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tv   12 News This Morning at 530  ABC  October 21, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CDT

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i'm ben wagner. >> and i'm melinda davenport. it's 5:30 on this friday, october 21st. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist lindsey slater is in for sally this morning. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. i do anticipate, yeah, it is a cold start to the morning, grab a coat, gloves, scarves. there is a little breeze and that makes it feeling cooler out there. the frost advisory for areas to the . the winds are picking up. it is breezy. that makes it feel cooler. feeling like 37 in burlington and feeling 41 in west bend. as you are planning out the day, by 6:00 a.m. 43. sunrise 7:13.
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matt, how is it looking out there? >> it is looking pretty good. the construction around the zoo is being picked up. the travel times are all in the green. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> >> our big story this morning, the milwaukee police officer being investigated for a fat charged in a different crime. dominique heaggan-brown is the officer who shot and killed sylville smith in august triggering days of unrest in the sherman park neighborhood. the 24-year-old appeared in court yesterday on charges of sexual assault and prostitution. investigators say he assaulted a man after the two had been drinking together at east siders bar in milwaukee watching coverage of the ongoing unrest on tv. while investigating that assault, prosecutors say they
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milwaukee police chief ed flynn says his department is committed to a thorough and impartial investigation. >> this individual committed a crime. it appears he committed a series of crimes. for those things, he's certainly going to face the possibility of imprisonment. for those things, he's certainly going to face the possibility of the loss of his employment. so my officers, overwhelmingly, off duty show themselves to be good neighbors, good parents, good coaches, good scout masters, good citizens, and unfortunately some come to light that reveal themselves to be irresponsible or criminal. melinda: right now, heaggan-brown is suspended from the police force. if convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of more than 80 years in prison. the president of the milwaukee police association released a statement saying in part, "the mpa condemns all criminal behavior by any member of
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organization or not, in all situations it is imperative that fact(s) are allowed to dictate the outcome." >> sylville smith's family is reacting to the charges against the officer. hillary mintz is live in milwaukee with their reaction. good morning, hillary. reporter: good morning, ben. yeah, the family was shocked to learn about the about aing ewe weighses and happening just a day after this officer killed smith and that is the deadly shooting that they want justice for. smith's family is saying there needs to be more accountability within the police department. again, expressing shock about what this officer was doing following the shooting and the unrest. >> a day after he's in a bar, watching the city go up and
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>> smith's family continues to call for the release of the body camera video from the shooting but as of now, it won't be made public. for now live at the milwaukee police headquarters "wisn 12 news this morning." >> hillary, wisn 12 is learning more details about the investigation, a search warrant shows that police found bags of cocaine and heroin and a gun in the front passenger seat of the vehicle sylville smith and another man ran away from the night smith was shot and killed by heaggan-brown. smith got back to his feet, he turned towards the officers while picking up the handgun from the ground and raised the gun in the direction of the officers. the milwaukee county district attorney must still decide whether the shooting was justified. >> here is what we know right now, milwaukee police officer dominique heaggan-brown faces a
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heaggan-brown is suspended with pay from the department in keeping with state law. he is expected back in court next thursday. the district attorney is still reviewing the case from august to decide whether the shooting of sylville smith was justified. this story is continuing to unfold. as soon as we learn new details, we'll post them on our free mobile app and on you can also find the full story with more information on our website. >> wisn 12 news time is 5:35. w apple. >> coming up on "wisn 12 news this morning," the sign you should watch out for before placing an order online. >> plus, loose change that really adds up. why some pennies you might find
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>> happy friday morning to you. it is a cold start to the day. there are areas under frost advisories. not milwaukee county, it is 46 degrees. when you factor in the wind at 10 miles per hour it is feeling 41. the frost advisories are inland,
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degrees in waukesha. 40 degrees in watertown. not a lot happening on the radar network. zooming the map out here, no weather systems on the way. it is rain free for a while. so as you are headed out the door, grab a coat, you will need it this morning. >> this morning, a new warning for anyone about to buy a new iphone or ipad. >> apple is telling consumers to be on the lookout for counterfeit accessories. company reportedly selling fake chargers and cables on amazon. in the lawsuit, apple says mobile star printed apple logos on products that pose a significant risk of overheating, fire, and electrical shock. >> new this morning, one hundred fake pennies have been put into circulation on purpose. ally bank just launched their "lucky penny" promotion. it's to challenge people to think about saving their money. anyone who finds one of the coins can redeem it for one
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>> here is a look at one of the fake pennies. they have the ally bank logo instead of the image of abraham lincoln. the pennies are hidden in ten cities across the country, including chicago, new york, and detroit, where ally bank is based. >> a penny saved is worth a thousand. >> money is money. >> a woman in new york leaves nearly $10,000 in her shopping cart at the grocery store. from her restaurant. this happened in sennett, new york, about half an hour away from syracuse. the women says she went shopping on sunday and didn't realize the money was gone until monday. when she called the store, employees told her that a couple handed in the money, did their shopping, and left without giving their names. the woman is now trying to track them down to say thank you. >> wisn 12 news time is 5:40. a mystery is unfolding right now at a wisconsin farm. >> disappearing dairy cows. the evidence that has one farmer
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thousands of feet above the ground. what happened on board an airliner that triggered a hazmat
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i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. on healthcare, russ feingold will work with both parties to lower premiums and cut health care taxes. i want to do the hard work of improving the system but in washington, senator ron johnson sides with big insurance. voting to make medicare a voucher program, forcing seniors to pay more for prescription drugs, and letting insurance companies deny coverage to cancer patients.
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>> folks, we have finally made it to friday, october 21st. 5:44. it is a beautiful start to the day. we are waiting for the sun to come up and up. we are sitting near 46 degrees. with the windchill, it is feeling cooler and feeling like the upper 30s. the winds out of the northwest. sheboygan 43. still around the frost advisory until 8:00 a.m. so today the frost advisory continues to the west. the highs near 52. matt? >> things are quiet across the
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things are picked up with the closures. we are running smoothly. the travel times are looking good... i will jump in the chopper and check back coming up just a bit. back to you. >> thank you, matt. >> new from overnight, isis militants storm a power plant in iraq killing at least 11 workers. this happened early this morning near the city of kirkuk. that's about 100 miles from mosul where a coalition has been fighting isis since monday. iraqi officials say suicide bombers got into the power plant overnight, took workers hostage, then set off their explosive vests when police arrived. >> this morning, u.s. officials say an american service member has been killed in iraq. the person died yesterday after a roadside bomb north of mosul. more than a hundred u.s. special operations forces are embedded
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offensive to retake mosul from isis. >> new this morning, a secret underground tunnel from mexico into the united states. federal agents in san diego discovered the passage way yesterday. it apparently runs from tijuana to an old warehouse in san diego. authorities are still trying to figure out who's responsible for building it. >> also new this morning, mexico has approved the extradition of drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzm?n to the united states, but it could be months before he actually arrives in the u.s. to stand trial. his lawyers still have the chance to appeal. guzm?n was indicted on charges of conspiring to import cocaine into the u.s. and he has attempted to escape from prison twice. >> new this morning, a health scare on board a spirit airlines flight. 20 passengers became sick while the plane was flying from atlanta to los angeles. hazmat teams met the plane when it landed. the sick passengers reported smelling something unusual in the mid-section of the plane.
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figure out what caused the smell and the illnesses. >> new this morning, governor scott walker says it is possible a new prison will be built near green bay. state lawmakers there say it would be cheaper to build a new prison in brown county than it would be to bring green bay correctional institution up to code. that prison is more than 100 years old. while at a convention in green bay yesterday, the governor told reporters that the proposal is worth considering to save taxpayer dollars. >> developing this morning, cows in wisconsin. the owner of maple ridge dairy in marathon county says he woke up one day this month to a group of cows outside their barn. the gates were still closed and locked. from that day on, workers noticed some cows were missing. a total of seven are now gone. >> total disbelief, we don't think about, we have a lot of
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but theft is not on our radar at all. >> forrest doesn't think any farmers in the area are behind it. the sheriff's department is investigating. >> now to a story getting a lot of attention online this morning. a police officer in texas makes an unexpected friend. officer kevin zieshang helped rescue a young deer that someone tied up at a construction site. after he cut the deer free, the animal refused to leave. now, it turns up whenever he's in the neighborhood, including when a news crew was filming >> sir, is that him right there? >> as a matter of fact, it is. that's perfect timing right there, isn't it? ben: that is perfect timing. the officer says he's worried the deer could get hurt, if it keeps hanging around the neighborhood. local kids have already named the deer hank. >> new crew is preparing to board the international space station.
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russians and an american blasted off. the rocket arrived this morning. this video is tweeted out by nasa of the moment docking at the station. the crew inside is opening the hatches and board around 7:00 this morning. it is always exciting when you see that happening. it is mind blowing with the skill level of the astronauts to dock like that. >> every time you see the stories like that, you think about all of the training, i would need a lot of dramamine for days. well, it is chilly this morning and grab a coat. it is hard to get yourself in the mind set. it is going to be the thing. well, it was 77 on monday. it is hard to deal with it. we are looking at a frosty start to the morning. jackets early today. the temperatures in the mid 40s closer to the lake shore and
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talking upper 30s. in the afternoon, we are boosting up to the low 50s. but a lot of sunshine today. that should lift your spirits and it is friday. that is a plus, right. overnight tonight i anticipate some frost to basically be a problem again and this time along the lake shore as well. right now the frost advisories just to the west until 8:00 a.m. 46, the winds northwest 5-10 miles per hour. later on today that is picking up 10-15 miles per hour. but no big weather systems on the way yet. there is a beautiful ridge of high pressure just to the north of us. it is bringing us the winds out of the north. that is why it is feeling cold this morning. headed to saturday, we have a warm front, a little right there with the clouds, that should keep the temperatures mild and
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temperatures. if you have to mow you are good to go. good to go, good to mow. the week ahead forecast is featuring a beautiful sunny saturday. sunday 66. as we look at monday, that should be good as well. 57. 58 on tuesday. i anticipate rain increasing on tuesday night. we'll have a lot of showers >> thank you. >> this morning: new clues into the nearly 20 year old case of racine's jane doe. office just released the findings of new forensic testing done by a team at the smithsonian. hair and bone samples suggest she originally came from or spent several years in alaska, montana, or parts of southern canada. on the screen now, this picture is what police think she may have looked like. the woman's body was exhumed in 2013 to look for new clues.
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cornfield in july of 1999. the racine sheriff hope these new clues can help identify her and catch her killer. >> and looking ahead to tomorrow, police departments across the wisconsin are accepting your unused and expired medications. there is a drawing take back day at 270 sites statewide. you can drop off prescription and over the countrier medications, ointments, inhs and creaming and pet medications. there is a list and locations on the doj website. >> a new exhibit just in time for halloween, it is called haunted screens. the exhibit lets you experience a time in art and film history. visitors can learn about the works that continue to influence film makers.
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drawings is concept of what the director and the set designers wanted the set to look like and you will see the photographs of the set looking like and then you will see the clips of the film where the set is there. >> haunted screens features hundreds of drawings, photos, poster, cameras and clippings, it is opening today and juning jl january 22nd. >> halloween. you can a tour this weekend and next weekend. tonight is for the members only. >> tonight you are invited to an exhibition at the center for the arts. it honors loved ones that died. exhibition on this latin american tradition starts
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november 19th. >> later today, a popular tradition returns, it is a high tea on the 23rd floor of the hotel. the amp includes a table side tea blending by a butler and fresh scones, sandwiches as well, seatings are available friday, saturday and sundays through april. >> jerry seinfeld is the riverside theatre march 10. the tickets start at $65. i would like to see him. >> yeah, he's a funny guy. >> all right. new research about headaches. >> breakfast food to avoid and the makeover a lot of you have been waiting for. >> hillary clinton and donald trump forced to sit just feet
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the former archbishop. lighter moments on the campaign
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>> verizon is looking at the deal to purchase yahoo. >> the largest carrier is saying they may have to the renegotiate the terms of the sale. data was stolen from yahoo
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if verizon terminates the deal, they have to fork over $145 million. >> iconic camera maker kodak is launching the first smartphone. the android based phone is called kodak extra. it is taking photos. it is available in the uk and should be coming to the u.s. in the coming months and >> dunkin' donuts is cuts back on stores. they are going to open 400 stores. there are concerns about the minimum wage increases and the outcome of the presidential election. the chain is seeing less foot traffic. >> starbucks is going up scale. they are opening a thousand reserve coffee bars by the end of next year.
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most of them serve only reserve coffer fee. some have opened in new york city. starbucks opened the first roasting room in seattle and buying the reserve coffee. it is not cheap, 8 ounces cost up to $50. >> oh, i bet that tastes good. >> the news continues right now. >> good morning, welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> i'm melinda davenport. it is 6:00, friday, october 21st. the big story. a milwaukee police officer involved in the deadly shooting of smith is now charged with sexual assault and prostitution. >> we are on weather and traffic watch. >> there is a frost advisory,
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areas. it is cold out there lindsey. >> yes, you need a coat this morning. the frost advisory is continuing through the 8:00 hour. right now we are 6:00 straight up and sun comes up at 7:13. 44 degrees in the third ward. feeling upper 30s because of the flos advisory. the wind is not making it fe better. by 7:00 a.m. mid 40s. breezy out there. more sunshine and by 5:00 tonight the temperatures dropping down to the 40s. i do anticipate frost again overnight. this weekend we are going to warm up beautifully especially on sunday. matt is in news chopper with the latest on the traffic. matt? >> we are over the bypass. we have had a full closure here. things are moving well


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