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tv   WISN 12 News at 1030PM  ABC  October 21, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm CDT

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deny coverage to cancer patients. senator johnson - hurting wisconsin families. joyce: a huge cyber attack today affecting millions of internet users. patrick: tonight, a group of hackers from china and russia are claiming responsibility. and as abc's chuck sievertsen reports, governrment investigators are trying to track them down. cyberspace into a battleground friday, stranding millions of internet users in online limbo. this map highlights in deep red the areas that were the worst affected. twitter, spotify, and ebay among the hundreds of popular sites that were blocked in waves of attacks starting friday morning. another, netflix, with such shows as orange is the new black and stranger things. the hackers' target, the east-coast host of those sites, dyn inc. in new hampshire they were hit , with what's known as a denial
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are used as bots to overwhelm a site with queries. dyn said in a statement our engineers are continuing to work on mitigating this issue. federal authorities are on the case. >> i know that the department of homeland security, that is the us government agency that is responsible for monitoring our security in cyberspace and coordinating with the public and private sector to protect us interests in cyberspace, is monitoring the situation. >> this is just the most recent ta according to u.s. intelligence, email hacks were made by the russian government. but who's behind friday's cyber-sabotage? >> i don't have any more information to share about who may be responsible for that malicious activity. >> finding the answers not likely to be quick, or easy. chuck sivertsen, abc news, new york. patrick: a contractor accused of the largest theft of classified government documents in u.s. history is ordered to stay in custody. prosecutors say hal martin stole
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agency over a 20-year period. the theft even includes information on the nsa's own attack software. >> nsa will be less able to get into the networks of russia and terrorist groups like isis. patrick: investigators found documents in martin's car and in a shed behind his house. there's no word tonight on a motive. joyce: the big story we've been following all day, a brown deer police officer now charged in the shooting of an unarmed man. according to the criminal complaint, officer devon kraemer shot 26-year-old manuel burnley last march. police had pulled burnley off a county bus after a disruption. he was shot while face down on the ground. burnley's lawyer says burnley lost part of a lung and hasn't been able to work. >> >> he believes there is some accountability and he realizes that there are many individuals in these types of cases that have not received that type of justice and accountability. joyce: officer kraemer is scheduled to make her first court appearance on wednesday. she is on paid administrative leave from the police
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two minneapolis police officers will not be disciplined for the 2015 shooting death of an african-american man. jamar clark was killed last after police say he reached for november an officer's gun. others say clark was handcuffed, and not resisting arrest. the shooting led to days of protest, including this one inside mall of america. patrick: turning now to whether, from the 30's to the mark, the 60's, weekend brings a nice warm-up. mark: it degrees, but it will not stay there. cooler than average, very few of those all fall. as the coldest temperatures so far this evening. we warm-up tomorrow to 58. 61 madison. 60 and lacrosse. on sunday, better, 65 milwaukee. almost 70 and rockford. 68 chicago.
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just 10 days until halloween, daylight savings time is 16 days away, the election is 18 days away, and 34 days away from thanksgiving. it seems we are because we have not had any super cold air just yet. there is none of that in the forecast all the way through next week. patrick: thank you, mark. changing weather is bad news for the wine industry. experts say this is one of the worst wine production years since the start of the century. it's expected to be down about 5%. they say grapes are being damaged by longer, stronger storms brought on by cte joyce: a prominent supporter of donald trump says wisconsin is in play for the republican nominee but senator alberta , darling tells upfront host mike gousha there is one part of the state that has been slow to warm up to trump. >> the area we're having the biggest challenge right now is the wow counties. >> right outside milwaukee. >> right. i think that when push comes to shove and people think about november 8, i think they're going to go and vote for trump.
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parts of wisconsin where donald trump is running well. plus, how trump can appeal to women voters after the groping allegations. upfront airs sunday morning at 9:00 right here on wisn 12. , after upfront, stay tuned at 9:30 for this week with george stephanopoulus. that's followed by matter of fact with soledad o'brien at 10:30. this week, is the american dream dead for working class americans? the role the economy will play in the presidential election. patrick: looking ahead to tomorrow democrats and , republicans will be trying to drum up votes in milwaukee. actors bradley whitford and for hillary clinton at her campaign office on dr. martin luther king jr. drive tomorrow afternoon. also the wisconsin federation of , republican women will be making campaign calls and knocking on doors for much of the day. also tomorrow, the fourth of a series of public safety hearings in milwaukee. that will start at 9:30 a.m. in the morning. and members of the west allis fire department will install
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west allis is one of several local departments to do this in recent days in honor of fire prevention week. joyce: a local nun is celebrating her 100th birthday. wisn 12 news hillary mintz got the chance to meet her and find out her secret to living a long life. >> ? happy birthday to you ? >> not many people can say they reached triple digits in life. but sister maria agostina giannini has done it, the big 100. she is in good health. and still has excitement in her voice through her native italian accent. >> ohhhh. >> so we just had to know, what's her secret? >> two things, love and happiness, all the time. >> and of course her faith. >> it is the main one that stays with me night and day.
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love him directly. >> sister maria's spent her life serving others, travel the world, and medical. >> in brace me like a little sister. >> -- he embraced me like a little sister. >> she's also touched many lives teaching students italian at st. joan antida high school in milwaukee. the school's facebook page is filled with well wishes for sister maria, a quantum leap in birthday some from students who were taught by sister maria in the 1960's, others writing best teacher ever. love that smile. smiling, what she does best now at 100-years-old. in milwaukee, hillary mintz, wisn 12 news. joyce: and proving you are never
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sister maria did that today with hillary mintz. here it is. you can see it and watch hillary's story agai, on the wisn 12 news facebook page. patrick: coming up and sports operation football playoff , style. joyce: highlights from around the state including a big division one showdown at oconomowoc. stephanie sutton and stephen watson have team coverage up next in sports. but first, here are tonight's
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i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. on healthcare, russ feingold will work with both parties to lower premiums and cut health care taxes. i want to do the hard work of improving the system so it works for middle class families. but in washington, senator ron johnson sides with big insurance. voting to make medicare a voucher program, forcing seniors to pay more for prescription drugs, and letting insurance companies
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stephanie: that is jackson hunter in the front row. he is the son of our photojournalist, jason hunter. welcome to our playoff edition of operation football. level one games otherwise known
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including in our area. 12 sports stephen watson joins me right away. he just got back from a division one showdown between oconomowoc and middleton, stephen. stephen: everyone loves a good 4-5 matchup to open the playoffs. oconomowoc is a team many thought would have been seeded higher after going 8-1 and winning a share of the little 10 conference. as the four seed, they still get another home game hosting , middleton. ben nienhuis ranked third in the state in passing yards this season. first half, his favorite target is headed the other way. he goes back to him, and it pays off. he makes the long grab. the only points in the first half come from middleton. he powers through the line and in 46 points. o'connor more watches their season come to an end and heartbreaking fashion, middleton
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the uncharacteristic year for the war hawks this season. second half was a fumblefest 4002. he would on to recover. the only have the ball for one play. he is stripped, and the war hawks recover football, but arrowhead office was held scoreless in the second half. their season comes to an end before reaching camp randall stadium, losing in verona 21-17. stephanie: thank you, stephen. we will be back with more playoff games in a few minutes. let's move on now to division two. our first stop in hartford. a 4-5 match-up between the orioles and the spartans of oshkosh north. let's head to hartford. first quarter. orioles with the ball. they hand it off to ryan zuern.
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nobody can get him, a 35-yard touchdown run. hartford in front 7-0. but the spartans answer back . they give the ball jordan reun. a 10-yard scamper for the score. ties up the game at 7-7. later in the first quarter. hartford lights up the scoreboard again. this time they give it to jon golner, who finds paydirt. a high-scoring affair in hartford tonight. the orioles fly over the spartans in the state playoffs. the win 45-42. two falls on the road for the level one playoff showdown. taking on a tough two seed the menasha. he is sacked on this play. not a lot of offense of highlights, but some great defense. check out the indians, picks up the pass. menomonee falls play great tonight.
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21-14. coming up, more level one playoffs, including a division three showdown between wisconsin lutheran and new berlin eisenhower.
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announcer: now back to operation football, brought to by mills fleet farm. >> go pirates. stephanie: lady. we continue our operation football postseason addition. we continue with two teams from division three who are very familiar with one another, wisconsin lutheran and new berlin eisenhower. the two teams faced each other in the playoffs last year with wisconsin coming out on top. ike looking for revenge this year. no touchdowns in this one until the second quarter. that's wisconsin's o.j. james, the juice on the loose.
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but the lions roar back. quarterback bryce miller over the middle to stephen haluson. a 42-yard touchdown connection. ike up by one. but the vikings eventually led four at the half. fast forward to the fourth quarter. lions still down, but not for long. miller this time hooks up with joey lang for the touchdown. eisenhower back on top. but the vikings take over from there. they score two more touchdowns. including this run by brian corbins. the icing on the cake for the vikings. for the second straight year wisco knocks ike out of the the final 33-24. >> we change some things on the line to adjust to what they were doing to us, and a running back did a great job of hitting the whole. i appreciate how hard they run. our line does a good job upfront, and they hit the hole heart, cut in traffic, and we are sure happy. stephanie: over in germantown tonight, the warhawks a four
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shorewood-messmer. ,42-nothing, cheerleaders relaxing. fourth quarter, shorewood gets on board. he throws a bomb, that's a touchdown. they get the two-point conversion. the greyhounds do in onside kick, but failed to recover and can't stop him. watch what he does from germantown. zone for the touchdown. germantown wins big. they advance in the state playoffs. we're not finished with level one playoffs just yet. 12 sports stephen watson rejoins us now with a pewaukee team who's on a mission to make it to state. stephen. stephen: that was some pretty impressive german. maybe the best story at the division iii level this high school football season is pewaukee high school, from 5-5 a year ago to being crowned woodland conference champions last week.
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seed in division three, hosting jefferson from just down i-94. picked this one up in the second half, bounces to the outside, throws a stiff arm and gets pulled down for a gain of 24 yards. that play sets of the scoring drive. he takes it in for six points, 30-8 pirates at that point. swanson rolls out, he makes and the style points, milwaukee rolls to a win over jefferson to move on in division three. milwaukee vincent couldn't catch a break when the seedings came out. they got to travel to kimberly, who now owns a state record 52 straight wins. first play of the game, michael rodgers is picked off. the papermakers wasted no time
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in the into zone for a 7-0 advantage. next offenses position for the boys in milwaukee, rogers drops back, pass deflected, and he comes down with it for kimberly. kimberly will score 21 points in the first three minutes of this game. they scored 72 points in the first half. there is a reason they continued to be the team to beat in division i. 78-0. stephanie: thank y, dominican, another eight seed on the road traveling to columbus high school in division five playoffs. it is 7-0 early in the first quarter. maxwell lights a fire, down to the dominican 1-yard line. cardinals are in business. very next play, taken henry
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dominican. they lose 51-14. that's it for operation football . here now are dan andrew. dan: coming up tomorrow on big 12 sports saturday, the badgers with an all-important game at iowa. any hope of a big ten championship game, they have to win this one. we will talk about that and have postgame reaction. drew: we will recap the win over the bears. wh we will get into all of that coming up tomorrow at 6:30 p.m., big 12 sports saturday. make sure you join us. stephanie: thank you, dan andrew. with the heartland trophy up for grabs tomorrow morning, exciting to see if they can pull it off. stephen: back-to-back losses for them. it will be a tough test for them
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now. it was a busy night for you. a final look at your forecast.
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patrick: the white house press corps did a double-take this morning. actor bill murray made a surprise appearance at the podium. reporters pointed out that murray is not the first celebrity to stop by. >> tom hanks bought us a coffee machine. >> machine. why, were you guys asleep? patrick: he was quick with that. murray was at the white house for a meeting with president obama. tomorrow, he'll be presented with the mark twain prize for american humor. stephen: a fun night in chicago tomorrow night. mark: all right, let's talk about the forecast. it is chilly right now, but that
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tomorrow, mid 60's on sunday. patrick: our next newscast is a
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dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, matthew perry and music from nas and erykah badu. and now in all probability, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for coming. thanks for watching.


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