insurance for your trip? -- for your trip. for about $19, it will automatically rebook you if your flight is cancelled or missed due to delays. kathy: some samsung galaxy note 7 users are taking the company to court over their recalled phones. they claim the company charged them monthly device and plan charges for phones they could not use. the possible class action suit is taking shape in new jersey federal court. a spokeswoman for the company is not commenting tonight. last week samsung permanently , ended all s less than two months after its launch. the lights at boerner botanical gardens will stay bright a little longer. patrick: because of overwhelming demand, china lights has been extended a week. all tickets with the end date of october 30 will be honored through november 6. the festival at whitnall park in hales corners features 40 larger-than-life, brightly lit lantern displays. it's impressive. a three-year-old boy
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officer jumped into action to save his life. the whole thing caught on camera. patrick: plus, teaching you how to save a life. the hands-on class showing students cpr and why it's timely now more than ever. >> later tonight on "nightline", the final debate. reaction from the spin room.
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i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. on healthcare, russ feingold will work with both parties to lower premiums and cut health care taxes. i want to do the hard work of improving the system so it works for middle class families. but in washington, senator ron johnson sides with big insurance. voting to make medicare a voucher program, forcing seniors to pay more for prescription drugs, deny coverage to cancer patients.
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kathy: abc's alex marquardt takes us to one town taken back from isis control. >> driving toward mosul today embedded with the iraq he army, the skies darken. this almost an apocalyptic scene. you can see there the sky turned black all across this is h battlefield. on fire, like right there, for cover. this dusty road leading to a town taken back from isis two days ago. there was is allowed explosion under our car. three miles from the front line a small group of families , fleeing the fighting some with , white flags. and in the town of al hol, a crowd gathered around the bodies of two i sent militants. you can see that people from the town gathered around they are
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and flashing peace signs. among them, 16-year-old ashraf, who tells us that for two years, isis would come to his house to arrest and execute him. he would hide in his bedroom. ashraf and his friends now free of isis but many other villages , and mosul itself for now, remain in its grip. we are told that even though there have been no major defections of isis fighters, some militants have than found in net rug patrick: two americans were killed in an insider attack at a military base in afghanistan's capital. a man wearing an afghan army uniform killed a u.s. service member and a civilian. three other americans were injured. troops returned fire, killing the gunman. kathy: a gas explosion injures eight people in a portland, oregon at a shopping center. eight people were hurt, including three firefighters,
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witnesses felt a powerful blast and saw the smoke shoot from the area. investigators say a construction crew hit a gas line. a texas police officer is honored for saving a little boy's life, and it was caught on the officer's dash camera. three-year-old braden was having a seizure due to a 106-degree temperature. his parents called 911 because he had stopped breathing and was unresponsive. an officer arrived, placed braden on the ground, and started performing cpr. he then shows braden's father how to continue the compressions while he rushed to get a breathing mask from his patrol car. after several minutes, the boy the officer, named chase miller, was presented with a lifesaving award at a city council meeting last night. braden and his parents were there to thank him. a new law requiring all wisconsin students to be trained in cpr goes into effect next school year. patrick: wisn 12 news tim elliott takes us to a hands-on class showing students how to save lives. >> and you're going to push down
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north shore fire department is showing students at shorewood intermediate school -- >> so if you're hearing that click that means you're pushing deep enough. >> what it takes to get a heart back in rhythm. >> i know it's fun and it's hands on, but please take this seriously because honestly the skills you learn today can make a difference in someone's life. >> the method, hands only cpr. >> they are going ea without doing the mouth-to-mouth. >> jan zehren is a physical education teacher and says this is an invaluable lesson for these eighth graders. >> now in addition to learning the hands only cpr method these students are also learning how to use the device. this device gives patient a much high chance of survival. >> >> you really never know when when you are going to need it. >> nate vuyk is one of 150 students at shorewood intermediate taking the class. >> i learned that you need to use your hands and push as hard
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some ribs or something. >> and it's not just students. paramedics want to see everyone brushing up on their cpr skills, just in case. >> our goal really is to get as many people trained as possible. >> in shorewood, tim elliott, wisn 12 news. patrick: the new law requires all students to be trained in cpr before they graduate high school. it goes into effect for the 2017-2018 school year. the auction of donald trump's first boyhood home in new york city has been postponed until after the election. paramount realty, which the sellers wanted to allow prospective bidders more time to evaluate the property. the two-story tudor-style home in the jamaica estates neighborhood of queens was to hit the auction block wednesday evening with an opening bid of $849,000. kathy: look what the category three hurricane dragged in last friday. a couple of fishermen snagged a whopper of a lobster in bermuda, an enormous 14 pounder. the guys were out fishing the day after hurricane nicole blew through the island. it's one of the biggest lobsters
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once caught on camera the : -- camera, the lobster was released back into the water. in sports, the cubs try to even the national league championship series. patrick: while champaign was flowing in toronto, as the indians advanced to the world series. kathy: and, why a young golden eagles squad is not paying attention to the college basketball experts. dan needles is in next with big 12 sports. here are tonight's winning
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announcer: big 12 sports
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dan: three of the last four games between iowa and wisconsin have been decided by four points or less and another close game , is expected saturday in iowa city. the 10th ranked badgers are favored by three and a half points. both teams rely heavily on defense. the hawkeyes rank 21st in the country in points allowed and they have forced 11 turnovers. >> announcer: >> is going to be classic iowa defense. >> their tough, tough caliber, especially in the secondary. we're really just taking these type of practices and really taking scout team serious, so we've really got to take advantage of the looks that we get and put them into focus. dan: this afternoon at the al mcguire center, marquette posed in their new throwback uniforms to honor the 40th anniversary of al mcguire's national championship team. only four players return from last year's squad. and with the loss of henry ellenson, the golden eagles plan to start four guards, a similar strategy villanova used last season to win the national
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the golden eagles are picked to finish seventh in the big east. they think they can contend. >> i feel like we can win the big east. as long as we are playing together and playing well and taking one game at a time, there's no limit. >> big east is a tough competion and every game is going to be hard, but i think everybody knows what it feels like when we lose, and we don't like that feeling, so when we talk, we keep each other motivated. we don't like to talk about the future because it's a long way away, but when it does come, we dan: luke fischer is a preseason, second team all-big east selection. the seven-foot senior from germantown is expected to be the leader, both on and off the floor. >> he has been an efficient score. we need him to rebound at a higher level and need him to be that they today presents -- pr
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leaders are for their teams. >> as a senior, i feel like i have to be that every day. it's all about consistency. we're small up front and so we have to be smart and we have to be strong in the middle. dan: game four of the nlcs in los angeles still going on. the cubs blowing out the dodgers 10-2. addison russell with a two-run homer in the fourth. then anthony rizzo blasted a solo homer in the fifth. game five is tomorrow in l.a. and in toronto, former brewer marco estrada served up a pair of home runs, this one by coco 3-0 to win the series the 4-1. indians are in the world series for the first time since they 1997. haven't won a world series title since 1948. the football team might go 0-6. toya: not that they're going to win it now. dan: you just jinx them.
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we are back with our ninth straight hour of post-debate analysis. let's turn to our focus group of undecided voters. who here is still undecided? still? how is that even possible? we might be undecided. on the record, we might not. >> that doesn't make any sense. >> jimmy: i totally agree. to disagree. i go back and forth, right, everybody? we go back and forth. >> how do you all get dressed in the morning? >> jimmy: we don't know. my question fors melania trump. melania, is it really possible for a shampoo to double as a conditioner?


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