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tv   12 News This Morning at 5  ABC  October 20, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CDT

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first to the weather and traffic watch. first, here is sally severson. sally: keeping an eye on the early morning temperatures, showing up in the 30s in the northwoods. 51 # at the airport. you can see the clouds. the model is squeezing a little precip. for the most part we areta dry. the overall night clouds are going to linger. peeks of sun in the afternoon. we talk 50s tomorrow. matt? >> we are quiet across the freeway system. here we are at 84th street. we dropped to highway 20 and i-94 and things are looking good there as well. you are seeing the light volume and the pavement is dry.
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that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. the final faceoff before the election is leaving suspense. drum z donald trump is not committing to accepting the final results of the election. we have in washington with a recap of the show down. reporter: donald trump's campaign manager and the head of the republican party are saying that trump will accept the outcome of the election. >> you will absolutely accept the results of the election. >> i will tell you at the time. >> chris, let me respond to that, that the horrifying. >> suspense and substance dominated the debate.
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stand on the side of the american people. >> i am putting pro-life justices on the court. you can take the baby and rip the baby out of thewomanb. >> the economy, immigration. >> we have some bad hombre is here. >> and foreign policy. >> from everything that has no respect for this person. >> well, that is because he would rather have a puppet as the president. >> taking jabs. and confronting the controversies. >> i didn't even apologize to my wife that is sitting here because i didn't do anything. >> the wiki leaks email. >> they said horrible things about you and boy, he's right
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bad judgment. >> ask bernie who he's supporting for president. >> trump land pd in ohio overnight. >> supporters of donald trump and hillary clinton are taking to social media to talk about the debate. tim is live in the news room with the reactions. tim: a lot of debate online about who won the in wisconsin governor walker tweeted out that hillary clinton is not fit to be the president. meanwhile, u.s. senator democrat harry reid tweeted out the refusal to accept the results of the election is horrifying, he must reverse course and say he'll accept the results. governor gary johnson had this to say, let's bring america
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there is another way. and centered around the bad hombres comment and the response to being called a puppet. i will be patching -- watching for more reactions. >> donald trump daughter is headed to wisconsin today. here you can see video of her family on stage. hillary min now with a look ahead. hillary? >> reporter: yes, ivanka is chris crossing the country. this is the first stop in wauwatosa. she was with her family in las vegas. she spoke at fortune's magazine in california and answered questions about her father's
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2005. >> you know, that is not language consistent with any conversation that i have had with him or conversations i have heard. so it is jarring to hear. >> now ivanka will stop in wisconsin today. first in wauwatosa. the doors open at 11:45. the program is at 12:30. >> thank you. 5:05. inmate violently attacks a racine correctional officer and knocks him to the down. the surveillance video from inside of the racine county jail. 17-year-old anderson booked into the holding area on suspicion of armed robbery and then punches a corrections officer. the officer was take ton the hospital.
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yesterday. the inmate is now facing battery charges. >> charges could come as soon as today against a kenosha mother accused of hiring out her daughters for prostitution. the girls were part of a large human trafficking bust this weekend. she's held in the jail after being aest ared on tuesday night. she's among 23 people arrested in wisconsin as part of a large nation sting operation. >> examiner says a former alderman died of natural causes. the immediate cause of death is heart disease. the report notes he had been battling lung cancer. he served on the council for 20 years. he was 70 years old. >> uw-madison is making sure
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meningitis c vaccine. there are free clinics starting today. >> tonight the packers are taking on the bears at lambeau with a limited lineup. a total of 7 packers are ruled out for the game, including starters lacey, randall and rollins. here are the other things, the team is decked out in the all white color rush uniforms and the symphony national anthem and half time. >> if you are going to the game, bring the layers, it is cooler. ben: it is feeling like fall, sal. sally: you want to layer up. it is going to be dry in green bay and in chicago. we are looking at the cool air in place. after the sunset, i'm thinking 30s and a chance for frost in the morning tomorrow. the north breezes are keeping us cool.
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46 waukesha. the airport in at 50 degrees. breezy closer to the lake. north winds are keeping the temperatures in the 50s today. we have a weekend warm up. >> things are in decent shape. it is quiet here. 20 and i-94 rolling smoothly. ou reason to return. 10 minutes east bound will do it. those are the two areas of the zipper merge. next month the department of transportation tells 12 news that the first to go is the zipper merge northbound and then eastbound will be gone by
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motorists. >> a disturbance on a flight. tim? tim: we don't have a lot of details about this, it was a southwest flight headed from la guard ya to mitchell international. the crew members reported a disturbance by a man on board and the man was threatening in the flight he was restrained. the flight landed local law enforcement removed that passenger. there's no word on if the passenger will face charges. ben, back to you. ben: thank you, tim. contaminationed water in the windy city. melinda: what was found in the drinking fountains. >> trick or treating on the wild sign. when you can celebrate alongside i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. on healthcare, russ feingold will work with both parties to
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the system so it works for middle class families. but in washington, senator ron johnson sides with big insurance. voting to make medicare a voucher program, forcing seniors to pay more for prescription drugs, and letting insurance companies deny coverage to cancer patients.
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>> it is a mostly cloudy skies this morning and the temperatures between 44 and 50 across southern wisconsin. clouds are filling in yesterday later the day and sticking around for this morning and you are seeing across walworth county a couple of sprinkles going. that is evaporating. if we get the moisture today it is a sprinkle at best. future temperatures, this is a look at the afternoon low to mid 50s. matt? >> things are looking good across the system. we are looking good at lincoln and the bypass. moving through the construction zone here no troubles at all. travel times... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you.
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headed to china, it slammed the philippines last night and this is the second one in the past week. thousands have evacuated. >> if you are pregnant and spent time near miami, you should get tested for zika. they are the only area in the u.s. where the have been spreading the virus. >> happening now in chicago, hundreds of drinking fountains are shut off because of high levels of lead. 460 water fountains have the high levels of lead. all drinking water sources in the park system are tested right
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contamination source. >> this morning, former chicago bulls star derrick rose could be facing charged after being cleared for rape charges yesterday. >> they are conducting a criminal investigation. the exgirlfriend accuses him of gang raping him back in 2013. yesterday he was cleared of the charges after angeles found the lack of evidence supporting the claims. rose's attorney called it an attempt to get money from the nba store. rose is thankful and will be focussed on the season with the nicks. >> baseball, the cubs look for another win. last night they blasted the dodgers 10-2.
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game five tonight in los angeles. in cleveland, boy the fans are going nuts. the indians beat the blue jays and taking the american league pennant. cleveland has not been to world seize since 1997 and not won since 1948. that is the longest draught behind the cubs. the team plays on home on tuesday. what a time to be in the cavaliers, game one in the world series on tuesday, the same day that the cavaliers get the championship rings. just don't pay attention to the browns. >> halloween spooktacular is kicking off. we have a preview, good morning, jeremy. jeremy: good morning.
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coming up on friday and saturday. good morning, jennifer. >> good morning. jeremy: adorable hat. i love it. >> thank you, we have to get into the zoo halloween costume theme. jeremy: now you are encouraging the kids to dress up. >> yes, come out in kos teem tomorrow 6-9 and saturday 9-9. the zoo is all decked out and you are going to halloween venn yets throughout the zoo. trick or treating and 12 stops. thej gather the goodies and see all of the animals as well. it is a perfect backdrop. really nice safe friendly atmosphere for families. jermsz you have a contest on saturday, right? >> we do. this is the second year that we have held that.
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register for that. we have a parade at 2:00 p.m. and the kids end up at the welcome center and prize giveaways. it is reduced admission rates for friday and saturday. come out and really enjoy. jeremy: again, at the milwaukee county zoo and tomorrow evening 6-9, this is one of the fun maizes that are set up, the corn maize it is not too scary here. it is fun. the kids can also see the animals. you get halloween activity and a trip to the zoo all in one. we are live at the zoo, back to you. sally: just feeling it. the breezes there. 40s and 50s this morning and cool front is coming through in the evening hours last night. we had a couple of clouds
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sticking around. partly cloudy skies today. still take the sunglasses, especially in the afternoon. yeah, you can mow or mulch today. leave the umbrella in the backseat. now, the model is trying to get a couple of sprinkles. clouds in place early. we have chilly air in place. now, the rake and mulch forecast, a light jacket this we will see locations in the 40s, climbing into the 50s. mid 50s. winds are a little lighter, epts later today as well. 50 glendale. skies are mostly cloudy across the board. we are looking at the cloudiness, stubborn this morning. at lunchtime here today. in the afternoon, the winds
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north. skwies are fair tonight. we keep friday dry and sunny. it is the cooler day with the readings in the low 50s. a warm up beginning on sunday. 55 today. 53 for tomorrow. look at the lows tonight ant tomorrow night in the mid 30s. we call 63 on sunday. that is the weekend pick day with a couple of melinda: sal, thank you. 5:20. doing whatever it takes to get the vip tickets. ben: is measures some people are taking to get up close and personal with a band. melinda: fighting back a group of college students have a
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ben: good morning, class.
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thursday morning school shout out. melinda: wisn 12 is stopping by the classrooms throughout southeast wisconsin. if you are interested in a visit, head to and click on the logo. >> service dogs are always on the job, so like any hard workers they deserve to play hard too. >> here service pups playing. one of the dogs on the left, he's posing for his own drawing at disney land. being very still. he's so cute. another taking in the action at a predator's hockey game. perfect spot for him. some of the pictures are shared 50,000 times. >> some people say they would
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tickets to see a favorite musician. according to a survey, 42% of people would delete all of their social media accounts for a month 12% wouldn't shower for a month. i don't know if i recommend the last one. especially if you work at wisn 12. ben: i will pitch in and buy your tickets if you shower. >> willy wonka is returning to theatres. >> the classic is rebooted. variety reports that the studio is looking to tell a story about willy wonka's early adventures. it is coming two months after
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>> a family is safe this morning after being stranded at sea. >> public health crisis impacting families all across southeast wisconsin. what is being done today to find opoid abuse. looking at the roadways and we have a check on the traffic after the break. thanks for waking up with us. you are watching "wisn 12 news
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>> she's been proven to be a liar in so many different ways. this is just another lie. well, i'm just quoting you. melinda: showdown in las vegas. hillary clinton and donald trump back on the campaign trail today after the final presidential debate. what was said that's being called a first in recent political history. ben: but first, weather watch 12 as we take a live look outside. a very fall-like morning in southeast wisconsin. we're tracking conditions as you get ready for work and school. ben: good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. melinda: and i'm melinda davenport. it's 5:30 on this thursday, october 20th. let's start with the forecast.
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sal? sally: after 70s earlier in the week, we have fallen back to the 50s. temperatures in the metro, 49 at st. frances and also at shorewood. 49 west allis. skies overall are mostly cloudy. it is 50 at beaver dam. 51 for kenosha. the clouds are stubborn this morning. model is sprinkles aloft in the atmosphere near the illinois border. most are dry for the day. with 40s to 50, coffee extra hot this morning. tdz cool and breedsy. sun and clouds trading places today as we reach the mid 50s this afternoon. matt? >> yep, i'm on the road right now, if you are headed out, things are in pretty good shape.


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