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tv   12 News This Morning at 530  ABC  October 24, 2016 5:30am-6:01am CDT

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bright sunshine is on deck. sunny and seasonal this afternoon and reaching into the mid 50s. clear and crisp tonight. 41 waukesha. 49 at the airport. everyone 41-49. and getting into the 50s today adds we look at the sunshine. we have a wet wednesday headed our way. we show you when the first clouds are coming in. now to matt on the way to news chopper 12. >> if you are getting on your way as well, shape on the roads. things are quiet. the overnight construction is gone and no crashes on the system. the volume the light, the pavement is dry. travel times... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> right now the milwaukee
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hillary? >> well, ben, police found the car and the baby inside who was just fine, but the driver long gone and this morning they are searching for that person. the terrifying or deal started around 6:00 p.m. and the boy's mother left the car running and went into a driver's seat and took off with the baby in the backseat. an amber alert was issued and two and a half hours later someone spotted the vehicle. police find the car with the boy in the car seat and unharmed. they are beyond thankful. >> my heart goes out to the milwaukee police department with a lot of gratitude at this point
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ended a completely different way. >> very relieved family this morning. the person that stole the car with the baby in the backseat is missing this morning. >> hillary, thank you. melinda: right now, police are searching for two suspects in a hit-and-run crash. tim, an uber driver was involved in this? tim: he's now in the hospital and police say three of his driver slammed into the car. police say a lexus crossover ran a red light and hit the uber car. it happened early sunday morning near 2nd and claybourn. there were two people inside the lexus, they both ran off. police have not released much information about the three women who were killed, but we know two are from illinois and they're in their 30's. be sure to be on the lookout for much more on this story later today.
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>> tim, thank you. melinda: turning now to commitment 2016, election day is two weeks from tomorrow, but starting later today, more of you can cast a ballot. thema ponton is live in milwaukee with a look ahead. good morning them a. >> good morning. early voting starts this morning in communities across it has been underway in a number of places. more than two hundred thousand absentee ballots have already been turned in. just go to the local clerk's office to fill out the absentee ballot. if you can't make it to the voting site, like here in political -- milwaukee. you can request an an sen tee
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>> thank you. ben: the clinton campaign is heading back to wisconsin tomorrow. chelsea clinton will campaign for her mother at events in lacrosse, stevens point and madison. clinton has made several visits to wisconsin on behalf of her mother. she's encouraging people to vote early. there are still tickets available to all of the events through clinton's website. ben: hillary clinton spent sunday campaigning in north carolina. donald trump was in the south too campaigning in southwest florida. the trump campaign doesn't have any upcoming events scheduled here in wisconsin. melinda: looking ahead, more discussion of milwaukee county's budget proposal. county executive chris abele is set to submit his recommended budget for 2017. it includes a $60 wheel tax that's caused some controversy. it would add a new yearly fee for drivers who live in milwaukee county. ben: looking ahead, later today milwaukee celebrates the anniversary of the united nations. mayor tom barrett and other city officials will mark the un's 71st anniversary.
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contributions that the un has made around the world and right here in milwaukee. the reception starts at nine this morning at city hall. melinda: right now, you can apply for a year-long position with the post office. the milwaukee post office is posting new jobs today. city carrier assistant is a full-time job that could lead to a mail carrier job. the post office says they're accepting online applications all week. >> you'd think an elected official would be an expert on voting. >> but one of chile's most powerful leaders ran into issues. why she got turned away twice at the polls. >> plus, it's been a year since vandals targeted a church in canada. now things are getting back to normal.
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>> we are look at the network and the morning commute is picking up. we hear from mat in a short while. the skies are generally fair this morning. the temperatures are 41-45. yesterday's high 72.
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a weather pattern arriving later in the week. our temperatures staying near the seasonal normals for the week, mostly in the 50s. we time out the rain drops coming up. >> sal, thank you. wisn 12 news time now is 5:39d. melinda: new this morning, a bizarre encounter at a school caught on camera. ben: the 7-year-old boy's mom says another parent punched him. the boy was in the school's hallway. security cameras show another parent walking past and hitting him. the boy says the man punched him in the stomach and then kept walking. can you believe this? the boy fell. his mother says she knows the man and doesn't understand why this happened. melinda: somebody has explaining to do. ben: new this morning, a rescue operation in the mediterranean sea. melinda: 772 people were rescued off the coast of tripoli.
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irish defense forces carried out the rescue mission. the group posted these photos on twitter showing a rescue worker holding that baby. melinda: also new this morning, chile's president ran into some problems while trying to cast her vote. ben: she had to come back twice after forgetting important steps in the process. president michelle bachelet first forgot her national id card. she had to go home then come back. the second time around she cast her vote but forgot to s you saw the poll workers laughing there a little bit. all in good fun. so she had to come back again to sign to make sure her vote counted. wisn 12 news time is 5:40. man's best friend coming to the rescue. >> a dog is called a hero after saving the owner's life. >> plus, a celebration 70 years in the making, chicago is going all out to cheer on the cubs and
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>> 5:43, monday morning. live at the valley. the temperatures 41-49. 49 the airport this morning. light northwest winds and the feels like temperature 46. grab a jacket. high pressure is influencing our overall to-do list, you will want the layers for much of the week and rain gear midweek. we have shower chances on wednesday. now to matt launching news chopper 12. >> if you are getting ready, things in good shape out there. a little volume is creeping in. six minuting from the hale up to the zoo interchange.
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national. quiet 43 southbound. imjuly p in the chopper and check back coming up in just a bit. ben: right now, transportation officials are investigating what caused a deadly crash in california. 13 people are dead and dozens of others are injured. wisn 12 news' tim elliott is following the latest information in the newsroom. tim: officials in palm springs say this is the deadliest crash they've ever seen. traveling back to los angeles after visiting a casino. investigators say the bus hit the back of a semi. the bus was traveling much faster than the truck at the time. the impact was so strong that the bus ended up embedded inside the trailer. most of the passengers were asleep when the crash happened. it's not clear yet why this crash happened. investigators say it could be a mechanical problem or
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ben: new this morning, more than a dozen people are hurt after a pileup on an arizona highway. 25 vehicles were involved in this crash. state troopers say it happened when a cattle truck couldn't stop yesterday. that truck ended up rear-ending and side-swiping 24 cars. most of the injuries were minor. crews closed the highway while they cleaned up the mess. melinda: new this morning, a man ends up being stabbed while attending sunday school. police say there is no motive for the attack. the suspect is accused of sitting behind the victim in church and stabbing him with a six-inch knife. that man has been arrested. he's charged with attempted murder. melinda: also new this morning, more than 100 people are under arrest for taking part in a north dakota protest. the protests have been going on for months over a pipeline being built in north dakota. protesters say it will damage the environment and affect native american lands. a local sheriff says hundreds of people blocked a local highway
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127 people were arrested over the weekend. ben: seven kids are safe this morning after their home was destroyed in a fire. firefighters rescued the kids, adults and their dog from a second floor apartment in kansas. the attic caught fire and spread to the apartment. neighbors say the kids were on the balcony screaming for help before firefighters arrived. >> they said call and tell the we're in the back side. it was really frightening the children were of course very scared. ben: again, they are all safe this morning. fire crews are still investigating what caused the fire. they say it's not electrical. the building's manager has found a temporary apartment for the family and their seven kids. melinda: new this morning, a bizarre crime in ontario, canada has a happy ending. about a year ago, someone stole the head from a statue of baby
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the church replaced it with a terra-cotta head that got criticism for looking odd. now someone has brought back the original head. the priest says he isn't taking any legal action against the thief. ben: a dog in philadelphia is being credited with saving his owner's life after a house fire broke out. neighbors say they're used to hearing che bark but not early in the morning. so they looked outside and saw flames. firefighters arrived and found the woman unconscious with the dog on top of her. the dog may have saved her life by keeping her from being totally burned. >> i think it's a beautiful thing because i've always heard stories of where animals would help save their owners. i've never lived one, now i've lived one. i've seen it with my own eyes, that's a beautiful thing, you know. ben: the dog is now in an animal hospital being treated for smoke
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his owner is being treated for serious burns. fire crews are still investigation how the fire started in the first place. >> poor baby. >> you always say it, it is man's best friend. there is a serious connection between dogs and their owners. >> yes, wishing them both a rapid and full recovery. 72 degrees yesterday, mid 50s and 50s most of this week for the a little jacket will do it for the morning. winds are light today. bus stop weather, you will want them in a jacket. with the mid 50s this afternoon. that merits a fleece or a hoody. the highs in the 50s for the week. cool spot 41 at walk that and elk horn. janesville 39. 45 west bend.
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there are a few clouds and light north winds. a cool front came through yesterday. beautiful temperatures 70 or better. and then the winds shifted and the cool front sailed through. the high pressure is cooling the tune for the weather. deep low pressure is getting organized for later on tuesday and wednesday. all quiet today. a few clouds from time to time. i do think it is this is tuesday morning at 7:00. the clouds are coming back quickly for tomorrow. mostly cloudy and dry much of the day on tuesday. still in the low 50s for the highs. a couple of showers tomorrow night. it is over night tuesday night into wednesday morning that the washout appears. wednesday morning commute wet. steady rain wednesday morning
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wednesday afternoon. 55 today. 53 tomorrow. showers tomorrow night. wednesday is the wet one for us. thursday showers end. could see a stray shower late friday night and for now the weekend is looking dry. ben: new this morning, a security scare at the philadelphia airport. officials say two passengers boarded an empty plane that was sitting on the tarmac, they weren't supposed to be there. they apparently walked through an unlocked jetway without anyone stopping them. the father and daughter do not speak english. one passenger says they seemed very confused. others say the door they walked through seemed to be broken and didn't automatically lock. the father told a translator that they followed someone through the door. >> there are times when there are these little cracks that open. it's not right, so therefore they will be a thorough investigation and certainly the lessons learned will be used to insure that the chances of it happening again
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ben: american airlines says it's the airport's responsibility to make sure the jetway doors are locked. melinda: new this morning, some good news for any of you who drive. the average price of gas in the us has dropped four cents in the past two weeks. melinda: it's now 2.25 for a gallon of regular unleaded. it's even cheaper in the milwaukee area at 2.10 per gallon. industry analysts say this is the first time the price has dropped in 11 weeks. ben: the navy's newest warship mission. the uss detroit was commissioned over the weekend. the $440 million vessel was built by marinette marine in wisconsin. military buffs can tour the ship while it's docked in detroit. a new report suggests the pentagon should stop buying littoral combat ships like the uss detroit and uss milwaukee. the center for a new american security says the military needs a serious makeover.
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end of the $40 billion ford-class aircraft carrier program. melinda: today marks the end of the lake express ferry's regular sailing season. the ship sails between milwaukee and muskegon, michigan several times a day. the ferry will eventually be taken to its winter home in the menomonee river valley. it will stay there until spring. melinda: right now, the crew on the international space station is unloading thousands of pounds of supplies. ben: it arrived yesterday around two years after it was supposed to get there. the antares rocket is a private cargo spaceship. two years ago a model rocket exploded after launch. this one made its journey safely carrying 5,000 pounds of food and equipment. 5:53. ben: it's something chicago cubs fans have been waiting more than 70 years for! melinda: a chance to take part in the world series! it kicks off tomorrow in cleveland. tim is here with more on the
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tim: go brewers, i mean cubs. we have been seeing a lot blue and white the next few days as the countdown to the world series continues. huge crowds took to the streets of the windy city over the weekend to celebrate. that's after the cubs' 5-0 win over the los angeles dodgers on saturday night. chicago's last trip to mlb's grand finale was in 1945. a lot of people are posting about the game online. including president obama. he wrote, holy cow cubs fans even this white sox fan was happy to see wrigley rocking! the world series is also a big deal for cleveland. the last time the indians won the series was back in 1948. should be a good series, guys. >> thank you, tim. 5:54. >> today on ellen, actress and singer zooey deschanel and ellen share stories about a mutual friend justin timberlake. melinda: and they're plotting to take him down. >> he came in and blew me away,
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come on. there's nothing he can't do. jerk. how dare he. melinda: you can hear more of the plan to find out if jt has any flaws and hear about zooey's newest project today at 4:00 p.m. right here on wisn 12. then stick around for wisn 12 news at 5:00. >> ellen she's one of the best prangsteres around. >> we have to watch. closing the gap. >> new light on the presidential race. >> plus, cell phones bursting into flames and hundredsover people are suing samsung, a road trip that a man life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach.
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you know, seven hundred thousand dollars in the scheme of things... is a pretty reasonable compensation level. ron johnson paid himself seven hundred thousand dollars a year. all told, he took a ten million dollar corporate payout then moved to washington. where he fights against even the existence of any federal minimum wage. millions for him. not even $7.25 an hour for us. senator ron johnson. for big corporate interests,
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>> the block bester deal between at&t and time warner is facing opposition. >> some saying it killed, vermont snar bernie sanders is asking for the obama administration to block it as well. >> there is more fallout from the brexit vote, some of the banks are preparing to leave the country by the end of the year. it is months before the talks
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eu. international bankers can't wait that long. starbucks is expanding the business in china, they are planning to double the number of stores in china and starbucks is adding new flavors in the chinese locations, including a black forest latte. wisn 12 news time now is 6:00. the news continues right now. >> good morning, welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben waller in. >> i'm melinda davenport. it is 6:00, monday, october 24th. the search is on for the person that stole a vehicle with a baby boy in the backseat.
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hundreds of people are demanding that the company pay them back for the dysfunctional phone. first, taking a live look outside. we are on traffic and weather watch. >> matt is high above us, first we are going to sally severson. sal? >> sally: this morning skies are fair, a couple of clouds are situated to the north and sailing overhead today. dry and cool for this morning. jackets, maybe a the temperatures in the mid to low 40s. we are nice and dry across southern wisconsin. we are not keeping the dry look very long. wet weather is moving in later tomorrow and for wednesday. 49 at the airport. now to matt up in news chopper 12. reporter: busy on the bypass. that is what we are looking down at.


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