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>> now, on wisn 12 news. adrienne: a hit and run driver hit three women in an uber rental in downtown milwaukee. now police are searching for the people responsible. police say the women wbe they were hit by another vehicle. sheldon: police responded to the scene near 2nd and clybourn early this morning. that's where wisn 12 news' terry sater joins us live tonight. terry? terry: there are a lot of unanswered questions tonight. the hit and run crash happened shortly before 3:00 this morning right here at 2nd and west clybourn in downtown milwaukee. police say the three women who died were riding in an uber car a ford fusion heading westbound when the driver of a lexus crossover ran a red light. he slammed into the uber car. two female passengers from illinois in their 30's died here
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police say the uber driver survived. he is in the hospital. the two people in the lexus, including the hit and run driver, ran off. to give you a better idea of where this is, the cars crashed almost right under an elevated section of i-94 that separates the the third ward from downtown. we don't know if there are any surveillance cameras in this area that might give more details to police. police say they're still working to identify the hit and run adrienne: a lot of questions still. thank you, terry. the red cross is helping six families tonight after their apartment complex caught fire. crews arrived at cameron heights apartments in menomonee falls just after 10:00 this morning. that's south of county line road. no one was hurt. we talked to a couple who lives in the building. >> happy to be out safe. >> glad everyone without safe. the good lord watched over all
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us, and my cat. adrienne: that's right, the family cat, named miller 64, is ok too. investigators don't know what caused the fire. sheldon: police are still looking for the shooter who killed a man in milwaukee overnight. the shooting happened just before 1:00 this morning near 38th and vienna. investigators say a man in his 20's was shot inside one of the homes in the area. after getting shot, he ran out of the house to 35th and vienna where someone found him. -- that man died at the scene. adrienne: right now, police need our help with two separate silver alerts. officers are looking for 65-year-old randoris curry. you see him hereunder screen. we know he suffers from dementia and has a hard time walking. someone last saw him yesterday near holton and burleigh wearing a black baseball cap with an army logo and a bright orange jacket. we want to show you this next
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17th street and olive yesterday at 2:00 p.m. he walked away from his sister's house wearing a yellow plaid , shirt and jeans. anyone with information about where these men could be, please call police at the number on your screen, 414-935-7401. sheldon: family and friends gathered today to remember jay anderson junior. they released balloons at madsion park. it's the same park where a wauwatosa police officer shot and killed anderson in his car four months ago. anderson junior's family h in his car, but their son never threatened the officer with it. well his parents say they are , still learning to cope and are fighting for justice. >> just counseling and day by day, coping and just grieving. , you can't get by this. you can't get by this. >> jay was never reaching for a gun. he was never reaching for a gun. and this officer needs to go to
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video may reveal more about what caused anderson junior's death. adrienne: a brown deer police officer is scheduled to be in court on wednesday. she's charged with shooting an unarmed man. officer devon kraemer shot 26-year-old manuel burnley last march. police pulled burnley off a county bus after a disruption. now the officer shot him while , he was face down on the ground. burnley's lawyer says his client lost part of a lung, and hasn't been able to work. sheldon: , hillary clinton's daughter, chelsea, is coming back to wisconsin this week. the former first daughter will be in la crosse, stevens point and madison, on tuesday to encourage people to vote early. this will be her third trip to wisconsin in less than a month. governor scott walker is also encouraging people to vote early. he and senator ron johnson are wrapping up a one-day, statewide campaign swing. they visited gop field offices across the state. their final stop is tonight in waukesha.
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to focus on helping johnson in the final days of the race. adrienne: and as election day gets closer, some important deadlines to remember. to get an absentee ballot delivered to your home, the deadline for your request at your municipal clerks office is thursday, november 3. election day is now just more than two weeks away. tuesday, november 8. and don't forget, you need a photo i.d. in order to cast your ballot in this election. this week, princesses and dragons filled the halls at children's hospital. the little trick or treaters got dressed up for their very own halloween bash. so cute. sheldon: so cute. as wisn 12 news tim elliott shows us, they were also treated to an extra special photoshoot. >> you guys ready?
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families these pictures are , worth so much more. >> it's wonderful. i love seeing him happy and playing and excited. tim: angela larue brought 6-year-old daxton to children's hospital to forget about being sick, for a while. >> he is always full of energy. he has a wild imagination. tim: daxton has leukemia. >> a cancer diagnosis turns your family life upside down. tim: but today, he's a fire breathing dragon. tim: dr. david margolis believes this program, called flashes of hope, can help kids heal. >> it's not a patient with cancer, it's a child who has cancer. it puts the child first. tim: all these portraits you see right here lined against this wall are all portraits of kids who have gone through the flashes of hope program. the organization has been working with children's hospital since 2008. >> look right here. >> tess is a load of fun.
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tim: little tess fulton is also battling leukemia. >> we just finished our third round of chemotherapy. tim: mom katie says events like this help her family cope. >> people here at children's' have been wonderful just taking care of our family. tim: all you need is a costume and a camera and this moment , will last forever. in wauwatosa, tim elliott, wisn 12 news. adrienne: it is so nice to see them being kids, for one day at least. exercising for alcohol. still ahead, just how many people took part in the milwaukee beer run and the group that beniffited from the event. sheldon: plus, there are changes at the farmers market that are helping to feed low income families and keep them healthy, too. anchor: and what a winner of a
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i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. on healthcare, russ feingold will work with both parties to lower premiums and cut health care taxes. so it works for middle class families. but in washington, senator ron johnson sides with big insurance. voting to make medicare a voucher program, forcing seniors to pay more for prescription drugs, and letting insurance companies deny coverage to cancer patients.
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sheldon: all right the third , annual milwaukee beer run lured 1200 runners to the lakefront. more competitive runners completed the 5k at veterans park, while casual participants enjoyed the 0.5k, which was just
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either way, it was all for a good cause benefiting the hunger task force. i might have to add that to my list of things to do next year. it looks like a lot of fun. adrienne: when i saw someone in jeans, i thought, "really? a 5k?" sheldon: more than ever before, wisconsin farmers markets are catering to low income families by accepting food stamps. adrienne: yeah, there's really in 2014, 87 markets participated in the program. now, that number is up to more than 140. at the stevens point farmers market, almost all of the vendors accept food stamps. central rivers farm shed coordinates the program. the goal is to keep low income families healthy, and we know how expensive that can be. >> most of the things that you're going to find here are whole foods, and they're healthy foods. so it's a great spot for lower income community members to come and shop and have a wide variety of healthy options that they can purchase.
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given tokens they can exchange for products. more than two months after the unrest that shook their neighborhood, sherman park residents continue to pick up the pieces. sheldon: still ahead, the event held today that brought people together to improve the neighborhood. lindsey: i don't you guys to hate me, but get ready for a
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>> leading the way with important local coverage, you are watching wisn 12 news at 5:30. wisn 12 news at 5:30 continues. adrienne: feeling like fall. you're looking at video from the first annual harvest fest at enderis park in milwaukee today. attendees had the chance to peruse pumpkins and fall produce at the farmers market, plus enjoy harvest-themed games, crafts, and live music. sounds like fun. the special event also celebrated the dedication of a brand new playground. in 2013, enderis park was named one of 12 milwaukee parks in
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since then, neighborhood leaders worked to create the new nature-themed space that organizers say is pretty unique. sheldon: it has been two months since violent demonstrations rattled the sense of peace in sherman park, but neighbors are determined to work together to make a difference. volunteers joined other community members to help clean up up the tri-block area. they picked up trash in the streets and alleys from 51st to 60th and center to burleigh streets. nearly a dozen groups collaborated for the event. >> a lot of roots he people who really want to see this place be a great place to live, to raise families, to love our neighbors. sheldon: there was also a free community celebration and resource fair for neighbors. lindsey: and today was gorgeous. adrienne: i'm a little bit nervous. lindsey: right now, the
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you want to get that last taste of 70's, now is the time to do it because temperatures are already starting to fall in sheboygan and areas north of us. we hit a high of 72 degrees. i expected mid numbers, 60's. nope, 72 degrees. normally, this time of the year, we are 57 degrees. that is the average. folks, we are going to be seeing the teat i do anticipate that cold front to swing through. 71 degrees. 70 degrees in racy in. sheboygan, 57 degrees. the cold front is starting to filter and some other cool air. it is windy out there and we are
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we will see a little bit about tomorrow as well. we will see the potential of an isolated shower to the north at that cold front comes out. you will have to brace yourself for that. get the jackets back out because it was so nice. starting tuesday night through thursday, we have a pretty decent weather system on the way and this one is going to bring a good round of rain that will be cold and dreary. here is were that area of low pressure is right now. as that cold front continues to roll its way out of here, we are eventually going to see some of those changes, not just in temperature, but you are going to feel the change overnight tonight. not a whole lot happening overnight tonight. we could get that isolated shower to the north, but this is 6:30 tomorrow morning, no issues. as we go soared 5:30 or so,
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lindsey, where is this big weather system? it will be pretty cloudy on tuesday during the day. the wind is going to start pick up and if you know a changes on the way. -- a change is on the way. some areas could see over two inches, especially to the west. this will start for your wednesday morning commute. make sure your windshield wipers are working now before you go out on wednesday. here look at the heavy rain moving through. it continues through the day wednesday, leading into thursday as well. some locations, this is a weather model that shows how much rain we could get. some areas could get to half an inch, the others could easily get one to two inches. if you want to mow the lawn, next day and a half is a good bet. as you plan out the rest of your evening, look how fast
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noticing your weatherwatch 12 week ahead forecast does feature -- i know sheldon said this -- it will be windy, wet and cold. it is 38 degrees for an overnight low. sheldon: the tide has turned? lindsey: i don't think so. we have a couple more warm days. honestly, this is should be. we are just spoiled. today was amazing. we should not be this one. i am fine with it, but, you know. sheldon: the packers had the day off, but they still inched a little closer to first place. adrienne: that's right. coming up in sports, 12 sports stephen watson has highlights from the vikings first loss of the season. plus, is there a quarterback
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stephen: just like the rest of us, the packers got to kick their feet up and watch football today. after playing two games in a
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before traveling to atlanta. so much talk about the offense finally finding a groove against the bears, let's not forget the defense did not allow a touchdown to their rivals on thursday night. blake martinez had one of two interceptions for the packers defense. let's just say he was a little overcome with emotion after registering his first nfl interception. >> the whole situation was crazy. i went from being totally happy to totally lost, to just scared to death of eight guys ready to risk my head off. i was like, ok, i am not supposed to be holding right now. i tackle people. i went into survive mode. i was just like, do not that this guy tackle me, don't let this next guy tackle me, don't let this one tackle me. and then my shoe fell off, and it was all crazy. it was a funny moment. i will always remember that one. stephen: cheesesteaks all around the packers move just one game back of the vikings after getting a little help from the eagles this afternoon in the city of brotherly love, sam bradford not feeling that love in his return to philly. bradford throws his first
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to brag about, a combined eight turnovers in this game, so it's fitting that the play of the game comes on special teams. josh huff goes 98 yards for the score. there are no more undefeated football teams left. vikings lose 21-10, don't look now, but the lions have won three straight games and are a half a game back of the packers in the north. detroit has trailed in the fourth quarter in all four wins matthew stafford engineering another game-winning drive, hits anquan boldin for an 18-yard touchdown with under 20 seconds left on the clock, the lions win 20-17. and we are back. despite reclaiming the heartland trophy yesterday in iowa city, the badger football team dropped one spot in the a.p. polls released today. wisconsin now sits at number 11 . they will host number 7 nebraska on saturday, marking their fifth game against a top 10 opponent this season, and just when you thought it was alex hornibrook's job, paul
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into our lives on bart had a saturday. package designed for him in practice this week and was 4-6 for 59 yards and had the only passing touchdown for the badgers against iowa. so what did mr. hornibrook think of that? >> it did not really affect me at all, i don't think. obviously, our whole team wants to move the ball and score. i and up doing as much as i can, the same thing. >> it literally is guy can do for the team when his number is called. stephen: for the seventh straight season, the badger basketball team has been featured in the preseason coaches poll. they were voted the 10th best team in the country, their second highest ranking in that span. a first chance for fans to see the badgers and their new under armour jerseys at the annual red and white scrimmage today. zak showalter hitting from three 12 points. the badgers return their entire
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big expectations for bronson koenig, who makes his teammate jordon hill slip to the ground on this turnaround jumper. koenig worked on his quickness and shooting this off-season. both were on display today, he led all scorers with 16 points, and nigel hayes chimed in with 11 points, but in the end, team red won by a final of 48-46. adrienne: amateurs is look great. stephen: they do. very fresh. lindsey: pretty soon, it is going to feel more
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